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Boss Lady Chapter 101-102

Chapter 101

Because she was too nervous, Lu Zhi even reached out her hand to straighten her collar.

When interviewing for a job, the first impression given to the interviewer is the most important.

I don’t know if this doctor is a man or a woman.

As Lu Zhi thought about this, she saw Ying Ziji walk in.

She was even wearing Qingzhi’s school uniform, blue and white, ordinary.

Lu Zhi’s smile disappeared and she turned cold: “I thought you hadn’t said a word just now, so you were waiting for me here, why, did you think you could ruin my interview by entering here?”

She knew that a dog that bites doesn’t bark.

Lu Zhi turned her head again, annoyed, “Isn’t it the divine doctor we’re waiting for? What’s the point of her coming? You want such an unqualified applicant?”

If that was the case, Shao Ren Hospital really didn’t deserve to hire her.

The director of the human resources department didn’t care about her at all. He got up sharply and moved the stool with him, his attitude was respectful: “Miss Ying, you’ve come at the right time.

Ying Ziji nodded and sat down in the middle of the room.

The two specialist doctors also moved to the side to make sure there were enough empty seats.

Lu Zhi looked at the girl sitting right across from her, and her mind instantly stopped spinning: “……”

Her ears perked up and she was almost deaf, somewhat unable to comprehend the scene in front of her, her whole body was frozen.

Seeing her like this, the director of human resources frowned.

But out of courtesy, he still introduced Lu Zhi: “Miss Lu Zhi, this is our divine doctor from Shao Ren Hospital, have you …… already met him?”

This sentence fell like a thunderbolt, causing Lu Zhi’s brain to directly explode, losing even the ability to think.

Seeing it with her own eyes was nowhere near as impactful as hearing the HR director admit it with her own ears.

Lu Zhi looked at the girl in disbelief, her hands were shaking.

Ying Zidian was actually the miracle doctor of Shao Ren Hospital?

The same doctor who had saved the lives of patients that even the First Hospital could not cure?

The miracle doctor that even her mentor praised and admired?

How can this be!

How old is Ying Zidian this year?

She had just celebrated her 17th birthday, and her grades were almost 300 points worse than her brother Lu Fang’s. As a student of Qingzhi, she couldn’t even get into a 211 university.

How could she suddenly become a miracle doctor?

Lu Zhi’s body stiffened, her thoughts were in a mess, and she completely forgot to react.

The human resources master frowned even deeper: “Miss Lu Zhi?”

It took a full minute before Lu Zhi could barely settle her mind.

She pursed her lips and handed out the document in her hand, her voice trembling, “Hello, I’m Lu Zhi, here’s my CV.”

The HR director didn’t take it, he looked at the girl, the meaning was obvious.

Tonight’s interview was a matter for Ying Zhiji.

Lu Zhi, however, was embarra*sed to the extreme, her fingers squeezing her clothes tightly.

She still couldn’t accept that she needed the approval of her adopted daughter to get a job.

She leaned back in her seat, raised her eyes and said in three faint words, “No, you’re not wanted.”

The director of human resources and the two experts were a bit surprised.

They knew that Lu Zhi was a graduate of the Imperial University of Chinese Medicine, and this degree was already very impressive.

Lu Zhi was ashamed and angry, more than anything else: “You didn’t even look at my CV, why do you say you don’t want me? Public revenge and private revenge, it’s not like this!”

Can’t we separate personal and business matters?

Besides, she hadn’t done anything harmful to God.

Hearing these words, Ying Ziji finally looked at Lu Zhi squarely.

“Much ado about nothing.” She let out a soft laugh with a suppressed voice, slowly, “You’re not that important yet.”

The implication was that it was better not to make a fool of yourself.

This one sentence made Lu Zhi’s heart unable to bear it any longer, and her lips trembled fiercely.

She was so humiliated that her body trembled and her voice tone was unsteady: “Ying Zigui, you, you ……”

However, the words that followed Lu Zhi failed to come out.

“Lu Zhi, entered the Imperial University of Chinese Medicine in 2012 and graduated in 2017.” The girl’s voice was cold, “promoted to graduate student in the same year, the graduation defense in 2020, the thesis plagiarism serious, did not get the degree certificate.”

“During that time, you had an internship at the Third Chinese Hospital in the Imperial Capital, mistaking the poisonous rotting charcoal mushroom for a non-toxic mushroom and mixing it into the herbs, in addition to that, you caused at least six medical accidents.”

Lu Zhi was now completely pale as she turned pale: “You …… how did you know?!”

Her curriculum vitae didn’t contain such things.

Ying Ziji didn’t answer, her expression was indifferent: “Let the next one in.”

“No …… no!” As if remembering something, Lu Zhi shivered and actually started to plead, “Ying Zidian, please, I can’t do without this job.”

