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Boss Lady Chapter 131-132

Chapter 131

The column for the optional question on this paper is written.

Although it was not written all over the paper, it was written neatly with a single stroke.

The words seemed to be written in a casual manner, but they were definitely not written casually.

The head of the physics team stopped humming and gradually became more serious.

He moved closer and began to look carefully.

Then he found that the steps on the answer key were different, except for the first two steps, which were the same as the standard answers.

There were sixteen steps in the standard answer, and only seven steps on the answer card.

However, the answers worked out to be the same at the end.

The Physics Team Leader knew that the question chosen for this answer key was from Option 3-4, which was about mechanical and electromagnetic waves.

However, this question also involved the theory of relativity, so many students failed to do it.

The answer was not a precise number, but a long series of equations.

The answer was not a precise number, but a long series of equations, the kind that could not even be hoodwinked, let alone a good letter.

The head of the Physics team looked at the answer card for half a day and his whole body cracked up.

He found that he could not understand the solution to the problem.

It was not the same as the standard answer, and he could not give a mark, so he had to call the head of the teaching staff.

“Hello, Director.” As soon as the phone was answered there, the head of the physics team was busy asking, “Who produced the physics paper for the Yingcai cla*s this time?”

He was leading the Talented cla*s, but just because he could lecture, it didn’t mean he could produce questions.

If he wanted to produce questions, the standard had to be even higher.

“It’s always been the Physics Department of the Imperial University that comes up with them.” The academic director wondered, “What’s wrong?”

“So no other answers have been given from Imperial University?” The head of the physics team frowned, “There should be many ideas for solving a problem, right?”

Maths physics was not like other subjects, especially proof problems, there was basically more than one way to do it.

“I suppose, you should call and ask yourself.” The head teacher was perfunctory, “I’m at the beach, I’m going down to the sea soon, don’t bother me.”

Physics team leader: “……”

He hung up the phone angrily and tried to drag the head teacher into the blacklist.

But there was no way out, he just had to find out the number of the physics department side of the Imperial University and call it again.

This time it was a young professor who gave the questions.

He was in his early thirties, but the questions he asked were ghostly, the kind that didn’t look too difficult, but he didn’t know what to write when he put pen to paper.

After the head of the physics team sent this answer card with the solution idea, it didn’t take long for the message to come back.

Old excitement.

[Come on, come on, come on! Tell me who did this.

[Three minutes, I want all the information on this student!

The head of the physics team wiped a sweat and asked back.

[So it’s right?

[Crap, that’s right, why the f*ck didn’t I think of that? I can’t believe it can be solved like this, stop, one word, give me this student’s information, if this is not recruited into our physics department, am I still a human being I.]

Looking at this string of replies, the head of the physics group was really cracked up this time.

The physics department of the Imperial University was ranked in the top five in the world, and was no better than the top universities abroad.

Not to mention the initiative to recruit, it is not always possible to be selected even if students rush to apply.

The head of the physics team also wanted to know which student this was, but he couldn’t see the name when he was correcting the papers.

I don’t know, but I’ll send you the results when they come out.

I’ll send it to you when the overall results are out.] [Okay, okay, okay, you guys hurry up, I can buy the tickets here.

After dealing with this slightly crazy young professor, the physics teacher took a moment to mark a perfect score before shakily proceeding to correct the paper.


Hengdian Film and Television City.

The news of Luo Ziyue’s expulsion was no longer a secret, it spread throughout the entire crew in one day, causing many people to talk about it.

“It should have been mentioned to the iron plate, otherwise it wouldn’t have rolled.”

“I’ve been sick of her for a long time, she puts on a dead face every day, I don’t know who she’s showing, a second female is just a second female, the whole crew has to provide for her, she’s got a thick skin.”

“I can’t help it, who told her to have a golden master behind her? Even the debut position is bought, what else can’t be done.”

The other actors had long been discontented with Luo Ziyue, but they just couldn’t help it.

In the past, there was an actress who was kicked out of the production that day just because she contradicted Luo Ziyue.

Heaven’s way is good, and now it was Luo Ziyue’s turn.

“What are they all muttering about?” The producer walked over majestically, “Hurry up and get ready, it’s time to shoot the scene.”

The actors were immediately silenced and began to sort out their clothes.

They were shooting a web drama, not a big production, and they couldn’t afford to delay.

