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Boss Lady Chapter 107-108

Chapter 107

Her voice was the usual muted one, and her tone had little rise or fall.

It was cold and clear, as if the clouds were drifting away in the wind.

But it was these three words that made the air stand still for a moment.

Jiang Yan truly froze for a moment: “How did you ……”

He participated in the black market boxing, but no one had said anything about it.

Moreover, this underground bazaar was generally unknown to people and they wouldn’t come, especially girls.

Of course, Xiu Yu was an exception, and she would often come here to race.

Ying Ziyi didn’t respond and repeated again, “Go down.”

Two words that left no room for doubt.

Jiang Yan was now sure that she was talking to him.

If it were normal, he would have been cranky, but now –

He took another look at his dumpling feet, so angry that he hammered the wall, picked up his walking stick again with a black face and stood aside.

There was no time to delve into how on earth Ying Ziji knew he was here, Jiang Yan hesitated and spoke, “They’re not ordinary boxers, they’re quite strong, otherwise, you’d better ……”

Ying did not turn around: “Go down and keep your mouth shut.”

Immediately, Jiang Yan stopped talking and his face became even darker.

He remembered that the second time he fought Ying Zigui, he was completely hung up.

Even if he’d taken it seriously, he hadn’t had a chance to fight back.

It did seem like there was nothing to worry about.

But Jiang Yan really couldn’t understand how a girl could explode with that much power.

He could even be sure that even if he used his inner strength, he was afraid that he was still no match for Ying Zigui.

“That what.” Jiang Yan couldn’t get the last word out, “Thank you Ying, Ying ……

“Keep it.” Ying Zidian pulled his sleeves up, faintly, “Call later.”

Jiang Yan: “……”


He didn’t actually want to call.

Off to the side, the youth understood what was going on.

“Young master, you’re really no good.” He shook his head, “It’s just a fight, and you brought your girlfriend.”

Jiang Yan glanced at the youth, not angry, but smiling instead, “You’d better think twice about what you’re saying, or you’ll lose it in a moment.”


Would he dare?

This was the father of their cla*s.

The kind of guy you had to be there for.

He didn’t have the guts to do that.

“You’re still talking tough at this point.” The youth laughed too, shaking his head, “It’s okay to substitute for a fight, but there are rules for substituting.”

He pointed to a yellowed piece of paper on the wall, “See, the replacement fight is six times the normal fight.”

Jiang Yan had set three people at that time, and if Ying Zidian substituted, he would have to fight eighteen people.

“Bullsh*t!” Jiang Yan was instantly furious, “Where did this broken rule come from? You did it on purpose.”

The youth shook his head and laughed, “Young master, you still don’t know the rules, so naive, what are you doing here?”

Black market boxing is supposed to be unreasonable, relying on fists.

Ying Zigui glanced at Jiang Yan who was blown up like a little lion.

Not only was he a silly kid, he was also a middle-aged teenager who hadn’t grown up.

“But seeing as your replacement fighter is your girlfriend, there’s no need for her to fight all at once.” The youth smiled, “One hit at a time will do.”

“No need.” Ying Zigui looked pale as he stepped into the boxing ring, “Come along, I’m still in a hurry.”


This one sentence made the entire boxing ring fall silent.

Jiang Yan was silent for a few seconds, pulling out his ears, in confirmation that he hadn’t heard wrong.

“Okay, have some guts.” After the youth froze, he beckoned and sneered, “Then let’s all go together, when the time comes, you mustn’t cry out in pain.”

Eighteen people walked up individually, and the girl stood in the middle of the boxing ring.

She was single and thin, as if she might be swept away by the wind at any moment.

And around her were eighteen adult males, each one muscular and tall and strong.

“Young master, you really have a big heart too.” The youth tsked and laughed, “In a moment, this little girlfriend of yours, she’ll see blood.”

Jiang Yan didn’t say anything, staring intently at the boxing ring, his heart also lost.

Eighteen people, could they really beat them?

This wasn’t an ordinary fight, it was fatal.

“Young master, there’s still a choice now.” The youth spoke again, laughing sarcastically, “Is it hard to say that one of your hands is not as good as her life–”

But the words were suddenly stuck in his throat.

Because in the ring, the girl moved.

She didn’t even look at the boxers surrounding her, she used her wrist to brace herself on the ground and suddenly leapt up.

Her knee snapped forward!


There was a clear sound of bones breaking, and the sternum of the man in front of her snapped in an instant, falling straight down.

Without giving the others any time to react, Ying Zigui slightly inclined his head and raised his hand to bend his elbow.


An elbow strike was thrown out, directly knocking down the man on the right.

And at the same time as the elbow strike, she once again snapped a knee, abruptly breaking the arm of another boxer.

The girl didn’t use much strength, but every movement was precise.

