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Boss Lady Chapter 117-118

Chapter 117

He really didn’t know what to say.

He Xun hadn’t been a teacher for long, but because he was leading an international cla*s as soon as he came up, the students he had met were all serious about their studies.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Mr. Deng had gone on a business trip to O Chau and had let him lead a cla*s for the Talent cla*s for over a week.

He had never met a student who took up the most valuable learning resources at Qingzhi, but still managed to learn so poorly, didn’t work hard himself, and only knew how to sleep in cla*s.

Although there were many problematic students in cla*s 19, He Xun had never taught the cla*s, so naturally these problematic students were not as direct as Ying Zigui.

The head teacher didn’t notice He Xun’s change of expression and spoke with quite a sense of relief, “Headmaster, you don’t say, recently Cla*s 19 has really gotten a lot better, they’ve all come out for morning exercises and lectures, I wonder if they’ve been worn out en ma*se.”

The headmaster, who had cracked open a lot for a while, was quite calm: “You should watch less crossover dramas and set an example for the students, let them know and you won’t be able to stay as the head teacher.”

Head Teacher: “……”

He took his leave slip and walked away nimbly.

“Teacher He, going back to the issue we explored earlier, should-” the headmaster said, his voice pausing and he frowned.

He knew that He Xun was very prejudiced against Ying Zidian, and he hadn’t thought that this had been overheard by He Xun.

Although He Xun wouldn’t even enter cla*s 19, and Ying Zidian wasn’t really a teacher or student with him.

However, the headmaster felt that he had gone too far in being a teacher with such prejudice, so it was necessary to talk to him about it.

Moreover, he felt that Ying Zidian had made rapid progress recently.

Although she is still not good at her studies, her talent in art cannot be ignored.

Maybe she will become a dark horse in the mid-term exams.

The headmaster pushed his gla*ses: “Teacher He, here’s the thing: Ying’s family ……”

“Headmaster.” He Xun interrupted him, a little annoyed, “Let’s get on with the business.”

He still had to prepare a lesson for the international cla*s, where did he have the free time to listen to the affairs of a poorly studying student.

Besides, it had nothing to do with him.


Senior Two, Talent Cla*s.

Zhong Zhiyan had a pen in her hand, but she hadn’t moved it.

She stared blankly at the set of exercises on her desk, not knowing what she was thinking.

Zhong Zhiyan was the cla*s president and the goddess of Qingzhi, so when they saw that she had been distracted for the past few days, the students in Talented cla*s were all very concerned about her.

“Zhiyan, are you all right?” Lu Fang, as the most loyal suitor, naturally wouldn’t let go of this opportunity to be attentive, “Tell us what’s wrong, we’ll definitely help you out.”

“Yes, Goddess Zhong, don’t hide it inside, you’ll suffocate yourself.”

Another cla*smate asked, “Zhiyan, is it because of the matter of Jadeite Zhai? Hey, what’s there to be anxious about, you’re a student now, your main job is also to study, there are so many people in the management of the Zhong Group, it’s not your turn to worry about it.”

There was nothing wrong with these words, but hearing them in Zhong Zhiyan’s ears made it even harder for her.

In the past, of course she knew that this had nothing to do with her, and with her ability, she couldn’t interfere with the group’s affairs.

But it was because of Ying Ziji’s appearance that her position in Master Zhong’s heart had plummeted.

If she had only lost the art festival competition, Zhong Zhiyan would have been able to accept it.

What she couldn’t accept was that Master Zhong could take Ying Zidian to the company but wouldn’t even let her touch the company’s affairs.


Zhong Zhiyan bowed her head, ignoring her cla*smates’ concern, her heart in turmoil.

“Zhiyan, just don’t worry about it.” The girl next to her knew what was wrong with her and rea*sured her, “No matter what, Ying Ziji is still an outsider, your grandfather just got carried away for a moment.”

“Besides, it’s good that your grandfather won’t let you touch the company, they’re all too busy as adults, how could they throw the burden on you?”

Zhong Zhiyan pursed her lips, her mood finally recovering a few points.

“Zhiyan, you just need to study at ease and take a first back.” The girl added, “You don’t know yet, but it’s almost time for the mid-term exams at the end of the month, and Ying Zigui actually took a week off today.”

“Her grades are already poor, and she’s not very efficient in cla*s, so I think she’ll have to apologise to you in public.”

Zhong Zhiyan smiled faintly at her words and didn’t say anything more.


For the rest of the day and night, Ying Zhiyan had locked herself in her room and hadn’t gone down for a meal.

Master Zhong had gone up several times, but he didn’t even enter the door.

He didn’t know what was going on in there, but his granddaughter wouldn’t let him see.

Just when Mr. Zhong was afraid that Ying had worn himself out, the bell rang at the front door of the Zhong family.

