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Boss Lady Chapter 111-112

Chapter 111

“Trespa*sing and illegal kidnapping, take him away.”

A light sentence, but a cold one.

It sent chills throughout one’s body.

Elder Zhong froze and looked over as well.

Only then did he realise that Ying Ziyi had not come alone.

Outside the door, there were two young men in uniform.

The uniforms made Elder Zhong feel familiar, but for a moment he couldn’t remember where he had seen them before.

And after hearing this, the two uniformed young men crossed the door and directly restrained Zhong Tianyun’s shoulders, instantly controlling him.

Zhong Tianyun panicked and struggled desperately, “What are you doing? Let go! Let go of me! You are breaking the law, do you know that?”

The two uniformed young men did not ignore him, but looked at the girl, obviously waiting for her instructions.

“Thank you both for your hard work.” Ying did not look at the panic-stricken Zhong Tianyun either, indifferently, “Take it away.”

“Let go! Let go!” When he was carried out of the old Zhong family house, Zhong Tianyun was still shouting angrily, “Who are you people? I’m going to sue you! Let go of me!”

After Zhong Tianyun was dragged away, Ying lifted his legs and kicked all those bodyguards out of the door, one by one.

Then he turned his head and looked at the few shareholders who had followed Zhong Tianyun.

Fearing that they too would be kicked out, the few shareholders didn’t dare to say a word and left in a hurry.

Master Zhong silently picked up the old-fashioned gla*ses on the table and put them on himself.

He thought to himself that he would have to get a new pair of lenses, he was too useless and kept missing his granddaughter’s beautiful hands.

Zhong Zhiyan was still in a daze and did not come back to his senses for a long time.

On this side, Zhong Butler, who had escaped the control of the bodyguards, came over.

In the next instant, he actually knelt straight down to the girl, his voice choked with sobs, “Cousin Miss, thank you so much, without you, it would really, really be ……”

If Master Zhong had really been taken away by Zhong Tianyun, even if his life was still alive, half of it would have to go.

This kind of thing was really too common among the powerful families fighting for power.

Butler Zhong had grown up with Master Zhong and had once been saved by him, not as brothers but as close as brothers.

But under the circumstances just now, he could do nothing, and if he were to exchange himself for Elder Zhong, Zhong Tianyun would not do it either.

“Grandpa Steward, you get up.” Ying bent down and held him up, saying softly, “It’s all right, it’s all in the past.”

Naturally she couldn’t observe the future all the time, but there were important things happening to those around her that she would sense.

The loss of the Jadeite Zhai’s town treasure, the Tenfold Realm, was seventeen days ago, just beyond the range of her ability to see the past.

But it was only five days ago that the manager of the Emerald Fast discovered it.

It was only because the Ten Square Realm had been kept in a separate, sealed room with several layers of protection, and would not be taken out for display except on major days.

After signing the order with that multinational company, he only checked it out once and didn’t look at it again.

After all, it had been fifty years, and all the Ten Directions boundary had been kept intact, and the protection system was of the moment made advanced.

Who would have thought it could still be lost?

Butler Zhong stood up trembling, his voice still choked, “Miss Cousin, if you have any orders in the future, I will definitely do whatever I have to do, even if I have to risk my life!”

Zhong Zhiyan was shocked to hear this.

Butler Zhong was responsible for the management of the Zhong family’s old residence, but in reality, he was only loyal to Master Zhong.

Such words hadn’t even been said to her father.

“There will be no such thing.” Ying shook her head slightly, “It’s my turn to protect you.”

She paused, “Grandfather, I have something to say to you.”

Elder Zhong nodded and glanced faintly over to Zhong Zhiyan’s side.

There was no emotion whatsoever.

But the meaning was clear.

Mrs. Zhong and Zhong Zhiyan’s hearts instantly went cold.

This was clearly the start of centrifugalism.

Zhong’s housekeeper, a seventy-year-old man, had even gone forward to stop them, while they had done nothing.

It was hard for Zhong Zhiyan.

She didn’t want to, but she couldn’t help it, she couldn’t beat those bodyguards.

Mrs. Zhong forced a smile and did not dare to say anything else as she led Zhong Zhiyan away.

Her figure was quite a mess.

Butler Zhong touched his balding head, “Old master, you and cousin miss talk, I’ll go to the kitchen to prepare something to drink for you.”

After he left, in the living room, only the grandfather and grandson were left.

It was only then that Master Zhong had time to ask tentatively, “D**key, the two young men you brought with you are?”

He saw that the two young men were quite handsome and spirited.

Maybe they could even develop?

Better than that brat from the Fu family anyway, the faces were too good looking to be a curse.

“The One Word team.” Ying Ziji slowly stretched and yawned, “Willing to bet, just lend it to me.”

