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Boss Lady Chapter 103-104

Chapter 103

There was a long pause there before he spoke hesitantly, “Brother, something’s happened.”

“Hmm.” Fu Yunshen was faint, “I’ll let you speak.”

A very calm four words, but it made the pressure on the other side multiply.

“Brother ……” the person on the other end of the old-fashioned big brother was silent for a long while again, “The herbs on the nok bounty have all been obtained, and the brothers were about to send them to you, but-”

After a pause, his voice said with difficulty, “When we were at customs, our herbs were robbed.”

Hearing this, Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes twitched and his voice calmed down, “I know.”

The other side couldn’t help but stare, “Brother, you’re not surprised?”

“No.” Fu Yunshen inserted his car keys and turned the steering wheel with one hand, “You seem to have forgotten whose account you posted the reward on.”

There was silence over there all of a sudden: “……”

Admittedly, the nok account was easy to register, all it took was a login process.

The hidden section is where the big boys are all over the place, and they often surface water posts.

But to get these bigwigs to take the bounty, it depends on the account id.

The big boys won’t even look at a normal id.

Even though the nok forum encrypts the identities of everyone who logs in, the ids don’t change.

This is especially true for Fu Yunshen’s account id, which is still hanging on the bounty list.

With a billion-dollar bounty, many hunters are salivating.

But the bounty list also proves the strength of the bounty recipient, the higher the ranking, the stronger the strength.

Many hunters, too, stay on the bounty list.

In particular, the most mysterious number one on the bounty list is a lone codename – The Divine Reckoner.

The account id of the rewarded person is marked in red in the nok forum, and can be seen at a glance.

The herbs had been robbed, proving that another hunter had struck.

“Brother, tell me earlier.” There was finally another voice over there, chagrined, “We should have changed the account.”

“No need.” Fu Yun Shen laughed lightly, “Change the account, the bounty won’t necessarily be picked up.”

The deep sea and the desert were only visited by the top twenty hunters on the various lists.

When they take the bounty, they will consider whether it can bring them benefits in addition to money.

Bounties posted by ordinary ids, even if the money was high, would not attract them at all.

“Also.” There was another moment of silence over there, “Brother, don’t worry, the brothers have already tracked down the other party and will ensure that the herbs are delivered to China unharmed.”

In fact, even they didn’t know where exactly Fu Yunshen was.

Every time they sent something, it was also sent to the nearest customs office in China to the O Continent.

“No need, you guys just keep an eye on it.” Fu Yunshen’s finger tapped on the steering wheel, “I’ll go myself.”


In the study.

Fu Mingcheng was still sitting in his seat, his brow locked in a frown.

After knocking on the door, Mrs. Fu pushed in, “Mingcheng, the fruit you just cut up, have some.”

Fu Mingcheng lifted his head, his attention was not on the fruit plate: “He’s gone?”

“Gone.” Mrs Fu’s movements paused, her expression was cold, “He left after the old man went to bed.”

“The old man is so confused!” Fu Mingcheng heaved the pile of papers in his hand, “If Yichen and the others aren’t clear, how can the old master himself not be clear? How dare he give out all of the Imperial Fragrance Place?”

Imperial Fragrance House was the number one industry of the Fu Group, and was also a perfume brand ranked in the top ten in China.

Although it was not comparable to the luxury brands abroad, it was already among the top 50 companies in the country.

If the company was given away, the Fu Group would lose half of its territory.

A playboy, who can’t do anything right, would not be able to take over the company.

By doing so, Master Fu clearly did not consider the thoughts of his other children and grandchildren.

“Alright, alright, Mingcheng, don’t be angry.” Mrs. Fu ma*saged his shoulders and softened her voice, “Didn’t he not want it in the end? The old man is still alive too, how can he consider the whole company in the end, he won’t be that reckless.”

“No.” The mockery in Fu Mingcheng’s words was too heavy, “As soon as it comes to his business, the old man can’t see anything, it’s like being blind.”

Madam Fu sighed, “The old man is also out of guilt.”

“Twenty years of atonement is enough.” Fu Mingcheng laughed coldly, “I really don’t know what the old master is thinking about all day long.”

“Mingcheng, speaking of which, I see that the old master has been quite wrong lately.” Mrs Fu frowned, “Three years ago, the doctor had already given a critical illness notice, but now the old master’s health has turned better instead.”

Fu Mingcheng didn’t think much of this, but his anger was even greater: “Who do you think the old man is holding on to his breath for? It’s for him, Fu Yunshen?”

After a pause, he eased his tone, “But the old man’s health has been in deficit for too long, and there’s no way he can last too long, we need to get him to focus on Yikan while he’s still alive.”

Madam Fu nodded and left the study again.


The following day, noon.

Ying Ziji’s eyes narrowed after she saw the WeChat that Fu Yunshen had sent her.

