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Boss Lady Chapter 129-130

Chapter 129

The staff member didn’t even give Nie Chao a second glance.

The tone of their voice was very impulsive, containing a strong sense of mockery, full of contempt.

Apart from the stars, Hengdian Film and TV City also receives many VIPs every month.

These VIPs are the real moneymakers in the entertainment industry.

The tips given to them at hand were in the thousands of dollars.

The crew they are in charge of tonight is not big, but several of the actors are from the hottest 100-person talent show “Youth 101” not long ago.

One of the companies had pitched in big bucks for them to be well received.

At this moment, a scene had just been shot there and the actors had to rest and prepare for the next shoot.

But the ordinary chairs were too hard, so the agent asked him to go and bring over a soft reclining chair.

The staff didn’t dare to be slow at all and immediately went to find it.

I don’t know where this group actor came from, but he wanted to steal the chair from the main actor?

He even said that the chair was his?

It was already night time, and he was still daydreaming.

The staff member looked Nie Chao up and down again and was impatient: “Hurry up and get out of the way, will you give me the money if you delay? Ah?!”

“Give you money?” Nie Chao held back, but still did not kick up, “I’ll deduct all your money!”

This was a luxurious chair he had specially prepared for his sister, the cushions were all made of fine velvet, specifically for watching the show.

Such a chair came down to ten thousand dollars already.

What the hell is this for Miss Luo?

Is it worthy?

Even though Nie Chao was uneducated, he was from the Nie family and had a black belt in karate.

Not to mention that he had also trained a lot under Nie Yi’s long-standing intimidation.

The fact that the staff member was able to snatch the chair from him earlier was something he simply didn’t expect to happen.

Nie Chao used only a little deft force to snatch the chair back.

The staff member was incredulous.

He reached out to snatch it again, but he was no match for Nie Chao.

“It’s over, you’re done.” The staff member was so anxious that he stomped his feet, “You dare to take Miss Luo’s chair, do you not want to be in Hengdian anymore?”

It couldn’t be easier for a group actor to be banned.

Nie Chao didn’t have time to talk to him.

He just walked towards the girl with his chair in his arms, “Big brother, bad luck today, I’ll invite you to watch the play tomorrow, I’d better take you to take a stroll around the attractions over at Cheng Tian Men, the night view there is good.”

His chair, he hugged and didn’t give any Miss Luo a seat.

“Let’s go.” Ying didn’t look at the staff either.

The two of them left one after the other, treating the staff as if they were nothing.

The staff member’s face was blue and white for a while, shaking with anger, but more than that, he was scared.

He hadn’t got the chair, how could he explain it to the staff back later?

There was a lot of commotion here, and it was close to the shooting spot.

In a matter of seconds, someone arrived.

It was the agent who had sent the crew to find the chairs earlier.

Seeing the staff standing there, the manager was displeased: “Zi Yue asked you to move a chair, what are you doing? Are you trying to get your salary docked?”

“Brother Chen, I was moving a chair.” The staff member was in a bad mood, “But a group act in slippers came from nowhere and took the chair away.”

“A group act?” The agent frowned, “The group act dared to snatch what Zi Yue wanted?”

What kind of group act is this, and they want to earn money?

The staff described it, “And wearing slippers, no quality at all.”

“Forget it, you don’t have to worry about the chairs.” The manager waved his hand, “Zi Yue wants to eat the cinnamon cake from that shop to the west, go and buy some.”

The staff wiped off a sweat and quickly left again.


Other side.

Barbecue shop.

Only after Fu Yunshen got his number and finished queuing up and got into the booth did he ask Nie Chao to bring Ying Ziyue over.

This barbecue restaurant didn’t have the charcoal smell of the others, the air was fresh and the floor was clean.

Many stars come here to dine after filming.

Fu Yunshen was sidling up to the waiter and saying the names of the dishes. When he saw the girl enter, he vacated the seat next to her and let her sit down.

“Seventh young man, but I’m furious.” Nie Chao put his luxurious chair down and sat opposite, “You said I spent a lot of money on this custom-made chair, and someone actually wanted to whoring my chair for nothing.”

“I’m telling you Seventh Younger, with my violent temper, I almost didn’t smash this chair straight into his head.”

“Well, then I had to go to the police station to fish you out, and your big brother had to pay an extra bail.”


Nie Chao immediately wilted.

Fu Yunshen finished his order and turned his head, “Yaoyao, is everything okay?”

Hengdian Film and Television City was indeed prone to conflict, and he had thought that with Nie Chao as his host, he would at least be able to circumvent these things.

It seems that he had been careless.

In the future, it would be better to keep an eye on the children he brought with him.