Elder Zhong froze, suddenly remembering, and exclaimed, “The one from the empire?”

Ying Zidian hmmed and plucked a grape from the fruit plate on the table.

Answering so affirmatively, it made Elder Zhong crack up straight away.

In fact, apart from the big and small gentry in the imperial capital, the gentry circles in other cities were also under the control of the One Word Team.

But the One Word Team is so mysterious that even people in the gentry, as long as they are not in power, have never heard of it.

But all those who can enter the One Word Team are definitely the best of the young generation in the imperial capital.

And, the One Word Team also has a very unusual connection with the General Bureau of International Investigation ibi.

His granddaughter, actually able to borrow all the people of the One Word Team?

Master Zhong pinched his thigh so hard that he grimaced in pain, then made sure he wasn’t dreaming.

But after the shock, he looked serious, very serious: “D**key, don’t tell the Ying family about this.”

He had seen what the Ying family was like these days.

After Old Master Ying’s death, the Ying family only recognises profit, not people.

In the eyes of the Ying family, blood and kinship meant nothing.

“Grandfather, don’t worry.” Ying Zidian rea*sured him, “I have a plan.”

“It’s good to have a number, just in case.” Elder Zhong was relieved, he mused and frowned, “But this matter of the Ten Directions Realm being lost is indeed difficult.”

If the order hadn’t been signed, there was still room to back out.

What was killing them was that they had already signed the order with the multinational company, and tomorrow was the time for delivery.

But up to now, the ten-party sector was nowhere to be found.

“Ziggy, this matter, you should not worry about it.” Elder Zhong sighed, “This is Zhong’s group’s trouble, and it has nothing to do with you, you are not well, you deserve to rest more.”

Ying Ziyi pondered, “Grandpa, are you going to hold a shareholders’ meeting?”

“Not bad.” Elder Zhong looked cold and sullen, “Zhong Tianyun is just one of them, he’s impatient and didn’t hold back, there are not a few like him in Zhong’s group.”

There were certainly many others who were ready to take advantage of this opportunity to seize power.

Zhong Tianyun was also too stupid, thinking that by keeping Elder Zhong under control, he would be able to get the Zhong Group.

Little did he know that instead, he would be used by others who were fighting for power.

“I don’t have anywhere to play today.” Ying Zigui thought for a moment, “Would Grandpa mind taking me along?”


Three o’clock in the afternoon.

Zhong’s Group.

In the meeting room, all the shareholders were already seated, including the ones who had followed Zhong Tianyun to the Zhong family earlier.

The shareholders who didn’t know about the loss of the Tenfold Realm at first had all changed their faces now that they knew about it.

“Wasn’t the Ten Directions Realm protected by the most advanced protection system? Why would it be lost?”

“That’s not important, what’s important is, how come we’re only being told now?”

“This is great, Mr. Eugene is coming to the company tomorrow to inspect the goods, what will we give him to inspect the goods when the Ten Square Realm is lost?”

Elder Zhong coughed, without anger, “Quiet!”

The voices all stopped.

One of the shareholders had an ugly look on his face, “Zhong Dong, may I ask if there is any information on the whereabouts of the Ten Directions Realm?”

“Someone has already been sent to find it.” Elder Zhong said indifferently, “I’ve called you all here at this time to discuss tomorrow’s matter.”

Within a short period of time, the Ten Directions Realm would definitely not be found, and there had to be a way to delay it, and also ensure that the Zhong Group’s foundation was not shaken.

Hearing this, the shareholders looked at each other and all fell silent.

After a long time, a shareholder said, “How about, like the other three families asking for help?”

Immediately, a voice retorted, “Joke, it would be good if they didn’t interfere, how would they help?”

Between the four big giants, there is also a lot of competition.

That was why they used marriage to stabilise the relationship, but it was only temporary.

At this point, a middle-aged shareholder spoke up with a frown, “Uncle Zhong, it’s not that I’m speaking straight, how can outsiders listen to a meeting of this level?”

He looked at the girl standing next to Elder Zhong with displeasure, “It’s not like she can understand, what else can she do but add to the mess here?”

Would it be possible to find the Tenfold Realm, or would it be carving?


Chapter 112

If you can’t even do that, why are you here?

The middle-aged shareholder’s brow furrowed even deeper.

As some people had said, Master Zhong was in good health, but his mind was confused.

Even Zhong Zhiyan, the eldest daughter of the Zhong family, was not qualified to attend the senior shareholders’ meeting, so how could he allow an outsider to come?

The middle-aged shareholder spoke again, “Uncle Zhong, the most important thing for us to do now is to find the Tenfold Realm, or to invite another master carver.”

The latter half of the sentence, however, was just a casual remark he made.