Butler Zhong came out of the kitchen and hurriedly answered the door.

When he opened the door, he froze for a moment: “Young Master Xiaoqi?”

“Good day, Grandpa Butler.” Fu Yunshen lazily raised his eyes and greeted him, “I came in a hurry, I didn’t bring anything with me.”

“No need to bring anything, we have everything at home.” Butler Zhong invited him in and called out, “Master, Young Master Xiao Qi is here.”

“Get lost.” When Old Master Zhong heard this, he said in no good mood, “Say, did you give your grandfather to steal the cake from my family?”

Fu Yunshen: “……”

He really didn’t have this hobby for his grandfather.

I also don’t know how Old Master Fu actually had the cheek to do it in the past.

This stealing snacks, have stolen the old man Zhong out of the psychological shadow.

Fu Yunshen looked at the first floor: “Grandpa Zhong, I’ve come to see Yoyao.”

Surprisingly, Elder Zhong agreed without hesitation: “Sure, you can go up, the fourth room on the right hand side of the first floor.”

Looking at the man’s back as he went upstairs, Master Zhong grunted.

Even his granddaughter wouldn’t let him, as her grandfather, see her, so how could he let this brat see her?

He would be down in a moment because he couldn’t get in the door.

Fu Yunshen really didn’t know that Old Master Zhong had this in mind as he walked up to the door and knocked, “Yaoyao?”

There was no response from the house.

He slightly turned his ear sideways and heard the sound of very calm and light breathing inside.

It was obvious that he was asleep.

Fu Yunshen put his hand on the door handle and used a little force.

The lock opened with a click.

In the room, Ying Zidian was lying on the table, asleep.

The sun shone through the window and fell on her body, casting a light golden glow.

Next to her was a half-carved jade sculpture.

Fu Yunshen glanced at the jade carving and his eyes twitched slightly.

The child was quite stubborn.

Fu Yunshen walked over, bent down, picked the girl up horizontally and took her into the bedroom next door.

He then came back here.

Fu Yunshen looked at the jade carving, which was already one-half finished, and raised his eyebrows slightly, looking diffident.

His long, slender fingers lifted and he picked up the carving knife from the table and began to work.


His own little friend, of course, had to be spoiled himself.

If you’re tired, you’ll have to raise them again.


A few days pa*sed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was the day when the betting agreement between the Zhong Group and the dk Group was set.

The same conference room where the bet was signed, this time, it was not only Eugene who came, but also the ceo of dk group.

Eugene stood up. He smiled slightly: “Five days have come and gone, I wonder if the Zhong Group has already retrieved the Ten Square Realm? We can also pay the rest of the deposit.”

Hearing these words, the shareholders’ faces were all ugly.

Let alone finding the Ten Directions Realm, they had no clue at all.

This five-day delay was better than nothing.

Elder Zhong sat in the first place and did not speak either, his gaze sullen.

As soon as he saw this look on their faces, Eugene understood: “It seems that the Zhong Clan has still failed us.”

“Regrettably, the betting agreement is in effect, and Jade Zhai will be taken over by the dk Group.”

The moment the betting agreement was signed, it already had a legal effect.

Not to mention, many people on Weibo waited for a few days to see who actually lost and who won between the two groups.

Just two days ago, a netizen had already posted this comment.

[If the Zhong Group loses, it will really be a disgrace to our Chinese people, actually unable to compete with foreign groups].

Once Eugene made this comment, the shareholders’ faces changed several times.

The ceo of the dk group was sitting right across from the elder Zhong, nodding and smiling, also not saying anything at all.

It was as if everything was won and lost.

“Earlier, Zhong Dong said that if he lost, he would ask himself to step down.” At this time, a shareholder stood up and smiled, “In a moment, please also trouble Zhong Dong to sign the share transfer letter.”

This shareholder, who was from Zhong Tianyun’s faction, was waiting for the day when Elder Zhong would step down.

The middle-aged shareholder was furious: “If Uncle Zhong steps down, you’ll be able to hold up the Zhong Group?”

“That wouldn’t be something for you to worry about.” Another shareholder spoke up, contemptuous, “Zhong Dong, you can’t blame us for this, who made you have to leave the life and death of Jade Zhai and your own destiny in the hands of a Ying family adopted daughter who knows nothing?”

What a cocoon.

Since Elder Zhong was old and confused, he was indeed not qualified to be in charge of the Zhong Group anymore.

“Oh yes, I remember that this agreement was signed by Zhong Dong’s granddaughter?” Youjin pretended to look at it inadvertently, “What, she signed the betting agreement single-handedly, but she herself is not coming?”

Still too young, unaware of the importance and overly ambitious.

