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Boss Lady Chapter 13-14

Chapter 13

“Mom just trusts you too much to know that you will only condescend to yourself.” Old Lady Ying’s eyes were cloudy, but her eyesight was sharp to the core, “I wonder who it was that took a bath in …… the room she knew was booked by her own little aunt.”

“No shame!”

Zhong Manhua’s face changed again.

No matter what, the matter of Ying Ziyi seducing Jiang Mo Yuan was a fact.

It was more than a month ago, on the 17th of January, not long after Qingzhi High School had closed for the holidays.

As the year was coming to an end, Ying Zhending was busy managing his company and Zhong Manhua was sending the eldest daughter of the Ying family to O Chau for a half-year exchange programme.

This is an opportunity that is hard to come by and there is no room for error.

There is no need to think about who is more important, the eldest or the second youngest.

She wanted to send Ying Zidian to the Zhong family, but they were reluctant to do so.

Luckily, Ying Luwei offered to look after her, so Zhong Manhua was relieved to stay in O Chau for a few more days, but before she could return, news came that the Ying family’s adopted daughter had shamelessly seduced her little aunt.

She immediately changed her ticket and flew back to Shanghai to find out what had happened.

It was a well-known fact in Shanghai that Jiang Mo Yuan used to work in the Queen Centre Hotel.

But this her own daughter, how dare she take a bath in there!

What else could it be, if not to seduce Jiang Moyuan?

Luckily, Jiang Moyuan didn’t publicise the incident because he was concerned about Ying Luwei’s face, but he also unceremoniously went to the door of the Ying family and told them to teach them a good lesson.

So even though the matter was suppressed, rumours still spread.

In those few days, Zhong Manhua would be mocked secretly and explicitly when she met other gentry on the road.

She had really had enough!

Zhong Manhua held back her anger: “Don’t come over here and apologise!”

“Sister-in-law ……” Ying Luwei saw that she couldn’t be persuaded, so she had to look at the girl, “Little sister, I know it’s not your fault, come over and coax sister-in-law, anger hurts your body.”

Ying stood with her long legs slightly bent against the door, her eyes lifted at these words, “Am I the one who is blind?”

“D**key, how can you be blind, you are fine ……” Before she could finish her sentence, Ying Luwei suddenly reacted, she was shocked, “D**key, how can you say that, if it wasn’t for Mo Yuan, we wouldn’t have found you. ”

She frowned, obviously a little displeased.

Jiang Moyuan was the one that all the famous women in Shanghai wanted to marry, so how could she be blind?

Wasn’t that scolding her into it?

Ying Lu Wei pursed her lips and lowered her head in a sad manner.

She laughed in anger, “You are really from the county, you are so vulgar, you can say all sorts of nonsense!”

The servants naturally heard all the commotion.

They looked over curiously, looking at the girl with a look of contempt.

Zhong Manhua’s fingers were trembling, she had never been so embarra*sed before.

Moreover, this embarra*sment was brought to her by her own daughter, who had given birth to her child, just to bully her?

As soon as she thought of this, Zhong Manhua’s blood flowed upwards and her head filled with blood, and her head exploded.

She finally couldn’t stand it any longer and stepped forward quickly, just as she was about to raise another slap…

In the silence of the living room, the soft voice of a woman suddenly rang out.

“Little D**key, go wait for me in room 1801 of the queen hotel, I have prepared items for your bath and new clothes inside, after you have finished your bath, make a trip to the Bund with your little aunt, okay?”


Zhong Manhua froze, her palm stopped in the air in time, “Lu Wei?”

Old Lady Ying was also a little surprised.

Ying Lu Wei jerked her head up and looked at the girl incredulously.

It was just an ordinary call, why was it recorded?

Ying Ziyi tossed the phone in boredom and turned off the recording: “Anything else?”

The new technology of the 21st century was good, it didn’t require much effort on her part.

This is a good phone, it also records automatically when talking.

Old lady Ying was suddenly embarra*sed.

Her old face froze there, green and red for a while, and she was agitated.

When she thought of what she had said earlier and listened to the recording, she wanted to find a crack in the ground and bury herself there.

Ying Luwei quickly reacted, her eyes dropping as she whispered, “Mum, sister-in-law, it’s all my fault, I forgot about it, I asked D**ky to go over there, but I went out at the time and asked D**ky to wait for me, I didn’t expect Mo Yuan to come back early, nothing really happened, I don’t know how it came to be like this.”

Another apologetic smile, “I have since explained to Moyuan, Mum, Sister-in-law, it really wasn’t D**key’s fault, didn’t I say so?”

