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Boss Lady Chapter 125-126

Chapter 125

Silence, or silence.

Ying Zidian looked at the back of his answer card and remained silent for five minutes.

The student next to him had been watching out for Ying Zidian copying his answers, so when he glanced at it, he noticed it.

It seems that Ying Zidian had already given up on himself and didn’t even want to copy, so he just started to dwell on it.

So you’re still betting with Lu Fang?

That’s it?

He snorted with contempt and went back to writing his own paper.

Over here, Ying Ziji was expressionless and put her pen down.

She needed to take back what she had just thought.

A topic like the language essay was designed to counter her very existence.

Eight hundred words, it would kill her.

She doesn’t write anymore.

Ying looked up and glanced at the watch above the blackboard. There were still more than two hours before the next exam, which was enough time to sleep.

She fished two soft earplugs out of her pocket and put them on, burying her head in the crook of her arm.

The girl’s actions did not attract the attention of the other students in the cla*s, who had already seen this kind of thing in their eyes.

There was no rule against sleeping during exams, so the invigilator didn’t remind them.

In the past, there was a god of learning in the Talented Cla*s who would sleep for an hour every time he took an exam, and then get up to answer the paper.

But even so, he came first in Yemen.

But can Ying Ziji be compared to this god of learning?

She slept, and that was a waste of time.

Thirty minutes before the end of the exam, the invigilator pa*sed by the girl and took a subconscious look.

He stopped when he noticed that the essay section of her answer card did not even have a title written on it.

The question he had read was really difficult for this language essay question.

It was very likely that he would not even be able to understand the meaning of the question, let alone run away from it.

But not writing a single word would be like giving up the chance to get two marks even if he wrote a title.

As the answer card was pressed under Ying’s arm, the invigilator didn’t know how well she had written on the front.

She just noticed that the paper was as clean as it was before it was opened.

The other questions were not mentioned, but the first question, the reading of the expository text, had to be marked, right?

There were only nine marks for this big question, but many students got three marks at most.

The invigilator sighed, shook his head and left.

Ying Zidian slept through the next exam.

When she left the examination hall, Zhong Zhiwei, who had been holding back for two and a half hours, finally spoke up: “Cousin, did you stay up late last night? How could you sleep so long during the exam?”

Ying Zidian didn’t even turn her head back and went straight out of the cla*sroom.

She really didn’t want to spend a second with some of the students in the Talent Cla*s.

Zhong Zhiyan’s smile froze.

“Zhiyan, don’t stick your hot face on a cold a*s.” The girl next to her took her arm, “Let her sleep on it, and when she loses the bet, won’t she have to apologize to you in front of the whole school? Why are you still asking her nicely?”

Zhong Zhiwei pursed her lips and didn’t say anything: “Let’s go, we have a maths test this afternoon.”

For the students in the Talented Cla*s, maths was the most important thing.

There was no telling where the teacher who gave the maths questions to the Talented cla*s had hired them from, and they were so perverted that they never wanted to look at maths questions again in their lives.

In the final exam last term, Zhong Zhiwei only scored 112 in maths.

This time she asked her big brother for the questions from the maths department of the Imperial University in order to improve her grades.

Zhong Zhiyan looked at the girl’s back as she left and smiled.

The maths exam was so difficult, and Ying could understand the questions?

She was really over-serious.

And sure enough, Ying Ziyang still slept for a long time during the 3:30 pm maths exam.

As soon as the bell rang, she picked up two pens and left the cla*sroom without staying a minute.

As soon as the girl left, the students in the Talent cla*s were all agitated.

“I’m laughing my a*s off, you guys didn’t see that she actually finished her maths paper in thirty minutes, I think she’s not doing some kind of ghost writing on her answer card.”

“I thought she was going to plagiarise, but it turns out she didn’t do any questions at all… I won’t tell you how hard the maths questions were this time.”

“It was really hard, the last two big questions, I really didn’t even understand what the question wanted me to do, so I just had to write a few formulas on my head, hoping the marker would give me some marks.”

“Zhiyan!” Lu Fang shouted and came over, “Do you think the maths questions are difficult?”

The two consecutive exams had put Zhong Zhiyan in a good mood, so she paid attention to Lu Fang: “I should be able to get 125 marks.”

It was indeed a high score for a maths paper in Yingcai cla*s to get this mark.

