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Boss Lady Chapter 123-124

Chapter 123

Hearing these words, Ying Zidian slightly lifted his eyes, which were still half closed.

Half asleep and half awake, she didn’t pay attention to the stunning beauty in front of her.

She thought about the possibility of his words for a while, and then thought that she could still not move.

So Ying gave a reluctant movement and lifted her hand.

It was a very sleepy and perfunctory tone, with a flat and unchanging intonation, as if she was saying how the weather was today.

“Oh, you can hold it then.”


Fu Yunshen looked puzzled and slowly lowered his head.

This reply was something he hadn’t expected at all.

According to reason, with such a statement from him, the little child would definitely get up immediately and go upstairs to bed.

After all, he was only joking.

Although the girl was a child in his eyes, she was approaching adulthood, and it was important to keep a distance between men and women.

But who knows, she really chose to say yes just so she wouldn’t walk.

Well, it was also possible that the child didn’t see him as a man.

That’s why she was so relieved to let him hold her.

Fu Yunshen looked at the girl nestled in the pa*senger seat, and for the first time, he felt a sense of amusement and anger.

“Yaoyao, behave.” He bent down and went to pull her, “Get up, go up and sleep, it’s just a few steps, how can you sleep in the car?”

“I think it’s fine.”


Once again, the exchange failed.

Fu Yunshen lowered his voice and slowed his tone: “Are you really sleeping here? What if you catch a cold?”

Ying Zidian stopped talking.

She had a “don’t disturb my sleep” look on her face.


Okay, this time there’s no more communication.

Fu Yunshen didn’t say anything else, he just had to bend down and carry the girl out of the car, then put her on his back.

For the sake of the child’s reputation, hugging was not an option, but carrying was.

I can’t help it, I’m spoiled, I can only suffer.

It’s really tiring.

Luckily, there is only one child.

To prevent Ying Zidian from falling off, Fu Yunshen put his hand on her little leg and lowered his eyelashes.

It’s a bit light.

I don’t know where all the food he fed her has gone.

After locking up the car, Fu Yunshen carried the girl upstairs.

This is a six-storey block, and because it was built early, there is no lift.

However, Ying Ziji bought a three-storey flat to make it easier for Wen Fengmian to go downstairs.

The hallway was quiet, so quiet that you could hear a steady heartbeat.

Fu Yunshen slightly tilted his head sideways.

The girl’s chin rested on his shoulder, her head occasionally tilted and her cheek brushed against his neck.

The girl’s softness was unique to her.

Fu Yunshen shifted his gaze, he let go of one hand that was holding her and lifted it, setting her head upright.

But within a moment, it would be tilted over again.

There was a hazy scent that came together, just like a dark fragrance.

With just a few layers, Fu Yunshen felt profoundly that it was more difficult than if he had been walking in a no-man’s land, braving gunfire.

Luckily, there were only three layers, and this hardship was over.

Fu Yunshen lowered Ying Ziji from his back again, holding her up with one hand to prevent her from falling.

With the other hand, he raised it and knocked on the door.

Wen Hanlan, who came to open the door, saw this scene: “……”

He hesitated slightly: “My sister, she’s?”

“Too tired to fall asleep.” Fu Yunshen nodded, “I’ll take her to the bedroom.”


Although the Zhong Group won the betting agreement and got the Ten Square Realm back, the storm did not pa*s.

Master Zhong took this incident to cleanse the Zhong Group’s inner circle with an iron fist.

However, all shareholders who had dissenting views and were even prepared to join with outsiders to seek shares in the Zhong Group all stepped down.

In fact, originally it would not be so fast, after all, these shareholders usually conceal themselves very well.

It was just that this time when the dk group was coming on strong, they all thought that the Zhong Group would lose for sure, which is why they revealed their wolfish ambitions.

But in the end, they didn’t expect that the Zhong Group would survive the attack unscathed and even go up a level.

Several shareholders were so remorseful that they went to beg for mercy on their knees to Master Zhong, but they could not be saved.

After shocking the Zhong Group, Elder Zhong personally went to the place where the One Word Team was holding Zhong Tianyun.

It had only been less than ten days since he had been there, and Zhong Tianyun had lost his former lofty presence.

His face was withered and his eyes were dull.

The One Word Team naturally treated him well, with chicken legs and fish steaks for three meals a day.

It was just that Zhong Tianyun himself was too stifled to eat and could only drink down water.

After seeing Elder Zhong, Zhong Tianyun’s face changed.

He stood up excitedly and tried to rush over, but was firmly controlled by two members of the One Word team.

Elder Zhong looked at him, “Tianyun, I really didn’t expect that you would join forces with the dk Group.”