“I’m fine.” Ying Zidian propped his chin up with his right hand.

With the other hand, he fished out a bottle from his pocket and tossed it to Nie Chao.

“Big Brother, what’s this?” Nie Chao picked it up and got excited when he opened it, “Is it an immortal elixir that can give me peach luck?”

“No.” Before Ying could respond, Fu Yunshen raised his eyelashes slowly and lazily, “It’s a kidney tonic.”

Nie Chao: “What??”

He was in his prime, why did he need a kidney tonic?

Fu Yunshen curled his peach blossom eyes and smiled lowly, “Isn’t that right, little friend?”

Ying Zidian nodded his head.

The kidney tonic is just one of the effects.

It was right to say so.

Nie Chao’s heart broke.

Two people had teamed up to bully him, a single dog who was always getting kicked by women.

“By the way, brother hasn’t asked-” Fu Yunshen pulled his sleeve up to the middle of his small arm and picked up a skewer of chicken wings, “How did you do on your exam today?”

“Not bad.”

“Well, are you sure you’ll get a hundred in the science round-up?”

“Three hundred, I think.”

“Pfft-” Nie Chao spewed a mouthful of beer, “Big guy, you’re good at this fighting, but you’re just as much of a dud as I am at studying.”

He had graduated quite a long time ago, but he also knew that three hundred in science was a perfect score.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t inquired about Ying’s academic performance at Qingzhi; it was difficult to pa*s.

There were places where he could still do as well as the big boys. , which gave Nie Chao some comfort.

Fu Yunshen glanced at Nie Chao, “It’s not the same.”


“You’re not as well behaved as our little friend.”

Nie Chao glanced at the girl who was seriously eating the roast meat: “……”


Good enough to beat a dozen big men with one hand.


After eating, Nie Chao started showing off again, “Seventh youngster, big brother, I have a penthouse suite over here, it’s packed up and reserved especially for you.”

“It’s almost ten o’clock.” Fu Yunshen glanced at the watch on his wrist and got up, “Yao Yao, it’s time to go back to bed.”

“No, I want to watch the drama.”

“We’ll watch the real thing tomorrow.”

“That’s not it either.”


Nie Chao pricked up his ears and was listening, his eyes glowing green.

“Okay.” Fu Yunshen gave up, “You can only watch one episode.”

The three of them walked back.

As they walked, they pa*sed by the Ming and Qing Palace Court from earlier.

At this time, all the crews had already wrapped up.

Luo Ziyue had been filming all day and had knelt for a long time, her body was as if it had fallen apart.

Especially since there was not even a soft chair tonight and the hard bench made her lose her appetite.

Luo Ziyue just wanted to get back to rest quickly and instructed the staff at the side, “Pack up my things.”

The staff member busily responded, and as soon as he turned around, he saw a tawdry pink suit.

Luo Ziyue saw him not move and wrinkled her brows, “Hurry up.”

“Miss Luo, it’s the harmonicist.” The staff member wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to brush up on his goodwill in front of Luo Ziyue and pointed to the front, “What he’s holding in his hand is the chair I found for you.”

Luo Ziyue took off her sungla*ses and looked in the direction he was pointing.

But the first thing she noticed was not Nie Chao, but Ying Ziyue, who was standing at one side.

The light from the street lamp wasn’t clear, bright and fading.

But even so, it was hard to hide the girl’s picturesque face.

Luo Ziyue recognised her at once.

This was the private student who had followed her in the milk tea shop last time, and had made her lose face by talking tough.

It seems that this private student rice is quite competent, he even found out where she was filming and specially mixed in as a group actor.

Luo Zi Yue’s face turned cold: “Follow me there.”

With someone backing her up, the staff naturally had the courage to do the same.

Nie Chao was telling Fu Yunshen about what had happened a while ago when two people blocked the road in front of him.

He was forced to be interrupted and turned his head: “Who is it? Can you walk?”

Luo Ziyue ignored him and looked at the girl who was eating a sundae and sneered, “What, I didn’t make it clear to you last time and you dare to do it again?”

Fu Yunshen raised his eyes as he stepped forward, shielding the person beside him behind him.

His voice lowered and he was laughing, “What did you say?”

Only then did Luo Ziyue notice that there was a third person, and when she looked over, she was frozen.

She didn’t look back for half a day until a voice came from behind her, it was the producer.

“Miss Luo, your scene tomorrow is at seven o’clock, you must not be late.”

Luo Ziyue was impatient, but had to respond, “Please inform, I will.”

After saying that, she just looked at Ying Ziyang and Nie Chao coldly and lifted her chin, “These two people, I don’t want to see in Hengdian in the future.”

“Or else, I won’t do this scene.”