Fifty years ago that master carver was an ancestral skill that enabled him to carve the eighty-eight Buddhas on a half-man-high jadeite stone.

But now that this master carver was no longer with us, only the older generation of artists remained at the pinnacle of carving.

But with their physical strength, it is simply impossible for them to carve another one of the Ten Directions.

Not to mention that the original stone was also a top quality jadeite, and it would be impossible to find an identical one.

It was even more difficult than finding the Ten Square Realm.

“That’s quite a coincidence.” Elder Zhong snorted coldly and was not nice, “This granddaughter of yours, Uncle Zhong, can do both of the things you mentioned.”

His granddaughter was the best, and he wouldn’t accept a rebuttal.

Ying Ziji looked at the proud-looking Master Zhong and was slightly silent for a moment.

She, it seemed, hadn’t told Master Zhong that she could carve this thing.

All of them could do it?

When those words came out, the shareholders all looked at each other.

They were not blind, how could they not see that Ying was just a high school student who was not yet an adult?

Who could be so good as a high school student to do something that so many of them were unable to do?

Isn’t that a joke?

When the middle-aged shareholder heard this, he pondered.

Although Master Zhong was sometimes quite out of tune, he would never make fun of the Zhong Group.

Could it be that there was something special about this little girl that the Ying family had adopted?

Thinking of this, the middle-aged shareholder looked at the girl carefully again.


Not to mention, she was really good-looking.

He had never seen a better-looking little girl.

The middle-aged shareholder became discontented with the Ying family.

The Fu family and the Jiang family are no big deal, but he remembers that Master Zhong’s daughter is now the head mother of the Ying family.

He remembered that the Zhong family’s daughter was now the head mother of the Ying family, but he didn’t react at all to such a big incident.

It wasn’t as thoughtful as someone else’s little girl.

“Since Uncle Zhong has said so, then I’ll also apologise for my earlier words to.” The middle-aged shareholder squared his shoulders, “I wonder what solution Uncle Zhong has come up with?”

Although there were a few shareholders and people from several other houses in the Zhong family who had ill intentions, the majority of the Zhong Group was still bent towards Elder Zhong.

Nothing else, simply because without Elder Zhong, there would not be the Zhong Group today.

“The Tenfold Realm has been lost for so long, yet none of the ones running the Emerald Fast have noticed.” Elder Zhong glanced at the Emerald Zhai manager standing next to him, “This is a dereliction of duty!”

“With immediate effect, the Group Centre will take over the Emerald Fast directly, and all the management of the Emerald Fast will step down.”

The manager of Jadeite Zhai had a hard time saying, “Zhong Dong, I this ……”

Even the surveillance video did not leave any traces, what could he do?

“However, this also proves how cunning the person who stole it is.” Elder Zhong’s voice was deep, “This is not just targeting the Jadeite Zhai, but the entire Zhong Group.”

Stealing the Tenfold Realm from the gods unnoticed, the other party was not a small one.

The shareholders’ hearts flinched.

Ying Ziji’s eyelashes lowered as he pondered.

“What we can do now is to stall for time first.” Elder Zhong made his decision, “Set up a meeting with the mk group tomorrow first.”

The dk Group, that was the multinational company.

It was said that the group’s ceo was a jade lover before he chose to purchase the Ten Square Realm as a collection.

When the order was signed, dk Group had already paid a deposit of 200 million in advance, just waiting for the delivery tomorrow.

“Uncle Zhong, leave this matter to me.” The middle-aged shareholder immediately got up, “I’ll go and contact Mr. Eugene now.”


At this time, the Ying family’s old mansion.

After answering the phone, the housekeeper walked over to the sofa and lowered his voice, “Miss Lu Wei, something has happened to the Zhong family.”

“The Zhong family?” Ying Lu Wei was looking at her skincare products online, she looked up at the sound of her voice and froze, “What’s wrong with the Zhong family?”

“Not particularly clear.” The housekeeper shook his head, “But I heard that it had messed with a multinational company on o continent, and it’s likely to affect the Zhong Group’s foundation.”

“Just today, Zhong’s Group’s stock has been falling.”

Ying Lu Wei glanced at the first floor and also lowered her voice, “Is it the Zhong family’s side that’s calling?”

“Yes.” The housekeeper said, “But it’s not from the top, but it looks like he wants to ask the Ying family for help.”

“Help?” Ying Lu Wei put down her phone and smiled sarcastically, “The Zhong family has caused a big problem and they want to drag the Ying family down with them, how can they do such a good thing?”

The housekeeper understood, “Does Miss Lu Wei mean to stand by and do nothing?”

“Naturally, there’s nothing to gain, so why should I care?” Ying Luwei was quite contemptuous, “Also, there’s no need to tell sister-in-law about this matter.”

