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Boss Lady Chapter 119-120

Chapter 119

The ceo of dk group was really strange when it came to it.

It wasn’t a secret that he was in China, after all, he was the one who made dk Group’s China headquarters send out that Weibo post to push Zhong’s group into the hot seat.

This way, not only would he not be said anything for taking down Jade Zhai, but he would win a chorus of praise.

But what the dk group’s ceo didn’t expect was that within five days, the Zhong Group had actually come up with a second Tenfold Realm.

And this transatlantic call ……

Just as the dk Group’s ceo was about to make a question, the caller opened up.

He only heard one sentence and his face instantly changed drastically!

Eugene stood by and saw that his boss’s expression was not right, and the bad feeling in his heart grew stronger.

He didn’t hear what was said on the other end of the phone and lowered his voice to ask, “Boss, what’s wrong?”

Elder Zhong and the other shareholders also looked over, but this time it was their turn to watch the fun.

The ceo of dk group was instantly cold and sweaty, where was his earlier sightlessness.

His face was so pale that he didn’t even know how he managed to get the latter words out, “Yes …… is ibi.”

At these words, Eugene was shocked: “…… ibi?!”

The shareholders of the Zhong Group were also shocked, they had naturally heard of ibi but had never been exposed to it.

ibi specialises in fighting international criminal offences, catching international criminals and maintaining world peace.

In addition to representing the full name of the International Bureau of Investigation, ibi also signifies three good virtues.

i, insist, persevere.

b, bravery, courage.

i, integrity, honesty.

One of the key targets of the ibi is the team of thieves who roam internationally.

It’s only because they come and go without a trace, and it’s difficult for the ibi to investigate and track them down, that they are more reckless.

In particular, none of the members of the top-ranked teams have ever been caught by ibi.

Therefore, the CEO of dk group did not even consider ibi as a factor when he found the divine thief team and asked them to steal the Tenfold Realm out of the Emerald Fast.

It had taken so long to catch them, it couldn’t be that these divine thieves had been caught while they were given the task, could it?

It turns out that sometimes it’s such a coincidence.

The call was made by an a-grade agent from the Directorate General of International Investigations.

The dk group had asked the group of divine thieves to transport the Tenfold Realm to the territory of a small principality on continent O. They had also hidden it in a warehouse on the outskirts of the countryside where grain was kept.

But now, that warehouse has been found by ibi, and several of the divine thieves have all been arrested.

The DK Group, which had dealings with the bandits, naturally could not escape the punishment of the ibi.

The fact that even ibi was alerted shows how big the theft was.

The CEO of dk Group forgot how he had hung up the phone and how he had listened to the A-grade agent on the other end of the line, and his whole body was in an endless panic.

The ibi could not intervene in the affairs of China.

They were doing it in secret, hiring top-notch divine thieves and spending a lot of commission for it.

How on earth had ibi managed to hunt them down?

But none of this matters anymore, what matters is that from the moment ibi issued the arrest warrant, no company in the world will ever work with the dk group again.

They completely and utterly lost all credibility.

And because of the betting agreement, they have given away a huge order of up to $300 million.

Not only that, from today onwards, dk Group will also become a key target of ibi’s observation.

If there is even the slightest abnormality, the consequences will be unthinkable.

The CEO of dk Group was soaked in cold sweat, he could barely hold himself together, but he was still shaking uncontrollably.

“Yo, what did ibi say that scared your boy like this?” Finally getting the chance, the middle-aged shareholder mocked as hard as he could, “It’s not going to seize your company, is it?”

Saying that, he gave a thumbs up, “Even ibi has been alarmed, you brat is a bully.”

The ceo of the dk group couldn’t even squeeze out a forced smile, he simply had no face staying here any longer and just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

But because his legs were already stiff, he couldn’t move.

Eugene wasn’t much better.

He was just an employee, he was following orders, but how did he end up on ibi’s watch list?

“Grandpa, I’ll go first.” Ying didn’t look at the foreign man either, she nodded slightly towards Old Master Zhong, “You’ve been busy for a few days too, remember to rest later.”

“Good, good.” Master Zhong suddenly snapped out of his thoughts and stood up, “D**key, Grandpa will send someone to take you back.”

“No need.” Ying Ziyi politely declined Elder Zhong’s kind offer, “Someone will pick me up, Grandpa, you have things to do back there.”

She had always been a very lazy person, she wouldn’t even move her hands to do things she could do without.

