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Boss Lady Chapter 113-114

Chapter 113

The sudden ringing of the words caused Eugene’s smile to abate.

He frowned and looked towards the doorway of the parlour.

There was a girl.

Her skin was fine and white, as if she were a gel.

A pair of phoenix eyes were slightly raised, light and bright.

Cold and clear, with a cold brow.

She was staring straight at him.

Clearly her aura was restrained, but it was like still water flowing deeper and more compelling.

This sweeping gaze made Eugene’s heart jump, as if he had a bad feeling that something bad was coming.

But in a moment, he let out a sigh of relief.

What could a 17 or 18 year old girl be doing?

She’s not here to play.

He was really fooled for a moment.

Eugene didn’t look at the girl again either, but turned to Elder Zhong again, his expression polite and detached: “Since Zhong Dong is unwilling, then we have nothing more to say, it’s late, so let’s say goodbye.”

But he didn’t make it out of the conference room.

“Put down the agreement.” Ying Ziyi leaned right by the door, inclined her head and repeated again, “We’ll sign it.”

“No, absolutely not!” The middle-aged shareholder snapped out, “The Emerald Fast is the heart and soul of the Zhong Group, nothing can be pledged against the Emerald Fast.”

Even the most stupid people could see it now.

The dk group is clearly after the jade fast, otherwise, would not be so quick to make concessions, put forward such a condition to.

Perhaps, the loss of the Ten Square Realm is related to the dk group.

But they simply had no evidence.

Moreover, how had dk managed to steal the Ten Directions under their noses, ignoring all the security systems?

The middle-aged shareholder looked at Eugene coldly, “Mr. Eugene, let’s not speak in plain sight, even if we don’t sign this order, your dk Group can’t really let Zhong’s Group go out of business.”

But hurting the bones was definitely there.

Eugene froze for a moment, then smiled, “Since you all have such confidence, there is indeed no need to sign the order.”

“There’s no need.” Ying raised his eyes, faintly, “Signed, we have other conditions.”

Eugene’s footsteps gave another beat, and he looked the girl up and down, more or less contemptuously: “You can take charge?”

At these words, several other shareholders were also anxious.

But Master Zhong was still here, so they could only sidetrack.

“Zhong Dong, this agreement must not be signed, the importance of the Jadeite Zhai, don’t you know it well, Zhong Dong?”

“Yes, Zhong Dong, this is a big deal, how can you let a child come, is this fooling around?”

“No matter what, you can’t mortgage the Emerald Fast!”

Elder Zhong did not say anything.

He pondered, and it seemed that it was because of Ying’s words that his mind had changed.

“Uncle Zhong, I know you’re good to your granddaughter, but you have to divide things up.” The middle-aged shareholder saw that Elder Zhong did not look right and was busy speaking out to stop him, “This agreement is obviously unfair, how can we sign it?”

The value of the Jadeite Zhai was much more than the Ten Square Realm.

Ying nodded his head, not slowing down, “So, we’ll add conditions too.”

The middle-aged shareholder was anxious and angry, “Miss Ying, you don’t know anything, you don’t know that the Emerald Fast is really ……”

“Okay, Ziggy, Grandpa will listen to you.” Master Zhong interrupted the middle-aged shareholder, “This betting agreement, it’s signed.”

With that, he ordered, “Bring the pen.”

The special a*sistant at the side quickly handed over the pen.

But Elder Zhong didn’t use it himself, instead he gave it to Ying Zidian.

Ying Zidian looked pause and took the pen over.

“Emerald Zhai is indeed the most important property of the Zhong Group.” Elder Zhong coughed, majestically, “So if we lose this betting agreement, I, the chairman, can hardly be blamed and will ask myself to step down.”

The middle-aged shareholder’s expression changed dramatically, “Uncle Zhong!”

When these words came out, several other shareholders could not say anything.

After all, the Zhong Group was now in a dilemma.

If they signed it, the Jade Fast would be gone.

But if they didn’t sign, under the operation of the dk group, Zhong’s group would have to fall by half as well.

There was really no difference between the two comparisons.

“All right.” Elder Zhong waved his hand, “Anyway, I’m old, early retirement can still be early retirement.”

Between the words was an unconcealed dislike, “All day long, it’s you people who bother me every day to brush up on my Weibo, an old man, but still have to clean up things for you, it’s annoying.”

Middle-aged shareholder: “……”

Dare I say that in the eyes of Old Master Zhong, they are not as good as Weibo.

Eugene was also a little stunned at how quickly Master Zhong’s attitude had changed.