The two group actors were no match for her, they could be replaced by anyone.

The producer didn’t expect to hear such words, so he froze for a moment and looked over.

When he did, his nerves tightened.

“Boss? Why are you here in person?” The producer was so shocked and scared that he almost fell to his knees, “I swear, this time the plot really isn’t as dogged as last time.”


Chapter 130

When the producer sees Nie Chao now, his legs go weak.

Although he was in charge of coordinating and shooting the script, he didn’t know what his boss’s preferences were.

Originally, he had produced a small web drama in accordance with the current trend of web dramas, and used all the doggy stuff as he saw fit, such as the amnesia scene.

At the time, the producer saw a lot of online reviews and thought it was good.

Who knew that their boss would personally come to the studio and threaten to break their legs if they ever made such a bloodthirsty drama again?

The producer was terrified.

Their boss basically doesn’t come to Hengdian, so this can’t be true, right?

On the side.

The moment the producer opened his mouth, Luo Ziyue’s mind instantly went blank and her ears perked up.


Somewhat unable to understand what the producer was saying, her arrogant expression froze on her face as she stared blankly ahead, her eyes listless.

The staff who had come after her, their smiles frozen in disbelief as well.

This group actor in a pink suit and slippers was the boss?

Then, just now, he was trying to grab the chair of the boss of the crew, and he even let out harsh words?

The staff member shivered and his body kept trembling.

Just as he wanted to confirm with the paper man, the producer wiped his sweat and spoke again, “Miss Luo, let me introduce to you, this is our investor, Mr. Nie Chao.”

“I dare not.” Nie Chao was still clutching his luxurious seat, when he heard this, he spoke in an ominous tone, “I’m not an investor, I’m a group actor who was banned by the Hengdian.”

Luo Ziyue’s face turned white with a swish, and there was no trace of her previous high-mindedness.

Her lips trembled as she tried to speak, but nothing came out.

When Nie Chao said this, the producer also remembered what Luo Ziyue had said earlier and was shocked and angry: “What did you say? You want to kick the investors out of Hengdian?”

“No, I ……” Luo Ziyue was embarra*sed and her heart was unbearably ashamed.

Her face was so hot and sore that she wanted to find a crack in the ground and bury herself in it.

She was used to playing big names, and before she started, she was the same in Youth 101, and the other contestants didn’t dare to say anything even if they were angry.

After all, she has a backstage, so even if anyone is uncomfortable with her exposure, the tweets will be deleted and the person who is unlucky is the one who exposed her.

Therefore, Luo Ziyue has never considered any consequences, and she lets whoever messes with her go.

Who would have thought that such a big investor would actually dress so immodestly?

“Mr. Nie, I’m sorry.” Luo Ziyue only had to stiffly apologise, her voice mumbling, “I didn’t know earlier and offended you, it’s really ……”

“Don’t apologize to me.” Nie Chao didn’t eat this, “What did you say about our Seventh Younger Sister just now? Say it again?”

Another glance up and down at her, “What kind of thing are you, worthy of having her come for you?”

Those who could have this privilege, Seventh Younger was only barely one.

What the hell was this little battered star?

Nie Chao quite wanted to swing his chair up and take out this bad breath.

A word that humiliated Luo Ziyue so much that she couldn’t even stand up, she was white and trembled out, “This young lady, I’m sorry, I always thought you were my illegitimate child, I’m ……”

The girl ignored her from the beginning to the end, not even a single look.

This made Luo Ziyue feel even more humiliated, and the blood on her lips faded cleanly.

She looked at Nie Chao again, and for the first time, her tone carried a bit of a pleading tone, “Mr. Nie Chao, I really didn’t mean to do it.”

“Sorry, your grandfather, I’m just that careful.” Nie Chao had seen many beauties in the entertainment industry, a single Luo Ziyue was not in his eyes at all, so he said directly to the producer, “Tell her to get out of our production right now and don’t let me see her in Hengdian.”

Naturally, the producer listened to Nie Chao and made an immediate decision, “Miss Luo, you don’t have to come to the shoot at seven o’clock tomorrow morning, I’ll give you your pay for the past few days.”

“Take that big pile of yours and your pile of people and go, the crew is a small temple and can’t afford to feed a big Buddha like you.”

Luo Ziyue’s body swayed and her face went white and white.

Regret came in waves and tears came out of her eyes.

“And this staff member, dismissed.” Nie Chao added, “What kind of work attitude, no manners at all, it’s good that it was me who met me, if you met another company boss, I think you can just go home and farm.”

The staff member’s body was shaking like chaff: “Boss, I didn’t know it was you, if I had known ……”

“What, if you knew you’d still be climbing on my head?” Nie Chao grunted, “It’s too bad luck, you see to the matter, we’ll leave first.”

