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Boss Lady Chapter 109-110

Chapter 109

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes twitched slightly and he was about to get up.

But the strength of that hand was surprisingly strong, not allowing him to move.

Ying Zigui raised her head and gave him a look, this time saying three words, “Don’t move.”

She lowered her head again, her other hand still holding the silver needle, the tip of which was pa*sing through several acupuncture points.

It was as if she was holding not a person, but a piece of embroidery.

“Little friend ……” Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows, his trailing voice hooked in laughter, “Is this a blatant attempt to take advantage of you?”

As soon as these words were said, another silver needle fell and pierced another of his acupuncture points.

The force of the hand was obviously stronger than just now.

Fu Yunshen gave a soft hiss and fell silent.

He kinda believed that if he said anything else, their little friend would probably send him away with a single needle.

The kind that didn’t show any mercy, and it was useless to look at his face.

As the seconds pa*sed, Fu Yunshen’s body went from tense to relaxed.

A few moments later, he dropped his eyes.

Both of them were sitting on the floor, but the height difference wasn’t much different than when they were standing.

The girl’s head only reached his chin, and as she applied the needles to him, the soft strands of her hair would occasionally brush against his face.

From this angle, Fu Yunshen could see her long, fluttering eyelashes and creamy skin.

It was almost transparent, with a faint glow that made it hard to look away.

Even through the two layers of clothing, there was a clear warmth coming from her.

The hand is very cold, and her fingertips are also cool.

Fu Yunshen’s hand moved, but finally lifted it and pulled her hair back behind her ear.

He coughed softly, swallowing the slight fishy sweetness that rose in his throat.

He had taken this shot on purpose.

He’d done it often before, all casually bandaged up, no big deal, he’d wake up after a few hours of unconsciousness.

Being alone, he was used to it.

This was the first time that someone would show up at this point in time and give him medical attention.

Fu Yunshen suddenly smiled.

After stopping the bleeding completely, Ying took out clean gauze again, took off the blood-stained gauze and rewrapped it around him.

She knew he would be here, but didn’t know why he was alone.

She could also sense how powerful he was, otherwise she wouldn’t have been in contact with him for so long and not been able to work out the depths of his information.

So that was what was so strange.

But Ying didn’t bother to ask after him, she didn’t care about that either.

Only after a few dozen seconds did she release him.

Her voice was cold and clear, and her voice was calm, without a hint of fluctuation: “It’s done.”

Fu Yunshen’s hand was propped up on the ground, ready to stand up on his own when he did.

The cold hand pressed his arm again and helped him up.

She used half of her body, holding him up.

Like she was supporting an elderly man in his old age.

Realising this, Fu Yunshen held onto the wall and straightened up, still looking lazy: “Little friend, your brother, me, is not so bad that I can’t even walk this far.”

He wasn’t lying either, his self-healing ability was indeed very strong, far exceeding that of ordinary people.

The wounds had already healed quite a lot since he had gone all the way from customs to now.

Counting the time, he would be able to fully recover by tomorrow, without even leaving a scar.

That’s why he chose to get injured.

Ying Ziji was silent for a moment, but she let him go.

Fu Yunshen didn’t ask her why she came back at this time, he coughed a few times and looked sideways: “Yoyo, you …… have nothing to say?”

“Hmm.” Ying Ziji looked at him and nodded, “Nice touch.”


Fu Yunshen was also used to her speaking in a very calm tone and raised his eyebrows, “Little friend, has anyone ever told you that a man’s waist and belly should not be touched?”

Hearing this, Ying yawned, sleepy, and replied perfunctorily, “If you touch it, you’ll become a beast?”


It was impossible to carry on this conversation.

Their little friend really wasn’t your average girl.

“Let’s go, little friend.” Fu Yun Shen rubbed her hair, “Thank you for today.”


Because the seventh on the Gun God list had died in Shanghai City for reasons still unknown, no hunters would set foot in this land, at least for a short time.

Everything was calm and quiet.

Ying Zidian didn’t let Fu Yunshen go back to his single flat, so he simply took him in once more.

Only the two of them came back too late, although they had both collected their scent so that their footsteps could not be heard at all.

But coincidentally, they just happened to run into Wen Huilan, who was up for the night.

Fu Yunshen’s breathing slowed, and before he could say anything to explain, he saw the teenager rubbing his eyes, and after a few seconds of pause, he went to the bathroom.

As he walked, Wen heard Lan murmured to himself, “Dreaming again ……”

Dreaming about the same people he didn’t want to dream about.

“Xiaolan just had a hypnosis session yesterday.” Ying sat on the sofa, “He’s recovered well during this time.”