Still talking big about a big order of three hundred million dollars for their dk group, and now the result is so scared that people are not coming.

Eugene shook his head, as if in regret, “Too bad, if she hadn’t-”


The door was kicked open at that moment.


Chapter 118

A loud clang interrupted Eugene’s words.

The familiarity of this critical moment when words could not be spoken drew his memory back to five days ago.

The girl had entered with the light, she had entered without slowing down, but her brow was cool and her gaze was like a knife.

It was a breathless feeling that came over him.

Eugene’s smile froze, and when he turned back, he saw the girl once more.

She seemed to have just woken up, her eyes still misted with water.

The clothes she was wearing were not big or bespoke, but ordinary house clothes.

It looked completely unkempt.

The CEO of dk Group frowned inscrutably, but didn’t say anything, still leaning back in his chair leisurely.

It was no wonder that a famous girl from a Shanghai family wouldn’t be so cranky, just an adopted daughter.

Although, it was with a good skin.

It was thanks to this Miss Ying that he had been able to get Jade Zhai so smoothly this time.

Without waiting for Eugene to say anything, the foreign man himself stood up and walked forward.

He smiled faintly and said haughtily, “This is Miss Ying, isn’t it? I haven’t thanked Miss Ying here for getting the jade fast for the dk group.”

These words were clearly centrifugal.

Many of the shareholders of Elder Zhong’s faction also turned pale.

The granddaughter had personally lost the industry that grandfather had built with great care for many years.

What is this?

Earlier, Elder Zhong had remained silent, and after hearing these words, he spoke nonchalantly, “Old me knows that my grand-daughter is good-looking, has good character, and is good everywhere.”

“But you don’t have to use such a corny and disgusting way of hitting on me, the old man’s granddaughter hasn’t even turned eighteen yet, you’re almost thirty, the old man doesn’t deserve it.”

The ceo of the dk group ran out of laughs.

Shareholders: “……”

As much as they wanted to retort.

But there is a kind of beauty, the kind that you really want to have all to yourself just by looking at it.

But Elder Zhong is still saying such things at this time, not afraid of angering the dk group and making Zhong’s group bleed hard again?

“Uncle Zhong, you take it easy.” The middle-aged shareholder couldn’t stand it anymore and pressed his voice, “I know you have an explosive temper, but you should bear with it.”

Elder Zhong sneered, “Is it still an old man if I put up with it?”

Middle-aged shareholder: “……”

Excuse me, he shut up.

“Zhong Dong is old and strong, I was the one who said the wrong thing, I really just wanted to thank Miss Ying.” The ceo of dk group said and suddenly it dawned on him, “Oh, right.”

He looked at the girl and smiled again, “I heard that Miss Ying is from a poor county and doesn’t understand English, I’m sorry, I only know English apart from my mother tongue.”

He said this without the slightest intention of apologising.

There was just a look of contempt on his face.

He had thought how remarkable the person who could sign the betting agreement was, but he didn’t expect it to be just like this, it was so disappointing to him.

This time, Elder Zhong couldn’t bear it anymore.

Just as he was about to lose his temper, a hand pressed his shoulder.

Ying Ziji turned his head sideways, raised his eyes slightly, and spoke casually, “nulliexpugnabilishosti.”


The entire conference room fell into silence because of this one sentence.

The ceo of dk group literally froze for a moment, “What?”

“Didn’t understand?” Ying nodded, faintly, his tone still not rising or falling, this time switching to English, “It’s a pity, thought you would know a bit more since you’re from o continent.”

The implication –

Since you don’t understand, I’ll have to use the simplest English to communicate with you.

The foreign man’s face instantly turned ugly to the extreme.

With so many people watching him, for a moment

He didn’t even know which language the girl was speaking, let alone not understanding it.

It wasn’t English, or German, or even French.

But it was just a little bit like that.

Master Zhong coughed, his heart bursting with joy.

But his face was serious, and he asked in a low voice, “What does this mean?”

“Uncle Zhong, you’ve overestimated me.” The middle-aged shareholder was also confused, “I only know English, so maybe it’s the language of some small country on continent O?”

There are many countries on continent O, and the vast majority of them use English.

But it was English, all of which had many local language families, much like the dialects of China.

“Ugh.” Elder Zhong sighed deeply, “See, my granddaughter is just great.”

Middle-aged shareholder: “……”

That’s really enough.

No one understands it, who knows if it’s made up off the top of their heads?

“Zhong Dong has raised a good granddaughter.” The dk group’s CEO slowly calmed down a bit and sneered, “Without further ado, now, just ask Zhong Dong to bring the land deed and the transaction certificate of Jade Zhai.”

Not succeeding in humiliating, but being humiliated instead, made no one feel good.