Nie Chao’s company was just for fun, and if he was really asked to invest in a big drama, he would still find it too much trouble.

Moreover, it is much easier to get a web drama reviewed and the production is very fast.

In a month, one can be completed.

“Big Brother, do you see what drama you want to watch?” Nie Chao was beaming, “I’ll ask them to customize it for you directly, the script, the actors, the genre, it’s all up to you, big brother.”

Ying Ziji propped his chin up watching a live version of the concubine tearing off, with interest, “A dog and pony show.”

Nie Chao: “……”

No, there are really people who love dog and pony dramas?

“Good!” Nie Chao slapped his thigh, “I’ll let them go and add two memory loss, three jumps into the lake and four miscarriages!”

After saying that, he got up and went to find the producer.

Not far away –

A man and a woman were walking past.

I don’t know what he saw, but the man suddenly stopped in his tracks.

The woman beside him frowned and followed his gaze, very coldly: “Yaozhi, what are you looking at?”

Shang Yaozhi didn’t answer and walked straight away.

When he walked in front of the girl, he stopped: “Miss Ying Shen ……, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Ying Ziyi looked up: “Coincidence.”

Not a word more was said.

“I’ve been a bit busy with work, I haven’t been able to thank Miss Ying in person.” Shang Yaozhi coughed and smiled faintly, “The recipe given by Miss Ying is very useful, my vocal cords have recovered.”

“You’re welcome.” Ying Ziji looked at him again and side-stepped to make way, her voice faint, “Here you go.”

Fu Yunshen was playing with her hair when he lifted his head at the words, “?”

“The good looking male celebrity you want to see.”


Most afraid of the sudden silence in the air.

“I’m just Miss Ying’s patient.” It was Shang Yaozhi who broke the silence first, explaining, “I’m here to give her my thanks this time.”

Fu Yunshen lowered his fingers and suddenly smiled, “Hm?”

Ying Zidian ignored them both and went on to watch the tearing drama.

“Mr. Shang doesn’t have to be formal.” Fu Yunshen leaned back, “The kids are right, I’m here to see a good looking male celebrity.”

“It’s my pleasure.” Shang Yaozhi’s jaw lifted and pointed to the right, “I’m filming over there, if you two are interested, you can come over and take a look, I won’t bother you now.”

He said another thank you before leaving.



The lights were bright and people were coming and going.

There was a show at Hengdian today, and a few of the hot young stars of the moment had been invited to support the show.

Many tourists have come and bought tickets.

Ying was not interested in the show and just went backstage for a visit before going back to browse the nok forum to see what bounties were available.

It was dark at eight o’clock, so Fu Yunshen naturally didn’t worry about her being alone and waited for her outside.

When he saw her come out, he gave her a slight nod: “Yoyo, let’s go.”

The two of them had only taken a few steps when a sudden noise erupted to their right.

A staff member shouted at the top of his lungs, “Where are the dance costumes? Who has taken the box with the dance costumes?”

“What should we do? They’re going to perform on stage in a few minutes, how can they perform now that their clothes are gone?”

“There’s nothing backstage? We still have five minutes before the next show, so there’s still time to find them.

As soon as the leader of the working group gave the word, the staff went to look for the suitcases in a frenzied manner.

But the venue was so big and crowded that they didn’t have a clue where to look.

It wasn’t until a leader from above came down and spoke angrily, “Go check the CCTV, fools, the case is backstage.

Only then did a staff member go to the surveillance room to transfer the surveillance.

Fu Yunshen glanced back and said, “It’s not Nie Dynasty’s.”

The implication was that they didn’t need to bother with it.

But after taking another step, Ying Ziyi stopped.

Her phoenix eyes swept slightly, and her pupils were cold.

Fu Yunshen also stopped: “Yao Yao?”

At this moment, over there, a staff member shouted.

“Surveillance, surveillance has been found!”

“Quick, quickly see who it is.”

Another staff member came out from the backstage with a computer in his arms and started playing the surveillance straight away.

After watching it, he raised his head and looked for something in the crowd.

The head of the working group rushed over, chopping his head off and asking, “Well, did you find out? Who took the dance costume?”

“Team leader, we’ve found out.” The staff member turned his head, pointed at the girl and his tone was cold, “This young lady, she was the last one to leave.”


Chapter 132

“After she left, the box with the dance costumes disappeared.”