Ever since she had gotten acquainted with the silly kids in Cla*s 19, he had been looking for her less and less for lunch.

It seemed that as long as she had company, he was relieved.

As Xiu Yu painted her eyeshadow, she asked, “Ying Dad, are you still going to the canteen today?”

“No.” Ying Ziji took his phone and got up, “I have an appointment, I’m going out to eat.”

Xiu Yu nodded and didn’t ask much.

Ying Ziyi walked out of the cla*sroom.

Three minutes later, she was out of the school gate.

This time Fu Yunshen didn’t drive and leaned under a tree waiting for her.

The sunlight fell through the leaves on his deep, charming brows and eyes, casting a light golden tint, making him more handsome.

He looked like a god who had been left behind on earth.

At the sound of footsteps, Fu Yunshen straightened his back.

He turned around and looked at the girl and smiled, “Yoyo, I saw on your school’s bulletin board that a star was coming to give a speech.”

“At the end of the month.” Ying nodded, “I heard it was a movie star.”

She didn’t follow the entertainment world, it was all instilled in her by Xiu Yu.

For example, what with most young stars nowadays relying on flow, only Shang Yaozhi had the face and strength to be the purist among a bunch of stars.

“Hm?” Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows, “Children, you watch dramas, actually do not follow the stars?”

“Too tired.” Ying Ziji mused, “Besides, I should prefer good-looking actresses.”

Fu Yunshen looked sideways and suddenly let out a laugh, “Actresses?”

“Good looking girls, no one doesn’t like them.”


It seemed to make sense, but the gender seemed to be wrong.

“Well, let’s get down to business.” Fu Yunshen paused and smiled, “Something has come up, where is brother, he needs to go abroad, about four or five days.”

Ying Ziji raised his eyes.

He bent down slightly and his gaze was level with hers, “So take good care of yourself in these few days, don’t eat only tomatoes for lunch every day while I’m away.”

Ying Zigui didn’t respond, wrinkling her brow slightly.

Her ability had not been restored, not only was her observation time limited, but even her distance range was also affected.

All she could see was what was happening in Shanghai City.

If it was any further away, she would have to go to that place to be able to see.

Not to mention, Fu Yunshen was going abroad this time.

Last time, at her doorstep, there were people trying to kill him.

She kinda wanted to know how many people were waiting for him when he went out this time.

“It’s not a big deal.” Fu Yun Shen looked like he could tell what she was thinking, “He’ll be back soon, but then, little friend, there’s one more thing.”

“Study hard.” He rubbed her head, “This midterm, pa*s one of the exams, and I’ll take you to see your favorite good-looking actress live.”



After separating from Fu Yunshen and returning to cla*s, Ying was still thinking about whether she should study properly or not.

But pa*sing one exam proved that she only had to take one exam.

That was fine, she wouldn’t get tired.

One pa*s, one look at the live version.

Then she’ll study.

Having decided, Ying propped her head up with one hand and opened her phone with the other.

After she found the web drama she had watched that day, she tapped into the heroine’s Weibo.

“So boring.” To the side, Xiu Yu sighed, “Why did I come to listen to this open cla*s? Usually I’m out racing around.”

This afternoon an open cla*s was held, and the entire second year of senior school was attending.

As a rule, Cla*s 19 had never been present, but even Jiang Yan had given to come.

And to top it off, this open cla*s was a university professor who was very strict and didn’t allow anyone to make small movements in cla*s.

Xiu Yu couldn’t understand and tried to sleep, so he could only hold up his eyelids and stare straight at the blackboard.

The students in the Yingcai cla*s didn’t listen much either, after all, the open cla*s was just for show, and the topics covered were the most basic ones.

“That student over there!” A chalk was suddenly thrown down, “You come up here and do this question for me!”

With a jolt, Xiu Yu realised that the person the old professor was calling was their Ying Dad.

In the step cla*sroom, the students all looked over.

Lu Fang laughed all of a sudden, sarcastically, “Teacher, don’t let her do the problem, she probably doesn’t even know what the principle of chemical reactions is.”

At these words, there was a burst of laughter.

“Hahahahaha, dragging the back of an outstanding cla*s all by herself, she’ll probably get even worse grades when she gets to cla*s 19, right?”

“Teacher, don’t waste time, it’s better to move on.”

Zhong Zhiyan did not make a comment, she pursed her lips, her face was a smile that could not be concealed.

The old teacher became even more angry: “If you don’t listen even though you’re not good at studying, go to the back row and stand in punishment.”

In full view of everyone, Ying stood up.

But she did not go to the back of the cla*sroom, but to the blackboard in front of her.


Chapter 104

Lu Fang immediately gloated and deliberately said loudly, “Did you hear that? The teacher told you to go stand at the back for punishment.”