The middle-aged shareholder’s face changed again, “Uncle Zhong, we–”

Before he could finish the latter words, outside the door, two men walked in carrying a large box and placed it in the centre of the meeting room.

Seeing this, Eugene suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.

The Zhong Clan wouldn’t really have gotten the Ten Directions Realm back, would they?

No, of course it couldn’t be.

They had hired a divine thief from one of the world’s top five divine thief teams, and just now their men had come to report that the Ten Directions Realm was right under their noses and it was impossible for anyone to take it away.

It was probably an attempt to fool them.

Thinking of this, Eugene smiled unimpressed, “What does Miss Ying mean by this?”

Ying Ziyi ignored him and looked at the foreign man instead, “Open up.”

The ceo of the dk group gradually turned cold, more amused: “You order me?”

You really don’t know how much weight you have?

Ying Zidian threw down a paper cutter and broke the man’s nerve with a snap.

“I’ll let you open it.”

The four words were cold and unquestionable.

“Boss, I’ll do it.” Eugene wiped away a cold sweat, “Don’t be angry.”

For some reason, he was still a little uneasy.

But they were going to get the jade fast anyway, there was no need to bother with that.

The ceo of the dk group grunted slightly and took a step back to show his generosity.

Eugene picked up the paper cutter that had been thrown on the table and began to unpack the boxes.

The box wasn’t difficult to unpack and within seconds he had it open.

He was about to see what it was when he looked down and his face froze in an instant.

Eugene’s eyes widened as he looked at the contents of the box, and his whole body went into disbelief, his hands trembling.

“What are you freezing for? Let everyone have a look.” The middle-aged shareholder stepped forward and pushed him away with one hand.

He himself picked up the paper cutter again and grunted as he cut off all four sides of the box.

This time, the contents of the box were completely exposed to the crowd.

At the moment of opening, there was light dazzling.

It was a jade sculpture half a man’s height, with a carved stand beneath it.

The jade was translucent, of a transparent colour, brighter than gla*s, and shining brightly.

The eighty-eight Buddhas are of different forms and vivid expressions.

Under the carver’s hands, it is as if they have come to life.

What else is it if not the Tenfold Realm?


Suddenly there was just dead silence.

Elder Zhong rose up haughtily and looked at the jade carving with deadly shock.

He was the only one who could tell that it wasn’t the Ten Directions Realm.

After all, he had watched over the Ten Directions Realm for so many years that he would not be able to detect even the slightest change.

Not to mention that this jade carving was obviously even more exquisite and skillful than the real Ten Directions Realm.

Master Zhong was not a fool, he made the connection and knew what had happened and covered his heart.

So it was true that his granddaughter had locked herself in her room during this time and was carving the Ten Square Realm?

A work that would take a master carver three months to complete, and his granddaughter had finished it in four days?!

Elder Zhong cracked up and forgot to react.

Naturally, it was the ceo of the dk group who was the most shocked.

He lost his temper straight away and blurted out, “Impossible!”

The Ten Square Realm was clearly still in the warehouse over in O Continent, how could it possibly appear here again?!

He couldn’t help but roar, “This is a fake! It must be a fake!”

But even he couldn’t convince himself when he said this.

The colour of the original jadeite stone alone was definitely a top-grade ice jadeite, which could not even be faked.

“Bullsh*t!” The middle-aged shareholder also had a hard time coming back to his senses, “Open your dog’s eyes wide and see clearly, this is the Ten Directions Realm! Now, shouldn’t you give us the $300 million order?”

Very well, from now on, he declared that this Miss Ying was his idol.

The middle-aged shareholder instantly became a little envious of Elder Zhong.

It was amazing to have such a powerful granddaughter who could even retrieve the Ten Directions Realm.

Hearing this, the ceo of the dk group was annoyed and more than a little ashamed, “Since the Ten Square Realm has been recovered, the rest of the final payment will naturally be credited to the Zhong Group’s account when the time comes.”

“As for the $300 million order, don’t even think about it.”

Letting out three hundred million dollars, the dk Group wouldn’t be able to make half a cent of progress in ten years.

The ceo of dk Group sneered, stood up, and was about to leave the place.

He didn’t believe that anyone from the Zhong Group would dare to stop him.

At this moment, Ying Ziyi looked up and gave him a faint glance: “Answer the phone.”

“What pick-up call?” The ceo of dk group was impatient, “I’ve told you, there’s no way you can get a $300 million order, whimsical.”

He walked towards the door, but only just took a step-

“Jingle bell!”

A bell suddenly rang in the top pocket of his suit.

The ceo of the dk group jerked his feet and took the phone out.

It was a transatlantic call from continent O.

But there was no label.

It was obviously not someone he knew, nor was it in his address book.

A little puzzled, he picked it up anyway: “Hello?”