He frowned inscrutably and smiled instead, “So, this Miss Ying is able to represent the entire Zhong Group and Zhong Dong?”

“Waste your words.” Master Zhong grunted under his breath, “D**key, you’re in charge today.”

Ying Ziji patted him soothingly on the back and looked at Eugene, faintly, “If we retrieve the Ten Square Realm within five days, that $300 million order from the dk group, the Zhong Group wants it.”


When the words fell, everyone was stunned.

The middle-aged shareholder was puzzled, “Uncle Zhong, what order?”

Elder Zhong shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Eugene’s face sank, “You have a big mouth.”

Moreover, how did she know that dk Group had this list?

“It doesn’t matter.” Ying Ziyang raised her eyes, “Add this condition and we’ll sign the agreement.”

She looked indifferent: “You can think about it.”

In the space of a single sentence, the situation had changed.

Now it was the dk Group that was being threatened instead.

Even the shareholders could not understand why the dk Group was being threatened at all.

In theory, such unreasonable conditions should not be considered at all.

Eugene’s face changed several times, and after a long time, he suddenly gave a cold laugh, “Fine, if you can retrieve the Ten Square Realm within five days, the $300 million order, dk Group will give it up with a vow.”

But how was that possible?

“Jade Zhai will not lose, and neither will the Ten Square Realm.” Ying put down his pen and straightened up, “Please.”

“That’s big talk, anyone would say it.” Eugene shook his head and picked up the pen to sign his name as well.

There were two copies of the agreement, and after he took one of them back into his briefcase, he looked up and smiled regretfully, “It seems that none of the Zhong’s are any wiser.”

For a single $300 million that they couldn’t get. And really chose to sign this betting agreement.

I don’t know whether to call it stupidity or naivety.

Really looking for death.

After Eugene left, the middle-aged shareholder was so anxious that he jumped to his feet, “Uncle Zhong, we don’t even have a single trace of the Ten Directions Realm right now, what can we do?”

If the time was up and the Ten Directions Realm had not been found, Elder Zhong would have to step down.

This was something that several shareholders and people like Zhong Tianyun were begging for.

But with Jadeite Zhai, no one wanted to export to it either.

“There will be.” Ying Zigui looked sideways, “You don’t have to worry about the Ten Square Realm.”

She thought for a moment and then added, “In these few days, you will also stay at home and watch Weibo, I have found a few video clips for you, they should get a lot of retweets.”

Hearing the latter, Elder Zhong immediately became happy: “Good, good, you can send it to my phone later.”

Middle-aged shareholder:”???”

So this is still the granddaughter spoiling the grandfather?

Why did he feel that something was not right?

The other shareholders shook their heads one after another, all just thinking that Elder Zhong was confused and impulsive.

And let’s not even talk about whether or not there could be the whereabouts of the Ten Directions Realm in five days, leaving this matter to a high school student who hadn’t even set foot in society was simply out of his mind.

“Grandpa, I still have something to do.” Ying nodded, “I’ll leave first.”

Elder Zhong didn’t ask, leaving her to go about her business in peace.

Although he felt that his granddaughter was the most powerful, he couldn’t really just put such a big matter on a child’s shoulders.

After a moment of thought, Elder Zhong said to the other shareholders again, “We need to prepare for both, now, contact all the master carvers immediately.”


That evening, only two or three hours after the betting agreement with the dk Group was signed.

On Weibo, news suddenly broke out that the Zhong Group had lost the Ten Square Realm, the treasure of the Emerald Fast, from the town.

The four big giants in Shanghai are not like those big families in the imperial capital, which are well known throughout China, but the groups under their command are at least among the top 100 enterprises in the country, and the attention is also very high.

The jade industry, in particular, had many customers because of its reputation.

After learning this news, although it didn’t cause much of a splash and no hot searches appeared, there were still some netizens who blew up.

[Why could a group as big as Zhong’s lose something as important as the Zhenzhai’s treasure? Where is the management, are they all dry eaters????]

[I’m a bit scared, I ordered a jade Goddess of Mercy for my grandfather to celebrate his birthday at the Jadeite Zhai, and I also signed the order, but the goods were only inspected ten days later, even the Ten Square Realm can be lost, who knows if my jade Goddess of Mercy will be? No, I’m not comfortable with that, I’m going to Jade Zhai now to return the order, this is also the Zhong family’s problem and needs to be compensated.]

Once this comment came out, a number of comments also popped up.

[Sisters, together with ah, the Zhong Group this management ability …… is really worrying.]

I’m right here in Shanghai, I’m going to return it early tomorrow morning.