The dk group was able to come up with such a plan, and Zhong’s group had the cooperation of the top bra*s inside and out.

Master Zhong asked himself that he had never treated Zhong Tianyun poorly, which was why he had not suspected his second brother, his only son, in the beginning.

At this point in time, Zhong Tianyun knew that he couldn’t get away with it and sneered, “Uncle, there are many things you didn’t expect, just like back then, did you ever think that you would get my father killed?!”

If it wasn’t for Elder Zhong, his father wouldn’t have died so early at all.

He would have had at least a third of the shares in the Zhong Group now.

“Is that what your mother said to you?” Elder Zhong looked calm, “Then did she not tell you that she was the one who rushed to give your father a knife.”

“I was in a semi-conscious state, unable to move, and failed to stop it, but it was my fault.”

Zhong Tianyun’s expression changed dramatically, “What did you say?!”

“It doesn’t matter what I said anymore.” Elder Zhong looked like he was tired as he gently waved his hand, “I won’t pursue what happened that day, after all, the punishment you are about to receive is already enough.”

Zhong Tianyun had secretly embezzled up to tens of millions of dollars of public money and was suspected of money laundering, which was a major offence.

The One Word Team would naturally deal with it.

Elder Zhong also ignored Zhong Tianyun’s roaring rant, sighed and walked away with his hands behind his back.


Qingzhi First Secondary School.

Cla*s 19.

Another study session, the juniors leaned in cheerfully to play games.

Xiu Yu had bought new makeup from STAR and had just received the delivery today, and was preparing to try them on one after the other.

As she opened her eyeshadow palette, she said, “Father Ying, the person who sent Jiang Yan’s shoes has been found, it’s from the imperial capital, sister Painted Screen has gone to take care of it, I’ll give you a heads up.”

Ying Zidian nodded his head and gave a “hm”, not asking any questions.

It was as if she had no interest in the imperial capital at all.

“Father Ying, what have you been thinking about?” Xiu Yu was curious, “I’ve been thinking about half the cla*s.”

“I was thinking about-” Ying Zigui spoke, “which one of the midterm exams would be less work.”

Xiu Yu: “???”

No, you’re thinking about that?

Isn’t it easy for their father to take exams like this?

“You’re not taking all the exams, Ying Dad?”

Ying Zidian pondered for a moment, “It doesn’t seem to make any difference.”

The school rules don’t say that you can’t sleep during the exams.

Then it’s the same if you take one exam or seven.

Xiu Yu: “……”

It was that she didn’t understand the world of the school gods.

No, their Ying Dad has gone beyond the scope of a school god.

Just for a while, Xiu Yu watched Ying Zidian live.

She couldn’t understand it, so she went to read the pop-ups, which made her realize that what Ying Zidian was talking about was something that even college students hadn’t studied, and even surpa*sed the level of those college instructors.

Was this still human?

Xiu Yu stared at the girl and was envious.

If their Ying Dad could share a tenth, no, a hundredth of her academic talent and IQ, she wouldn’t have to want to cry when she saw a maths problem.

“If you take all the tests, you’ll have to be number one in the school, right?” Xiu Yu tsked, “Let’s see how that Zhong Zhiyan will still smell like tea when the time comes.”

Ying Ziyang was not interested in Zhong Zhiwei.

As long as she wasn’t specifically hanging around in front of her eyes.

“By the way.” Xiu Yu suddenly added, “You know about Norton University, don’t you, Ying Dad? Our school has surprisingly got the internal interview qualification of Norton University, and will send students to O Chau in June.”

“Hm?” Ying Ziji looked up, “How will the interview qualification be divided?”

“One for the senior age firsts, and the rest for the international cla*s.”

Ying Zidian’s hand paused.

She hadn’t paid much attention to who the top senior students were in the past.

But ever since Wen Huilan had transferred to Qingzhi, he had never fallen off the top spot, whether it was in the school joint exams or the city first model or the provincial first model.

And every time, he managed to pull second by fifteen points.

Fifteen points may not seem like much, but the second is also the best in the cla*s of excellence, and the score of the mock exam has never been lower than 730.

If Wen heard Lan hadn’t come, he would have been the top student in the national paper.

So Wen heard Lan’s score was almost the same as a perfect score, except that he particularly disliked writing essays and deducted all the points in the language subject.

But that didn’t stop him from still coming out way ahead.

So this interview qualification for Norton University is definitely for Wen Hanlan.

Ying Zigui pondered.

It seemed that she would really have to go to O Chau in June.

The real situation of Norton University nowadays cannot be found on the internet, so she needs to go and see for herself.

