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Boss Lady Chapter 135-136

Chapter 135

A sharp alarm sounded.

It was unusually abrupt in the ward where only the sound of footsteps and breathing was heard.

The doctor in charge of monitoring Master Fu’s heart pulse looked over and instantly changed his face.

Previously, although Master Fu’s heartbeat was faint, it was there and the ECG image was smooth.

But now, the images on the ECG machine were all in a line.

Cardiac arrest!

“Quick!” The attending doctor hurriedly took the defibrillator from the nurse and immediately started to give Master Fu cardiac resuscitation.


Outside the icu.

After reprimanding Fu Yichen, Mrs. Fu walked back to Fu Mingcheng and lowered her voice to the lowest level: “Mingcheng, I’m afraid that Master Fu won’t really make it this time.”

Everyone knew that Old Master Fu’s health was very poor.

He had been through a calamity and famine, and Shanghai City was very turbulent in those days.

While covering the escape of one of his juniors, Master Fu was seriously injured and was dying of his wounds.

But fortunately, Mu Heqing, the ruler of the Mu family in the imperial capital at the time, happened to be in command in Shanghai City and saved Master Fu.

But in doing so, his body also fell quite ill.

Originally, he could have relied on the Fu family’s foundation to get well.

But the bad thing was that 20 years ago.

For reasons unknown, Master Fu’s health took another sharp turn for the worse.

Over the years, he has been kept alive by the high cost of hospital medication.

Three years ago, everyone in Shanghai said that with the departure of Master Fu, the city would be in great turmoil.

However, no one expected that these three years would be the best three years for Master Fu’s health.

Fu Mingcheng’s expression was inexplicable: “After so many years of torture, it’s time for the old man to rest.”

How could he not know for whom Master Fu had lasted until now?

Just as the hearts of Fu’s family were divided, the door to the icu opened and a nurse hurriedly came out of it.

“Where are the relatives?” She held up a piece of paper in her hand, anxious, “A sickness notice, please sign it.”

The moment these words came out, the faces of Fu’s family changed in an instant.

This wasn’t the first time the hospital had given a sickness notice, but this time was the fastest.

After all, Master Fu had come to this step.

“Here.” Fu Mingcheng took the sickness notice form, looked at it, and was ready to sign it with that pen.

But he had only written a stroke of his surname when, at the end of the hallway, a sound of footsteps suddenly rang out.

It was hurried, but orderly.

When Fu Mingcheng looked up, he couldn’t help but stare.

At the head of the group was a young man, who was followed by a few bodyguards and a group of doctors.

Those doctors, however, were obviously not from the First Hospital.

The young man came to the front and back of the ICU, and without looking at Fu Mingcheng, he directly ordered the people behind him, “Start the transfer now.”

Before the Fu family could react, the group of doctors had already gone inside the icu.

It didn’t take long either before they pushed Master Fu out with his bed and quickly rushed him outside.

“What are you doing?!” Fu Mingcheng was shocked and angry, “Who are you people? You say you’re transferring him to another hospital? Who am I to let you take my father away?”

“You are of no use.” The young man turned around and sneered, “You can’t save the old man with this place, you can try to stop it too.”

Fu Mingcheng’s face changed.

As if he remembered something, he still did not go forward, and just stood in place with his fists clenched, the veins in the corners of his forehead pulsating violently.

Those few bodyguards were tall and big, so the other Fu family members dared not go over.

The young man took a few steps and then stopped.

His eyes swept over the crowd of Fu’s family members and finally landed on Fu Yichen’s body.

“Take him along with you.”

Fu Yichen was still in shock when he was carried away by two bodyguards, without even struggling for Yudi.

This tactic stunned the rest of Fu’s family.

“Yichen!” Mrs. Fu’s face turned white as she chased after him, “Where are you taking my son?”

“Madam Fu, don’t be in a hurry.” The young man turned back and smiled faintly, “As long as the old man is alright, this second son of yours will be guaranteed to be returned to you in one piece, if anything happens to the old man-”

He raised his hand and made a cutting motion at his throat, “You’ll just have to wait too.”

Madam Fu’s eyes went black and she simply pa*sed out.

There was another flurry of hands and feet in the hospital.

Mrs. Fu managed to turn awake and grabbed Fu Mingcheng, her voice trembling, “Mingcheng, is that group of people, is it ……”

“It should be that group of people.” Fu Mingcheng’s gaze was heavy, “It hasn’t appeared for three years, and now it’s here again.”

He had sent someone to check, but he couldn’t even find out the names of these people.

He had also asked Master Fu about them in the past three years, but Master Fu had repeatedly played dumb and said he was not sure.

Remembering what happened twenty years ago again, Fu Mingcheng’s face became even more ugly.


Ten minutes later.

East of Shanghai.

This is a private hospital.

Three years ago, Master Fu was also referred here to recover his health.

This group of doctors had come from o continent, and several of them were at the top level in the international arena.

Even so, they were at a loss as to what to do about Master Fu’s condition.

If it was just an ordinary disease, it would be fine, but what was bad was the poison in Master Fu’s body.

It was unheard of and unseen.

Not to mention how to solve it.

“Young master, it still won’t work, as soon as our people come into contact with the toxins in the old man’s body, those toxins are particularly active.” The young man frowned, “I reckon, it’s because the side that put the poison in found out.”

They had long since determined that that toxin within Master Fu’s body was definitely a poison made by a certain poison master.