The open cla*s was two hours long, and it had only been ten minutes since it started.

She was punished for standing in front of the whole senior cla*s.

What kind of questions could she do with her bottom-of-the-ladder level of study?

How could she want to compete with Zhong Zhiwei?

Don’t you think she’s qualified?

In the cla*sroom, there are nearly a thousand students and the noise is getting louder and louder.

“Quiet!” The old professor slapped the table and got very angry, “This student, either, you come up and write out this question, or, stand at the back.”

The few boys in Yingcai cla*s who were close to Lu Fang looked like they were watching a good show.

The ordinary and key cla*ses also joined in the fun and all had to yell.

In full view of everyone, Ying stood up.

Xiu Yu tried to pull her back, but was stopped by her raising her hand.

However, it was not the back of the cla*sroom she was walking towards, but the direction of the blackboard.


The voices in the cla*sroom rested for a split second, followed by a louder outburst.

Many of these voices came from the Talent cla*s.

“No way no way, even the academic scum dare to do questions on the blackboard?”

“Tsk, that’s because in our cla*s before, the teachers didn’t want to care about her even when they saw her sleeping, no wonder she was kicked out of the Talented cla*s.”

“I see, cla*s 19 is quite suitable for her, rubbish with rubbish, a dumping ground.”

Jiang Yan raised his head, picked up the chemistry book in his hand and smashed it directly towards the student from the Talent cla*s who said this.

His eyes were a few shades of red as he sneered, “Shut your doggy mouth.”

A few students were instantly silenced.

No one could be messed with, not Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan was already considered restrained in school, but outside was a real bully.

His temper was explosive, and with his mysterious power behind him, most of the students were reluctant to go up against him.

Jiang Yan was a black belt in Taekwondo, and when he got really angry, he would beat people up.

Zhong Zhiyan bit her lip as she watched Jiang Yan take it out on Ying Zidian, and it was hard as hell inside.

She just couldn’t understand.

Ying Zidian only had one face and nothing to offer, so why did everyone around her start to surround her?

Xiu Yu held her forehead and was speechless: “What kind of luck is this, Ying Dad, so many people have small moves, how come she is singled out.”

Right next to him, there was another student who had already died of sleep and was making snoring sounds.

The old professor didn’t even see it, hell.

“Sister Yu, you don’t understand this, do you?” Little brother had a profound look, “It’s written in the book that powerful people will always be missed, and Ying Dad is so powerful, so she’s the one being missed.”

“Bullish explanation.” Xiu Yu gave a thumbs up, “The high person is actually on my side.”

Little brother: “……”

He suspected that Sister Yu mocked him, but he had no proof.


In front of the blackboard.

Ying Ziji picked up a piece of chalk and took a step back.

A pair of phoenix eyes were half squinted as she was reading the question written on the blackboard by the old professor.

It was a question on the principles of chemical reactions, to calculate the rates of chemical reactions, which was the content of Chemistry Elective 4.

However, it was obvious that this question involved the knowledge points of university chemistry and was far beyond the outline.

The old professor was originally a retired university student, so the questions were naturally difficult.

Zhong Zhiyan was also looking at the question, her eyebrows slightly knitted, and then quickly relaxed.

The question was easy for the students in the Talented Cla*s, but it was impossible for Ying Ziyang to do it.

Ying Zidian has always been given a separate paper, which also extends her knowledge of the university.

But what did Ying Zidian listen to when she was not intelligent enough and spent most of the cla*s sleeping?

Thinking about this, Zhong Zhiyan finally let out the anger that she had suffered at the art festival and at Master Zhong’s place.

One second, two seconds …… five seconds pa*sed, but Ying Ziyang was still standing with the chalk in her hand, not moving much.

Seeing this, Lu Fang snorted: “You can’t do it, but you have to embarra*s yourself up there, you have thick enough skin.”

Ying raised his hand and wrote down a series of numbers on the blackboard.

3.479 mol(l-min)

After writing, she put down the chalk and returned to her seat.

With this answer, the murmurs grew louder.

“What the hell kind of numbers are these? Make up a whole number too, right?”

“Goddess Zhong has only written the formula and hasn’t even done the maths yet, and this is how she can write out the answer? It’s really pretentious.”

“This student has written it correctly.” The old professor pushed his gla*ses, his voice all kind and pleased, “But please pay attention, next time you’d better write the steps as well, otherwise the other students won’t be able to read them.”


All sarcastic laughter was lost at once.

Lu Fang even stiffened, unbelievable now.


Zhong Zhiyan was stunned, her fingers subconsciously squeezed the draft paper, her lips pursed, her heart in turmoil.

It was true that she had only written two formulas and had not even brought in the data, let alone worked out the answer.

The question was very complicated and would take at least five minutes to solve.

How could Ying Ziji write out the answer in five seconds once she was up there?