Ying Zidian was thinking about how to avoid meeting a certain alchemy madman when a little brother ran in from the door in a panic.

“Father Ying, it’s not good, something big is wrong!”

Xiu Yu was so shocked by the river roar that her eye shadow drew on her eyebrows, “……”

She raised her head to look at her little brother, her eyes were enough to kill.

Ying Zidian exited the nok forum, “Take it easy, speak slowly.”


Chapter 124

What she didn’t see was proof that it wasn’t something that was going to kill people.

It shouldn’t be a bad thing either.

Xiu Yu also said at this time, “Ying Dad, don’t expect too much, they’ve been following Jiang Yan for a long time, they’re all in a panic.”

“Just a while ago, I don’t know which ladies’ room they were eavesdropping in, but then they also panicked and said something was wrong.”

“And guess what, Father Ying?” Xiu Yu shrugged, “It turned out to be a girl in senior year who wanted to confess her love to Jiang Yan.”

Ying Ziji glanced at his little brother, “……”

“Sister Yu, of course this is a big deal.” Little Brother was pained, “Because not only was that schoolgirl going to confess to Brother Burn, she also found a few guys from another school to try to get Brother Burn to be a hero, so of course we had to warn him not to fall for it.”

Moreover, it wasn’t even outside the girls’ toilet, it was clearly when they were pa*sing by on their way to the playground.

As immodest as they were, how could they have the fetish of eavesdropping outside the ladies’ room?

Xiu Yu sighed and said in a deep voice, “Be glad you’re with Jiang Yan, if you were with me, I would have beaten you into a third degree cripple.”

“Ying Dad, you believe me, it’s really a big deal.” Little Brother glanced sadly at Xiu Yu, “When I pa*sed by the head teacher’s office just now, I saw Old Demoness Bai go to the head teacher.”

“Said something about having to a*sign a single cla*sroom to you for the midterm exams to prevent you from plagiarizing.”

Ying Ziji’s hand pressing on the phone screen paused and looked up, “You should also be glad that it’s not me you’re following.”

Little brother: “……”

His young mind suffered a severe trauma.

“Old white demon woman is sick?” Xiu Yu’s expression went cold as she looked at the girl, “What do you mean by preventing you from copying?”

Ying Ziyi didn’t care and blurted out, “Maybe.”

If her little brother hadn’t mentioned it today, she would have forgotten who this person was.

“I do remember.” Xiu Yu frowned, “Ying Dad you and Lu Fang bet on the exam paper for the Ying Talent cla*s, it was to be taken in the same exam room as them.”

The Yingcai cla*s had a separate paper with a high difficulty factor.

The focus is more on the flexibility of the candidates’ thinking and the extent to which they have acquired extra-curricular knowledge.

Generally speaking, with the difficulty of the Yingcai cla*s paper, even if it was done by students from the Science Experimental Cla*s, it would be good enough to score 500 points.

This is why the papers of Qingzhi’s Talented Cla*s have been called the number one perversion in the entire network.

It was the other two high schools in the imperial capital that were ranked among the top three schools in the country along with Qingzhi that were nowhere near the level of perversion of Qingzhi.

Because the difficulty factor is different, when the overall results are finally recorded, the grades of the students in the Talented Cla*s are multiplied by 1.2.

In last term’s final exam, Zhong Zhiwei scored 615, which, when converted into the age total, is 738.

So she was top of the cla*s.

Of course, it was not without protest from students in other cla*ses.

The solution was that, in addition to the normal examination papers, students could also choose the papers of the Talent Cla*s.

However, the final result would definitely be worse than the normal paper.

In all the years since the establishment of the Qingzhi Cla*s of Excellence, no more than five students from other cla*ses have chosen the paper of the Cla*s of Excellence.

The 387 marks she got in her previous exams were not on the paper of the Talented Cla*s either.

This was the first time she had chosen to take the Talented Cla*s exam, so naturally it caused quite a stir on the campus forum.

The ordinary paper only scored 387 points, but the total score of the Talented cla*s paper could add up to over 100 points?

“Ying Dad, old demon woman Bai must be holding a grudge against you because of that incident in Biology cla*s.” Little brother was indignant, “After all, teaching our cla*s, I get three times the salary of other cla*ses.”

“It’s alright.” Ying Ziyi put her headphones back on and nodded, “Things won’t go as she wants.”

Xiu Yu rubbed his chin.

Was their Ying Dad being divine again?


Inside the head teacher’s office.

“Teacher Bai, this matter you mentioned is absolutely impossible.” The head teacher refused without even thinking about it, “Doing the paper of the Talented Cla*s, that means taking it in the same cla*sroom as the Talented Cla*s.”

He was quite angry.

