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Boss Lady Chapter 133-134

Chapter 133


There was a sudden silence in the teahouse, and the guests who heard the words were stunned, including the receptionist who had followed them over.

And with the girl looking up like that, her face was exposed to the sight.

In an instant, all the people around, whether of the same or opposite sex, were dulled.

The killing power of the face was too powerful.

“What did you say?” The woman just felt ridiculous and almost laughed, “You said you bought the place?”

She often came here to dine and did know that the owner of the teahouse was going to sell it because he was leaving the country.

But the teahouse was so dated and expensive that she hadn’t wanted to buy it.

After all, her company consumed a lot every month and there was no need to add another bill.

But ten seconds ago?

What big words.

Beneath her sungla*ses, the woman’s expression could not hide her contempt, shaking her head repeatedly and changing her title, “Little girl, it’s good to be young and prosperous, but there are occasions for that.”

Does a high school student know how sinister society can be?

The woman spoke again, meaning to say, “Little girl, there are some people you can’t afford to offend, so be careful in future.”

Ying Zidian ignored it and answered the phone in front of the woman.

“Hello!” On the other end of the phone was a very excited voice, “Miss Ying, I don’t know where you are, I’ll have someone send it to you now?”

Star’s vip accounts were all real names.

But only when the two parties make a big transaction will the names be visible.

If necessary, photos would be exchanged to facilitate identification.

The girl’s voice was cold and slow, brief and concise: “You’re downstairs.”

The owner of the voice on the phone was none other than the teahouse owner, who froze but quickly responded, “Fine, fine, I’ll have the staff take it to you directly, thank you so much, I can finally get rid of it.”

The call hung up.

The woman frowned again, this time with a real smile, “Good acting skills little girl, if you hadn’t taken my staff’s dance costume, I might have even recommended you to enter the entertainment industry, pity.”

It’s a pity that there’s no such chance.

With a casual remark, she could place a blocking order.

Although Nie Chao still didn’t know what was going on, he heard the fire rise up: “I said you-”

His words were cut off by the ringing of the receptionist’s mobile phone.

“Boss?” The receptionist took a glance at the caller ID and was busy picking it up, “May I ask if there is anything I can do for you?”

“I’ve already bought my plane ticket and sent you a picture on WeChat.” The teahouse owner spoke quickly, “You give this young lady all the papers in my drawer, she will be your boss from now on, and we’ll say goodbye.”

The receptionist was a bit messy.

She opened her WeChat to take a look, and only after a long time did she look up in a daze and look at the girl: “You …… are our new boss? The boss told me to give you the prepared file bag.”

The woman’s smile froze on her red lips.

“Put it away first.” Ying stood up, faintly, “Ask her out.”

The receptionist looked at the woman, apprehensive, “Ms. Gao, sorry, the boss has sent word to ask you to leave.”

She was just an employee, she still had to listen to the boss.

The woman’s face was blue for a moment, and there was a moment of wretchedness on her face.

She was six-foot-four and had 5cm high heels.

But even so, she was still almost half a head shorter than the girl.

Even the strongest aura shrank at once.

The woman gritted her teeth, turned around and walked away quickly.

It was like she was running away.

Things reversed so quickly that Nie Chao looked dumbfounded.

“Crap, big brother, how did you buy that?” He only had time to be shocked, “No, when did you buy it?”

They had been here the whole time, not even five minutes of light before or after.

Ying carried the packed snacks and said one word carelessly, “STAR.”

She was going to buy them anyway, there was no difference between buying them early and buying them late.

Only then did Nie Chao remember that such a buggy online shopping platform.

When it was first launched, star’s slogan was –

There is nothing you can’t buy, only what you can’t think of.

Even the Principality can buy and sell, a teahouse is really nothing.

But to be able to buy a teahouse, STAR’s membership level must not be low.

For something of this magnitude, the platform would not sell it without the financial security of a low-level member.

Nie Chao had bought quite a few things on STAR, but they were all daily necessities, and he hadn’t bought anything big yet.

But his family’s old man, five years ago, auctioned off an o-continent ancient castle on STAR, which was said to have been handed down from the 14th century and had an excellent view.

Master Nie bought this in order to one day hand over the Nie family to his descendants and retire on his own.

Unfortunately, the wish never came true.

Nie Chao was curious: “Who is that woman?”

Ying Zidian looked puzzled: “You run an entertainment company, you don’t know her?”

