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Boss Lady Chapter 127-128

Chapter 127

He Xun had always wanted to know who this learning anchor was.

However, when this anchor was live, he didn’t show his face but only his hands, so he couldn’t even guess.

The number of people in the academic world in China who could have this kind of ability and were still very young could definitely be counted in the palm of one’s hand.

But He Xun had no way to match this anchor with those academics.

However, it wouldn’t be Norton University.

Even if it was from a D-ranked college like his, no one would be doing live broadcasts as a netizen.

Not to mention, those students from a grade A or above colleges were not even seen by the common industry.

He was disappointed when He Xun found out that there was still only one hand.

He pondered for a moment and took out a card from his wallet.

After taking a picture, he sent another private message to the anchor.


Most people were eating at this time of noon, but the live broadcast was quite popular.

Ying Ziji had just opened the live stream for a few minutes, and there were already a lot of pop-ups.

[The god is finally back, I’ve waited so hard for you.

[Although maths makes me unable to eat, the maths that the gods talk about is quite good for dinner.

[What a coincidence, I’m also eating with a bowl of rice.

Looking at these pop-ups, Ying Ziji paused.

She still used a different voice than hers: “Today, I’m talking about high school maths.”

[Wow, is the god finally being a person? I can’t believe I’m going to be doing high school maths, I’m already sitting on the little bench.

The second year of high school pa*sed by silently, and it was finally my turn to worship the Great God.

[Da Shen, why haven’t you been live lately?

Ying Zidian took out Maths elective 2-2 and casually replied, “Midterm exam, preparing for the exam.”




The pop-up screen was full of a series of ellipses, floating all over the screen.

He Xun, who was also watching the live broadcast, frowned.

Midterm exams?

A scholar at this level has a midterm exam?

Even if it’s to avoid revealing his identity, there’s no need to use such an excuse that can be broken down at once, right?

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

[The gods are so grounded, they actually have midterm exams.

While writing the questions on the paper, Ying Ziji opened her private message box.

Then she saw the science exam question for Qingzhi’s Talent cla*s: “……”

It was a real coincidence.

The papers that were done were all in one set.

As Ying Ziji was about to close the private message box, her eyes shifted down and she saw the four words that caught her attention.

Norton University.

She clicked on that private message.

[Hello, god, I’m fourth on your fan list, you haven’t replied to my private messages, and I don’t know what the reason is.

I’m a graduate of Norton University and have a favor to ask you, please reply when you see it.]

Below this private message is a picture.

The certificate of completion of Norton University.

It was a certificate of completion, not a graduation certificate.

Ying didn’t look at it anymore.

She closed the private message, deleted it, and blacked out the account again.

She was still too weak to calculate the identity of the person on the other side of the network through the internet.

And, she really didn’t have the leisure to count one at a time.

The live broadcast was just a tool for her to earn money, she didn’t even care about it.

After an hour and a half of live broadcasting, Ying turned off the live broadcast and went on to take her English test with two pens.

The first thirty minutes were for listening.

Because of her obsessive-compulsive disorder, Ying Zidian listened to the listening recordings and was so impressed by the sound recorders reading them that she just wanted to correct their intonation and staccato.

After listening, she glanced down and realised that she hadn’t answered the questions.

After a brief review of her memory, Ying picked up her pen and began to answer the first listening question.

The speed of her answers was still very perverse.

Not to mention the fact that the English questions were all multiple choice questions, so her speed was even faster than ever.

While the students in the next cla*s were still working on the completion questions, Ying had already finished answering the correction questions.

When she looked at the essay, she had to write 150 words and was tempted to put down her pen.

But she couldn’t get full marks in the language, so she might as well do it in English.

After finishing the essay in another ten minutes, she looked at the time, yawned, buried her head and started to refresh herself.

Qingzhi’s exams were based on the college entrance exams, so she could only turn in her paper fifteen minutes early.

There were a lot of people turning in their English papers early, and the students in the Talented cla*s came out with a lot of mixed expressions.

“I had thought that Ying was really scribbling, but I pa*sed by her desk when I handed in my paper and took a look at the vocabulary she used in her essay, which I hadn’t even seen before.”

“That’s what proves she was scribbling, isn’t it? You’ve at least memorised the IELTS vocabulary and you’ve never even seen it, so she probably made it up out of the alphabet.”

