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Boss Lady Chapter 115-116

Chapter 115

Hidden boards differ from the normal forum home page in that the top posts rarely change.

After all, there is little difference between the normal forum home page and a series of communication places in a posting board.

Within the hidden board, apart from the occasional notice from the nok admins, there is only one perennial top post.

The bounty for the number one spot on the bounty list.

Since the inception of the nok forum, this top post, marked red, has remained unchanged.

But no hunter on the hunter list, not even the top one on the charts, would have the guts to take this reward.

Every time users come in, most of them just look up before starting a new day of posting, including many of the big boys.

Today they went into the hidden section and found a new top post, a bounty post.

Especially the huge red exclamation mark, which looked even more impressive than the one at the top of the bounty list.

Maybe it was a very rare SSS level bounty.

The users clicked in with gusto – and

All of them cracked up.

[Oh my God, I must be blind, why is such a small piece of ice jade worthy of the top spot?

[$7.34 million? I’d make it back in a minute, so why is this reward on the top?

Which admin is on duty today? @admin004, come on out and see what you’ve put up, it’s even on top of the #1 bounty post, don’t you think we’re #1 on the bounty list?

[@admin004, I’m telling you, you’ll get beaten up if you don’t take the #1 reward post into consideration!

Just as the forum users were confused and bewildered, a few coloured incoming effects suddenly floated over all the posts.

[Ding, @Please take a pill is online, come and welcome!

The first thing you need to do is to get a new one.

This kind of entry special effect can only be enjoyed by users of ss level or above.

Obviously, because of this inexplicable and sudden top post, the real hidden bigwigs were alerted.

The first thing you need to do is to take a pill. I’m not sure if I’m going to sell my sunscreen. Let me sell a few more bottles, I can’t afford to eat these days.

I can’t afford to eat. You’re really going to sell sunscreen? You’re really selling sunscreen?

I’m not sure what I’m doing here.

I’ve bought it and almost died, so use with caution.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. You’re not going to come out and explain what’s going on?

Finally, under the persistent @ of a group of users, the administrator slowly appeared.

[Admin 004: Everything is fine, let’s do our own thing.

After posting this sentence, Administrator 004 quickly went invisible.

Just kidding.

If he didn’t slip away, he would be out of luck.

Administrator 004 was also very innocent.

After all, nok had the largest and swiftest intelligence network in the world, and after Ying Ziji hacked the forum, Admin 004 found out right away.

But he was only an administrator and couldn’t make any decisions.

It was the first time he had encountered such a thing, so Admin 004 went to ask his superiors for advice.

The answer was the same eight words, but he left an additional message, which probably meant…

If you can do it, you can do it too, we don’t care, and we’re happy to see it.

Admin 004 wiped his sweat.

Yeah, who’d let someone be so awesome as to hack the nok system?

There’s nothing that can be done about it.

Not surprisingly, this announcement from admin 004 has users agitated for a while longer.

Some of the bigwigs spoke out to poison admin 004.

And at this time.

O Continent, Filippo.

Inside a century-old castle.

The young man sat at his computer and logged out of the nok forum.

The name of the account he had logged into, the id was @LoveOnlyMoney.

It was not his account though, but that of the owner of the castle.

After logging out and logging in, the young man picked up the phone next to his computer and played a number over.

He briefly recounted what had happened on the nok forum to the caller.

“The thing is, the nok’s system was hacked, and after checking it out, it was a newly registered account of one month.”

The young man added, “Yes, after this account was registered, it took a lot of low-level bounty missions on the front page within this month and completed them quickly.”

“Today this account’s growth value has only reached ten thousand, and this bounty post, is the first post this account has made in the Hidden Alliance Society.”

The caller was a little surprised and then asked again.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t find out who the person using the account was.” The young man was a little ashamed, “But it shouldn’t be the ones from the Anonymous hacker alliance.”

“The post gave the address, and the initial projection is that some mysterious person is helping that Zhong group in China …… What do you mean?” The young man listened and was taken aback, “You’re taking this bounty?!”

The voice inside the phone was vaguely smiling, but it sounded perfunctory, “Yes, take it, the person who can hack the nok system is not simple, this person deliberately hides his traces, you won’t be able to find out.”