“Ah, this.” Nie Chao scratched his head, “I’m just playing around, I’m not even trying to make money.”

I don’t know how the producer could make so much money from such a bloody drama.

Ying Zidian gave a faint “hmm”, “It’s quite crazy, no need to know.”


Ying Zidian went around and brought the snacks to Fu Yunshen, then returned to the room.

There were a few more messages on WeChat, from Shang Yaozhi.

It was ten minutes ago.

[Doctor Ying, I’m really sorry, the person who went to see you today was the chairman of our company, she saw me talking to you earlier and misunderstood you and wanted you to stay away from me, she’s a bit sick in the head, that’s why she had that incident yesterday, I’m so sorry.]

There was nothing surprising about Ying Ziyi.

The loss of the dance costume, the lack of surveillance, it was all that woman’s handiwork.

It was just too cheap to be of much use.

She was more than accurate in setting up newcomers in the entertainment industry.

[No need, it has nothing to do with you.]

After this message was returned, Shang Yaozhi quickly replied.

[In any case, Dr. Ying has suffered an undeserved disaster because of me, fortunately you are not in trouble, I will definitely help you if you need anything in the future.

Ying Ziji looked at the message and thought about it.

After thinking about it, she decided to say a little more.

[A reminder, if you don’t want to die, change your company as soon as possible.

Shang Yaozhi, who was sitting in the nanny car, saw the words and fell into a deep pause.

A few seconds later, he turned his head and asked the agent next to him, “How long do I have left on my contract with Star Entertainment?”

The agent froze for a moment before returning, “Six months left.”

Star Entertainment, Star Entertainment, was currently one of the top three entertainment companies in China.

But in the first few years, it was a small workshop.

It was only when Shang Yaozhi, a movie star, was brought out that Star Entertainment became bigger.

It was only when the outside world said that Star Entertainment had overbearing terms and conditions, many of the trainees signed contracts but were not given the opportunity to be exposed, and when they wanted to cancel their contracts, they did not have the money to do so.

At that time, when Shang Yaozhi signed with Star Entertainment, he was still only sixteen years old.

This time, it was ten years.

Now, he is twenty-six years old and still has the same contract he had ten years ago.

The Golden Flower Award was a great success, but all his salary had been deducted by Star Entertainment.

“Well.” Shang Yaozhi was silent for a moment, “When this half year is over, the contract will not be renewed.”

The agent also knew the situation of Star Entertainment and agreed: “With your status, it is impossible for Star Entertainment to forcefully tie you down or place any blocking order, there would have been no need to leave, just Chairman She ……”

He shook his head and didn’t say anything further.

Looks quite normal, but in reality is a crazy woman.


On this day, the 5th of May, the teachers of the second year of high school ended their vacation early and returned to school.

They had to work out the results of the mid-term exams, list the rankings and post the top 100 on the school’s notice board before school started tomorrow.

It was thought to be a simple task, and it was, but this time the results ……

A few teachers, facing a computer, fell into silence in unison.

They stared at each other wide-eyed, not knowing what to do.

Just at this time, the head teacher walked in with his hands behind his back in his newly bought short sleeves, “Have the overall results come in?”

A group of teachers turned around and saw the head teacher who was as sunburnt as coal: “……”

The teacher in charge of the total grade calculation had an odd expression and a difficult voice: “It’s out, it’s this grade, right, director, it what that ……”

“What that what?” After a painful trip, the head teacher was in a good mood and waved his hand, “I’ve brought you specialties from the beach, let’s share them once and for all.”

The teachers were not in the mood to share the specialties, so they pushed the computer directly in front of the head teacher, expressionless: “Director, you should look at it yourself.”

“Of course I should look at it myself, you can’t tell me with so many people, I just want to know who was first and how many points they relied on.” The head teacher fished his eyes out of his pocket and put them on, looking over at the computer, “But what’s with that incoherent look on your face, what’s wrong, this exam was too hard and put you-”

The words came to an abrupt halt.


Chapter 134

The head teacher looked at the scores in the first row and was silent for a long time, thinking that he must have been looking at them the wrong way.

He hurriedly took his gla*ses off and wiped them off and put them on again.

After looking over once more and realising that nothing had changed, the man was straight away dumbfounded.

“Director, you saw it, didn’t you?” On the side, a teacher looked inscrutable, stretched his hands and said, “We really can’t calculate the final overall ranking for this.”