Elder Zhong nodded, “I’ll ask the housekeeper to make you some soup when we get back.”

She stopped again as she walked to the door of the conference room.

The others’ eyes had been focused on her and naturally noticed.

“I forgot to tell you what that meant earlier-” the girl turned back, her eyes cool and pale as snow, “No enemy can take this place.”


No enemy could take this place.

No one.


This time of year.

o continent, some small principality.

The entrance to a grain warehouse.

A few godly thieves crouched in a line with their hands on their heads.

Next to them, were a few agents sent over by ibi, talking in low voices to each other.

“I didn’t know why the chief had asked us to come here at this time, but now I understand, we’ve caught these guys.”

“Yeah, who would have thought they’d be in a remote area like this?”

This team of divine thieves was on the ibi’s most wanted list, they just never got caught.

Agents had also been investigating for a long time, but couldn’t track them down.

Every time they managed to pick up some trace of the Divine Thieves, by the time they got there, it was gone again.

The agents were furious and angry.

They were too cunning, and they didn’t know where they got their thieving skills from.

This time they had finally been caught and would be sent to ibi headquarters in a moment to have them all locked up.

“Eh, but then again, how did the chief know these guys were here?” One of the agents suddenly asked, “With the calibre of our chief, he wouldn’t be able to catch them.”

Another agent lowered his voice even further, “When I was pa*sing by, I heard the chief having an exchange with another officer, a hacker it seems, sending the trail of these godly thieves.”

“The chief went along to check again and found out that it was not true, so he sent us over.”

“Hacker?” The agent was surprised, “Where’s the hacker.”

“It had to be the Anonymous hacker alliance, no other hackers had the skills except them, there were a few casuals, but they wouldn’t bother with such nonsense, so-”

The words didn’t go on here.


The agents looked at each other.

Some of the hackers in this Anonymous hacker alliance seem to be the ones they’re after, right?


A certain hacker took a big bite of his noodles, looked at the agents on the screen, and burped

“f*ck, I almost died.” He muttered, “If I hadn’t been smart enough to run fast, I’m sure those agents would have found out.”

He hadn’t actually done anything illegal.

It was just that one day he had nothing better to do than to hack into ibi headquarters on a whim and put out a lace video of an inspector.

But it ended up being deleted very quickly, so he was kinda sad about it.

However, ibi had guessed wrong this time.

It wasn’t him who sent the video map of the Divine Thieves’ trail to ibi headquarters, but some man’s home-raised little friend.

He was just doing the finishing touches.

He was the boss of the Anonymous hacker alliance, and he had to do this kind of work.

A certain hacker sighed and tore open a new bag of instant noodles and started eating.


Because the betting agreement between the dk group and the Zhong group had been hanging around on the hotspots for a day, quite a few netizens had seen it.

They specifically squatted for the day, just to find out who lost and who won in this betting.

Basically, no one was optimistic about the Zhong Group, and netizens were unanimous in their belief that the Zhong Group would lose.

Just a few days ago, someone uploaded photos of the Ten Square Realm onto Weibo.

[There was an exhibition a few years ago and I was lucky enough to see the Ten Square Border, a masterpiece in the carving world, but unfortunately, the Zhong Group actually lost it and will never see such a superb carving again.]

There were just so many comments at the time, all of them lamenting.

Even those who were half ignorant of carving could see the extraordinary nature of the Ten Square Realm.

Today, the Ten Square Realm was again topped on Weibo.

[Has the Zhong Group gotten the Ten Square Realm back? If not, will the family’s property be exported?

If they had, how could the official Weibo account of the Zhong Group not have made any noise?

[@ZhongGroupv, come out to work.

I hope we don’t lose face in China.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public.

He went into the conference room with the executive director of dk group and has not come out yet.

But then again, do you know who actually signed this betting agreement?

It’s the adopted daughter of the Ying family who sued Ying Luwei’s fans a while ago. At that time, before the truth came out, Zhong even spoke up, so I guess she has a good relationship with the Zhong family.

But I really didn’t expect her to be able to sign such a big bet on behalf of the Zhong Group.

I’m really convinced of this adopted daughter, she doesn’t do anything proper all day long, she only makes trouble, and now, well, she’s lost all the jade zhai, does she still have a face?


Chapter 120

This one tweet caught the attention of many netizens.

The comments at the bottom immediately multiplied.

[No way no way, can there still be such an operation?

[Why? I can’t figure it out. The Zhong Group has so many people, why let a foreigner meddle in the company’s affairs?

