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Boss Lady Chapter 105-106

Chapter 105

As soon as she heard Ying Luwei’s tone, Lu Zhi understood.

The Ying family was also in the dark and knew nothing.

But Lu Zhi couldn’t care less and said anxiously, “Lu Wei, I beg you to do me a favour, put in a good word for your niece and ask her to take me on, OK?”

“I really need this job at Shao Ren Hospital, it’s not like I can go to the Imperial City side, and ……”

“Wait.” Ying Lu Wei wrinkled her brow and interrupted her, “What are you talking about?”

“Divine Doctor!” Lu Zhi slowed her breath, “Ying Ziji she’s the divine doctor you’re looking for!”

“Lu Zhi, you’re really good at telling jokes.” Ying Lu Wei put on her lipstick and looked in the mirror, “How much weight does she have, can I, as an aunt, not understand?”

She added contempt to her words, “You really don’t have to lift her up, don’t you hate her too? Why are you still speaking for her?”

“Lu Wei, it’s true!” Lu Zhi heard her disbelief and became even more anxious, “Ying Ziji really is the divine doctor, I saw her at Shao Ren Hospital, she was also my interviewer.”

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, there was no way she would have believed it either.

But the truth was in front of her eyes, and reality gave her a hard slap in the face, so that she couldn’t even accept it now.

Lu Zhi added, “Lu Wei, please go and beg her for me, can we forget about the past? You are always family, she will look at you with respect.”

“Alright, Lu Zhi.” Hearing this, Ying Lu Wei finally became a little impatient, but the tone of her voice was still gentle, “I have to practice, if there’s anything, let’s talk about it when I’ve finished my recital.”

After saying that, without waiting for Lu Zhi to say anything else, she directly hung up the phone and turned on the no-disturb mode.

“Do you think it’s funny?” Ying Lu Wei pulled up her hair and looked at her manager, “Lu Zhi is not sure if she is too frustrated in her career, but she actually told me that Ying Zidian is a miracle doctor and had to beg her.

If Ying Zidian was a miracle doctor, why would she willingly donate blood to her during that year?

The agent also laughed: “Your fake niece is from a small county, a poor county, so even if she really knows anything about medicine, it’s probably just folk remedies.”

“Yeah.” Ying Luwei smiled and sighed, “It’s the kind of thing where you get sick and have to go to a temple to eat the sacred earth, and then you die from it.”

“Don’t you care about that.” The agent shook her head, “Just take care of the old lady and practice the pieces you’ll play at the recital, and the word of mouth will come back soon.”

Until now, the dislike for Ying Luwei on the internet had not abated.

At the mention of this, Ying Luwei’s resentment was great: “I really can’t stand it, is the piece ‘The Sun and the Moon’ really something one can play?”

She hasn’t been able to play it down in its entirety until now, and really doesn’t know how Vera Hall managed to write it out.

“According to those pianists abroad, there’s actually no original score for ‘Sun and Moon’.” The agent frowned, “So there’s a good chance that a few of the notes are off in places.”

Another rea*suring comment, “But it’s been so long ago, and no one knows what the tune was like back then, so you just have to play it like it is.”

Nowadays, there are only a few international pianists who have played “The Sun and the Moon”, and none of them is a master.

But according to the transcripts of those who have heard Vera Hall in recital, it has to fall a little short of the original.

“I’m just afraid I won’t be able to play it by then.” Ying Luwei was annoyed, “Forget it, let’s practice and see if there’s anything else we can do then.”

The agent nodded, “I’ll go and buy you something to eat.”


The next day, a post popped up on Qingzhi’s campus forum.

[Title]: I heard that Ying Zidian had a bet with a student from the Talent cla*s!

[Content]: The owner watched the bet and was so excited that she came up to share it with you.

A boy surnamed Lu liked Goddess Zhong and couldn’t stand to see Ying Zidian bullying her.

So he made a bet that if she pa*sed one of her mid-term exams, he would eat sh*t live, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to bully her anymore and she would have to apologise to her.

Guess who will win?

Soon, this one post was topped to the top of the front page.

Floor 2]: Is it necessary to ask? I’m sure she won’t pa*s. I’ve heard that they bet on the paper of the Talented cla*s, and I don’t need to tell you how difficult the Talented cla*s paper is.

Floor 3]: It’s so difficult that I asked my brother, who is a university student and also an engineering student, to do the questions that he couldn’t do. Forget it.