The first row of the excel sheet read like this –

Name: Ying Zidian

Cla*s: Senior 19

Language: 90

Maths: 150

English: 150

Science: 300

Total score: 690

Special note: Cla*s of Excellence paper

Of course, a total score of 690 is actually nothing in Qingzhi.

After all, last term, there were many students who scored over 700.

The problem, however, is that this is the result of the Talented Cla*s paper, which is not the same as the algorithm for the regular paper.

There is a factor of 1.2 if you want to convert it within the grade ranking.

This makes the total grade –

Language: 108

Maths: 180

English: 180

Science: 360

Total score: 828

The reason why the paper of the Talented Cla*s and the ordinary paper are so converted is the experience that Qingzhi has summed up for more than ten years.

Over the years, even if a person was a genius, he would never score more than 620 points on the paper of the Talented Cla*s.

This is why Qingzhi has been using this conversion method to rank the overall grade.

But now, there was a pervert who scored perfect marks in everything except languages!

After the conversion, the score directly exceeded the total score of 750.

Not even a little.

How could this be ranked?

The head teacher looked at this set of data in silence for a long time before slowly looking up, “Was the paper for the Talented Cla*s this time very easy?”

Otherwise, how else could there be students who scored full marks in both Maths and Science?


When these words came out, several teachers were even more speechless.

“Director, the paper for this Talented Cla*s is not easy, it’s hard, very hard.” The chemistry group leader shook his head, “I’ll just tell you this, the chemistry optional organic big question, just this one was done, not a single word of the rest was written.”

On the other side, the biology team leader also spoke up, “I corrected the genetics big question, and I got all of one right.”

The Physics team leader didn’t make a sound, thinking to himself that he didn’t seem to be the only one who was shocked.

Once again, the head teacher was silent.

It was so hard, and you could still get a perfect score?

So –

Really just a pervert?

Maybe if you did all these questions, you could go straight to Imperial University and become a doctor, what else would you study at Qingzhi?

Come to school specifically to play?

“Hiss.” The head teacher’s teeth hurt a little as he pointed at the marks in the language column, “But isn’t this kid a bit off-track?”

He had scored full marks in Maths, English and Science, but he had only just pa*sed in the language?

For students in the Talented Cla*s, the highest marks are usually in the language subject, and even the worst ones are above 105.

This 90 mark was a bit unreasonable.

The head teacher balanced things out a little.

It seemed that this pervert, too, was flawed.

Hearing this, the head of the language team stepped forward.

She entered her school number on the computer and brought up the answer card, “Director, you can look at this one yourself as well.”

The head teacher slid the mouse and began to look at it, “Hey, this is really beautiful writing, I see that you didn’t all give full marks for this reading literary text? Why is it only a pa*s?”

The language team leader reminded with a blank face, “Director, move your hand and turn it over.”

The head teacher flipped it over.

The second page of the answer card was blank.

The essay was not written.

The title was not even there.

Sixty marks had been deducted.

So the language was 90 points.

The head teacher cracked up instantly: “……”

It was a long time before he drifted back into a trance: “So what about this overall grade?”

“We’ve discussed it and here’s what we think.” The head of the Physics team coughed and said with a straight face, “Or we’ll skip the conversion this time and just do the overall ranking.”

Who would have thought that someone could do the paper of an outstanding cla*s and still score so high?

“Wait.” The head teacher pulled the ranking down and looked at the overall score of the second place in the Talented cla*s.

608 points.

Without conversion, this score would have been ugly.

The head teacher checked the first place in the general paper again.

689 marks.

These two scores made him sure that the paper was going to be harder than ever this time.

Even the first place in the experimental science cla*s hadn’t actually scored 700.

“Let’s do it then.” The head teacher was deeply tired, “I’ll call the headmaster first.”

Such an important matter must be reported.

He had just walked out when he stopped in his tracks.

Wait a minute–

Who was in first place?

He was so excited about the scores that he had only scanned the names and forgotten them.

The head teacher slapped his head and turned back.


Ying Ziji and Fu Yunshen had lunch in Hengdian Town before driving back to Shanghai.

When they returned to the Wen family, it was already 5pm.

Originally, she had planned to cleanse the toxins from Master Fu’s body during the Labour Day.

But before the exam, Ying checked Master Fu’s body and found that with his current physical condition he could not yet withstand the impact of the medicine.

So she left behind some toning pills and was prepared to wait for some more time.

The six herbs had already arrived and she had finished processing them, sealing up the most essential parts.