The sentiment was genuine and sincere.

Zhong Manhua let her hand drop, glanced at the girl with a complicated expression, and sat back down on the sofa again in silence.

Old Lady Ying was so embarra*sed that she just wanted to get this matter out of the way quickly. The cane in her hand knocked on the floor again, her eyes stern but without the overbearing pomp she had previously had: “Fine, since it’s not for the position of the head mother of the Jiang family, then why did you push Wei’er?”

This sentence caused the anger that had just been extinguished to rise up again: “You knew that your sister-in-law had haemophilia, and you still did this?”

Who else could blame for being drawn?

It was clearly something that could have been avoided.

“Mum, sister-in-law, it’s not ……” Before Ying Ziyi could respond, Ying Luwei’s eyes widened in anxiety, “What are you talking about, didn’t I say, it doesn’t matter about Ziyi, she had to go and help me then. ”

“Lu Wei, you don’t have to explain for her, she’s used to telling lies, she’s always been like that, and you’re still spoiling her?” Zhong Manhua was furious and slammed the table, “Ying Zidian, apologise to your sister-in-law!”

Ying Zidian looked down and adjusted the volume, then put on her headphones to cut out the noise.

She could not waste Fu Yunshen’s good intentions by reluctantly keeping them company for a few more seconds.

This action, however, completely angered Zhong Manhua, and her heart and lungs ached again: “Do you know what the microblogs are saying about you?”


How big a label is that?

She felt ashamed!

“Sister-in-law, people on Weibo don’t know anything, I’ve also been scolded over.” Ying Lu Wei pursed her lips and smiled, “When I go back and talk to the company, these remarks will soon disappear.”

At these words, Zhong Manhua became even more furious and pointed her finger at the girl, “Look, your little aunt is still looking out for you, how about you?!”

Also at this time, the housekeeper who was checking Weibo at the side suddenly spoke up, “Madam, old madam, it’s not good, someone has released a video of the party at that time.”

“A video?” Zhong Manhua was also startled, “Bring it.”

It was a private New Year’s Eve party, how could there be a video recording?

If there was a video, wouldn’t there be no room to cover it up?

“It’s good to have a video.” Old Lady Ying smiled coldly, “Now that the facts are in front of us, the lies will not be broken.”

The housekeeper hurriedly handed over the phone and placed it in front of Zhong Manhua and Old Lady Ying.

As if she had realised something, Ying Luwei’s expression changed slightly and she was about to step forward to stop it.

But the video was playing automatically, and it was too late for her to turn it off.

In the picture, the woman was walking gracefully down the stairs. Halfway down, she stepped back with her right foot, stepped on her skirt and fell backwards down the stairs, with one hand yanking the girl behind her.

The girl is clearly confused and holds onto the stairs in time to avoid falling down with her.

This video, less than twenty seconds long, hung directly on the first hit of the seventeen bit hot search.


Chapter 14

It was posted by a small number without any followers, and the nickname was a simple five words – call me Invincible Man.

There was no description of the tweet either, only carrying the hashtag #winning family adoptive daughter, ungrateful.

But because it was in the first trending, any Weibo user who clicked in from the hot search list would see the video at first glance.

After seeing this video, all those fans who were jumping around earlier instantly stopped jumping and started frantically deleting the comments they had posted earlier.

If they didn’t delete them, wouldn’t they be left to beat their faces in?

As a result, as soon as they finished deleting them, this user called me Invincible Warrior slowly posted a second Weibo post.

[@callmeinvincibleman: The internet has a memory]

It was accompanied by fourteen pictures, all of which were screenshots of Ying Luwei’s fans’ trolling against Ying Zidian.

The big fans of Ying Luwei’s family panicked and kept sending private messages to ask me to delete the tweet, but nothing was done, and they were so angry that they jumped in the super talk.

The company’s website is a good example of the kind of website that can be found in the market.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. Moral abduction?

These brain-dead fans are really interesting, they don’t even say anything, and they start to imagine that someone is trying to harm your master, what’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with them?

There are other voices in these comments.

[Doesn’t anyone think that Ying Luwei’s move looked like she fell on purpose? What did she want?

[I don’t know, she didn’t just want to get a blood transfusion, did she? Is an adopted daughter a threat to her position?

The black people upstairs are so kind, they can’t even trample on ants, so they reported it.

[Lu Wei doesn’t know anything, Lu Wei didn’t say her adopted daughter did it, everything is the fans’ fault, we apologize to everyone here, please don’t make it about Lu Wei.

She didn’t say it directly, but the implicit meaning is clear to everyone, she’s a big white lotus, why don’t you just say it?

