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Boss Lady Chapter 15-16

Chapter 15

Fu Yunshen didn’t care much: “Hm?”

This time, the other side was very quick to reply.

“Three people, all on the hunting and killing list, I sent you the information.”

“Don’t wait until I’ve seen you before you’re dead.”

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes moved and he smiled lightly: “Don’t worry, it’s still possible to meet someone.”

The red words faded away, and the screen returned to normal.

The desktop, which had been empty, had three more folders, named respectively –

sharpshooterno.4; killerno.5; hypnotistno.7.

Fu Yunshen scanned the folders, but did not open them to look at them.

He closed the computer, stood up, lifted his wrist to check the time and then went out.


Today happened to be the last day of the 2020 New Year, the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, and there were many lantern sellers on the streets.

The sun at 12:30 was brilliant but not dazzling, just the right amount of warmth.

Ying Ziji looked sideways at some small children who were skipping rope not far away, and her eyebrows loosened a bit.

Accustomed to fighting and killing, it was a surreal feeling to be so quiet all of a sudden.

She put her hands in her pockets and leaned against the railing, lazily, watching the scenery as she rewashed her memories.

The Jiang family had a charity that gave grants to students in remote areas.

She happened to be one of them, originally a very insignificant kind.

A year ago, Jiang Moyuan wanted to bring her to Shanghai in the name of sponsoring her to study at Qingzhi First High School.

It was a very sudden decision.

She was not very willing at the time because her adoptive father, Wen Fengmian, had hereditary asthma and was very sick and needed to be taken care of.

But Wen Fengmian said that this was the way he was going to be in his life and he couldn’t change it, so he wanted her to go out and have a better future.

But no one expected that walking out would end up like this.

The Ying family took her back, but in the form of an adoption.

Because Ying Zhending had suppressed the scandal that the Ying family had lost their eldest daughter, he simply had her adopted daughter take over her original identity, including her name and date of birth.

In the beginning, Zhong Manhua and Ying Zhending treated her quite well.

Until Ying Luwei was injured for the first time, until she made a fool of herself in the circle of famous families again and again.

With the contrast of Ying Luwei, the first daughter and the eldest daughter of the Ying family, an adopted daughter from the county could not be compared.

Ying Zidian narrowed her eyes.

The memories in her mind were only one-sided and did not allow her to glimpse the full picture of what had happened.

Unfortunately, with her current divine calculation ability, it wasn’t enough to allow her to look directly into her complete past here as well as her future.

However, the average trigrammer doesn’t count for herself either.

Her memory tells her that since her return to the Ying family, they have not allowed her to have any semblance of contact with her former family.

They were also afraid that she would pick up any more bad habits and forcibly cut off her ties with the Wen family.

Zhong Manhua was afraid that she would run away, and even locked her ID card directly in the locker, warning her many times that she was the Win family’s young lady and should not go to Qing Shui County and get roped in by those poor people.

As for Wen Fengmian, they have also given 100,000, the Wen family should know enough.

People in the small county have probably never seen so much money.

Although Qing Shui County was not far from Shanghai City, only two hundred kilometres or so, as Ying Lu Wei’s living blood bank, she was watched all the time.

So it’s been a year, and she hasn’t been able to make a trip back to Qing Shui County.

Now that’s ungratefulness.

Ying Ziji took her ID card out of her pocket and looked at it, with a bit of a headache.

New technology had its bad points, and everything she did was tied up.

But she had to go back to Qing Shui County. Wen Feng Mian was not well, and she could not ignore the kindness she had received.

After thinking about it, Ying picked up her phone and started searching for the nearest TCM shop in the map.


Thirty minutes later.

Zhongshan South Road.

Just after she got out of the taxi, Ying Ziji smelled a faint scent of herbs, which calmed her heart, which was parched from lack of sleep, a bit.

She pressed her head, wondering if it was because she had died once that she had woken up this time and her temper was a bit poorly controlled.

It seemed that she had to make some medicine to calm her mind too.

Ying Ziji went into a bank first.

There were few people in the afternoon and the service window was basically empty.

The girl was still wearing a simple black shirt, meticulously buttoned, with a khaki coat over it.

Dark black trousers, Martin boots, half ponytail.

Ascetic and aloof.

This appearance was so striking that people pa*sing by looked over.

When the number was being drawn, Ying Ziji looked sideways and inadvertently glanced at the golden iris on the wall, and her expression paused.

It was only after a while that she half-heartedly remembered that she had drawn this symbol by hand back then.

Little did she know that, after all these years, the Laurent family had grown their bank from continent O to the whole world.

Ying Ziji yawned and walked slowly to the counter.

The mist in her phoenix eyes was like moonlight falling from a branch, and against her porcelain white skin under the collar, she was so beautiful that it made people’s hearts tremble.