“But it looks pretty decent, and she’s got all her answer cards scribbled all over the front, too, and I have the impression that a few of them are the same as the ones I did.”

“Then you’re screwed, you got those questions wrong.”

Zhong Zhiyan didn’t join their chat, she just pursed her lips and smiled, “Don’t say that guys, my aunt even hired an English teacher for my cousin, the last time she answered that question in cla*s, I didn’t even know how to do it.”

“Just a blind cat that met a dead rat.” Lu Fang sneered, “Let her take it easy for three days, she won’t be able to laugh when she comes back from the holidays.”

The rankings of the mid-term and final exams would be posted on the school bulletin board.

Of course, only the top 100 are posted to take into account the mood of the students.

However, the complete rankings would normally be uploaded on the campus forum, and when the time came, it would be a public execution.

Because he was in a good mood, Zhong Zhiwei said, “Let’s go, it’s not easy to have a holiday, I’ll treat everyone to dinner.”


It was half past five after the exams, just in time for dinner.

Ying got into the Maserati: “Where are we going to eat today?”

“Not in Shanghai today.” Fu Yunshen was lazy, “I’ll take you to Hengdian Film City.”

He looked sideways, “Don’t you want to see really good looking actresses?”

The last three words, as if for emphasis, he bit off more than he could chew.

Ying Zidian’s hand on her seatbelt paused, “The results are not out yet.”

“So, let’s show you first, little friend.” Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows and his lips curved up, “This will give you motivation to study if you see any very good looking actresses who are stimulated by the time.”


Sometimes, is really do not want to talk to him.

“The movie star you said last time was coming to Qingzhi to give a speech is also filming over there.” Fu Yun Shen looked scattered, “Then brother will also drop by and see if there are any good looking male stars.”

Ying Ziji smiled and looked sideways, “Are you ready to bend?”

She thought that one of the great inventions of the 21st century was this new hipster language.

It was really quite interesting.

Fu Yunshen looked puzzled, he looked at her and smiled, “Yao Yao, how do you talk?”

“To be honest.”

“You look at female celebrities, I look at male celebrities, how come when it comes to me, it’s bent?”

“It says on the internet that girls hold hands and are sisters.” Ying Ziji leaned against the car window, not slowing down “Boys holding hands-”

Fu Yunshen went along with the question, “What is it?”

“It’s a couple.”


This was the first time Fu Yunshen had heard such a statement.

His eyes narrowed slightly, emptying a right hand to jerk the phone away from the girl’s hand: “Little friend, the phone is confiscated by my brother at this moment, so you should read less abnormal things.”

“Little brain so smart, don’t get dumb.”


Until the end of the day, He Xun did not wait for a reply from that study anchor and was a little anxious.

But he clearly saw that the study anchor had also spoken on the live stream about a question sent over by another fan.

He frowned and sent another private message, yet it was unsuccessful.

He was blacklisted by the anchor and could not even send pop-ups in the future.

This was something He Xun hadn’t expected at all.

He took a deep breath and just felt like he had spent his money for nothing.

And at this time, a new announcement was released on Qingzhi’s official campus website.

【Title】:Announcement of punishment for the 4.29th Science and Engineering exam of the Talented Cla*s.

[Content]: At 9:40am this morning, the teacher surnamed He had a conflict with a student in the examination hall, and after investigation, it was the selfish act of the teacher surnamed He that affected the student’s examination.

The punishment is as follows: the teacher surnamed He is banned from invigilating examinations, suspended for one week and apologised to the students at the flag-raising ceremony.

This announcement is hereby made.

Seeing this announcement, He Xun’s expression became even more ugly.

Admittedly, he had been impulsive in this matter, but it didn’t have to be so serious, right?

Moreover, it was even put up on the campus network, how could his students look at him?

He Xun got up and was about to go to the headmaster.

At this time, his mobile phone rang.

He stopped and took it out to take a look.

There was no caller ID, and it was obviously hidden.

Naturally, he had received this kind of number on his phone, and not just once.

There was also only one place that called him that would be a hidden number.

Norton University.


Chapter 128

The first time he received such a number was from the Norton University Admissions Office when he was accepted to Norton University seven years ago.

Since then, however, he has never received an official call from Norton University.

The remaining times, it was his mentor who called.

So not to mention outsiders, even they, former Norton University students, could not get a glimpse of Norton University’s full picture.

It was too mysterious, and too desirable.

He Xun immediately picked up, “Hello.”