As if she knew what her opponent was going to do next, there was no avoiding it.

She was like a harsh blade, flowing between her enemies.

Every time she landed, it was a sweeping strike.

It was clearly a one-sided and inhumane beating.

Yet it was the ultimate beauty that one felt.

The kind of beauty that could decapitate a person’s heart.


The young man in charge of managing the black market boxing’s smile froze directly on his face.

He watched in disbelief as those individual boxers fell one after another, all dumbfounded.

Finally unable to hold down the fear inside him, he fled like mad out the door.

Rolling and crawling, he grabbed the phone and was calling, “Hey, something’s happened!”

Jiang Yan also looked completely dumbfounded: “……”

What kind of typing is this?

Jiang Yan had practiced since childhood and was not a wild card, and his vision was also very accurate.

Naturally, he could tell that Ying Zigui’s style didn’t belong to any of the current combat and fighting schools.

However, he also felt familiar.

Jiang Yan frowned in thought for a long time before he remembered that he had read about it in a book.

To be precise, every practitioner of ancient martial arts was bound to have read this book.

Because of this book, it was the origin of ancient martial arts in China.

It recorded the original form of ancient martial arts, as well as some moves that could bring out the power of an ancient martial artist without the use of internal energy.

After all, internal energy is like the so-called internal energy of those martial arts masters in TV dramas, which is consumed cleanly.

The origins of ancient martial arts have always been a mystery and have a short history of just under four hundred years.

It was in the 19th century that the ancient martial arts were at their greatest glory.

Unfortunately, it is now becoming more and more declining, and fewer and fewer people are suitable for practising ancient martial arts.

He also practised it forcibly, which is why the internal energy in his body was in a riot.

But if a true ancient martial artist had handed over teachings in person, this kind of thing would not have happened.

But in the ancient martial arts world, it was impossible to find one now.

Jiang Yan knocked his head.

He was truly demonic, actually linking their cla*s father to the origins of ancient martial arts.

Ancient martial artists lived even longer than the average person, and the people who created them were already buried beneath the ground.

Jiang Yan raised his head and then looked at the boxing ring.

But he didn’t even have time to look any closer.

All eighteen of those men had already collapsed onto the boxing ring, twitching incessantly.

There were even a few that had already pa*sed out.

Ying Ziji jumped off the stage and landed easily.

She walked over, picked up the milk tea that had been placed on the floor earlier and touched the cup.

Well, it was good, it was still hot.

No need for her to spend money on another cup.

After inserting the straw into the cup, Ying Ziji walked towards the outside.

She came quietly and left without saying a word.

“Wait!” Jiang Yan held on to his cane and jumped on one foot to follow, “Wait for me! Ying Dad!”

Just as he shouted out the title, he wanted to slap himself.

What an unforgiving mouth.

Ying Zidian stopped and glanced at him, “How did you get here and how did you get back?”

After saying that, she also ignored Jiang Yan and walked away.

Cold and heartless, as if it wasn’t the father who came to save his son.

Jiang Yan: “……”

He just had to drag his dumpling feet and hop outside the underground bazaar and hail a taxi.

By the time Jiang Yan re-entered the hospital, there was an extra person in the ward.

His throat tightened, “Mom, why are you here again?”

Jiang Ping put down the fashion magazine in her hand and smiled faintly, “To see how you died.”

Jiang Yan’s face darkened, “Mum!”

“It’s such a shame.” Jiang Ping sighed softly, “I could have been living with your father as a couple, how come there’s such a light bulb like you.”

Jiang Yan shut up.

He could be sure that his mother already knew about the black market boxing.

Not coming up and beating him up was already a temper-tightening act.

“Come here, stay in bed properly.” Jiang Ping lifted Jiang Yan’s ear with one hand and threw him directly onto the bed, “Don’t blame me if you run around blindly when you’re injured again!

Jiang Yan hissed, “Mum, be gentle, it hurts.”

“It hurts just right.” Jiang Ping let go of her hand and wrapped her arms around her, “Let you remember, if you can’t, Mum will chop your leg off for you personally.”

Jiang Yan took the quilt and covered his head, refusing to communicate with Ms Jiang.

“Remember to take your medicine.” Jiang Painting Ping walked out and closed the door behind her.

She wrinkled her brow and thought about it, but called the Imperial Capital side.


After she left the underground bazaar, Ying Ziji went to Shao Ren Hospital.

With a new doctor, more patients were coming to Shao Ren Hospital.

The daily income from the flow of water, too, was increasing, almost catching up with the First Hospital of Shanghai City.

“Miss Ying, thanks to you.” The dean was genuinely in awe of the girl in front of him, “The information you left behind has really benefited us a lot.”

The dean was also very open-minded in learning, and the more he learned, the more amazed he became.