“Zhiyan, you’re too good, aren’t you.” Some girls were envious, “You said you’re from such a good family and you’re still working so hard, I really admire you.”

If she were a young lady from a wealthy family, where would she put so much thought into her studies?

“Being from a good family doesn’t come from me working hard either.” Zhong Zhiyan smiled lightly, “Grandpa will only be happy if I study well.”

“Zhiyan, when the results come out after Labour Day, you’ll bring your and Ying’s results together to show your grandpa.” The other girl said, “This is no comparison, no harm.”

Zhong Zhiwei didn’t say anything and packed her things.

After all, Ying Zidian’s results, the total marks were not even comparable to hers in one subject.


On this side, Ying Zidian had already left the school.

Fu Yunshen knew she had been tired recently and had exams, so he had been driving to pick her up.

He turned his head sideways and watched her fasten her seatbelt: “How did you do in your exams today?”

“Mmm.” Ying Ziji leaned back in the seat, “Quite tired.”

She wrote her maths paper and changed it once.

It had taken her so long for thirty minutes because she was always habitually using formulas that she couldn’t even learn in university maths.

She would need to restrain herself for tomorrow’s science paper.

“Then go to bed early today and stop surfing the internet.” Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows, “Yoyo, are you sure you’ll pa*s?”

At that, Ying Ziyi looked puzzled, “Yes in the language.”

“If you can pa*s the language, that means you’re improving fast.” Fu Yunshen rubbed her head, “I knew it, if our little one is serious about anything, she’ll be great.”

Ying Ziji thought about it, “I am quite serious.”

So serious that she even wrote a solution to all the big maths problems.

“Yao Yao, don’t take that bet to heart either.” Fu Yunshen turned the steering wheel, “Even if I don’t pa*s, I still have my brother here.”

Ying Ziji propped her hand on her head and looked sideways, her phoenix eyes slightly raised, “Yes you’ve already been promised, have some fun by the way.”

The reason she had accepted the bet with Lu Fang was because she had agreed with Fu Yunshen.

“Hm?” Fu Yunshen’s trailing voice rose, “Brother already has such great charm?”

“No.” Ying Ziji slowly and methodically inserted the straw into the milk tea cup, “It’s the good looking actress.”


Okay, kids are as ruthless as ever.

Fu Yunshen smiled, looking lazy, “Little friend, one pa*s, one good looking actress.”

Ying raised his eyes and seemed interested, “What if it’s a perfect score?”

“A perfect score?” Although Fu Yunshen didn’t expect her to get such a high score, he answered, “If you get a perfect score, my brother will give you an entertainment company.”

He turned his head, his voice gentle, “Just do your best, don’t be too burdened.”


The next day.

Ying Zidian arrived at cla*s ten minutes early because of the promise Fu Yunshen had given her.

The students in the Talented Cla*s were a bit surprised, but they didn’t take it to heart.

They reckoned that Ying Zidian’s language and maths scores were only about ten marks, so even if she had taken her science exams seriously, what could she do?

Lu Fang was excited and tried hard to hold back his laughter.

Soon he would be able to get Ying Zidian to apologise to Zhong Zhiyan in front of the whole school.

There were two invigilators for each exam, and they were chosen at random, one for each session.

As soon as He Xun came in, he saw the girl sitting in the middle at a glance and couldn’t help but frown.

He knew about the betting, too.

He could only say that Ying Zigui was not self-respecting, and actually wanted to compare her exam results with the students of the Talent Cla*s.

The result was still to be thought of?

He Xun didn’t look any further and started to distribute the papers with the other invigilator.

But when it came to Ying Zidian, he was very fast, obviously not wanting to wait a second longer.

The science exam was only two and a half hours long and the questions were very difficult, so there was not enough time.

As soon as the exam bell rang, all the students, including Zhong Zhiwei, started to work on the questions.

Ying Ziji first unfolded the paper and looked at it once, making sure that no question required too much penmanship before she put pen to paper.

She was very fast, with one multiple choice question in ten seconds.

Within a few minutes, she had reached the big physics experiment question.

He Xun was checking if the candidates had written down their names and student numbers, and when he pa*sed by Ying Zidian, he only wanted to take a look at her and leave.