“He, it’s me.” On the other side of the phone, it was indeed his tutor, “Originally, this call, you should not be able to answer.”

Hearing these words, He Xun’s throat tightened, “Mentor?”

“You should know that, right?” The tutor sighed, “The school side is also recording your work as a way to judge whether you can graduate without an examination.”

He Xun’s eyes sank, “Yes, I know.”

Because the test was too difficult, Norton University gave other options.

If a student met the university’s requirements in terms of work, they could get their diploma directly without having to take the test.

He also chose to come to Qingzhi as a teacher because the job of a teacher was easier and more convenient.

“The school is disappointed with your performance today, especially since you were also punished.” The tutor was regretful, “He, so your test is twice as difficult, two of the students you teach must pa*s the school’s interview and admissions test.”

He Xun’s expression changed in an instant, “Mentor!”

This admissions test was not for a D-grade college, even if it didn’t reach S-grade, it had to be at least A-grade.

But if anyone could get into an A-grade academy, what else would the test be?

One is hard enough to get into, two is almost impossible.

The test was one of two, but the other test was even harder, to solve a problem given by Norton University.

That was why he had gone to that study anchor for help, but in the end it was a basket case.

“That’s it, Hor.” The old man was a believer, “God bless you and good luck.”

The phone hung up, and He Xun was still in a daze, not looking back.

Far away from the continent of O, across an ocean and an unknown number of countries, Norton University was actually able to know what was happening on the side of Qingzhi High School.

It’s true that Qingzhi issued a penalty announcement, but it didn’t say what the details were.

In this way, He Xun remembered another cla*smate of his from a year ago.

This cla*smate chose a job in sales.

The choice was different and the a*sessment was also different.

And once, his cla*smate was also punished by the company after he verbally abused a few customers during the sales pitch.

It didn’t take long for a call from Norton University to come in, with the same wording.

It was as if there was nothing in this world that Norton University didn’t know about.

He Xun pursed his lips, and did not go to the headmaster, sitting in his chair and fuming.


Although Mentor Lu Zhi’s medical skills were not enough to make Old Lady Ying fully recover, they had helped her tune up her body.

In the past few days, she has been able to get out of bed.

At her request, Ying Luwei had to go to the hospital to discharge her.

She wore a hat and a mask so that no one would recognise her.

Ying Luwei thought that after a month or so, time would have smoothed things over.

But she secretly went on Weibo a few times with her small number and found that there were still many netizens mocking her below.

Her carefully raised fans were also being shouted at by everyone, and she couldn’t even control the comments anymore.

As a result, she didn’t dare to show her face, and when the studio occasionally posted her daily life, the comments had to be selected.

After sending Mrs. Ying home, she went to her own piano room.

The score on the piano stand was still Vera Hall’s “Sun and Moon”.

After pressing a few notes, Ying Luwei became angry and slammed the lid down.

It was less than twenty days before her recital.

After practising for so long, she could only manage to play 24 bars of this world-cla*s piano piece, The Sun and the Moon.

Not to mention stumbling and making mistakes in between.

If she had gone on stage with this level of proficiency, her remaining fans would have gone straight off.

But what else could she do if she didn’t play “The Sun and the Moon”?

Ying Luwei was so distracted that she didn’t want to practice at all.

At this time, her manager called to ask about her progress.

“No.” Ying Luwei held back her resentment, “What do you mean by Vera Hall? The man is dead, so why not leave the score behind?”

She also had the feeling that there were several places where the notes were wrong, but even those pianists in O-continent hadn’t been able to correct them, what could she do?

“You don’t want anyone on the internet to hear that.” The agent frowned, “Vera is even from the 18th century, her influence is still there today, you can’t compete with her if you don’t want to be torn, so be careful with your words.”

“Got it.” Ying Luwei was perfunctory, “I’m at home and no one else can hear me, but what about my recital?”

“I’ll give you a suggestion.” The agent pondered for a moment and spoke, “The situation you’re in now is the result of that fake daughter of your Ying family.”

“Why don’t you invite her to your recital and let her play a piece of music?”

Ying Luwei froze, “Let her play? She doesn’t know how to play.”

“It’s because she doesn’t know how to play, that’s why you should let her play.” The agent laughed, “You could also say that you taught her piano but couldn’t teach her anyhow.”

“You mean -” Ying Luwei understood, “to make a big fool out of Ying Ziji and help me fix my powder?”