[Yes, where’s Ying Luwei, the real person? Where’s Ying Luwei?

Why should Vyborg apologise? How many times have I said it’s not Vibo’s fault!

Don’t move it, can’t you see it?

While the microblogging site was a chaos of fans and black people, and attracted a lot of pa*sers-by, the old Ying family house was strangely silent.

The video revealed all the facts, like a loud slap in the face of Zhong Manhua and Old Lady Ying.

Ruthlessly, without mercy.

Blood rose to Zhong Manhua’s face, in shame, and her lips quirked, her voice hard: “Ziggy, if you had told mum, mum wouldn’t have ……”

When she touched the girl’s black and white, emotionless eyes, all the words that followed stuck in her mind, and she was so cold that she could not utter a single word.

Even Old Lady Ying did not know what to say at this moment.

She had wanted to make herself feel less embarra*sed and to save face, but who knew that she would now be even more humiliated.

She had only come to ask for an apology, but it had turned out to be like this.

“This family style of slandering people seems to have been pa*sed down in the Ying family.” Ying Ziji took off an earphone, carelessly, “Quite good, keep it up.”

A single word, another slap in the face.

Old Lady Ying’s face turned blue and her breathing sharpened, obviously furious.

But the girl had already pushed the door and left, ignoring no one.

She couldn’t help but put her arms around the girl and looked at her back, but an inexplicable panic suddenly appeared in her heart.

It was as if something was leaving completely, and she couldn’t even grasp it.

What a demon.

Zhong Manhua shook off her head and laughed at herself for thinking too much.

If she left today, she would come back. The Ying family was her home, where else could she go?

On the other side, Ying Luwei pursed her lips and looked at the comments on Weibo with distraction.

Her face was still calm, but her trembling fingers betrayed the woman’s unsettled heart.

Ying Luwei had never imagined that her previous preparations would be ruined by these two Weibo posts.

Not only did she fail to achieve her goal, but she got into trouble instead. She also saw that some of her fans had tweeted that they had lost their popularity.

Who is this trumpet?

Ying Zidian?

Ying Luwei didn’t think so.

How could a country bumpkin from the county town, with no power and no influence, get this video?

Could it be that she had recently offended someone?

Ying Luwei frowned and thought for a long time, but she couldn’t figure it out.

She took a deep breath and sent out another Weibo post.

[@YingLuWeiv: Don’t argue, I really fell down by myself accidentally and made my fans misunderstand me.

After this tweet was sent out, the fans were heartbroken.

[Wei Bao, it’s all our fault, don’t blame yourself.

[The person who scolded Wei Bao’s niece earlier wasn’t our Lush, we don’t admit it!

We don’t know the full picture, so we won’t comment. This time you not only hurt Vibo’s niece, but also Vibo, and we don’t want there to be a next time.

[Some fans’ words are radical, but most of them love Vibe, so please don’t hold some of them back.

Seeing that the wind had finally stabilised, Ying Luwei turned off her Weibo account and breathed a sigh of relief.

Luckily she was prepared and things weren’t too bad, but she was forced to apologise and couldn’t get down with the breath she was holding in her heart.

Ever since that night in the hospital, everything seemed to have changed.

Ying Lu Wei’s eyes dropped and her expression darkened. She took Old Lady Ying’s hand and said meekly, “Mum, I’m going to look for Mo Yuan.”

“Good.” When Old Lady Ying heard this, she couldn’t stop nodding, very happy, “Cultivate your relationship with Mo Yuan more, you’ll have to get married sooner or later.”

“I know.” Speaking of this, Ying Lu Wei’s mood finally improved a little, she smiled, “Mum, yesterday Moyuan even asked me if I wanted to bring forward the wedding date.”

Old Lady Ying patted her hand, “It’s good to bring it forward, so that some people don’t think about it.

Ying Luwei pursed her lips and smiled, not saying another word.

** A single apartment in the centre of town.

A single person flat in the city centre.

Fu Yunshen is holding a gla*s with a cup of wolfberry and red dates tea, still steaming.

He turned his head and looked at his computer, which had suddenly gone dark, and raised his eyebrows, knocking a few times.

“What is it?”

A line quickly appeared on the completely darkened screen, red and seeping.

“What’s this guy, making me take a shot?”

“My little friend.”




The other party sent three question marks in a row.

Fu Yunshen put the cup down, his lips curled, and then tapped the words, “Of course I have to spoil.”


Fu Yunshen didn’t say much: “Anything else?”

The screen stood still for ten seconds before another line surfaced.

“Someone asked me to check up on you.”