[147th Floor]: I bet Ying Zidian can pa*s because I want to see this Lu boy eat sh*t live.

Floor 148]: Upstairs, add me.


[359F]: I’ve already taken a screenshot, just waiting for the result to come out, I’d also like to see the guy named Lu eat sh*t live.

[360F]: I’m different, I want to see Ying Ziji make a fool of herself, after all, that result of hers …… hahahahaha is just too funny.

The students in Yingcai’s cla*s also saw this post.

“Zhiyan, Lu Fang is not sick, right?” The girl was speechless, “What if he loses? Really eat sh*t?”

Zhong Zhiyan looked indifferent, not caring.

But she did want to know how well Ying could do in the midterm exam.

If you know a bit of art, but you don’t study well, you won’t become a great person.

Zhong Zhiwei didn’t read the post either, and was studying very hard.

Physics was her weakest subject, and it wasn’t as if she didn’t have any competition, she had to protect her position as top of the grade.


Cla*s 19.

“Who’s this owner? So uncivilized.” Little brother pounded the table indignantly, “If I catch him, I’ll let Brother Burn blow his head off.”

The campus forum was anonymous, not even a nickname, but a randomly generated mess of numbers and subscripts.

Every time you reply to a post, it will be different.

“Alright, don’t get mad.” Xiu Yu was laid back, “Anyway, when the time comes, it’s Lu Fang who eats sh*t, so what are you worried about.”

“Just can’t stand to see them look down on our Ying Dad.” Little brother held eight numbers in one hand and started to post back, “When the results come out, scare them to death.”

Their father can even teach a cla*s, what’s a mere exam?

Ying Zidian didn’t pay attention to the campus forum either, she was outside the cla*sroom answering the phone.

“Big Brother, have you eaten yet?”

“I’ve hung up.”

“No, no, no, I’m wrong big brother.” Nie Chao didn’t dare to say any more nonsense, “I have something to do, I really have something to do!”

Ying Zidian looked at the time: “I’ll give you one minute.”

“Big brother, do you know that Seventh Young Master has gone abroad?” Nie Chao immediately got to the point, “You didn’t ask him where he was going?”

“I know, I didn’t ask.”

Blocked by four words, Nie Chao didn’t know what to answer, “……”

He finally understood, Ying sister had never talked much.

Just occasionally looking at the person she was talking to before deciding whether she wanted a few more words.

“Big Brother, why don’t you ask?” Nie Chao’s heart was stuffed, but he didn’t forget to say, “Your future boyfriend, you have to manage!”


Ying didn’t want to talk to him anymore and just hung up the phone.

Having been back on Earth for so long, she certainly wouldn’t be unaware of what a boyfriend was.

But she didn’t have any idea about that, after all, her body was still extremely flawed and still needed to be fixed.

As for Fu Yunshen?

He wants to be her brother.

Sometimes, he even wants to steal his father’s job.

He’s so fine that he’s even a mother, by the way.

He wasn’t tired and was happy about it.

Ying pressed off Nie Chao’s call once more, put the phone back in her pocket and followed Xiu Yu downstairs.

For high school students, there was no more enjoyable day than gym cla*s, especially when it was free.

Qingzhi High School focuses on the all-round development of its students and runs a number of special cla*ses.

As well as the usual sports like basketball and football, there is also fencing, billiards, karate and equipment fitness.

There is a specific activity area with a locker room next to it, separate for boys and girls.

Jiang Yan had changed into his basketball uniform, his muscles were smooth and he exuded a vigorous teenage spirit.

It was no wonder that many girls knew that he was a tough school bully, but still had their hearts set on him.

“Tch, this guy, there’s a taekwondo match tomorrow.” Xiu Yu shrugged, “I don’t know where he’s from, he can’t even think of fighting him, I really think it’s all about you, Ying Dad.”

On the surface, Jiang Yan was a black belt in taekwondo.

In reality, he also practiced ancient martial arts.

Although he was only a beginner and didn’t normally use his internal energy, he was no match for ordinary people.

Ying nodded his head and said nothing.

To the side, the little brother came over with his shoes in high spirits.

“Brother Burn, your new shoes.”

“So ugly, and they cost me tens of thousands of dollars.” Jiang Yan took them with some disgust, but was still ready to change into them.

Ying Ziyi was looking at the playground, her eyes abruptly paused as she turned back, “Don’t wear them.”


Chapter 106

But the two words were still too late.

Jiang Yan’s right foot had already reached in and was on the ground.