Hypnosis, a treatment method, was actually very risky.

This was because during hypnosis, the psychologist would tap into things that the patient had suppressed in his subconscious.

For Wen Hailan, it was the time when his biological mother left with his own sister and the time when she returned when he was five.

Both times, it was hugely traumatic.

So one mistake and hypnosis would not only fail to alleviate the condition, but would have a greater backlash.

It can even cause the patient to have a nervous breakdown.

No psychotherapy would use hypnosis unless it was absolutely necessary.

Fu Yunshen was stunned, leaned back and smiled: “You can rest a*sured about Xue Sheng’s hypnosis, Yaoyao.”

After this sentence was said, there was no response for a long time.

Fu Yunshen turned his head sideways, only then did he realize that the girl had already fallen asleep.

She was quiet and well-behaved, and her whole body had softened.

It was as if he had struggled for a long time before Fu Yunshen made a move.

He stood up, bent down slightly, picked her up across his waist and placed her on the bed in the bedroom.

He stood quietly for a few more seconds before retreating.

“Good night, little friend.”


Word of Jiang Yan’s injury soon spread throughout Qing Zhi Yi.

Many of the boys gloated, saying that he had finally gotten his comeuppance.

But the girls were anxious, and having found out about the hospital where Jiang Yan was, they went to visit as soon as school was out, carrying fruit baskets and snacks.

“Get out, get out, let them all out.” Jiang Yan took the quilt and covered her head again, the whole person was cranky, “I don’t want to see anyone.”

If they saw her dumpling feet, where would his school bully’s face be?

“Don’t be so mean to girls.” Jiang Ping knocked his head and was quite happy, “I didn’t expect my son to be so popular, he has the style of my younger days.”

Jiang Yan: “…… Mom, can you stop being so narcissistic?”

Jiang Ping ignored him and went out to talk to the female students.

Jiang Yan scratched his hair, “Where’s Ying Dad?”

“Oh.” Xiu Yu peeled an apple, “Ying Dad has something to do, you’re not a child anymore, what, you need dad to coax you? ”

“What are you talking about?” Jiang Yan’s face darkened, “I just want to give her a thank you.”

“Wait until your feet are well before you say thank you.” Xiu Yu finished peeling the apple and took a bite.

Jiang Yan was stunned and hesitated, “No, you didn’t peel this apple for me?”

“But put you can, why is it peeled for you?” Xiu Yu gave him a strange look, “Because you have a big face?”


Jiang Yan snorted coldly and took an apple for himself, “Has the person who delivered the shoes been found yet?”

If he knew which dog scum had shaded him like that, he would hammer the dog scum’s head off.

“There’s a clue.” Xiu Yu said, “We should find him in a few days.”

Jiang Yan hmmed and asked again, “Where did Ying Dad go?”

Xiu Yu thought for a moment, “It seems like something happened to the Zhong family.”


The Zhong family’s old mansion.

In the past, only Master Zhong, Madam Zhong and Zhong Zhiyan lived in the old mansion, the other houses had all moved out long ago.

It was only because Zhong Zhiyan’s father worked away all year round and did not come back much, so Elder Zhong let them live in the old mansion.

But today, there were quite a few unexpected guests.

Among them was Zhong Tianyun, who had always been under the care of Elder Zhong.

Zhong Tianyun was the only son of Elder Zhong’s second brother and was fifty years old this year.

However, Master Zhong’s second brother was not in good health and had pa*sed away early, so Master Zhong had always taken good care of Zhong Tianyun.

Zhong Tianyun sat on the sofa, acting like a master.

He straightened his tie: “Uncle, I wonder how your health has been lately?”

Elder Zhong looked at Zhong Tianyun, who was leading the shareholders of Zhong Group, and was cold: “Say what you have to say, old man hates your kind of beating around the bush.”

“Good, since uncle wants me to speak straight, then I will speak straight.” Zhong Tianyun smiled, his eyes sharpened a few points, “Uncle, you have been in charge of the Emerald Fast, but you have lost the treasure of the town.”

“With the Zhong Group’s stock falling and the buyers wanting to cut off their cooperation with us, do you think, uncle, that you are still qualified to be this chairman?”

The Jade Fast was an industry of the Zhong family, selling jade carvings and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in annual flowing revenue.

But just a few days ago, the treasure of the Zhai suddenly disappeared, and the shop’s surveillance did not even capture a single figure.

What’s even more unfortunate is that they had finalised an order with a multinational company abroad just a few days ago, and the order was for the Zhen Zhai’s treasure.

This has set the Zhong Group back considerably, and the stock has been falling today.