“I can start as a general practitioner, I don’t even want the salary for the trial period, just let me try.”

Lu Zhi was so anxious that she wanted to cry: “I didn’t mean it before, and I didn’t really want to mock you, so please be generous and don’t bother with me, okay?”

If she had known that Ying Zidian knew how to heal and was a divine doctor, how could she not try to please her?

Ying Zidian stopped looking at Lu Zhi and said in two words, “Go out.”

The feeling of humiliation was so strong that Lu Zhi had finally reached the breaking point.

No matter how thick she was, she couldn’t stay any longer.

Lu Zhi lifted her bag and flew out the door without even taking her CV.

The Director of Human Resources listened with trepidation from the sidelines and secretly wiped a sweat.

He always felt that there was something more to this divine doctor than just his medical skills.

But he could not tell what it was.

With doubts in his mind, the HR Director let the next applicant in.


After the Wu family’s matter came to an end, Lu Zhi’s mentor was then able to get away and free himself to make a flight to Shanghai City.

As soon as he landed, he went straight to the First Hospital in Shanghai City.

Old Lady Ying had been transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward, but she slept for fifteen hours a day because her illness had not been completely cured.

Ying Luwei waited for half a day until Lu Zhi’s tutor came out.

She was busy going forward and asked, “Excuse me, how is my mother’s condition?”

“Not too optimistic.” The tutor shook her head and sighed, ashamed, “Forgive me for my poor medical skills, I really can’t see the root of the old lady’s headache.”

Western doctors couldn’t find out, and neither could Chinese doctors.

It was strange.

“Then what should we do ……” Ying Luwei was a bit panicked, “Does my mother have to go on like this?”

“Miss Lu Wei doesn’t need to worry too much.” The tutor took off her goggles, “I’ve used silver needles to seal a few of the old lady’s acupuncture points so that she won’t feel any pain for the time being.”

“But this is not a long-term solution, the cause of the old lady’s headache must be found as soon as possible.”

Ying Lu Wei pursed her lips and became even more annoyed.

This headache of Old Lady Ying’s was not a short-term problem, it had started two years ago.

Until recently, it was getting worse and worse.

Ying Luwei was so annoyed that she asked, holding back her agitation, “What should we do now?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Lu Wei, there’s really nothing I can do.” The tutor said, “You have also looked for other physicians in the empire, and they can’t do anything either, which proves that this illness is not something that ordinary physicians can cure.”

“I’m afraid, we’ll have to ask the Dream Family.”

Ying Lu Wei took a deep breath and laughed coldly, “You’re just talking nonsense.”

The Dream Family, was a large family in the Imperial Capital.

Where was it so easy to invite someone from the Dream Family?

The tutor was also in a difficult position, he looked at Lu Zhi at the side and frowned, “Little Zhi, what happened to you in the past two days?”

Lu Zhi was so distracted that she didn’t even hear the words.

“Xiao Zhi? Xiao Zhi!”

Lu Zhi snapped out of her thoughts, “Teacher.”

“Xiao Zhi, what’s wrong with you?” The tutor was a little displeased, “The practice of medicine is the most important thing, have you found your job yet?”

When the matter of work was mentioned, Lu Zhi bit her lower lip, not even knowing how to answer.

“It’s just that, seeing that you don’t look well either, you’d better rest first.” The tutor waved her hand and then said to Ying Lu Wei, “Miss Lu Wei, I’ve prescribed some medicine for the old lady, come and get the prescription from me.”


After interviewing nearly five hundred applicants in three days, twenty people were left at Shao Ren Hospital.

These twenty people had to go through a three-month probationary period before they could be transferred.

Ying Ziyi scanned the list and confirmed that it was correct before handing it over to the director of the human resources department.

With more people, she could completely shake off her hands.

After all, it wasn’t every day that there was a difficult problem.

Apart from having to lecture to the silly kids in Cla*s 19, Ying was happy with her current pension life.

After biology cla*s, it was PE cla*s.

With a basketball in one hand, Jiang Yan took a group of youngsters to the playground first.

Ying Zidian put on her headphones and fell behind to walk slowly.

At the beginning, Xiu Yu would go and share a headset, but now she wouldn’t.

Because she simply couldn’t understand that their Ying Dad was listening not to a song, but to an English radio.

The language was so fast that it made one’s head hurt to listen to it.

Big Brother was really not an ordinary person.

Xiu Yu didn’t know that what Ying Zidian was listening to wasn’t actually English, but Latin.

Basically no one learns Latin anymore because the language is very perverted, unless one wants to debate with the Pope.

But in the ancient o-continent period, Latin was the origin of many languages.

Many ancient texts, written in Latin, were not translated because they were too difficult to learn, and many were not translated.

Including some world secrets.

“Ahhhhhhh!” At this time, Xiu Yu suddenly grabbed the girl’s shoulder and shook it hard, somewhat frantically, “Ying Dad, look, look.”