The jade is a very good and delicate piece of jade, but now? I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a job.

The name is not clear, but I heard it’s an old man, how can this happen?

Just as the comments were in a mess, a new hot search was displayed in the hot search bar.


Chapter 114

This hot search apparently appeared out of nowhere, because every time it refreshed, it was in the recommended one below the hot search box.

It was obviously bought, and the money was not low.

With such a strong push, it was naturally impossible for the netizens to be invisible.

But the name of the hot search made them wonder again, and they all clicked in one by one.

#Jong’s group, dk group, betting agreement

The first popular tweet on this hot search was from dk Group.

It was still in both Chinese and English.

[dk Group’s headquarters in China v: Originally, we were honoured to sign such a big deal with the Zhong Group, and we were also a*sured of the Zhong Group’s reputation, but unfortunately, the Zhong Group failed us, but after discussing this matter with the Zhong Group, we also have a new solution, and we hope that all of you in China will be a witness].

The following is accompanied by a picture of the betting agreement that was only signed between the dk group and the Zhong group this afternoon.

At the bottom were the official seals and signatures of the two groups.

[Crap, the betting agreement is out? If the Zhong Group loses, they will have to give out their century-old property, Emerald Fasting?

[Bet a packet of chilli sticks that if the Zhong Group can’t get the Ten Square Realm back, they’ll have to give the Jadeite Zhai out.

[Tsk, I don’t know who has the guts to sign such a betting agreement with dk Group, thinking that dk Group is just a small, unimpressive company?

dk Group is not really famous in China, the company’s main business is in the northern part of continent O, and has large transactions with many countries in continent O that have a developed animal husbandry industry.

And, excluding these, dk Group also had a jade industry, supplying goods to the royal families of some medium-sized countries on continent O, as well as some small and medium-sized families.

In terms of scale, it is far more than the Zhong Group.

[No, don’t you blind students notice a Chinese point? The Zhong Group is at fault in this matter, right? We don’t know which party took out the betting agreement, but the question is how could the DK Group give out a 300 million dollar deal?

A $300 million deal is not something that even the Imperial families can easily take.

Even though dk Group is a multinational company, it is still much weaker than the big giants in the capital, so how could it give up?

[Yes, it’s too strange. If the Zhong Group really recovered the townhouse treasure, wouldn’t the dk Group not be able to get half of the compensation, but instead have to pay out 300 million dollars? Is that crazy?

Maybe they just know that the Zhong Group can’t get the treasure back?

The first time I saw it, I was thinking about it, but it’s not possible that the jade house treasure was taken away by the dk group, and then they set up a trap to take over the jade house of the Zhong group, right?

Some keyboard warriors have nothing better to do than to conspire all day long. What do you need a jade chai for?

The company will sooner or later change hands, as at least half of the shares of the Zhong Group will fall into the hands of the dk Group if the Zhong Group loses.

Because he was busy with the company, Master Zhong didn’t really go back to the old house to rest as he had promised Ying Ziji, but stayed busy at the company.

Master Zhong himself found it strange that he had been busy all day, but his back didn’t hurt and his legs didn’t hurt.

He looked at that group of young people, and the dark circles under their eyes were all hanging on.

It was not as good as him, the old man.

“Zhong Dong, the situation is not too good.” The special a*sistant hurriedly arrived with a folder in his arms, “The matter of the lost Tenfold Realm is on Weibo.”

After hearing this, Elder Zhong’s first reaction was, “A company as mushy as ours deserves to be on the hot search?”

Special a*sistant: “……”

He had a bit of a hard time saying it.

But one had to admit that it made sense again.

“Let me see.” Elder Zhong picked up his phone and was calm after reading it, “I guessed it a long time ago.”

This matter is absolutely related to dk group, from the first day they signed the order, this trap has already been laid.

“How are the stocks?” Master Zhong asked again, “Has it fallen so much that it’s unwatchable?”

“No, Zhong Dong.” The special a*sistant scratched his head, “Our stock still hasn’t fallen, it’s still rising.”

Zhong Laozi hissed, “Impossible, right?”

He opened his computer and checked the stock exchange market, and found that Zhong’s stock was indeed still green, proving that it hadn’t fallen.

Behind the stock, it was also marked with a small mark of rising.

This was a real ghost, right?

Elder Zhong fell into silence.

“Oh, right, Zhong Dong.” The special a*sistant added, “Just a moment ago, we suddenly got another big order, a few hundred million.”

He said cautiously, “It’s still from the o-continent side, but the other party said they could pay first and keep the goods for them to pick up later in the day, do you think you should take it?”