A hoodwink?

But it was too accurate.

“Please get up all the students who are sleeping, we will continue with the lecture.” The old professor knocked on the table with a triangle, “Learn more from this student, do the questions faster, don’t dawdle.”

These words made the faces of a few boys in the Talent cla*s, who had taunted the most earlier, get restless and bury their heads.

But there was still not much agreement.

“It’s not a difficult question anyway, it’s not like we can’t do it, is it?”

“She must have muddled it, who can count that fast?”

“Just happened to get it right, just lucky.” A girl bumped Zhong Zhiyan’s arm, “Isn’t that right, Zhiyan?”

Zhong Zhiyan was distracted and smiled lightly at her words, “No matter what, cousin has improved, unlike before, she only sleeps in cla*s.”

“You call that progress?” The girl was quite bored, “This is what every student should do, okay?”

“Don’t say that.” Zhong Zhiwei frowned, “Cousin she is not well, that’s why she falls asleep in cla*s.”

The girl tsked and said nothing more.

The open cla*s soon ended and the cla*ses dispersed.

Ying Zhiwei stretched slowly, ready to go back to sleep for a study session afterwards to refresh herself.

“Let’s go, Dudu.” Xiu Yu patted the tail of the teacup pig, “Got some good corn kernels for you.”

A group of people from Cla*s 19 followed suit and went back.

Just then, Lu Fang came running panting and stopped in front of the girl.

“Ying Zigui, you are not allowed to go, I have something to say to you.” He spoke quickly, afraid of being rejected, “The mid-term exams are at the end of April, I want to make a bet with you.”

“Seven science subjects, you have to do the papers of the Talent cla*s, if you can pa*s one subject, I’ll eat sh*t live on the campus forum, how about that?”

Lu Fang didn’t notice at all that after he said these words, all the students in cla*s 19 looked over.

The way they looked at him was no different from looking at a fool.

The little brother hesitated for a moment, “So what, you …… are you okay in the head?”

How can you be a retard when you look like a human?

“What do you care?” Lu Fang ignored his little brother and smiled coldly, “Ying Zidian, do you agree? If you don’t, you’re not allowed to bully Zhiyan in the future.”

Lu Fang had thought that he would still be ignored.

Who knew that this time, the girl would stop.

She turned her head sideways, the sunlight softened the contours of her face, but that face was still beautiful in an aggressive way.

A pair of phoenix eyes raised slightly, and the floating light turned slightly, already astonishingly magnificent.

One cannot help but be breathless.

Ying Zidian glanced at him and his voice was slow: “Good, remember to broadcast live.”

“Ying Dad, why did you promise him?” Back in cla*s 19, Xiu Yu was still puzzled, “Usually you really do ignore it all.”

But she knew that their Ying Dad looked high and cold, but was actually quite approachable.

And when she gave Ying Ziji a biscuit, Ying Ziji would give her a new lipstick shade.

“Oh.” Ying Zidian took a sip of his cola and said nonchalantly, “Because I prefer doggy style drama.”

Xiu Yu: “????”

“What do you think-” Ying Ziyi pondered for a moment,, “If I send the video of him eating that thing then to my grandfather, will the retweets be greatly increased?”

Xiu Yu: “……”

Dare I say it’s because of this?

“It’s good that it will increase.” Ying Ziji pressed his head, “I wouldn’t have to buy retweets for his old man.”

I don’t know what Elder Zhong’s hobby is, the retweets of a new Weibo must be higher than the previous one, but he doesn’t want zombie fans yet.

I hope Lu Fang can give Elder Zhong a boost to his Weibo performance.

She also saved a fortune.

Pretty good.


After five whole days of psychological torture, Lu Zhi’s spirit was still in an extreme state of collapse.

From morning to night, she lived a muddled life.

Just remembering the humiliation she had suffered at Shao Ren Hospital that day, brought to her by Ying Zigui, whom she had always despised, made Lu Zhi’s heart feel like an ant.

She went to other hospitals for interviews, but most of them did not want a young Chinese doctor like her.

Because she had deliberately raised the price of medicine last time, her father had taken back the pharmacy and she was out of work.

The reason she didn’t stay in the empire again was because she hadn’t managed to graduate from her postgraduate studies.

Lu Zhi was restless and regretted to death.

If she hadn’t tripped up Ying Zidian at that time, would she have been able to stay at Shao Ren Hospital?

But there was no point in regretting, the wood was already gone.

Lu Zhi thought about it for a while, but finally she couldn’t resist and called Ying Luwei.

She looked at the phone and went outside the hospital room to pick it up: “Hello? What can I do for you?”

“Lu Wei.” Lu Zhi pursed her lips, “Do you know who the miracle doctor you are looking for is?”

Ying Lu Wei took out her lipstick, carelessly, “Who is it?”