Chapter 102

The shaking was so great that Ying stopped in her tracks.

She took off her headphones, “Well, what’s wrong?”

“Look, look there!” Xiu Yu was excited, “Right in front, look!”

Ying Ziji pressed her head and looked in the direction she said.

It was a big screen on which Qingzhi often broadcasted the students who had won awards as well as those who had received disciplinary actions.

But this time, there was a picture of a man.

A young man in a blue suit, about twenty-four years old.

There was a name and a profile next to it, but Ying did not look at it.

There was nothing special about it and she was not very interested.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Xiu Yu was still frantic, “Shang Yaozhi, Shang Yaozhi is coming to our school! Aaaaaaaaah I’m dying!”

Ying Zidian raised her hand to hold Xiu Yu down to prevent her from pa*sing out, “Well, who?”

“Shang Yaozhi! The youngest movie star in the entertainment industry!” Xiu Yu was a bit surprised, “Daddy Ying, don’t you play Weibo? You don’t know about him?”

Ying Zidian was slightly silent.

She was on Weibo, more often than not, she was watching live food and recipes, or pet bloggers.

By the way, she added retweets to the videos that Master Zhong had edited.

“Wow, no no no, Ying Dad, I have to give you an encore of my idol.” Xiu Yu pointed at the big screen, “Shang Yaozhi, twenty-four years old, seven years since his debut, got the Golden Flower Award last year.”

“Among the post-95 youngsters, he’s the only one who got the movie star throne, isn’t that great?”

Ying Ziyi hadn’t been exposed to this, so she responded, “Yes, it’s quite impressive.”

“I didn’t expect him to come to our school to give a speech, why is the headmaster so trenchant lately.” Xiu Yu suddenly slapped her forehead, “I forgot, he graduated from our school’s art cla*s and then went on to the Imperial Theatre Academy.”

Forget it, she retracted her words of complimenting the headmaster.

“I hadn’t even met him before when I was in the Imperial Capital.” Xiu Yu added, “Ying Dad, let’s go to the lecture together when the time comes, I’ll grab the tickets for you.”

Ying Zigui looked pause, but took back the words she didn’t want to go.

She could sleep at the lecture anyway, but it was uncomfortable without a pillow.

XiuYu was excited: “Daddy Ying, you must not know yet, Shang YaoZhi is actually a triple star, there’s a drama of his this summer, I must catch it.”

A triple star means he is involved in the film industry, the drama industry and the music industry.

Hearing this, Ying Ziji took one more look at the big screen.

She doesn’t look as good as Fu Yunshen.

Forget it, I won’t watch it.

** The Fu family home.

The old Fu family home.

Master Fu’s health has recently improved and he doesn’t pa*s out so often.

However, because the toxins have not been cleared, there are still some hidden problems.

When Ying Zidian was treating Master Fu, he was asleep and did not know about the cure.

It was also Fu Yunshen’s intention to hide it from Master Fu so that he wouldn’t be overly worried and anxious.

The 15th day of every month is the day of the Fu family gathering.

On this day, even if they are outwardly at odds with each other, they must return to the old mansion to eat with Master Fu.

Although Master Fu is in poor health, he still has a lot of equity in the Fu Group and several large properties in his hands.

This makes some people with evil intentions, even if they want to move, can only make small moves in the dark, but still have to be peaceful in the open.

The old man has a total of four sons, and in his line alone, there are ten siblings in Fu Yunshen’s generation.

This doesn’t even count the people in his brothers’ families.

So every month at the family gathering, dozens of people would gather at the old Fu family home.

Fu Mingcheng didn’t like family gatherings because every time the other families came to the house, they would drag him to ask questions and flatter and welcome him.

But he was also the eldest son of Master Fu and had to entertain these people.

“Mingcheng, those sons of yours are really one after another.” The one who spoke was a noblewoman with an envious tone, “I heard that Yijian has set up a company of his own, and it’s not small.

Fu Yikan is the eldest son of Fu Mingcheng, the eldest young master of the Fu family and the first grandson of Master Fu.

Fu Mingcheng was impatient, but he couldn’t say it out loud.

But complimenting Fu Yikan made him very flattered, and he only nodded lightly: “You are too kind, Yikan is just doing something casual, his company is just a small workshop, not to be seen.”

“Hey, where’s the overstatement.” The noblewoman laughed, “Yikan is so powerful, in his hands the Fu Group will definitely flourish in the future, and the old man will be happy, unlike some of these people ……”

She said, the words turned, very scornful: “This every day idle, go to the sex and the moon places, and do not know which day, do what hurt the wind and bring shame to the Fu family.”

“It’s also really strange, the same father, the same mother, how can the difference be so big.”

The moment these words came out, everyone in the living room couldn’t help but stop what they were doing.