The look changed in an instant, veins dancing on his forehead.

“What’s wrong?”

Keenly aware that something was wrong, Xiu Yu quickly bent down and picked up the other shoe.

With this look, she knew what was wrong.

The front half of the shoe was surprisingly plastered with dense pins.

As it was at the innermost part, it was covered up and could not be found at all without a closer look.

Jiang Yan gritted his teeth and stiffly did not make a sound.

He forced himself to endure this awful pain and took his shoe off again.

The blood was obvious on the white sock, dripping down one by one.

The little brother was stunned.

It was also fortunate that there was a medicine box configured at the door of the changing room, and Ying Zigui came over with gauze and scissors.

Jiang Yan was a little reluctant, but said, “Thank you.”

He took the scissors, bit the other end of the gauze between his teeth and began to bandage himself.

Xiu Yu’s eyes were cold: “Who did this?”

Although she and Jiang Yan were hairdressers who hadn’t gotten along since they were kids, they were still brothers even if they didn’t get along.

“No …… it wasn’t me.” The little brother panicked a little, “I swear, I could never have hurt Brother Burn.”

Jiang Yan is the school bully, but also will not do anything to harm the world, and very good to those around him.

Now it was even more subservient, even starting to listen to cla*ses.

“I know it’s not you.” Xiu Yu frowned, “You couldn’t have done such a thing, where did you get the shoes from?”

“The school’s courier point.” Little brother was so anxious that he wanted to cry, “Brother Burn, what should we do, how can you still participate in the competition with this foot?”

“I’m fine.” Jiang Yan managed to catch his breath, his forehead perspiring, and smiled coldly, “I could have ruined them with just one foot.”

Ying finished calling 120, glanced at him and faintly: “Go to the hospital.”


The First Hospital.

The female doctor held the syringe and frowned, “What are you hiding for, come here.”

“No fight!” Jiang Yan was reluctant to extend his arm anyhow, “I’ve said it all, I’m fine, I won’t fight.”

“The wounds are so many and so deep, without a tetanus shot, you’ll die tonight.” The female doctor was not kind, “Aren’t all boys your age cool, why are you still afraid of needles?”

Just like her son.

“Jiang Yan, you don’t want to be naughty at this time.” Xiu Yu shrugged, “Sure, if you want to die, just forget I said it.”

“It’s not that easy to die or not.” Jiang Yan’s face stank, “I said it, I don’t-”

Ying Zidian glanced this way.

Jiang Yan paused for a moment and changed his mind under pressure, “I’ll fight.”

Xiu Yu: “……”

Oh, it’s dad who’s good at critical moments.

The youngest brother covered his mouth, the occasion was not right, did not dare to laugh.

Jiang Yan pulled up his sleeves as if he was dying, revealing his deltoids.

He pursed his lips, but still couldn’t hold back a word: “You be gentle.”

“Gently?” The female doctor took a cotton swab dipped in iodine to disinfect him, “Gently you don’t remember.”

Despite what she said, she was still gentle.

But it was still painful enough.

After the stitches, Jiang Yan’s whole body was deflated.

“Don’t touch the water at the wound, come and change the medicine at that time.” The female doctor threw the syringe into the bin and uneasily admonished, “Don’t take a bath even after the injection.”

Turning her head again, she said to Xiu Yu, “And don’t let him exercise strenuously, and don’t stand if you can sit.”

“You don’t worry.” Xiu Yu a*sured, “I’ve already placed an order for a wheelchair for him, and it will be delivered to his door in a moment.”

Jiang Yan: “……”


He was a school bully and he had to sit in a wheelchair?

It was simply a disgrace.

“That’s better.” The female doctor nodded and went out.

Jiang Yan blackened his face, too angry to speak.

Ying handed his phone to Xiu Yu: “An hour ago, the courier arrived at the school, watch out for this person.”

Xiu Yu came over to take a look and found that it was a surveillance video.

The video showed that the person who delivered the shoes was not a courier.

Rather, it was a person with a black duck-tongue hat and all black clothes, with gloves on his hands.

Not even a man or woman could be discerned.

“There was premeditation.” Xiu Yu’s voice sank, “Ying Dad, give me this video, I’ll check it out.”



The time in o-continent was six or seven hours different from that in China.

At this time of the day, it was just afternoon in O Chau.

At seven o’clock Chinese time, Ying Ziyi received a nod from Fu Yunshen.