She lifted her teacup, took a sip of tea and smiled, “Sister-in-law has been quite tired lately, there’s no need to worry her.”

The Zhong family had nothing to do with her in any way, and she also quite hated Old Master Zhong.

She doesn’t like anyone who is nice to Ying Zidian.

The Zhong family wouldn’t fall, after all, it was a hundred-year old family with a thick base.

But she would be happy to see if there would be a new person in charge.

As far as the housekeeper was concerned, Ying Luwei, whose surname was Ying, was one of the principals of the Winning Family.

Since she had said so, there was no need for further discussion.

The housekeeper retreated: “I’ll go and rebuff the Zhong family.”


The other side of the ocean.

It was still the same basement.

A certain hacker felt that he had really had a bad year recently, he hadn’t had a good rest.

One moment he was called by this, the next by that.

They were all working together to bully him.

What else could he say?

A perfect match!

“Young master, young master, I’m checking it out.” A certain hacker was eating his noodles with one hand and tapping quickly on the keyboard with the other, “Ugh, I’m convinced, no, you’re saying that a place that keeps the treasures of the town has no cameras at the very inside?”

If that hadn’t happened, this master wouldn’t have left his computer untouched and he wouldn’t have had to work so hard.

“There’s no need to check the footage.” Fu Yunshen leaned against the wall, holding the phone, indifferent, “Check the person directly.”

Hearing this, a certain hacker froze, somewhat unbelievable: “You mean …… can’t be, they are stealing things to the mainland here?”

“Except for them, there is no second possibility.” Fu Yunshen lazily, “You as soon as possible, check it out before tomorrow night.”

“Okay, okay, okay, I’m really scared of you.” A certain hacker was deeply tired, “Not much else to say, remember to send me ten boxes of each of the new bubble noodles from the mainland.”

Fu Yunshen hung up the phone and raised his eyebrows.

If you can eat noodles so well, why are you still so active?

Junk food, not good for your health.

He had just put the phone down when the old-fashioned big brother on the table rang again.

There it was wailing, almost tearing its heart out, “Brother, are you alright, why did we buy shares in Zhong Group? The money!”

“Well, probably because -” Fu Yunshen lifted his eyelashes, his lips curled, idly, “there’s more money.”



The following day.

“Uncle Zhong, I’m whispering to you, definitely see the ghost.” The middle-aged shareholder whispered, “It’s amazing that our stock has come back up, and higher than before.”

“That’s not true.” Elder Zhong snorted coldly, “See you ugly ghost.”

Middle-aged shareholder: “……”

No, didn’t he just say something about that little girl because he wasn’t clear about the facts, Master Zhong is too vindictive, isn’t he?

Master Zhong was happy: “I’ve already said that my granddaughter is a lucky star, you know nothing about it.”

The middle-aged shareholder shut up completely as he led Master Zhong and several other heavyweight shareholders to the parlour.

The room was already occupied.

Take the book a blonde foreigner, in his early forties, with a pair of gla*ses.

“Uncle Zhong, this is Mr. Eugene.” The middle-aged shareholder introduced, “Mr. Eugene, this is the chairman of our Zhong Group.”

Eugene rose and extended his hand, politely, still speaking Chinese, “I’ve heard a lot about Zhong Dong, but I only got to meet him today.”

“There are no more polite words, the current situation, as you know, Mr. Eugene.” Elder Zhong got straight to the point, “Please give us some time from your company, the Ten Square Realm will definitely be delivered.”

At that, Eugene smiled, “Before coming here, our boss already knew that Zhong Dong said so, but this is Zhong’s group’s fault, there is no reason why our dk group should bear the loss for you.”

This was about to make a condition.

Elder Zhong’s gaze sank, “Mr. Eugene, please speak.”

“We can give you time.” Eugene took out a document, “But if within five days, you are still unable to find the Ten Directions Realm, you will have to pledge the Jadeite Zhai as collateral.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, all the shareholders changed their faces.

Just as the Imperial Fragrance House was the lifeblood of the Fu Group, the Emerald Fasting was also the foundation of the Zhong Group.

If the Emerald Fast was lost, the Zhong Group would be greatly damaged.

Elder Zhong did not even think about it and flatly refused, “This is impossible!”

There was absolutely no way he would hand over the Emerald Fast.

“That’s a great pity.” Eugene shook his head, “Since the Zhong Group is so insincere, then we can only turn the other cheek and be merciless.”

“The 200 million deposit dk don’t want either, after all, it won’t be long before the Zhong Group falls.”

A tenth of a threat.

Elder Zhong was so angry that his chest rose and fell violently and his hands shook.

The other shareholders also looked ugly to the extreme.

Eugene smiled and sighed, “It seems ……”

“Good.” A voice came from outside the door, “The bet, we sign.”