Two words that brought the cacophony around them to a halt.

The people around looked over, with scrutiny in their gazes.

In particular, the eyes of the few dancers who were about to go on stage instantly went cold.

This performance was very important to them, in order to be seen by the director and producer, so that they could enter the entertainment industry.

After all, they were only the company’s trainee, or the most ordinary one, not even qualified for the talent show.

Now that the dance costumes were lost, they had no way to go on stage, so how could they attract the attention of the circle?

Ying was wearing a black baseball cap, the brim of which was pressed down, covering her eyebrows and eyes, revealing only the bridge of her nose and lips.

It was night again and the lights were bright, so the girl’s appearance was not very clear, only an outline could be seen.

It was hazy, but it was even clearer.

The team leader also looked over, “So, she took it?”

“It doesn’t show up in the surveillance.” The staff member who was watching the monitor on the computer said, “But she was the last one to leave, and she wasn’t part of the group.”

Not a member of staff, not a performer, how did she get backstage?

The head of the working group frowned and quickly stepped forward, stopping the girl in front of her, “This young lady, please come backstage with us again.”

He raised his hand and was about to tug her arm.

But just as soon as he reached out, midway, he was intercepted by another hand.

The man’s fingers were long and slender, their tips glistening white and flawless as jade.

It was clearly a very light movement, but it was inexplicably stern.

A ringy killing blow.

The working group leader froze and lifted his head.

This was close enough to be startled for a moment by the face of the person in front of him.

Hengdian Film and Television City was more than three hundred kilometres away from Shanghai, in a small city.

Although the people here have an idea of the four powerful families in Shanghai, they have never seen them in person, so naturally they would not know Fu Yunshen.

Fu Yunshen raised his jaw, a smile on his lips, his tone very light: “Go check the surveillance, complete.”

The head of the working group froze again, his brows furrowed even tighter.

It was reasonable to say that there was really no need for people to take dance costumes either.

Although those dance costumes were exquisite, they weren’t exactly luxury items.

The working group leader had seen a lot of people in Yokohama and could tell at a glance that the clothes the men and girls wore were high fashion.

Was it necessary to make things difficult for a few dancers?

He took the walkie-talkie and called a technician over.

Ying raised her eyes: “Well, I can-”

“No need.” Fu Yunshen pulled the brim of his hat down again for her, “It’s not your business, what’s the point of wasting time.”

He didn’t stay in the entertainment industry, but he had heard Nie Chao talk about some of the tricks in the entertainment industry.

Quite nasty.

Now, it had gotten to the point where even vegetarians weren’t spared.

Ying Zigui didn’t say anything, nodding slightly.

This kind of trivial matter, which happened so recently, she took a glance at it and already understood the cause and effect.

Sometimes, when dogma happens to her, it …… really isn’t as interesting as watching it herself.

This side, the technician hurriedly arrived and began to look at the surveillance copied from the surveillance room.

A few minutes later, he looked up, “Team leader, this surveillance has indeed been cut, with a section missing in the middle.”

The look on the team leader’s face changed: “How long will it take to restore it?”

“There’s some trouble.” The technician was embarra*sed, “I’ll need an hour.”

“No.” The dancer in charge was in a hurry, “We’ve got ten minutes before we go on stage.”

Even if we went back to customising the dance costumes now, it would be too late.

“Team leader!” On the other side, a few staff members rushed over, “Found it, the dance costume was found, I don’t know who threw it into the gap over the stone bridge.”

Hearing this, Ying deleted the text message and pressed the phone out, “Let’s go.”

Seeing the two people leave like that, a staff member was dissatisfied: “Team leader, just let them go like this?”

“The dance costumes have been recovered anyway, and there’s no evidence that they did it, so what’s the point of stopping them?” The working group leader shook his head, “I don’t know where the noble son came from, it’s good enough that he didn’t count, and he still wants to cause trouble?”

The staff froze.

“Proceed to restore the surveillance.” The head of the working group ordered, “Someone is targeting this performance, make sure to find out.”


The first floor of the small building.

Ying Ziji walked out of the bathroom, towel in one hand to wipe her hair, phone in the other, and boarded the nok forum.

The nok forum actually only had a computer version of the login program, but she found it quite troublesome to carry the computer around every day, so she made up a new mobile version.

As soon as she logged on, the private message box was ringing like crazy.