But when he saw her just looking at the paper, the pen in her hand filling in the diagram casually on the answer card, he still couldn’t resist.

“If you’re writing randomly, you might as well not take the exam.”

With that, He Xun went straight to draw the paper in her hand.


Chapter 126

He Xun works with dedication and meticulousness.

When teaching students, he also requires them to strive for excellence and be serious and rigorous.

Therefore, in his cla*sroom, students are definitely not allowed to wander off, let alone sleep in cla*s.

It is so important to write exams so casually?

What’s the point of coming to the exam then?

It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

He thought that Ying Ziji had chosen to take the paper test for the Talented Cla*s because he really had the intention to repent.

It seemed that it was just a superficial act, as she wouldn’t be able to do well in the exam anyway, and then she could go out and show off that she had even sat for the paper of the Talented Cla*s.

He Xun’s expression was very cold, and he didn’t look at Ying Zidian.

But it was only when his hand reached out that it didn’t even touch the edge of the paper.


The table jolted violently and crashed directly into his lap.

Just by hearing the sound alone, one could tell how strong the force was.

A sharp pain came through, causing He Xun to bend his back in direct pain.

He stumbled back a few steps, and if it wasn’t for the table behind him supporting him, he wouldn’t even have had the strength to stand.

This movement startled the students around him, especially the one at the table He Xun was leaning against.

He was so frightened that he dropped the pen in his hand, and his answer card was even scratched with an extra long line.

All the students in the cla*s looked over, both shocked and bewildered, not knowing what was going on.

The other invigilator, who was still putting barcodes on the students, was also startled.

Ying Zigui lifted her head.

Her pupils were as bright as snow and her eyebrows were cold.

It was as if a cold wind was sweeping in as a blade, causing the whole cla*sroom to plunge into the icy snow.

Then everyone in the cla*s of excellence heard the girl’s cold, cold voice: “Brains are useless, I can take them off for you.”


With one sentence, the cla*sroom was dead silent.

Zhong Zhiwei was stunned.

Is Ying Ziyi crazy?

How dare she speak to He Xun like that?

Didn’t she know that He Xun was a graduate of Norton University?

Students from Norton University were the best in whatever industry they were in, and no one would want to offend them.

After all, Norton University is a very prestigious name.

The company has been hiring such a talented Norton University student for many years, so naturally, everything goes smoothly.

Even the headmaster, things are also based on He Xun’s ideas first, others later.

He Xun came to Qingzhi these two years, smooth sailing, really never encountered this kind of thing, let alone be so contradictory.

He drew in a breath, and his eyes beneath his gold-rimmed gla*ses were filled with anger.

But Ying Zidian did not look at him again.

She got up, took her own paper and answer key, and walked out of the examination room so fast that the other invigilator didn’t have time to stop her.

He only had to look at He Xun: “Teacher He, what’s going on? How can you start a conflict with a student in the examination room?”

In order to keep the students quiet for the exam, they didn’t even dare to make a sound when they walked.

He Xun didn’t say anything, just faintly: “Teacher Li, don’t worry about this.”

He tried to stand up by holding the table, but found that the pain in his leg had become even more intense.

If he didn’t still feel conscious, he almost thought his leg had been amputated.

There were even a few other places on his body that were vaguely painful.

He Xun let out a slow breath and his expression became even colder.

With such a big temper, he wouldn’t be able to go long in the future.

There was no need for him to point out and remind anything else.

It was also a waste of his time.

The other invigilator was anxious and angry: “Teacher He, what personal grudges are there that you can’t settle in private?”

He Xun’s eyes went cold: “Teacher Li thinks I’m doing this because of a personal grudge?”

“Or else?” The invigilator was exasperated, “Is it possible that this student has even taken the initiative to provoke you?”

He Xun pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

Naturally, Ying Zidian hadn’t taken the initiative to annoy him, but he just couldn’t stand her casualness and lack of seriousness.

He Xun didn’t explain any further.

Ying Zidian had already left the examination hall on her own, so it made no difference.

Zhong Zhiyan withdrew her eyes and returned her attention to the answer key, but the smile in her eyes could not be concealed.

She had known for a long time that with her attitude towards the exam, she would sooner or later come into conflict with He Xun.

Every minute of the science exam could not be wasted, and if Ying Zidian left in anger, the exam would be invalidated.