“Just take this opportunity, in exchange for a favor, the reward amount is not needed, there is no shortage of these, tomorrow by five o’clock, delivered to the coordinates in the post.”

The young man looked serious: “Okay, I’ll get on it.”


A day pa*sed, and the Zhong Group sent many people to look for it, but there was still no sign of the whereabouts of the Tenfold Realm.

The group of shareholders were so anxious that they went around, except for some shareholders who had long been hoping for Elder Zhong to step down a few times, not only were they not anxious, but they were gloating.

Especially because of that microblog that dk group deliberately sent out, many people backed out of Zhong’s group’s order.

If the stock hadn’t fallen instead of rising again, some shareholders would have wanted to sell their shares.

Apart from the Zhong Group, a certain hacker was also checking.

Because there is no monitoring in the confined room where the tenfold boundary is kept, causing him to give an all-nighter.

Adding to the woes of the poor kid who was already a hair faller.

“I’ve got it.” A certain hacker took a bite of his noodles and crackled his program, “Just like you thought, they did it, no wonder there’s no trace, it’s no problem if it’s a god thief.”

God thief, too, is a profession.

Only that the Divine Thieves were not recognised by the nok forum, and therefore no rankings existed.

So these divine thieves formed several teams on their own initiative and roamed around the world.

The divine thief that the dk group brought in this time was one of these teams.

They stole the Tenfold Realm from the Emerald Fast and transported it to another place.

A certain hacker we are has yet to find out the exact location, only that it is abroad.

He is also very depressed.

He thought he was the boss of the Anonymous hacker alliance and was good at everything.

But it was the dog who was in the business of God’s thieves who was the most aggressive against him.

They were able to avoid all surveillance, and could come and go without a trace.

Even if he went to investigate, he would be lonely.

But this is normal, every profession has to make a living.

If the God Thief couldn’t even do such things, he would be a God Thief in vain.

“Hmm.” Fu Yunshen had obviously expected this, he smiled, “You don’t need to be busy next, I’ll have someone look for it.”

“Remember what you said, I’m going to sleep.” A certain hacker was drowsy with two dark circles under his eyes, and his tone was somewhat indignant, “Say hello to your little friend for me.”

Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows and tilted his head sideways, “Yao Yao, he’s giving you greetings.”

Ying Ziji ate her candyfloss, her phoenix eyes raised slightly, “I heard you, you don’t have to go looking for it, it’s too much trouble, I have another way.”

“Hm?” Fu Yunshen was stunned, his peach blossom eyes curved up, his cynical tone, “No, little friend, you’re still polite to me now?”

After knowing each other for so long, he had discovered a certain trait in their little friend.

He helped her with one point, she could give him ten back.

No need to let anyone return the favour yet.

One who carried everything on her shoulders and shut out all other help.

It was as if she was the only one in the world.

Fu Yunshen’s eyes twitched slightly.

“No.” Ying Ziji shook his head slightly, “It’s really time-consuming, not being polite with you.”

Sending the Ten Directions back again would take longer and cost more in manpower and resources.

It would be better to carve it all over again.

Of course, the Jadeite Zhai’s town treasure would definitely come back, but it wouldn’t be handed over to the dk group.

Ying Ziji looked at the sky and raised her hand to press down the brim of her hat to shield her eyes from the harsh sunlight.

Counting the time, her delivery was about to arrive.


The Zhong family’s old mansion.

Master Zhong is frowning and is checking the company report when the phone rings.

The Zhong housekeeper at the side was busy coming forward and picking up: “Express delivery? Okay, got it, you can leave it at the front door.”

He put the phone down and went out with light footsteps.

There was indeed a courier outside the iron gate.

It was a box, half a man high, so heavy that Zhong’s housekeeper couldn’t lift it.

He wiped a handful of sweat and directed the two gardeners to move it, which brought the box into the hall.

Master Zhong put down the papers and wondered, “What is such a big thing? Who sent it?”

“I don’t know.” Butler Zhong was also puzzled, “It looks quite valuable.”

He had checked that it was not a dangerous item, and only then did he dare to move it in.

After all, a magnificent family like the Zhong family had received many harmful deliveries.

“Let’s see.” Elder Zhong put on his old-fashioned gla*ses and walked over slowly.

He squatted down and took a closer look, and saw five words.