It was unbelievable that such a young girl knew more about the art of medicine than even the older generation of them.

And, surprisingly, she didn’t hide it either, she just shared it straight away.

But think about it.

Miss Ying’s medical skills are really beyond their reach.

At least the golden needles can cross the acupuncture points, and they can’t learn it even if they have a tutorial.

Ying Zidian nodded: “If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me.”

“Good, thank you again, Miss Ying.” As the dean was about to say something else, there was a knock on the door.

There was a coughing sound, hollow and clear.

“Excuse me, is the divine doctor here?”

Ying Ziyi turned her head and looked towards the source of the voice.


Chapter 108

Through a door, but everything was seen.

Including the identity of the person outside the door.

The dean froze for a moment and subconsciously looked at the girl, “Miss Ying, do you want to ……”

Although Ying did not deliberately conceal her identity, externally, Shao Ren Hospital still kept it a secret.

After all, this was their boss, not an employee.

The fact that it might find its way to the dean’s office proved that the identity of the person who came was not simple either.

“It’s alright.” Ying Ziyi withdrew his eyes and tapped his fingers on the table, “Let him in.”

Having received the permission, the dean got up and went to open the door.

Surprisingly, there was a man who was wrapped up tightly outside the door.

It was April and he was wearing a mask and a hat, not showing any of his face.

The only eyes were a rare deep blue, as deep and wide as the sea.

But he was tall and erect, and even though he was covered up tightly, he could not hide his outstanding temperament.

He was a man of great elegance and depth.

The dean was stunned again: “May I ask who you are?”

The man took off his mask and revealed a face.

His features were three-dimensional and his eyebrows were deep.

A handsome face that was familiar to people, even the ones you see everywhere on the street.

“You you you’re that what’s-his-name movie star!” The dean stared at the man for half a day and suddenly became excited, “The name is Shang Yaozhi, right?”

Shang Yaozhi was stunned for a moment, then smiled and nodded, “So you know me too.”

He was post 95 and his active fans were all students, most of the older generation did not know him.

“I know, I know, of course I know.” The dean slapped his thigh happily, “My daughter has always liked you, she shouts to me at home every day and even pulls me along to give you a list.”

Shang Yaozhi smiled, not having the usual celebrity’s stance, very gentle, “Thanks for the love.”

“Emperor Shang, can can can ……” the dean fumbled for paper and pen and handed them over, “Can you sign my daughter’s name?”

It just so happened that in a few days, his daughter’s birthday was coming up.

If he got Shang Yaozhi’s autograph, the gift he gave this time would definitely be more than his wife.

His daughter would definitely like him more too.

Shang Yaozhi didn’t refuse and asked, “What’s your daughter’s name? I’ll write a special signature for her.”

The dean said a name beautifully.

Shang Yaozhi picked up the pen and was writing very carefully.

The writing was as good as his person, and his writing was very good looking.

After he finished writing, he handed the paper to the dean.

The dean carefully folded up the signature and received it in his pocket.

Very well, the work was done.

Shang Yaozhi clenched his fist to cover his lips and coughed again.

His face was a little pale, not as radiant as on the advertising screen, and a light look of exhaustion floated between his eyebrows.

“Emperor Shang, the miracle doctor you are looking for is Miss Ying.” The dean was quite worried, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Miss Ying?” Shang Yaozhi looked at the girl, surprised at how young she was.

But he didn’t ask anything, he just hesitated for a moment before speaking in a low voice, “Miss Ying, if it’s possible, I would like to ask you to-”

He hadn’t finished his sentence.

“There’s something wrong with your vocal cords.” Ying Ziji was twirling the pen in her hand, her voice slow and unhurried, “At first, you just couldn’t sing, but later, it was so serious that you couldn’t even say your lines.”

“So, you had to choose to take a break and put off all your business.”

Dean listened in confusion.

It wasn’t.

Even if there was such a thing as looking, smelling and asking questions in Chinese medicine, it wasn’t so bad that you could just look at it and know everything, right?

Shang Yaozhi’s expression gradually became more and more solemn, and after a long time, he let out a low sigh: “Miss Ying is really a divine doctor, everything is as you said.”

A month ago, his vocal cords suddenly broke down, causing him to be unable to sing.

The star’s trail was watched all the time, and the actress was able to break the news of her pregnancy with a trip to the hospital.

Naturally, he went quietly too.

However, the doctors at all the major hospitals, both in Shanghai and in the imperial capital, could not see the root cause of his illness and just prescribed him ordinary medicine for his voice.

But after he went back and took them, his vocal cords became worse and worse instead.

Ordinary speech was fine, but if he spoke lines in a film, the power was not enough.

This was certainly going to interrupt the star career for a movie star.

His agent is also very anxious and has contacted a doctor abroad for this, but it will just be a while before he can come.