She liked life in the spotlight, which was why she marketed her persona in the entertainment industry.

At the same time, she was also deeply dark about how to manage the powder circle.

“That’s the idea.” The agent said, “But you have to find a way to make her say yes, otherwise if she doesn’t come, everything will still be useless.”

Ying Luwei was impressed, “I have a way, don’t worry.”

“Anyway, it’s better to be careful.” The agent reminded again, “Your recital tickets are already selling pretty well, the remaining fans are really die-hard, you don’t have any black spots like murder and arson, they definitely won’t go off the grid.”

“You can give me a few tickets, for the first row.” Ying Lu Wei ruffled her hair, “I’ll take them to my sister-in-law and the others.”


Hengdian Film and Television City.

It was already eight o’clock in the evening when the Maserati arrived at its destination.

At this time of night, most of the film crews were still filming.

There were still many tourists visiting the city for the chance to meet the stars here.

Ying Ziji got out of the car, her phoenix eyes narrowed slightly and she raised her head.

This is a film and TV shooting base, but basically it’s all ancient dramas, so it’s all clear ancient architecture too.

She took one look and her interest was lost.

After all, when she wasn’t on Earth, these were in front of her every day, and they had to be even grander and more ma*sive.

“There’s a nice barbecue restaurant over here, but tomorrow happens to be May Day, and there are more people coming over here today to have fun.” Fu Yun Shen slightly leaned down and naturally pinched the girl’s face, “Yaoyao, you play a little over here first, Nie Chao he will also come later, brother go line up to get the number.”

After thinking about it, he took out the daily nut from his pocket again and put it into her hand.

“You’ve slept all the way, eat this to pad your stomach first.”

Ying nodded: “I’ll wait for you.”

Fu Yunshen got back into the car and went to find the car park.

Within a few minutes, Nie Chao, dressed in a flirty pink suit, came over from the other side, attracting a lot of attention along the way.

Upon seeing the girl, his eyes lit up, “Big Brother!”

Ying turned around and looked at the slippers under his feet, “……”

A bit reluctant to recognise.

“Big Brother, I’ve missed you so terribly.” Nie Chao dawdled over, “Alas, it’s a pity that Seventh Younger has hidden you so well that I can’t even see you.”

“I’m right here at school.”


How come both of them are not enlightened?

Nie Chao scratched his head and immediately changed the subject, “Big Brother, my company is filming over there, do you want to go check it out first?”

Hearing this, Ying Ziji intended to pay more attention to him, “Female and male?”

“Both men and women.” Nie Chao had already gotten Fu Yunshen’s words, “The women are pretty and the men are handsome, to make sure you’re satisfied.”

Ying Zigui nodded slightly, “Let’s go.”

The two of them walked towards the film base.

“This way, big brother.” Nie Chao led the way, “I’ve invested in a Qing dynasty drama, they’re filming in the Ming and Qing dynasty palace garden.”

The Ming and Qing palace garden is a major attraction and filming location in Hengdian Film and Television City, a 1:1 replica of the Forbidden City, modelled on the rituals of other dynasties, and incorporating architectural features from the Republican era.

Ying thought about it.

When she used to come to this side of China, it was indeed still ancient times, like it was some kind of Qing Dynasty.

That would have been even less interesting.


The dog and pony shows Nie Chao and his company made were indeed quite to her liking.

“This is the royal garden.” Nie Chao introduced as she walked, “There seems to be some kind of tearing up between the concubines in a moment, big brother, I’ve prepared all the chairs for you, so you can just watch the show.”

This remark made Ying Ziyi give him an extra look, “I can tell you your peach blossom luck.”

Nie Chao was happy now, and he walked to the tree and was about to bring the chair over.

But before he picked up the chair, a staff member came in a hurry on the other side and snatched it away with a split hand.

“What are you doing?” Nie Chao was baffled, “This is my chair.”

The staff member turned around and gave him a sarcastic look, “What’s your chair? It’s the crew’s.”

“The crew’s is mine, isn’t it?” Nie Chao was furious, “Give me the chair.”

“Alright, alright, no time to talk to you, Miss Luo also needs to rest, can’t you guys wait first?” The staff were already in a hurry to deliver something, and when they were stopped, they immediately became angry, “Can you compare yourselves to Miss Luo? If something goes wrong with Miss Luo, can you afford it? Or can you not stand without legs?”