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Boss Lady Chapter 121-122

Chapter 121

Below the tweet, naturally, there was a picture to go with it.

It was the Ten Square Realm that Ying Zidian had brought to the meeting room earlier.

The reason why the Ten Square World has become a masterpiece in the carving world is that it is difficult to forge.

Not to mention whether there is any possibility of imitating the original ice jadeite stone, even if there is, not many people are able to carve eighty different forms of the 88 Buddhas on the half-human highland jade stone.

As a result, there is not a single copy of the Ten Directions in the carving market.

This is also why the CEO of the DK Group was so disoriented when he saw the Ten Directions.

This was because no one could have imagined that someone would be able to re-carve a new copy of the Ten Directions in just four days, and even more brilliantly.

Not to mention outsiders, if Elder Zhong had not given the middle-aged shareholder this Weibo copy, he would not have really known that the Ten Square Realm had not come back yet, but had been newly carved out.

“Uncle Zhong, it can’t be?” The middle-aged shareholder came back dumbfounded after posting the Weibo, “That’s not our Ten Square Realm?”

“Of course it’s not.” Elder Zhong was proud and waved his big hand, “It’s all said and done, it was carved by my granddaughter.”

Oh, I heard that it seems that the Fu family kid helped out too.

Whatever, he couldn’t see or hear.

When he returned the snacks Master Fu had stolen from him, he would look at the kid squarely again.

The middle-aged shareholder wiped a handful of sweat and asked in a shaky voice, “You’re not joking?”

“There’s nothing to joke about.” Elder Zhong was not happy, “I’m not even boasting about it in a big way, I’m not afraid to tell you, just ibi, my granddaughter knows people.”

Well, he didn’t know either.

But that didn’t stop him from blowing off a wave first.

Who would be stingy in praising their own children anymore?

The middle-aged shareholder actually still wanted to say that Elder Zhong was joking.

ibi is an international organisation, even the rich and powerful in the imperial capital can’t get in touch with it, so how could it be possible for them in Shanghai?

But when the words came to his lips, he hesitated.

It is true that ibi has always been fighting international crime, but there is no personal reason why they have registered a Weibo number and sent out a Weibo post.

There are countless things happening internationally every day, most of which ibi is responsible for monitoring and managing, and manpower is very tight.

Even if the loss of the Ten Frontiers was a transnational theft, it was a very big deal.

After all, this theft didn’t involve human lives, so why did ibi tweet about it?

Say ibi with the times, middle-aged shareholders that is not believe.

Maybe …… really has something to do with people’s little girls?

The middle-aged shareholder at least believed some of it, thanks to the constant bragging of Master Zhong.

But netizens who hadn’t experienced this theft saw this Weibo and every one of them believed it.

[Fake, right, just her? Oh, I think I remember she won an award for writing something, for the school art festival? Can carve??? Sorry, I’m laughing first.]

I know you want to protect your family, but that’s not how you put gold and jade on your face.

[With all due respect, carving is not the same as writing large letters and flower paintings, okay, even if your cousin really knows how to carve, can she finish it in four days?

[Is there any proof? Just one picture, who knows if it’s your old stock.

I’ll whisper a word, other than that, this cousin lady is just very driven, and didn’t other Zhong insiders also say that? She was the one who managed to get dk group to raise a bet?

[Yes, I love this alone, those who only tap on the keyboard and hide behind their phones to mock, what are you doing at seventeen? Do you still need your mother to change your clothes?

If you’re not capable, don’t sour on your sister. If you were to sign a deal with a big company, you’d already be incontinent before you got there, right?

We are always ready to help my sister see if anyone has badmouthed her, and then you can receive a lawyer’s letter, no thanks.

The taunting netizens shut up one by one.

The middle-aged shareholder frowned at the comments, “Uncle Zhong, do we have proof that the Ten Square Realm was carved by Miss Cousin?”

“Want a proof of what?” Elder Zhong was upset, “This is what my granddaughter carved, can’t it be that a second Ten Square Realm can be conjured out of thin air?”

The middle-aged shareholder sighed, “But Uncle Zhong, the problem is that people on the internet don’t believe it.”

“Don’t believe it?” Elder Zhong also took out his mobile phone, his fighting spirit high, “I’m going to go to the line with them.”

He hadn’t even opened Weibo here when a call came in first.


“Hey.” Grandpa Zhong coughed a few times, “D**key, have you gone back to your dad’s house yet?”

“Stop tweeting.” Ying Zidian pressed his head and said politely, “Please let me raise an old man.”