The lady at the counter blushed and hurriedly averted her eyes, “Hello, Miss.”

“Take two thousand first.” Ying handed over her black card and ID card, “Then get another bank card and transfer a million in, please.”

A million was a big amount in other banks, but in Loran Bank it was not unusual, so there was no need for too many formalities.

“Yes, please wait a moment.” The lady at the counter took it and quickly began to process the business.

After thinking about it, Ying asked, “How long can I keep my money with you?”

The lady at the counter froze for a moment before replying, “As long as there is a proof in place, it can be for as long as you want.”

Ying nodded and leaned back lazily in her chair and yawned.

Maybe her gold would still be back in her hands.


Across the street, the Chinese medicine shop.

Lu Fang was lying on the cashier’s desk doing his homework. After half a day of writing, he couldn’t get the last finial derivative problem and threw the book over in annoyance.

He got up, ready to get a snack, and when he looked up, his eyes were seized by the figure behind the gla*s window.

“Sis, isn’t that who that is?” Lu Fang was half curious, half contemptuous, “She’s from a county town, what’s she doing at the Laurent Bank? Got any money?”

The Laurent Bank was the only big international bank in the world, and the people who went in there were either rich or famous.

Ying was a member of the Winning family, but she was just an adopted daughter with no status, and her grades were at the bottom of their cla*s of excellence.

“Who?” Lu Zhi was busy writing a list, so she just casually swept a glance at the words.

When she did, her face sank.

Lu Fang added, “Sister, didn’t you say she even gave you a scowl yesterday?”

“No?” Lu Zhi laughed coldly, “She’s not very capable, but she has a big temper, she really thinks I want to give her treatment.”

If Ying Luwei hadn’t come to invite her, she wouldn’t have served an adopted daughter.

Lu Fang was about to comfort Lu Zhi when she saw that the girl had left Luo Lang Bank and was walking in their direction, so she was surprised: “Sister, why is she here? It couldn’t be to buy medicine, could it?”

Chinese medicine was nowhere near as popular as Western medicine, and their shop was purely for Chinese herbs, usually only hospitals came to order them, with few scattered customers.

“Here to buy medicine?” Lu Zhi snorted, “Not selling her.”


Chapter 16

She hated this adopted daughter of the Ying family, especially after that incident yesterday.

She doesn’t learn, has poor character and lies.

Even someone as good-tempered as Ying Luwei could be angry, she really felt bad for her best friend.

Lu Zhi also read the Weibo today, but what does that prove?

She could be sure that Ying Ziyi definitely had delusions of grandeur about Jiang Moyuan.

After thinking about it, Lu Zhi pulled Lu Fang over and said, “Xiao Fang, you and I will go in first, someone will come in later, you can watch.”

The latter sentence was addressed to the cashier in the shop.

“Sister, what are you doing?” Lu Fang was baffled, “We’re still hiding from her?”

In cla*s, it was always Ying Ziji who kept her head down and didn’t dare to see anyone, since when did he back off?

“What hiding?” Lu Zhi pulled Lu Fang to the back of the storehouse without a word, “I’m trying to make a fool of her, so that when the time comes, she’ll come begging me obediently.”

Didn’t you want to buy medicine?

Then let’s see if we can afford it or not.

Lu Fang froze for a moment, then understood and couldn’t help but laugh, “Sister, you’re really sinister, do you think she’ll be outright angry and cry later?”

“Definitely.” Lu Zhi looked at the surveillance screen on the computer, “Send the video to Lu Wei when the time comes, so that Lu Wei will be happy.”

“Sister, give me a copy too.” Lu Fang thought this was a great idea, “When school starts, I’m going to show it in cla*s.”

It was getting closer to senior year and the schoolwork was getting heavier, so some fun was needed to spice things up.

A few seconds later, the girl pushed her way through the door.

She was originally going to the shelves, but then suddenly stopped, her head lifted and looked straight in one direction.

Lu Fang met her coldly and his breath caught in his throat.

The plain face and light lips, without any embellishment, but it was hard to take one’s eyes away.

A pair of phoenix eyes were deep and dark, as if they were an abyss that could not be seen, as if they could suck people in.

Lu Fang’s heart skipped a beat: “Sister, she wouldn’t know we’re looking at her, would she?”

“How could that be?” Lu Zhi didn’t think so, “Do you think she can foretell?”


Ying Ziji withdrew her eyes, her face expressionless.

She was tired of all the trouble that had come to her door since she had woken up.

She didn’t know that this was the Lu family’s shop before she came here.

She had given Ying Luwei a year’s blood transfusion and was too weak, so Zhong Manhua brought her a healer.

But in reality, Lu Zhi was recommended by Ying Luwei.

Lu Zhi graduated from the Imperial University of Chinese Medicine and majored in Chinese medicine, and Zhong Manhua was satisfied and hired her on a high salary.