The last time the Zhong Group spoke out I said there must be some kind of unseen deal, tsk tsk, now the Zhong Group is dumbfounded, the Emerald Fast is gone, hahahahaha.

Of course, netizens who have seen that lawsuit live don’t think so.

The company has not said anything, and you are too busy to care? Do you live by the sea? I’m speechless.

I’m speechless, they’re already low profile enough, and they still get cited for this? I don’t even see pigs anymore.

The actual fact is that you’ve got a lot of salt today, right?

But most netizens’ memories are short.

At that time, most people didn’t know about Ying Luwei’s fan net violence, even though it was on the hot search.

After all, not everyone had read Weibo in those days.

There are hundreds of millions of internet users in China, but only a million or so knew about the incident.

Of those million or so, not all of them are on Weibo today.

And, there are many netizens who are wallflowers.

The person who brags one second and the person who curses the next is often one.

[Ah this …… did not she sign the betting agreement? Why can’t you mention it?]

[No, what’s so great about her? A vegetarian, which has licking dogs to defend?

The fact is that she did not think about the betting agreement, she was probably too young to understand anything, and she was too impulsive.

The fact that you are young is no excuse. I know from primary school that you should not interfere with things that you cannot do.

But netizens have learned their lesson and don’t dare to use any strong abusive words.

What if they get sued too?

However, just as the netizens were furiously attacking Ying Zidian on behalf of the Zhong Group, a new Weibo post appeared.

The account that sent the tweet was one that no one had expected.

[@ibi华国分部v: At 3pm Imperial time, our side seized an international theft case somewhere in o-continent, and after investigation, the item it stole was the @ZhongGroupv Jadeite Zhai Zhenzhai’s treasure, the Tenfold Realm.

We will immediately send someone to transport this item to Shanghai, China, and we would like to express our deepest apologies for not being able to solve this theft at the first time.

In addition, the @dkgroup China headquartersv who colluded with this theft is already under investigation, and we will definitely not allow any international violations to happen.

It was when this tweet came out that the internet really exploded.

[…… Crap? I’m blind, ibi? Is that the ibi I know?

[I didn’t believe it, but after taking a look at the certification, I meekly rolled back and started kneeling on the floor.]

[I go, shocked, what kind of operation is this? So the Tenfold Realm was stolen by the dk group? And then blamed on the Zhong Group instead?

I’m sorry, my focus was all pulled away by ibi, it’s not easy for a kid to grow up like this, it’s the first time I’ve seen a live ibi, I always thought this organization was just fictional in the books.

[The dk group has kind of stirred up a big mess, drawing out the ibi, so tragic.]

It’s the kind of thing that you don’t have to guess about.

The company’s name is on the ibi’s list of key monitors, which is equivalent to putting on an invisible shackle.

It is basically impossible to take it off.

After reading the tweets sent by ibi, Fu Yunshen deleted a text message from his phone before raising his head.

A pair of peach blossom eyes were lazy with a smile, seductive.

His slender fingers tapped the steering wheel and asked, “What’s for dinner, Yoyo?”

Ying Ziji leaned against the window on the side of the pa*senger side and raised her eyes at his words.

Because she was quite sleepy, her voice, which was always cold, was lowered a bit: “Well, let’s go for sushi.”

She also wanted to eat eel rice.

“Okay, you take a nap first.” Fu Yunshen fixed his phone to the phone holder in the car and typed in the name of a restaurant.

The navigation started and he started the car.

Fu Yunshen emptied his right hand and took out a blanket from the gap between the car seats and covered the girl.

Fearing that she would be disturbed by the noise outside, he leaned down slightly and took out earplugs and put them on her.

Although Ying’s body had gradually recovered, she still could not hold up because she had been carving continuously for the past few days, with her days and nights reversed.

Fu Yunshen offered to help her complete the carving of the Ten Directions, but was refused. After all, everyone’s carving technique is different and flaws can easily appear.

However, even a man of steel could not cope with such a huge amount of work, not to mention the fact that the carving was extremely eye-catching.

So for the next two days, the two men swapped carving.

It was wonderful that the two were able to join together well, even though they were carved separately.

The new Ten Directions was thus completed.

Ying was also able to bring the ten-sided realm to the meeting room before the Zhong Group handed over the Jade Zhai.

Naturally, there was no way for the dk group to take the Ten Directions Realm back.