On Weibo, the incident was in continuous ferment.

Eugene finished reading the comments under the tweets, tidied up and pushed open the door to the presidential suite.

He bent towards the person inside and said in a respectful voice, “Boss, everything is arranged, there’s no way Zhong’s group will have a chance to backtrack.”

There were so many people on the internet to witness this, and it would only be a real downfall if Zhong’s Group were to backtrack again.

The one Eugene called boss was also a foreign man, but surprisingly young.

“Very well.” The man nodded, a smile spreading across his face, “Just wait five days until the Emerald Zai arrives.”

“The boss’s ploy is perfect too.” Eugene praised sincerely, “Let me go ahead and sign the order with Zhong’s group before removing the Tenfold Realm from the Emerald Zhai, that way, the fault can only be theirs.”

The conspiracy theories on the internet and the speculations of Zhong’s shareholders were not really far off the mark.

The Tenfold Realm had indeed been stolen from the Emerald Fast by dk Group’s men and had been escorted out of the country.

Even if the Zhong Group could really find the Ten Directions, it would definitely be too late within five days.

This is the reason why they dared to sign the betting agreement.

As long as the Jade Zhai arrived, wouldn’t it be a matter of time before they acquired the Zhong Group?

“You’ve done well this time.” The man took the betting agreement, looked at the signature at the bottom and frowned slightly, “What is the origin of this Ying …… Ying Zidian again?”

His Chinese was not standard and his name was difficult to pronounce.

“Boss, don’t worry about it.” Eugene smiled unconcernedly, “She’s not from the Zhong Group, I made some enquiries, she’s the adopted daughter of the Ying family, another big tycoon in Shanghai.”

“But Master Zhong says she can represent the whole Zhong Group, young people, who can’t stand to be provoked.”

In Eugene’s opinion, Ying had signed the betting agreement purely out of impetuosity.

But it wasn’t so insular to know that their dk had a big order for 300 million dollars.

A little girl really thinks she can save the Zhong Group?

She is clearly pushing the Zhong Group into the fire.

If the Zhong Group had not signed the betting agreement, it would have been a bit difficult for them to take action against the Zhong Group.

But now that the betting agreement had been signed, they could invade the Zhong Group in an open and fair manner.

The man nodded again, “Very well, I’ll be waiting for your good news.”


It was eleven o’clock in the evening.

Ying Ziji completed her last bounty mission.

Her growth value, too, had finally reached 10,000.

There were not many strange people in the nok forum, but they were all in the hidden section.

The bounties and other tasks on the front page had a pitifully low growth value, many of them only had a hundred growth value.

Ying Ziji felt that she had good patience and was not bothered by the tedious bounty quests.

After the growth value reached 10,000, a window popped up on the forum home page.

[id Cola Milk Tea Fries, has the qualification to enter the Hidden Alliance Society, please ask if you want to enter?

Hidden League, that’s the alias of the hidden section

Ying Zidian slid his mouse and clicked a yes.

Only just after pressing it, the forum home page instantly changed.

It was more concise, and more ordinary, and very uninteresting.

It was the kind of forum that people wouldn’t even want to click in if they looked at it.

Ying Zigui swept the home page of the hidden section and didn’t look at it much, but directly started to post the bounty post.


Reward for a piece of King of Kings Ice Jadeite, 0.5m wide and 0.75m high.

The reward price is $80 million, equivalent to US$7.43 million.

Delivery to China, Shanghai, by 5:00 tomorrow, coordinates below.

After clicking publish, this bounty appeared on the front page.

But because her id was so new, regular users who had been hanging out in the hidden section for a long time would not usually pay attention to it.

Although ice jadeite was rare, it was not uncommon.

It was just that it was really difficult to get such a large piece of ice jadeite delivered to its designated destination within a dozen hours.

So it was very likely that after a few minutes, this reward post would sink completely.

Ying pondered for a moment.

She casually tapped on the keyboard and topped up her own bounty.

It was also thoughtfully marked with red.

It was no different from what the admins could do internally.

It was the equivalent of hacking the nok forum outright.

Hacking the nok forum is no different than hacking the world’s largest intelligence network.

It was something that the boss of some Anonymous hacker alliance had always wanted to do, but didn’t dare to do, and couldn’t do successfully.

Ying Ziji looked at the bounty she had sent out, thought about it again and put a big exclamation mark after the bounty, thus deepening the user’s attention.

Almost at the same time, some of the international bigwigs who were wandering around the forum all noticed the reward!