If they could not give the seller an explanation, they would take a shot at the Zhong Group.

But the Zhong Group, is not owned by Elder Zhong alone.

After saying that, Zhong Tianyun gave a wink to the few bodyguards behind him and coldly: “Now take the old man away and give them the word that this is our account.”


Chapter 110

When these words came out, even the few shareholders who had come with them changed their faces.

Not to mention Madam Zhong and Zhong Zhiyan, who were not even qualified to speak.

Although Zhong Zhiyan was first in her soph*more year, she had never come into contact with the family business, nor did she have any talent for business.

Mrs. Zhong is a full-time wife who has been married into the Zhong family for years and is responsible for serving Master Zhong in the old mansion.

Not to mention being unable to intervene, she did not even know about the stock turmoil of the Zhong Group today.

Nowadays, the situation of the four powerful families in Shanghai is the most special for the Zhong family.

The Zhong family is the only one left, and Master Zhong is still in charge.

In the Ying and Jiang families, the two old masters have both pa*sed away and the group is in the hands of the next generation.

As for the Fu family, the first of the four powerful families, although Master Fu is still alive and well, because his health is so poor, apart from his shares, the company has also been taken over by Fu Mingcheng’s generation.

But the Zhong family is a different story.

The older Master Zhong gets, the better his health gets, and the more energetic he becomes.

Especially in the last month, he has been able to carry a bucket of water up ten flights of stairs without panting, and he is even stronger than the average youngster.

A few years earlier, someone in the Zhong family had already been unable to sit still.

But Master Zhong has 54% of the shares of the Zhong Group in his hands, and he has the final say in all matters.

These people had no choice but to hope that the old man would die.

After a few years of waiting, they were even more anxious as they could not expect the end.

Zhong Tianyun was the one who couldn’t wait any longer. He had received care from Master Zhong, but he was not willing to do so.

If his father hadn’t died early, it’s possible that the Zhong Group would be in charge today.

Not to mention the fact that his father had died to save Master Zhong.

If Master Zhong really felt guilty, he should have been allowed to inherit the Zhong Group.

But Zhong Tianyun had waited for more than ten years, but had not waited for Master Zhong to have this intention.

During this period of time, he had also been trying to uncover Elder Zhong’s mistakes.

Originally, the last Weibo incident, when Elder Zhong used the official number of the Zhong Group to speak out for an adopted daughter, was originally a taboo.

It was just that Zhong Tianyun did not expect that the end result would be a good one.

Moreover, the Zhong Group has won the goodwill of many pa*sers-by and its stock has risen a lot because of that voice of Elder Zhong.

Zhong Tianyun waited left and right, and finally waited for this opportunity.

The Treasure of the Emerald Fast was lost.

The Zhong Group was facing huge losses, and Elder Zhong could not escape the blame.

He could completely use this to force Elder Zhong to step down and get his shares again, and by then, the Zhong Group would have to change hands.

“Tianyun, so done.” A shareholder frowned and spoke up, “Shouldn’t we find the whereabouts of the Zhen Zhai’s treasure first?”

The Treasure of the Town Fast of the Emerald Fast was the work of a master carver fifty years ago and had been kept by the Zhong family until now.

The master carver had carved the eighty-eight Buddhas out of half a man’s height of jadeite, a technique so exquisite that it was eventually named the ‘Ten Directions’.

The jadeite jade alone is worth tens of millions of dollars.

Not to mention the finished piece, which was carefully carved by the master carver and sold for half a billion dollars.

This price is so high that the average person would not buy it if he or she did not have a rich family and was obsessed with carving.

So for so many years, it has also been kept in the Jadeite Zhai, under strict protection.

After so many years, the Ten Directions boundary had always been fine, and no one had expected that it would actually be lost one day.

“Mr. Shi, finding the Tenfold Realm is a top priority, but Mr. Eugene has already arrived in Shanghai City.” Zhong Tianyun was not moved, “The list can have been signed, an explanation must be given first.”

Saying that, he looked at the cold looking Elder Zhong and smiled again, “Besides, the Elder is the only one in the Zhong Group who has any weight, right?”

Hearing these words, Shi Shareholder did not speak up again either.

The one who had bought the Ten Square Realm this time was a multinational company from o continent, which also had industries in the country of China.

The Zhong Group was still not ranked in the top ten within China, so how could it possibly compete with a multinational company?

It was only when Elder Zhong went and sat on the guarantee that he was able to keep the other party from going after Zhong’s group, and they had time to find out what happened to the Ten Directions Realm.