The Laurent Family.



Chapter 116

Not a person’s name, nor an address.

But, it is a name that is enough to shake all the plutocrats and families in the world.

In China, there will be people who do not know the Fu family, the Zhong family, there will be people who do not know the Nie family, the Mu family, but there will definitely not be people who do not know the Laurent family.

This is because the only international bank with a global presence is owned by the Laurent family.

The daily revenue of the Laurent Bank is far more than that of other banks in a year.

It is almost a monopoly of the global economy.

No one knows how much wealth the Laurent family has, but it is certain that it is as rich as a nation is light.

The consignment side of the box caused Master Zhong and the Zhong housekeeper to fall into silence in unison.

Half a minute later, it was Master Zhong who raised his head half a beat slower and broke the silence: “Is the Laurent family …… the one we know?”

Butler Zhong still seemed to be in a dream, he was bewildered: “No …… it can’t be, can it?”

What existed of the Laurent family?

The number one family in the world!

Not to mention the Zhong Group, even if all the big giants in the imperial capital combined, it was no match for the Laurent family.

The Laurent family personally sent something to their Zhong family?

It would be a joke if word got out.

Master Zhong also found it unlikely, he frowned again and looked as if he had found something: “Wait.”

He took out his phone and typed the words Laurent family into the web search bar.

The first thing that came up was the history of the Laurent family.

The Laurent family emerged in the 15th century and remained one of the most powerful and prestigious families in Europe until the mid-18th century, with a wealth of talent.

For three centuries the Laurent family ruled the great city of Filippo and, during these centuries, sponsored many of the great artists of the arts.

Chino Von, a name that is heard around the world, was backed by the Laurent family.

If it hadn’t been for the Laurent family, Chino Von’s talent would still have been buried.

But for reasons unknown, in the mid to late 18th century, the Laurent family suddenly collapsed overnight and disappeared almost straight away.

It was only in the intervening hundred years that this ancient family reappeared in the limelight.

It was only in the intervening hundred years that the old family reappeared in the limelight and, with great speed, took control of the global economy, opening the Laurent Bank all over the world.

The rise and fall of the Laurent family is still an unsolved mystery.

This is the sort of thing that you would learn in a history textbook, and Master Zhong knows it well enough that there is no need to read more.

He flipped through the encyclopaedic album and finally found the diagram he was looking up.

The picture showed a golden throne with a crown.

Sacred and magnificent, inviolable, manifesting the power and prosperity of the first family in this world.

This is the family crest of the Laurent family.

It was exactly the same pattern as the one Master Zhong had seen on the box.

No one would dare to pretend to be the Laurent family, given that the Laurent family’s industries and powers were spread all over the world.

No one would dare to impersonate the Laurent family, because if they did, they would be found out in a matter of minutes.

If they were found out, they would not be able to make it anywhere.

Master Zhong fell silent again and muttered, “It’s really from the Laurent family.”

The world had really gone to hell.

But why would the Laurent family send them something?

“Old master.” Butler Zhong picked up a card, “Here’s another letter card.”

“Bring it over.” Master Zhong took it, looked at it, thought hard about it and then asked, “Do we have someone here called Coke Milk Tea Fries?”

No, the point is who would name themselves “Coke and Milk Tea Fries”?

How much does he eat?

He must be a little chubby.

Puzzled, Mr. Zhong continued to read on.

The card was in beautiful handwriting.

[To Dear Cola Milk Tea Fries, The King of Kings Ice Jadeite you requested has been delivered as a small token of my master’s appreciation.

If possible, I hope to get to know you and look forward to seeing you at Fei Cui sometime in the future.

At that time, my master will have a drink with you].

It is addressed to Jobe Laurent.

It was obviously supposed to be a servant of the Laurent family.

“Ice Jade?” Master Zhong froze for a moment, his expression abruptly serious, “This is an ice-grown jadeite?”

Housekeeper Zhong also froze, “Old master, Miss Cousin seems to have said that a courier will come today, could it be ……”

The door was knocked on just at this time.

The girl walked in and nodded towards the two, “Grandpa, Grandpa Butler.”

“Oh oh, Ziggy ah.” Grandpa Zhong pushed his old-fashioned gla*ses and was busy beckoning, “Come over and see if this is your delivery.”