After all, a few of these herbs could be poisoned by a single sniff, let alone touching them directly.

“Yao Yao is back.” Under Ying Ziji’s physiotherapy, Wen Fengmian’s asthma had completely recovered and he was not as thin as before, he smiled faintly, “How did you have fun outside with Mr. Fu?”

He was quite worried about Ying Zigui.

In the past, the family didn’t have money and he couldn’t take the two siblings out to play.

Perhaps it was because they had been bored in Qing Shui County that both of them had become more and more reticent.

That’s why when Ying Zidian was picked up by the Ying family, he persuaded her to leave.

It was just that no one had expected that something like that would happen.

Wen Fengmian let out a sigh.

If not, he wouldn’t have sent Ying Zidian away, even if his life was poor.

“Well, that’s good.” Ying Zidian turned his head, “Dad, where’s Xiaolan?”

“In the house.” Wen Fengmian glanced at the door to his right, “He should be playing with the Rubik’s Cube.”

Ying Zidian nodded his head.

The psychological treatment for Wen Huilan required the use of many external objects, so that he could gradually integrate into reality and not isolate himself.

When she heard the movement, Wen heard Lan come out of the bedroom, “Sister.”

“Brought this for you.” Ying Zigui pointed to the box of snacks on the table, “You can’t eat more than one, one piece a day.”

After a pause, she asked again, “Didn’t go to school?”

She remembered that Qingzhi’s senior year was not a holiday, and she was also taking mock exams these days.

“No point.” Wen Listen Lan’s eyelashes dropped, a very cold tone, “They’re all stupid.”

Wen Fengmian got a headache: “Guiya, you tighten up a bit.”

“Also.” Ying Zigui but mused, “Just do the questions I gave you.”

Wen Huilan nodded his head.

Wen Fengmian pinched his brow, sort of understanding.

This was also spoiled.

“Sister, are your results coming out tomorrow?” Wen Listen Lan was silent for a moment, “The forum said that the bet between you and the students in the Excellence cla*s ……”

“Well, it’s fine, eat yours.” Ying Zigui looked bland, “It’s just an exam.”

She was about to open the box of snacks when her eyes stopped abruptly.

She remembered that earlier Fu Yunshen had looked cold and left in a hurry.

No wonder.

It was her negligence.

Wen heard Lan sensed her abnormality: “Sister?”

“Something’s wrong.” Ying Ziji wiped her hands and stood up, “I’m going out, you take care of dad.”

After taking a step, she stopped again, “Dad, please ask the teacher for two days’ leave for me.”

Wen Fengmian froze for a moment, but didn’t ask deeper, “Okay, Yao Yao, you take care of yourself.”


The first hospital.

The doctors and nurses had their hands full, and even the dean and vice dean had been alerted.

Neither the Fu family nor the hospital had expected Master Fu to have another attack at this time, or the heaviest one ever.

After all, for the past two months, Master Fu’s health had been turning around, so maybe a miracle would happen?

Although Elder Fu had retired, he was still the one in charge of the Fu family today.

If this was really accounted for in their hands, the Fu family would definitely not rest in peace.

Fu Mingcheng and his siblings were also waiting anxiously outside the ICU.

But whether they are really anxious or not, only they know for sure.

“Do you think Dad he will ……”

Fu Mingcheng’s cold eyes swept: “Shut up.”

The others were instantly silenced.

“Fu Yichen, come here for me.” On the other side, Mrs. Fu pulled Fu Yichen into a corner, her voice stern, “What did you say to your grandfather in the study?”

Fu Yichen pursed her lips, “I didn’t say anything, I just scolded Fu Yunshen a few times, at all ……”

Who knew that Master Fu just suddenly pa*sed out?

You can scold him how you like in private, but you have to put it in front of your grandfather? Are you a pig in the head? Ah?”

Fu Yichen was speechless and chagrined.

“Fu Yichen, I’m telling you, just expect your grandfather to pull through this time.” Madam Fu took a deep breath, “Or else you’ll be a murderer and your big brother will be dragged down with you.”

The people outside were anxious, and the doctors and nurses in the icu weren’t much better.

They were also in a hurry, but there was no room for error in the operation.

The doctors and nurses were all very careful, especially as Master Fu was very old.

The attending doctor quickly said, “Get the defibrillator.”

The nurse hurriedly went to get it.

At that moment, the ECG machine suddenly emitted a “drop” sound.