What do you mean by preventing students from cheating?

This wasn’t even an exam yet, and they were already suspicious?

“Director, you probably don’t know this student very well.” Bai Shaoshi wasn’t angry, she smiled, “She used to be uneducated in the Talent Cla*s, she could P*ss off someone as good-tempered as Teacher He, do you think she would really take the exam seriously?”

What’s more, the bet between Ying Ziji and Lu Fang was known to the whole senior two.

If anyone lost, they would really lose their face.

“I don’t understand you understand?” The head teacher was furious, “I said it’s not possible, go prepare for your cla*s.”

“Director, I’m really serious about making suggestions.” Bai Shaoshi’s smile stalled, “Ying Zigui will definitely cheat in order to pa*s her exams, it’s better to prepare a separate cla*sroom for her.”

“Are you the director or am I the director?” The head teacher slammed the roster in his hand onto the table, “Fine, it’s fine to list a separate cla*sroom, you can go to the headmaster now and say that you’re replacing me as head teacher.”

Hearing this, Bai Shaoshi’s expression turned ugly for a few moments: “Director, how could I have meant that?”

“I think you did.” The head teacher didn’t bother to pay any more attention to her and let her out, “Teacher Bai, remember that you are only a biology teacher and are not qualified to dictate the examination rules.”

Bai Shaoshi was thus “invited” out of the head teacher’s office.

There were students coming and going outside the office, all looking over curiously.

“What are you looking at?” Bai Shaoshi already had a lot of anger in her stomach, so she couldn’t bear it anymore, “Didn’t your parents teach you to respect your teachers? If you look again, I’ll give you a zero for the exam!”

“Teacher Bai.”

A low male voice rang out behind her.

Bai Shaoshi’s body stiffened and she turned back, embarra*sed: “Teacher He, I was joking with them.”

“Joking?” He Xun frowned, “Teacher Bai, even if you’re joking, you can’t just say such things.”

“What Teacher He said was.” Bai Shaoshi looked at her watch and extended an invitation, “It’s noon, I’ll treat Teacher He to a meal?”


April 28 to April 29 were the days of Qingzhi High School’s midterm exams.

The senior year wasn’t included in them, as they basically spent every day doing papers for exams.

Senior 1 is not divided into subjects, so only three subjects are tested: Language, Mathematics and English.

The exams in senior two follow the pattern of the college entrance exams.

In order to let students feel the atmosphere of the college entrance examination in advance, they will not be so nervous when the time comes.

So on the morning of the first day, the exam is in language.

The exams started at half past nine, and you entered the examination hall at nine, and if you were fifteen minutes late, you couldn’t enter again.

Of course, Bai Shaoshi’s suggestion didn’t work.

The head teacher then placed Ying Zigui’s exam in the centre of the Talented Cla*s in front of her.

Just to let her see if Ying Zidian would cheat or not.

But this time, the students in the Talented Cla*s were not happy.

“Is the head teacher crazy? What if Ying Zidian really wants to cheat? If she sits in the middle, won’t everyone else around her become her treasure trove of plagiarism?”

“Luckily I don’t sit there, so be careful and keep your paper protected when the time comes.”

“Don’t worry don’t worry, I’m so fast at doing my papers, I’ll make sure she doesn’t even have time to copy them.”

A few students clicked together and decided that they would all work on their papers faster.

When the bell rang at nine o’clock, all the students took their seats.

Only the middle seat was still empty.

As Zhong Zhiwei was the first in her grade, she sat in the first seat in the first row.

She deliberately turned her head to look at the middle and frowned.

She didn’t know whether Ying Zidian would cheat or not, but she was sure that even if she did, Ying Zidian’s grades would still be unrecognisable.

She had actually been afraid of this for the past few days, but now it seemed so funny.

It was almost the exam point and Ying Zidian was still not coming, so she was probably scared.

Zhong Zhiyan shook her head, disappointed.

She looked down and checked her stationery, answer key and paper.

The bell for the exam to start at half past nine rang just then, accompanied by footsteps so soft that they were inaudible.

This caused the girl to sit down in her seat without the other students noticing.

The invigilator didn’t say anything, he just thought that the girl was really accurate in stepping on the spot.

Ying Zidian had just brought two pens.

A 2b pencil for marking the cards and a neutral pen for writing the questions.

She casually scanned the paper and started writing.

Then Ying Zidian thought that the language course was not bad, there were quite a lot of multiple choice questions and she didn’t need to move her pen much.

This was probably the most serious she had ever done a question.

She had never been so serious before when she was following those scientists doing experiments.

In fifteen minutes’ time, Ying finished the first side of the questions, and then she turned the answer card over and looked at it.