He cleared his throat and lowered his voice, “Younger Seven, I’m handsome, right?”

Fu Yunshen glanced at him, smiling, “Wait until you have some taste in dressing.”

“What’s wrong with my taste in clothes.” Nie Chao muttered, “If I had your and my brother’s swagger, I could put on a sack.”

The producer sent the three away and raised his voice, “Boss, don’t worry, this time the drama will be to your satisfaction.”

No sooner had he said this than he saw the girl stop, turn her head, and come towards him again.

Ying took out a bag of snacks and said, “I think the script is good.”

The producer was confused.

“Or as dogged as you can get, the more the merrier.” Ying Ziyi yawned and nodded slightly, “It’s promising, keep up the good work.”

The producer looked at the bag of crisps the girl gave him and fell into a daze.

For a long time, he scratched his head and went back in confusion.


After being humiliated by Nie Chao like this, how could Luo Ziyue still have the face to settle her film pay.

That night, she left Hengdian in a hurry in a nanny car.

On the way, the agent finally found out what happened and was so angry that he wanted to curse: “Luo Ziyue, what did I say to you? Tell you to be more restrained and stop playing big names, this is not the time for your casting!”

“This is the script that the company has managed to get for you, are you going to die every time you sit in a soft chair? Have to go grab a chair with others?”

Luo Ziyue’s face was unpleasant: “He’s a boss, dressed so funny, who would know?”

She played a big game, but of course she was also looking at people.

The investor she couldn’t wait to go and offer her hospitality, how could she offend?

“Luo Ziyue, I’m warning you, your debut spot was bought and it would have caused outrage from the netizens.” The agent simply didn’t know what to say, forcing down his anger, “If it wasn’t for the company setting up a persona for you to dare to love and hate, you wouldn’t even have fans do you know that?”

Luo Ziyue stopped talking and pursed her lips.

Of course she knew that she could debut because her golden master was behind the ticket.

Her debut position actually belonged to the real ninth place, which was stolen by her, and that ninth place naturally didn’t debut.

But that ninth place had a lot of fans fighting for votes, and after the debut results came out, they even came under her Twitter to scold her and tweet their displeasure.

But what could be done about it?

A vegetarian without a company’s support, even if she ranked high in several public performances, how could she compete with her?

Luo Ziyue didn’t feel anything at all about it.

The entertainment industry was like this, with a golden master, the climb was easy.

“Go back first.” The agent couldn’t say any more, after all, the top told him to take Luo Ziyue well, “There are other scripts, you choose one.”


This year, Labour Day was a five-day long holiday, and many of the Qingzhi students who had finished their exams went on a joyful trip.

Except for the senior cla*s, which was still being made up, the rest were the teachers who corrected the papers.

The teachers are all complaining, this is no holiday and they still have to look at the pictures of food sent by a bunch of their own students in their circle of friends.

The headmaster is really inhumane.

However, this is also a tradition at Qingzhi High School, where the mid-term exams for the second term are held before May 1, and the papers are posted directly after May 1.

But this time, the teachers of some subjects were quite relaxed.

Especially the teachers of the physics group.

The multiple-choice questions were machine corrected, no teacher needed.

All that was left was a lab question, two answer questions, plus an optional question, and the score was actually not much.

The most important thing was that the paper was very difficult this time.

Whether it was the paper for the Talented cla*s or the ordinary paper for other cla*ses, it was much harder than in previous years, which led to many students not writing the questions.

The Physics team leader was originally very reluctant to get up early in the morning to correct the papers.

But after correcting a dozen or so, he was cool with it.

He had been allocated the optional questions for five cla*ses, including the cla*s of excellence.

But surprisingly, not many people had written the optional questions.

The few who had written one had written a mechanical wave formula, which was worth two marks.

He didn’t even have to look at it, he just drew a zero.

It was so easy for him to correct this paper.

The head of the physics team was sitting in front of the computer, happily marking the paper and humming a little tune.

He had read the questions this time, and the optional questions in the ordinary paper were of the difficulty of the Physics Competition, and the only ones who could do it were the top students in the Physics Competition in the Science Experimental Cla*s.

As for the paper for the Talented cla*s?

He looked at the answers for a long time before he understood what the solution idea was.

After the head of the physics team finished correcting a hundred ordinary papers, he switched to the papers of the Talented cla*s and continued to correct them.

There were a few good students in this year’s cla*s, so maybe they got the optional questions right?

But the result was still blank, blank, blank.

He also scored zero, zero, zero, without his hands shaking.

The head of the physics team was having a blast, thinking he could take his wife and son on a hike after he finished his corrections, until he flipped to the last answer key.