With this betting agreement, Zhong’s Group not only got 200 million from dk Group for nothing, but also a 300 million dollar order, and the company’s stock skyrocketed in an instant, even surpa*sing Fu’s Group already.

Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes lowered slightly, smiled, and refocused on the road ahead.

A quarter of the way through the journey, the phone rang.

After glancing at it, Fu Yunshen picked it up and pressed his voice, saying diffidently, “Hello?”

“Brother, bully!” In the headset, was a certain hacker’s voice in awe, “You had them post that Weibo from ibi, right?”

Fu Yunshen looked calm: “No.”

“Come on, it must be!” A certain hacker didn’t eat this, he was so excited, “Although some of your identities are not clear to me, but I know you are really awesome.”

“ibi can even tweet at your word, just tell me, what else can’t you do?”

“Hmm?” Hearing this, Fu Yunshen glanced sideways at the sleeping girl, lazily, “Probably doesn’t know how to coax a little kid yet.”


There was a momentary silence in the air.

After a certain hacker was confused, he exploded, “You’re toxic, aren’t you? What do you call this?”

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes twitched and he let out a low laugh, “The only two things that matter to me at the moment.”

This other thing, naturally, was to remove the toxins from his grandfather’s body.

Although people’s health deteriorated when they got old, they could not let Old Master Fu collapse because of the poison from an unknown source.

“Fine, fine, fine, I’m an ordinary person, I can’t understand the actions of an oxymoron like you.” A certain hacker was still excited, “I say brother, you can even make ibi tweet, so can you get me a position in it?”

“I don’t want anything too high up either, just one of those chief secretaries, so I’ll be able to look at their lacy pictures whenever I want.”

“Well, no.” Fu Yunshen, “Hang up, the kids are sleeping.”

The phone was hung up quite mercilessly.

A certain hacker looked at the hacked phone and was so angry that he didn’t even want to eat the noodles, “Seeing lust and forgetting righteousness!”

He grunted in anger and looked at his computer, ready to take up a new task.

After a while, a certain hacker scratched his head and finally realised that something was wrong.

It wasn’t right.

Didn’t he remember that ibi had checked out a certain man too?

What was this about?


The Zhong Group was at stake, and even though Zhong Manhua had kept her door closed for the past few days and Ying Luwei had prevented her from knowing about it, she still knew about what happened on Weibo today.

Even ibi appeared, and it went straight to the news in Shanghai.

After reading it, Zhong Manhua was glad and angry at the same time.

Fortunate that the tenfold community had found it in the end and Zhong’s group hadn’t lost the jade zhai.

What she was angry about was that Ying had actually signed a betting agreement on behalf of the Zhong Group, which almost caused the Zhong Group to go out of business!

“Dad, you’re just being ridiculous!” Zhong Manhua called Master Zhong over, her heart and lungs aching all the time, “You let her sign the betting agreement, aren’t you afraid she’ll lose the whole Zhong Group?”

If Ying Ziji was only bad at her studies and her manners were not good enough to make her look good, she could still put up with it.

What Zhong Manhua couldn’t bear was that the efforts of many people in the Zhong Group had almost been ruined by Ying Zidian’s hands.

She could not stand it, but she could not stand it.

Zhong Manhua was so angry that her face was blue and blue.

“Zhong Manhua you retard?” Master Zhong, who was still at Zhong’s group, his good mood was instantly ruined by this phone call, “Are you telling me how to do things?”

“Dad, that’s not what I meant. ” Zhong Manhua pressed his temples, barely calming his emotions, “Just say where is she now? Tell her to hurry up and come home, this is something that I have to discipline her about.”

It was a joke when a mother couldn’t find her daughter’s person, and word got out.

“Zhong Manhua you can shut up for the old man.” Master Zhong also became more and more angry as he listened, “Every time I talk to you, I can shorten my life by a year.”

He no longer waited for Zhong Manhua to say anything and directly pressed off the phone.

Then looking to the side, he said with a cold face, “Have the company tweet out now.”

“Huh?” The middle-aged shareholder was also immersed in great joy, and when he heard this coldly, he was a little puzzled, but still nodded, “Fine, fine, Uncle Zhong, I’ll go now, you take it easy.”

A minute later, Zhong’s Group tweeted.

[@ZhongGroupv: This time, Zhong Group was able to win thanks to Miss Cousin. Oh, what are you guys saying? Miss Watch didn’t do anything? Sorry, she’s the one who sculpted the new Ten Square Realm [smile][smile][smile]]