“There’s nothing more to say.” Zhong Tianyun swept a glance at Madam Zhong and Zhong Zhiyan’s mother and daughter duo, quite contemptuously, “Old Master, several of your sons are also absent, no matter what, you have to come with us today.”

These bodyguards were specially brought by Zhong Tianyun and were extremely skilled.

It was easy to deal with a young man, let alone an old man.

Zhong Zhiyan had never seen such a battle before and immediately panicked: “Grandpa ……”

“Evening, don’t be impulsive.” Mrs. Zhong held her daughter down and whispered, “Your grandfather is still the chairman of the Zhong Group, there’s no way they can do anything.”

Besides, what could they do even if they went up there?

The worse outcome would be to get arrested together.

Zhong Tianyun didn’t care about the mother and daughter either, he waved his hand impatiently, “Take them away, and whoever stops them, take them away as well.”

Zhong Zhiyan covered her mouth with both hands, not even daring to cry out.

Zhong’s housekeeper was also desperate, but he was also controlled by two bodyguards and could not even call for help.

Just as Zhong’s housekeeper was about to watch the bodyguards arrest Master Zhong, he only heard a cold, clear voice fall from outside the door.

It seemed like a pearl and jade breaking on the ground.

It was also like the wind blowing on the surface of a lake, steeply condensing a layer of cold ice.

“You can try.”

The girl pushed her way in from outside, dressed in a simple sweatshirt and trousers, with a baseball cap on her head to protect her from the sun.

She was against the light, her eyebrows hidden in the glow, hazy and not quite real.

Zhong Zhiyan looked up and froze.

It was the weekend, and Master Zhong hadn’t called, so why had Ying Ziyi come of her own accord?

When he saw the girl, Master Zhong’s face finally changed and he became anxious: “D**key, why are you here at this time? Grandpa is busy here, you can come back another day.”

He had lived long enough, he could not involve the younger generation in this.

Zhong Tianyun already has bad intentions, who knows what else he might do?

She nodded her head and smiled lightly, “Grandfather.”

“Who are you?” Zhong Tianyun frowned, displeased, “Since when is there such a person in the Zhong family?”

At least with this face, it was impossible to forget after seeing it once.

“She’s not from our Zhong family, she’s the adopted daughter of the Win family.” Madam Zhong also spoke up, coldly, “Tianyun, the old man is still your elder no matter what, for you to do this is a treasonous act.”

“So this is the adopted daughter?” Zhong Tianyun ignored the second half of Madam Zhong’s sentence and laughed scornfully at her words, “I thought it was something, old master, you are really confused.”

Master Zhong roared, “Zhong Tianyun, shut your rotten mouth!”

When Zhong Zhiyan saw that at this moment in time, Master Zhong was still defending Ying Zigui, her heart felt uncomfortable.

She pinched her palm and said indifferently, “Cousin, I know you’re doing it for grandpa’s sake, but you can’t do anything to help, so can you please stop causing trouble?”

Even Old Master Zhong was at his wits’ end, what could Ying Ziji do?

“Yo, old man, this granddaughter of yours is also interesting.” Zhong Tianyun tsked, “Even an adopted daughter knows to stop me, but this granddaughter of yours isn’t just sitting there, she’s also talking about her own cousin.”

“I’m an outsider, I can’t even look at this, is this the family upbringing of your family, old master?”

Zhong Zhiyan’s face instantly turned red, watery mist surfaced in her eyes, and her body trembled.

She could not even lift her head up, nor did she dare to look at Master Zhong.

Ying Ziji didn’t say anything as she rolled up her sleeves.

“What are you doing?” Zhong Tianyun shook his head, “You don’t really think it’s just you, a little girl, who can ……”

The words that followed were all blocked in her throat by a scream of misery, not a word could pop out.

Ying Ziji’s foot was still stepping on a bodyguard’s arm, smiling sideways, seemingly smiling, very light and cool: “Hm? Can what?”

Master Zhong was shocked: “……”

His goodness, his granddaughter is so powerful?

How could he not have seen it?

Master Zhong rubbed his eyes, profoundly wondering if his presbyopia had gotten worse again and he hadn’t even seen how the bodyguards had fallen down.

Zhong Zhiyan’s eyes were wide with disbelief.

Madam Zhong also didn’t expect that Ying Ziyang had taken care of these seven or eight bodyguards so easily.

It was just a matter of seconds.

This ……

“Very good, very good, no wonder so bold, it turns out to be a bit of a reach.” After Zhong Tianyun was stunned, he was extremely angry, “You think, that’s enough to stop me?”

Ying Ziyun was indifferent, not even looking away.

She kicked the bodyguard on the ground and turned her head, looking out the door.