The reason he is here is because Shang Yaozhi came to Shao Ren Hospital after hearing the recommendation of the doctor there at the First Hospital.

I really didn’t expect to run into the doctor by chance.

Ying nodded: “It’s not a big problem, but you shouldn’t take those pills.”

Shang Yaozhi coughed again and smiled bitterly: “I just didn’t expect it to be like this, Miss Ying can cure it?”

“Yes.” Ying Ziji took a piece of paper and wrote a prescription, “Go down and fetch the medicine, boil it yourself and drink it for seven days and then come back.”

The dean looked over and found that the prescription was written with ordinary herbs, nothing special.

He scratched his head and thought to himself, “I don’t think he’ll be a miracle doctor for the rest of his life.

Shang Yaozhi took it: “Thank you, Miss Ying.”

He didn’t have any doubt that he could see his condition at a glance.

Ying Ziyi didn’t keep him, she just nodded slightly, “Remember to pay when you’re well.”


Shang Yaozhi got out of the hospital and got into the nanny car.

The agent turned his head and asked with concern, “Yaozhi, how did it go?”

“It went well.” Shang Yaozhi coughed a few times, “One more month of rest, and it won’t affect it.”

“That divine?” The agent didn’t quite believe it, “I’ve accompanied you to how many hospitals, and they haven’t cured you.”

Shang Yaozhi laughed and didn’t say anything.

Seeing him like this, the broker understood: “It seems that this miracle doctor from Shao Ren Hospital is indeed powerful, we should thank him properly later.”

After a pause, his voice sank down, “Yaozhi, do you really not remember what you ate a month ago?”

Shang Yaozhi’s expression moved and he slowly shook his head, “A month ago, it happened to be the crew’s celebration feast, if you’re asking about the food, it was too much.”

“Besides, there was nothing going on with the others.”

“I know, that’s why this is troublesome.” The agent sighed, worried, “I really don’t know who’s causing you harm.”

With Shang Yaozhi’s current status in the entertainment industry, not to mention the 95 students, even if they looked at the 90 and 85 students, they were not as high as him.

A Golden Flower Award winner has firmly established his footing in the entertainment industry.

No one can shake it.

Who would have the guts to lay a hand on Shang Yao.

The agent frowned, “Who could it be ……”

Thinking through his head, he couldn’t think of one, he could only admonish, “Yaozhi, be careful these days, avoid contact with people in the circle for now.”

Shang Yaozhi nodded as he looked at the prescription and fell into deep thought.


Late at night.

Shanghai City, East.

Fu Yun Shen glanced at his abdomen and drew in a slight breath.

The mercenary squad had resolved itself quickly, but it had likewise attracted other hunters on the list.

Among them was the fourth on the Gun God List who was very close to the seventh on the Gun God List.

In order to protect the integrity of the herbs and not to reveal his identity, Fu Yunshen chose to take the shot hard.

It was probably because he hadn’t been hurt in a long time, but it really hurt.

Fu Yunshen raised his hand and pressed his brow to stay awake.

With a black bag in one hand, he walked past the wall, his eyes downcast.

It was two in the morning, out in the countryside, and there was no one there.

The blood was draining away and Fu Yunshen’s eyes were slightly disoriented for a few moments.

He sat down against the wall, ready to rest for a while.

When he looked up, he was stunned.

Fu Yunshen breathed slowly, his eyes becoming even more disoriented, and murmured softly, “I shouldn’t be dreaming either, how come I still see our little friend ……”

But in the next second, there was a force coming from his arm.

Above his head, a voice rang out.

“Get up, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

It was clear, the dream hadn’t been so real.

Fu Yunshen lifted his eyes, and the girl’s figure was reflected in his eyes.

She was looking down at him, her eyebrows knitted.

Half a minute later, Fu Yun Shen smiled, a helpless tone, “It’s really our little friend.”

He leaned against the wall, the blood from his abdomen penetrating the gauze and still flowing down.

Ying raised his hand and a silver needle pierced into an acupuncture point, stopping his bleeding, and said, “Get up and go to the hospital.”

Fu Yunshen gasped violently, obviously not lightly injured, but he was still smiling, gently: “Little friend, brother can’t go to the hospital.”

This kind of injury was already considered minor to him, it had already been bandaged anyway, so it would pa*s after a while.

If he went to the hospital, he would expose a lot of things and even invite death to those around him.

“Yaoyao, you let brother rest for a while.” Fu Yun Shen paused before he spoke out a complete sentence, “I am very capable of healing myself, don’t worry.”

As soon as the words were finished, his body suddenly stalled, and his slender back tensed up.

Around his waist, there was a cold touch.

Two words fell in his ear.

“Don’t move.”

The girl raised her hand and wrapped it around his waist, forcibly holding him down.