But not even three minutes later, the girl came back.

But she didn’t come back alone, she was followed by the head teacher who came in a hurry.

As soon as she entered, the head teacher’s face sank: “Teacher He, what do you mean?”

He Xun froze for a moment and frowned, “What’s wrong?”

“You’re casually taking away the candidates’ papers, and you’re asking what’s wrong?” The head teacher’s voice dropped coldly, “Don’t tell me you don’t want to stop Ying Zigui from taking the exam?”

“Yes.” He Xun didn’t deny it, “She didn’t answer the questions properly, she was writing randomly and wasted a paper, that’s why I had to take it away.”

The head teacher thought he was unbelievable: “She can answer as she likes, what’s it to do with you? Even if you draw a picture of Du Fu on the answer key, is that any of your business?”

“What? Did you produce the paper or did you pay for its printing? Or can’t you have a paper if you haven’t paid the tuition fee?”

Exam papers are what students should have, even if they don’t come on leave.

What’s the point of just taking them away?

He had been the head teacher for twenty years, but he had never seen such a teacher before.

Or was it that all the high achievers who graduated from Norton University were more arrogant than the average person?

He Xun was left speechless by the questioning.

Especially in front of so many students, it gave him a feeling of having no face left for the first time.

The other invigilator finally understood what was going on and also felt incredulous.

“Teacher He, in that case, you don’t have to invigilate this exam and the English exams that follow.” The tone of the head teacher was sarcastic, “I’m afraid that if you see any student thinking about a question, you’ll think he’s dazed and take his paper as well.”

This sentence made the other students startled.

The head teacher didn’t even look at how ugly He Xun looked, so he went to call the other teachers to come here.

Then turning his head again, he said to He Xun, “Teacher He, now please leave the examination hall immediately.”

He Xun’s temper also came up, and he pushed his gla*ses and turned around to leave.

But the pain in his legs could not even support him to stand up.

In the end, it was with great effort that he limped away.

Many of the girls in the examination room were inexplicably disappointed.

He Xun was young, not more than a few years older than them, and handsome, so naturally he was the dream girl of many girls.

But this incident today had somewhat destroyed He Xun’s lofty image in their hearts.

“The others will continue with their exams.” The head teacher said, “The time delayed will be made up later.”


This science exam was like a fire for the students in the few Talent cla*ses around Ying Ziyi.

They just watched as the girl looked at the paper very casually and put pen to paper on her answer card.

Even with the delay, from the beginning to the end, she didn’t take more than thirty minutes to answer the questions.

But in thirty minutes, they hadn’t even finished writing the multiple-choice questions.

Even though several students knew that Ying was writing randomly, such a way of doing the questions still affected them.

When the bell rang for the next exam, several students hadn’t even had time to look at the three big questions in the optional section, and Ying Zidian was already up after a nap.

They were shocked and thankful at the same time.

They were shocked that Ying Zidian was in such a good state of mind, and glad that she wouldn’t do it at all.

Zhong Zhiwei pursed her lips and was in a bit of a bad mood.

This time, the difficulty of Physics was beyond her expectation. Even though she had prepared a lot, she probably wouldn’t get a high score, barely exceeding the pa*sing mark by ten points.

But the good thing is that her biology and chemistry are not bad, so she should be able to get 250 points in the science synthesis in the end.

Zhong Zhiwei wanted to tell Zhong Manhua about what had happened on the science exam, but after thinking about it, she gave up.

She clutched her stationery bag and left the cla*sroom.


At noon, He Xun returned to the office, his face still ugly.

He went to the hospital, but the hospital said he just got hit on the leg, nothing else was wrong, and only a few plasters were prescribed in the end.

He Xun opened the Shark Live platform as usual, but in the subscription section, the avatar of the study anchor was still black.

He clicked in and found that the last live date was 13 days ago, and his heart was in turmoil.

He also contacted the Shark Live platform to get the contact information of this anchor, but was rejected by the Shark platform as not being able to disclose information.

He Xun had also spent a lot of money on gifts, at least half a million already.

But all the private messages he sent to the anchor sank into a sea of rocks, without a single reply.

The date of the Norton University test is getting closer and closer, and He Xun is not yet able to guarantee that he will be able to pa*s.

Just as He Xun was thinking, the blacked out live feed suddenly lit up.

He looked over.