The Lu family is just a small family in Shanghai, and it was only natural that they would want to be a*sociated with the Ying family.

However, it was all irrelevant to her.

Ying Ziji looked at the Chinese herbs on the shelves and fell into deep thought.

Many of the herbs were completely extinct and substitutes were hard to find.

“Sister, it looks like she really wants to buy medicine.” Seeing this scene, Lu Fang gave a tsk, “Does she know it?”

Can’t even recite English words, and still recognise Chinese herbs?

Lu Zhi was impatient, “What do you care about her? Just watch her laugh.”

In front of the shelf…

Ying Ziji finished looking around and found that she had overestimated the quality of the herbs here.

Through the wooden boards, she could smell that the herbs were only twenty years old at the most.

But Wen Fengmian’s illness could not be delayed, so she could barely use them for now, but in a few days she would go into the mountains to dig them up herself.

“Miss, may I ask what you need to buy?” The cashier got Lu Zhi’s words, “Why don’t you tell us about your illness, and we can help you choose.”

“No need.” Ying Ziji spoke casually, “Cang Jie, Wu Ling Fats, Wang Yue Sha, Ambergris ……”

There were thirty names of herbs, and finally said, “Ten catties each.”

“Pfft!” Originally Lu Fang was still surprised that a school dregs could remember so many Chinese herbal names, heard the last and gave a laugh, mockingly, “Ten catties? She thinks this is buying vegetables?”

It’s true that she’s a country bumpkin who doesn’t know anything, herbs can be bought by the pound?

“She can’t buy it anyway.” Lu Zhi gave the cashier another wink.

The cashier understood, and only then said, “Miss, the quantity you need is too large and you need to stock up, please sign the order first.”

“Hmm.” Ying Zidian said indifferently, “How much is the total?”

Lu Zhi made a “five”.

The cashier smiled: “Half a million.”

Lu Zhi and Lu Fang were waiting for the girl to cry because she didn’t have any money, but…

“Half a million?” Ying Ziji’s eyebrows did not move, “Specially for Tai Shang Lao Jun’s medicine?”

The cashier’s smile faltered.

“Bah.” Lu Zhi’s face wasn’t pretty either, “It’s the Immortal Pill what’s wrong, why don’t you get lost quickly if you can’t afford it.”

The cashier received the signal and resumed his smile, politely: “Miss, our herbs are all picked from the original mountain, it will be more expensive, if you can’t afford it ……”

Ying Ziji raised her eyes, “Sign it.”

As soon as the two words came out, several people froze.

“What kind of tricks is she doing?” Lu Zhi was suspicious, “Dare to spend money like that?”

The Ying family wouldn’t pay that much money.

Lu Fang analysed, “She’s a rustic, she doesn’t know the market price, she buys it, and we earn it.”

There are some expensive herbs, but they only add up to 50,000, 500,000 is ten times more, only a fool would buy them.

Hearing this, Lu Zhi was relieved and nodded towards the cashier.

When she got permission, the cashier quickly printed out a list.

Ying Ziji scanned it and took it over, but didn’t sign it. Instead, she took out her mobile phone and dialed a number slowly and methodically.

Three tones later, it was connected, on speakerphone.

The girl’s voice was cool and unhurried: “I want to complain, 148 Zhongshan South Road, this shop sells TCM herbs ten times above the market price, well, yes.”


Lu Zhi was all stunned.

She couldn’t believe that the girl dared to make a complaint call.

“Sis, she’s so scheming!” Lu Fang blurted out, “No wonder she wants to sign the order, she’s shading us!”

The Lu family is not as thick-bottomed as the four gentry, if this is really a complaint ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

The girl raised her eyes indifferently, with little emotion.

But Lu Zhi’s body was chilled by the look, she was so stern: “How dare you complain? When did the Ying family dare to let an adopted daughter step on our Lu family’s head?”

As she said that, she was about to dial the phone, as if she was going to sue.

But Lu Zhi was just making a show of it, she wanted to see the girl begging her.

Ying also yawned, a little sleepy: “I’ll call for you if you don’t.”

“You ……” Lu Zhi was furious, and in her annoyance she raised a slap and slapped the girl’s face.

But just before she raised it, she was intercepted.

Ying Zidian’s eyebrows rose slightly.

She hadn’t kicked out yet.

Lu Zhi was in pain and couldn’t hold on, so she fell onto the chair with a snap.

She looked up in disbelief and her face went white.

The man was leaning in front of the door, his long legs bent, his posture lazy, his eyebrows careless.

But the words that came out made one’s blood run cold.

“The Winners don’t dare, I still dare.”

The sunlight suddenly fluttered, falling on his handsome face like a demon like an immortal, just like the light shining on the morning star.