Hearing this, Ying Ziji took a look at the tartly packaged box: “……”

The style hadn’t changed much compared to before.

She naturally knew that the bounty she had sent out was picked up by the Laurent family.

And since the Laurent family had taken up the bounty, other users naturally wouldn’t be competing for it.

Although many of the bigwigs in the hidden section would deliberately hide their identities, only the Laurent family would not.

After all, this someone told him to lay low, and he couldn’t get whole.

The Laurent family hadn’t asked for the amount of the bounty she had posted, and she hadn’t given it.

Rarely, the man who owed her gold was generous.

“It’s mine.” Ying Zigui nodded slightly, “Thank you, Grandpa, for signing for it for me.”

“What is this thanks for.” Master Zhong waved his hand and still asked a question he was curious about, “D**key, do you know that …… person in charge of the Laurent family?”

The letter card said “my master”.

Who this master is, it is self-evident

Ying Ziji was silent for a moment: “Aren’t they in business? If you have money, you can buy it.”

When Elder Zhong thought about it more carefully, he thought so.

There was a rumour about that.

The man in power of the Laurent family regarded money like his life, the kind of person who had to lie down on gold to fall asleep.

Whoever gives him money, he is naturally happy.

Thinking of this, Elder Zhong also let out a long breath.

So that was it.

It really scared him to death, he thought his granddaughter was so powerful that she had penetrated the inner circle of the Laurent family.

He had thought that his granddaughter was so powerful that she had infiltrated the Laurent family, whose headquarters were in Fei Leng Cui, which was far away from China.

Master Zhong remembered another problem and hesitated: “But this ice jade?”

“It can’t be found back in the Ten Directions realm now.” Ying made light of the situation, “I’m thinking of having a new one carved.”

“Re-carving?” Master Zhong froze, “How do you carve it?”

“Well, casually.”


Master Zhong was stuffed.

His granddaughter was making fun of him again.

“Grandfather don’t worry.” Ying Ziji lifted the box and walked towards the top of the stairs, “Four days later, the Ten Square Realm will be there.”

Elder Zhong was really quite confused.

It was a while before he suddenly came back to his senses.

A box that only two adult males could carry, how could his granddaughter carry it away all by herself?


First floor, inside the room.

Ying Zidian unpacked the box and carried the raw jadeite stones inside onto the tool table.

Ice jade is the king of all jadeites, with a transparent colour, hence the name “ice jade”.

The fewer the impurities in the stone, the better the texture.

This piece of ice-grown jadeite had not even a single impurity, and was even more precious than the original stones used in the real Ten Directions.

Ying Ziji took out the carving knife and other carving tools she had prepared from her backpack.

She didn’t use a ruler either, so she measured the ice jadeite with her naked eyes.

The reason why the Tenfold Boundary has become the treasure of the Jadeite Zhai is that on this not-so-large piece of raw stone, the carver has carved out eighty-eight Buddhas.

Each one, moreover, was lifelike, with a different expression.

Ying Zigui has asked Master Zhong about it.

Fifty years ago, that master jade carver took three months to complete the carving of the Ten Directions Realm, still with the help of several apprentices.

It was no wonder that after the dk group had stolen the Ten Square Realm, they were so sure they couldn’t get it out.

Four days to come up with a Ten Square Realm again should be fine.

She hadn’t actually learnt the carving techniques in China, she had learnt them in O Continent, but they were all pretty much the same.

With her eyelashes lowered, Ying picked up the carving pen and, following the picture, began to draw the eighty-eight Buddhas on the original jadeite stone first.


Because she had to carve the jadeite stones overnight, she took a week off from school.

In fact, as a student of this particular cla*s, Cla*s 19, it was only normal not to take a leave of absence.

The head teacher was so shocked when he got the leave slip that he went to the headmaster’s office to ask for confirmation.

He handed the leave slip over, “Headmaster, do you see if this is true?”

“Oh, this one.” The headmaster didn’t take it, he just looked at it, “It’s true, Ying students have also given me leave, so let’s follow the rules.”

He Xun was on the sidelines, he was discussing with the headmaster earlier about the internal interview at Norton University, and sniffed at the words and looked at it too.

It was close to exams, and you were taking a week off.

That’s it, you still want to pa*s one of the midterms?