Ying turned off the sound and deleted all the messages from strangers in the private message box without looking.

Ever since she posted the bounty on the forum that day, the number of people messaging her every day had never stopped.

There were even a ton of messages to add friends, and even admins.

But she had opened this account firstly to learn about the current Earth, and secondly to read gossip about her retirement.

The hidden section has more bounties than the normal home page, but the big boys still come out to water post and have some fun too.

Yesterday, for example, there was a discussion about an officer in the ibi who had been thrown out of his home by his wife with a stick and had to go and find an agent under his command to take him in.

The ibi, which is a scandal to the outside world, is just a talking point in the nok.

It was a normal thing, after all, sometimes ibi couldn’t find anyone, and the International Intelligence Directorate iia couldn’t find out anything, so they had to come here and post for help.

After she deleted the private message, she saw a friend message.

[Divine Doctor! God doctor! After using that medicine you sent, the scar on my body has finally healed, the growth value would have been useless to me, I think you’re losing out, Doctor God, let’s see what you’re missing, I’ll send you something?]

Remembering that this was a bounty she had received before she entered the hidden section, Ying Ziji replied with four words.

[No, try the medicine.

Just after she replied to this message, a red dot appeared on her friend bar.

[Ding, @Please take a pill request to add you as a friend, do you agree.

[No. Yes]

Ying Ziji took a look at the nickname and her phoenix eyes narrowed slightly.

She had already browsed through all the messages once she entered the hidden section of the nok forum.

Of course there was no way she hadn’t seen the reward message at the top, which was why she had to use her new number to retire properly.

She now also knew that the one who wanted to kill Fu Yunshen at that time was one of the hunters on the nok list.

A hunter is just a generic term, and there are many categories under it.

There are many categories under it: marksman, hypnotist, a*sa*sin, disguiser, and poisoner, to name a few.

For each of these categories, there is a ranking.

This id, “Please take a pill”, is the third ranked poisoner on the poisoner list, and is said to be selling sunscreen on some beach.

But it had nothing to do with her.

Ying Zidian moved her finger and clicked “no”.

Then she browsed through the gossip of the day and went offline.

** The next day.

The next day.

Ying Ziji slept until after ten o’clock.

Fu Yunshen had gone out early in the morning and left her a message.

It was best for her to just wander around until he returned.

Nie Chao, who hadn’t received any instructions, was heartbroken.

He was with Big Brother, he was the soft one, and he should be the one being protected, right?

Ying Zidian opened the map and searched, going to a teahouse for dim sum.

Nie Chao hastily followed.

Even if it was for his own safety, he had to keep the big brother close.

The teahouse was also inside the Hengdian Film and Television City, a street that was modeled after the Tang Dynasty architecture, and there were also erhu-playing zither players downstairs.

“Big Brother, what do you think Seventh Younger thinks?” Nie Chao sighed, “I think he really holds you in his hands, he’s afraid you’ll melt.”

“Your big brother holds you in such high regard too.”


Nie Chao almost died.

His big brother that was the one who had to beat him into melting.

As the two were eating, there was the sound of footsteps, the clatter of high heels.

It drew the attention of the other patrons in the teahouse.

It was a woman, red lips and black hair, black suit dress, a strong woman in the mall at first glance.

The receptionist of the teahouse was busy welcoming her, “Ms. Gao.”

The woman waved her hand and walked straight to a table by the window.

She leaned down and tapped her hand on the table, her tone cold and condescending: “Miss Ying, right? May I ask why you took away our staff’s dance costumes?”

Nie Chao had gone out for a drink yesterday and didn’t know what had happened, so she was a bit confused.

Ying Zidian didn’t answer, she was looking at her phone.

The woman subconsciously frowned, and without asking, she said straight away, “I don’t know why you’re doing this, but Hengdian is not a place for you to spill your guts, please leave the place.”

After she finished, she waved towards the receptionist lady on the side, “Ask them out.”

The receptionist lady froze, but went forward anyway.

This Ms Gao was a valuable customer of the teahouse and had invested a lot, not something they could mess with

Ying Ziji sat still, still with her head down.

The woman frowned, displeased: “Miss Ying, please have some manners.”

“Excuse me.” Ying Zidian slowly raised her head, her tone of voice was the usual cold and light, “I bought this place ten seconds ago.”