Master Zhong: “……”

No, who’s raising an old man?

He’s in his seventies and hasn’t thought about retiring to old age, but rather the more he works the more energetic he becomes.

And as a result his granddaughter is about to retire?!

“Grandpa, I know you mean well.” Ying Ziji lowered his eyes and smiled, “I’m looking at it all.”

Old Master Zhong’s heart suddenly felt a bit bad.

He hadn’t actually done anything, he had just asked the company to send out a tweet.

Sometimes, when one has been in the darkness for too long, a little warmth has to be held tightly.

Elder Zhong frowned, “But the internet-”

“It’s fine.” Ying faded, “I don’t read it.”

Just don’t come to her of your own accord and get in the way of her retirement.

After the phone hung up, Elder Zhong thought for a moment, turned his head, and asked the middle-aged shareholder, “What do you think of my granddaughter?”

“Very okay.” The middle-aged shareholder got serious, “Throw away those filters you have on yourself, Miss Cousin is very suitable to be a manager.”

The betting agreement, if she said sign it, then the Zhong Group would win.

It would also bring huge benefits to the Zhong Group, I’ve never seen someone so good at business.

Master Zhong nodded, and the decision became clearer.


Inside the Maserati.

It was with great patience that she didn’t black him out.

[Master Ying, it’s you, isn’t it?

I knew it would be you! Master Ying, even if you don’t want to take me as your pupil, I still have to call you teacher! You’re too good. Is there any art you don’t know?

[Master Ying, when will we meet again? I’m still here in Shanghai for you. Please, please teach me how you draw so much like Chino Feng.

Ying Zidian clicked on the three dots at the top right of the chat box to turn on the message no disturbance.


The world was clear all of a sudden.

Fu Yunshen looked sideways: “The oil painting master who wants you to go to the Royal Academy of Arts in O China?”

“Yes.” Ying Ziji was silent for a moment, “Do you think that all oil painters are chatterboxes?”

Chino Feng is, and Berg Blaine is still.

Is it possible that there is some kind of tradition in the world of oil painting on the O Continent?

Ying Ziyi pondered.

“Hmm.” Fu Yunshen leaned back on the driver’s seat, looking lazy, “I said no.”

Ying Ziyi turned her eyes and raised her eyebrows.

Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes lifted, his low mute voice contained a smile, “A few more words from our little friend could kill her.”

So this master oil painter in front of him was very unusual.


“So brother is kinda happy.” Fu Yunshen raised his hand and casually rubbed a handful of the girl’s hair, “It’s rare that Yoyo has so much to say in front of me.”

What depressed people are most afraid of is to completely close themselves off and stop contacting the outside world.

This would make the condition worse.

The good thing was that it wouldn’t be now.

Ying Ziji gave him a look and was about to say something when his phone rang.

It was Sheng Qingtang calling.

“Little divine Doctor!” His voice was excited, “I knew there was more to you that was unusual! I didn’t expect that you would even know how to carve.”

He had studied carving and understood the extraordinary nature of the Ten Directions Realm better than an amateur.

The Ten Directions Realm was not just a carving masterpiece, it also contained Buddhist teachings within it.

If he hadn’t read the Buddhist scriptures, it would be absolutely impossible to carve out the Ten Directions Realm.

Is the Little Divine Doctor still human?

“Little divine Doctor, are you free lately, let’s meet.” Sheng Qingtang added, “I have all the qualifications for you from this Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation, come over and sign your name, you don’t have to do anything.”

“Not in, no appointment.” The girl said the most ruthless words in the most polite tone, “This person is dead, something to burn the paper.”

Sheng Qingtang on the other end of the phone, “……”


Zhong Manhua naturally saw the tweet that Zhong’s group sent out.

But by the time she saw it, she had already arrived at Zhong’s house.

She didn’t go on Weibo much, or Zhong Zhiyan had told her about it.

When Zhong Manhua heard it, she was outright angry and laughed.

Saying that the Ten Square Realm was carved by Ying Zigui?

Jiang Moyuan had helped them pick up a real daughter from a poor county, they still didn’t know how much weight they had?

Zhong Zhiyan was very good at reading people’s opinions, plus she was in a depressed mood these days.

She looked at Zhong Manhua’s face and smiled, “Auntie, cousin is indeed quite liked by grandpa, I’m even a bit jealous of her.”

Zhong Manhua didn’t respond.

Master Zhong liked Ying Zidian, so she actually felt a bit better.