His voice sounded no different from usual, still containing a smile and lazy: “Little friend, have you eaten properly today?”

Ying Ziji looked at the bag of chips in her hand and paused, “Yes.”

Because she had gone to the hospital, she had really forgotten to eat at lunchtime.

After all, it used to be common for her not to eat for a few days.

It was just that now, with her body like this, she had to eat.

“You should not be able to lie to brother, right?” Fu Yunshen’s voice was pressed into a long tone, “So I believe it.”

Ying pushed the bag of chips away from her, “You’ve arrived in O Chau.”

“A few hours ago.” Fu Yunshen didn’t hide it, he smiled, “Things went quite well, don’t worry.”

The one who had robbed him to prepare medicinal herbs for Master Fu was not a single person, but a mercenary squad that was quite famous.

In this squad, only the captain was a hunter on the list.

It was a fluke that such a bold person would rob the herbs.

He thought that if he was killed, he would be able to collect the bounty of one billion dollars.

But in the end, the whole squad was lost.

Fu Yunshen stood on the beach and looked at the time: “It’s so late, so I won’t disturb your studies, brother will be back the day after tomorrow, I brought you some special snacks from this side.”

After a pause, he added lazily, “Little friend, remember to go to bed early and not go bald.”



The following day.

Jiang Yan was still lying in the hospital, looking at his feet, which were wrapped into dumplings, annoyed and cranky.

That taekwondo match he took on was just something he gave the others to say so.

It wasn’t actually taekwondo, but black market boxing, right in the middle of that underground bazaar underneath the TV tower.

Because of the wrong way of practising ancient martial arts, the internal energy in his body was constantly in turmoil.

Aside from the fact that he had to take medication, he had to fight every now and then to calm down the chaotic internal energy.

Anyone who knows taekwondo is too weak for him, and black market boxing is enough.

But since the word “black market” was used, it was a sign that he was not to be messed with.

The Imperial City was still in turmoil, and he would not rely on the power of the Imperial City family.

Jiang Yan held back, but got up, grabbed the cane next to him, and hopped off the ward on one foot.

The youngest brother was sent away to buy food, not expecting Jiang Yan to run away.

Thirty minutes later, Jiang Yan took a taxi to the underground bazaar.

Black Market Boxing was on the north side of the underground bazaar, and since he could only walk on one foot, it took him twenty minutes to jump to the entrance of Black Market Boxing.

Someone was already waiting for him.

When they saw him come in, they all gathered around him, people tall and strong.

“You’re late.” One of the youths glanced at him and snorted, “We thought you weren’t coming, after all, if you weren’t, we’d have a reason for officers.”

Jiang Yan wasn’t intimidated, he sneered, “I just came to say that I’m not going to fight in this one today.”

As soon as those words came out, the faces of several youths changed.

The youth who had spoken earlier looked at him oddly, “What did you say?”

“I can’t fight.” Jiang Yan suppressed his dryness, “Can’t you see that I’m injured? I’ll give you back your entry money, ten times, a hundred times, you watch, whatever.”

“What does it matter to us if you’re injured?” The youth wrapped his arms around him and towered over him, “You think, we like money that much?”

Jiang Yan’s fingers tightened slightly as he gripped his cane, his eyes extremely cold: “What do you mean?”

“It was agreed a long time ago.” The youth smiled faintly, “If you don’t fight, you forfeit, and if you forfeit, you lose, and if you lose, you have to cut your hand off.”

He gave a wink to a couple of men next to him, “Hold him up.”

“Don’t move me.” Jiang Yan gritted his teeth and spoke coldly, “I’ll fight you.”

Big deal, he could use his internal energy.

If he used it once, it wouldn’t cause too much damage to his body.

“Sense.” The youth laughed again, “Then throw away your crutches, don’t stand still and get on stage.”

Jiang Yan’s fingers clenched and he put his crutches aside.

But due to one foot, his body was unsteady and kept swaying.

“Giggle.” I don’t know who laughed, “Kid, don’t be strong, you might as well just cut off a hand, this is really going to be a fight on the stage, you’ll lose more than one hand. ”

To die for.

“Shut your dog mouth.” Jiang Yan laughed coldly and was about to get on stage.

But the youth stopped and frowned, “What man?”

Jiang Yan turned back and looked towards the door.

The girl walked in slowly, still carrying a cup of milk tea in her hand.

She placed the milk tea on the floor, her phoenix eyes lifted and she turned her head.

“You go down.”