Naturally, they would not be unaware of who the noblewoman was talking about.

Apart from Fu Yunshen, who else could it be?

When Fu Mingcheng heard the first words, he did not react much.

But after hearing the last sentence, his face changed, so gloomy that it was regal.

“I said the wrong thing, the wrong words.” The noblewoman’s heart thudded and she was busy remedying the situation, “Mingcheng, I am a person who speaks straight, you must not mind.”

Fu Mingcheng gave her a cold look, this time not even bothering.

The noblewoman’s face did not look too good.

As the meal was approaching, the Fu family were all ready at the table, waiting for Master Fu to come down.

At exactly six o’clock, the sound of footsteps came from upstairs.

Master Fu was slowly walking down the stairs, and Fu Yunshen was following him, helping him from time to time.

Seeing this scene, Fu Yichen coldly snorted, “Just to please grandpa, no skills at all.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Fu next to him told him to stop talking.

Fu Yichen didn’t say anything else, and watched coldly as Fu Yunshen took his seat to the right of Master Fu.

As long as Fu Yunshen was there, Fu Mingcheng could not sit in that seat.

Halfway through the meal, Master Fu suddenly put down his chopsticks.

His every move was being watched, and when he stopped, since the others also stopped.

“Everyone is here today, so it’s just as well to talk about some things.” Elder Fu coughed and said indifferently, “This body of mine is gradually failing, so there are some things that I will explain down recently.”

Hearing these words, all of the Fu family members at the table could not help but change their faces.

Several, however, were beaming with joy.

“Dad, what are you talking about?” Fu Mingcheng frowned and said without moving, “You’re still sitting here properly, what are you saying these morose words for?”

“Whether they are morose words or not, you yourself know.” Elder Fu gave him a look, “Today, let’s start with an announcement.”

He beckoned, and the professional manager who had been waiting for a long time at the side complied, immediately stepping forward and handing over a document.

Putting on his presbyopic gla*ses, Master Fu flipped through the document and added, “I am going to divide up several properties.”

At these words, Fu Mingcheng was all intent, but still restrained.

If the old man wanted to divide the properties, it was natural to start with him, the eldest son.

However, Elder Fu’s next words made Fu Mingcheng’s face instantly ugly

“This Imperial Fragrance Place, it will be handed over to Yun Shen.”

Not to mention Fu Mingcheng, the faces of the rest of the Fu family were not much better.

Fu Yichen spoke up directly, “Grandpa, you’re confused, aren’t you? The Imperial Fragrance House is the signature of the Fu family, and you’re giving it to a fop? Aren’t you afraid he’ll just lose it all?”

“Yichen!” Madam Fu scolded, “Who are you to talk about your brother like that?”

Old Master Fu looked over, his eyes were light.

“Grandpa, it’s alright.” Fu Yunshen raised his eyes, smiling cynically, his tone scattered, “I don’t want it, your old man should give it to someone else.”

Fu Yichen laughed coldly, only daring to lower his voice in mockery, “You do have some self-awareness.”

“Xiao Qi doesn’t want it, so let’s leave it for now.” To the surprise of the others, Elder Fu had no intention of sharing the Imperial Fragrance House with anyone else, “Then let’s eat today and talk about it another day.”

After the meal, the other houses left in a hurry.

Fu Yichen followed Fu Mingcheng into the study and blew up all at once.

“Dad, I really don’t understand, where is big brother not better than him, Fu Yunshen? And why should grandpa cross over to you, dad, and give him the Imperial Fragrance House?”

Fu Mingcheng didn’t say anything, locking his brows tightly.

“Dad, why do you think Grandpa he likes a dude so much?” He was puzzled and more than a little angry, “Is grandpa blind? He can’t even see how good big brother is?”

“Such words, don’t say them in the future.” Fu Mingcheng’s voice was stern, “Especially in front of your grandfather, you’re not too young, can you think before you speak?”

Fu Yichen’s anger subsided: “I just can’t stand him.”

Fu Mingcheng waved his hand, “At least your grandfather didn’t give the Imperial Fragrance House out today.”

After a pause, he added, “You give your big brother a call.”

Fu Yichen’s eyes lit up and he happily went out.

Fu Mingcheng was still sitting in his study, and after a long time, he took out the key and opened the drawer, taking out a piece of paper, his expression grew cold.


After Master Fu rested, Fu Yunshen didn’t stay in the Fu family for much longer.

He got into his Maserati and prepared to go back to his single flat in the city.

He had just put his hand on the steering wheel when the mobile phone on the seat rang.

It wasn’t a smartphone, but the plain black mobile phone.

There was no caller ID.

Fu Yunshen glanced at it and picked it up: “What’s wrong?”

The person on the other side was breathing heavily and didn’t say a word for half a day.

Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes narrowed and his smile faded: “Say.”