Even if she was no good at anything, at least she was liked by the older generation.

But she still had to say something polite, and Zhong Manhua smiled: “Evening, your grandfather still likes you the most.”

Zhong Zhiyan’s smile froze and her fingers clenched her shirt.

“Hello?” Ringing, Zhong Manhua answered the phone and froze, “What? You’re the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation?”


Chapter 122

Zhong Manhua naturally knows about the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation.

This is the general a*sociation of calligraphy in China, and other regional a*sociations are merely sub-a*sociations.

Members of the sub-a*sociations are not even eligible for membership of the main a*sociation.

The a*sociation of Chinese Calligraphic Artists also has a very high status in the art world, and often has exchanges with some foreign masters.

But why would the Chinese Calligraphers’ a*sociation call her?

She had once wanted to ask a member of the Chinese Artists Calligraphy a*sociation to be Xiao Xuan’s teacher, but they were not in the mood for such leisure.

After all, these master calligraphers, who could sell a piece of calligraphy at a sky-high price with their hands, would naturally not come to teach.

Zhong Manhua was puzzled: “May I ask if you have made a typing error?”

“Wrong number?”

There was a staff member on the other end of the line, and when he heard this, he took another careful look at the phone number: “There is no mistake, aren’t you Master Ying’s mother?”

Zhong Manhua was stunned again, “Master Ying?”

The Ying family has been in business for generations, when did they have a master?

“Sorry, if you have typed correctly, then you are a liar.” Zhong Manhua’s expression cooled down, “We don’t have any masters in the Ying family, you have to be a bit technical to cheat people.”

Without waiting for the staff on the other side to say anything more, she simply pressed the phone and blacked out the number.

Zhong Zhiyan realised something when she heard the Chinese Artists Calligraphy a*sociation, “Auntie, what’s wrong?”

“Scam call.” Zhong Manhua laughed contemptuously, “How dare you claim to be a staff member of the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation, inviting some master Ying to their place, you don’t even have to play games to deceive people.”

Zhong Zhiyan’s complexion changed.

Zhong Manhua hadn’t watched the live broadcast of the art festival day, she was there.

The pair of characters that Ying Ziji had written left and right had made Sheng Qingtang marvel at them.

As Sheng Qingtang was the former president of the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation, Zhong Zhiyan was sure that this call was specifically for Ying Zidian.

I didn’t expect Zhong Manhua to take it as a direct scam call.

But it was true, the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation was much more famous in China than the Ying family.

Zhong Zhiyan couldn’t tell whether she was glad or nervous, she looked down and tried to suppress the smile on her lips, “Auntie, what if it was really the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation calling?”

“Not likely.” Zhong Manhua took a sip of tea, unconcerned, “Your aunt and your cousin are not in the art business, as for ……”

The words that followed went unspoken.

Zhong Manhua frowned.

The Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation couldn’t be for Ying Zigye, could it?

She had hired calligraphy and Chinese painting teachers for Ying Zidian, but nothing had come of it.

Zhong Manhua would rather believe that Ying could pa*s one of her mid-term exams.

She hadn’t been to any of the parents’ meetings in Yingcai’s cla*s before, so she couldn’t afford to lose face.

“Evening, you go and do your thing.” Zhong Manhua put down her cup, “I’ll wait here for your grandfather to return.”


This way.

The staff of the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation was disconnected from the call and was confused.

They had to reply to Sheng Qingtang that Master Ying’s family had taken them for scammers, and not only that, they had also blacked out their mobile phone numbers.

Sheng Qingtang was furious, and after thinking about it, he was ready to go straight to the door and ask for help.

At that moment, Qingzhi’s phone call came in.

“Sheng Sheng Tang, it was given to the wrong person.” The head teacher was sweating, “The contact number for Ying’s parents has changed, blame me blame me, I still have the old file.”

“Take a note, this is Ying’s father’s phone number, it’s 177xxxxxxxx.”

Sheng Qingtang wrote it down and was confused: “What about the one just now?”

“That’s her adoptive parents’ home.” The head teacher didn’t say much, just mentioned it slightly, “Quite an unpleasant thing.”

He and the Director of Moral Education were good brothers and together they were known by the students as the Qingzhi Twins, although the Director of Moral Education also had the name of the Exterminator more than him.

The head teacher had heard the Director of Moral Education say that so many times.

That Mrs. Ying doesn’t ask for facts and comes up to beat people up.

If she does that in front of outsiders, what will she do in private?

Just a while ago, there was a story on Weibo about a mother slapping her son in public and choking him.

I thought that this rich and powerful woman would have some manners, but it seems that she is no better.

Sheng Qingtang had been living a reclusive life and really didn’t know about this kind of thing, so he frowned: “OK, I get it, it’s the Ying family of the four gentry, right?”

He hung up the phone and sent the new number to the staff.

He himself got up, put on his old-fashioned gla*ses and sat in front of his computer, tapping out very slowly, to the current president of the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation.

[That what I say to you, remember this Ying family, in future, if they have anyone there who asks for our a*sociation, they all refuse, and then tell them to get lost, as far away as possible].


Central and outer ring.

In the small district.

After taking his medicine, Wen Fengmian received a call from the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation.

He was quite surprised, but not much shocked.

It was as if the resounding name of the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation was not enough to touch him.

But pride, to be sure.

After all, he had brought up Ying Zidian, and even if she was not his own, he had always wished her the best future.

Wen Fengmian smiled and asked softly, “Is it to get Yoyo to join the club?”

“No.” The staff member said, “Our event chairman said that he was asking Master Ying to be the director of our a*sociation, without having to do anything, just to put up a name.”

That was the normal response.

He muttered.

The first call went out, and he thought it had gone to some leader.

A scammer?

Nothing to trick people into joining their a*sociation?

“Okay, I get it.” Wen Fengmian coughed a few times, “I can’t make the decision on this matter, I need to ask the child’s own opinion.”

“I should.” The staff member was a little flattered and said busily, “You’re too polite, I’ll reply to the head of the fest right now.”

Wen Fengmian’s voice was very soft, but it was still heard by Wen Hailan.

The door opened and the teenager came out of the bedroom carrying a small bear, “Dad?”

“Well, it’s looking for Yoyo.” Wen Fengmian got up, a little worried, “Guiya, you’ve been a little sleepy lately, is everything alright?”

“It’s fine, dad, don’t worry.” Wen Huilan rubbed his eyes, “Sister said that it’s normal.”

He had already undergone hypnotherapy twice.

Some things that had been pressed into the subconscious for a long time were slowly being erased.

As the second on the list of nok hypnotists, Yu Xuesheng’s hypnotic ability was naturally recognised as one of the top in the world.

Treating autism was not yet a matter of concern.

“That’s good.” Wen Fengmian let out a sigh of relief and shook his head again with a smile, “You, ah, really just listen to your sister.”

Wen Huilan sat down beside him and didn’t deny it, “Dad, who’s looking for Sister?”

“The Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation, asking Yao Yao to become a director.”

Wen Weilan nodded, “I know, but Sis doesn’t seem very willing.”

“It’s fine if you don’t go.” Wen Fengmian didn’t say anything, “Yaoyao and Mr. Fu ate outside, she left a medicinal meal for us to use.”


On the other side.

Ying Ziyi didn’t know that Sheng Qingtang had even asked the a*sociation’s staff to call her home.

This kind of thing, she didn’t even bother to look at it, it wouldn’t affect anything in the future left and right.

As soon as she finished eating, she was very sleepy.

Fortunately, Fu Yunshen had driven here, so she didn’t have to walk much.

After she fastened her seat belt, Ying Ziji leaned against the window.

Before closing her eyes, she glanced at Weibo.


Her grandfather was so happy that he hadn’t even tweeted today, so she had finally saved herself a job.

Ying yawned, wrapped the blanket around her body, closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Fu Yunshen didn’t drive fast and arrived in the neighbourhood forty minutes later.

Ying Ziyi was still sleeping and had no intention of getting up.

Fu Yunshen lifted his hand and patted her: “Yao Yao.”

The girl stirred, but turned around and buried her head, obviously not wanting to pay attention to him.

Fu Yunshen pulled out the car keys, got out of the car, then walked over to the pa*senger side and opened the door.

As if she knew what he was going to do, Ying turned her body back around again.


Fu Yunshen tapped her again, “Yao Yao, we’re home, it’s time to get off.”

This time there was finally some response.

Just one word.


“We can’t sleep here.”

“Just sleep here.”


This was sometimes really a bit difficult to communicate with children.

Did he have to go and buy some books on the subject and read them?

“Little friend.”

Fu Yunshen propped one hand on the top of the car door, his body leaning down and slightly forcing himself closer.

A pair of peach blossom eyes were deep and charming, light and bright, as if reflecting the entire star river.

“You don’t come down, do you want brother to carry you? Hmm?”