And, it was also bound to be in the top five of the poison master list!

These poison masters with high ranking names all made poisons with very personal characteristics.

Not only that, the antidote is only available to them personally.

A poison master in the third ranking might not necessarily be able to solve the poison configured by the fourth ranking.

And this poison in Master Fu’s body was somewhat similar to the kind of compulsion in the Miao tribe in China, which was alive.

This time it was even completely alive.

So as soon as the doctor made a move to remove this poison, the poisoner was able to detect it directly through the toxin.

In the past, they had asked the third ranked poisoner on the nok forum to help, but they still couldn’t get rid of the poison.

As for the poison master on list two, he had not appeared on the nok forum and did not have an account, but there were still traces.

They suspect that the poison in Master Fu’s body was configured by the poisoner in list 2, but whether it was ‘him’ or not is unknown

The Anonymous hacker alliance tracked down the poisoner of list two, but instead a few hackers died.

And that’s with a few thousand metres between them.

The poisoner on list two was already so terrifying, what about the poisoner on list one?

It’s just a pity that there was not even a trace of the list one poisoner.

Many of the bigwigs on the nok forum are certain that there is no list one at all.

Fu Yunshen’s expression did not change much, but the air pressure around him was extremely low.

The peach blossom eyes, which had always carried a smile, also gradually froze.

“How sure is it?”

This time the toxin had completely come to life, and it had obviously caught the attention of the poisoner.

As long as it was not cleared, then it was fine.

Once it was clear, this poison master would definitely move as well.

Fu Yunshen also believed that Ying could definitely solve it, but this would involve her as well.

It’s just that he doesn’t want to involve the others anymore.

It didn’t matter to him, he could give his life away.

He had wanted to wait until the toxin was most stable before removing it, but who knew it would come so violently.

The young man was silent for a brief moment before he spat out the words with difficulty, “Zero point one percent.”

This possibility was no different from zero.

Not to mention that even an operation with a 90% success rate could still fail.

Fu Yunshen propped one hand against the wall, his eyelashes dropping.

After a long time, he let out a low laugh.

When he looked up again, the smile on his lips had already been curtailed, and it was cold and icy.

He said, “Take me into the operating theatre.”

The young man was taken aback and blurted out; “Young master!”

He knew that the cause of Master Fu’s poisoning was related to Fu Yunshen.

That incident twenty years ago ……

No one wanted to mention it.

“Young master, the old master must not want you to trade your life for him, he would have done it for you.” The young man was anxious and advised, “Moreover, even if you transferred that poison into your own body, the old master’s heart and veins have all been eroded by the toxin, there is no ……”

Fu Yun Shen looked at him and repeated again, “Send me in.”

The tone was unquestionable.

The young man knew that he had no reason to stop, nor did he have the ability to do so, so he only agreed.

The doctors only followed orders and could not say anything.

The operating theatre was divided into two sides, separated by a curtain.

Master Fu’s body was already deficient and could not satisfy those toxins.

A young body was just right.

It barely even took any effort.

The doctors set up the instruments, adjusted the indicators and were ready to perform the toxin transfer.

Outside the operating theatre, the young man was so anxious and angry that he took out his mobile phone and was about to call O Chau.

But at that moment, a figure came through the door.

He was in a hurry, obviously with some urgency.

When the young man heard the voice, he raised his head and instantly froze there in a daze.

“You, you are ……”


Chapter 136

The girl had obviously arrived in a hurry.

Her hair was a little dishevelled and clung to her skin.

But it was hard to hide the nobility that flowed from her bones, as if she had come to the Middle Ages, to come face to face with aristocrats who had been trained in the rituals of the court.

The girl’s jaw lifted and she pointed to the operating theatre, her voice faint: “The man is in there.”

It was clearly a question, yet it was certain.

The young man was still in a daze and subconsciously said “Ah”.

Ying Zidian nodded slightly and cleaned up his body a little.

She pulled out the sterile suit from the side and put it on, and pressed her hand on the door.

“Wait!” The young man finally came back to his senses at that moment and blocked, “You can’t go in!”

He remembered that he had met her when he was reporting progress on the whereabouts of the herbs to Fu Yunshen.

But at that time the girl was wearing her school uniform and still eating a lollipop, just a good-looking but ordinary high school student.

Not so indifferent and cold, much less with this overpowering aura.

Ying Zigui didn’t look at him, and her hand blocked.


There was a crisp sound in the air, very small and subtle.

The young man, however, was abruptly startled and his eyes widened.

This was internal energy!

An ancient martial artist?!

How could an ancient martial artist appear in Shanghai City?

Just as he was shocked, Ying Zigui had already pushed the door and walked in.

The doctor inside, who was stabbing a needle into a blood vessel, looked back and was also stunned to see the man on the operating bed straighten up.

With Fu Yunshen’s ears, even if the operating theatre was well insulated, he had heard the commotion outside the door.

When he saw the girl come in, his expression changed slightly, and his voice, which was always gentle, sank down: “Yoyo, get out.”

“See, the poison is completely alive.” Ying Zigui looked sideways, just a glance, “You think that, transferred into your body, you’re fine?”

Of course she knew what Fu Yunshen was thinking.

Transferring the poison from Master Fu’s body into his body, allowing the poison to calm down, and then carrying out the detoxification.

But once this poison came to life, it would be exceptionally sensitive and also more ferocious.

Transferring the toxin would be a solution, but that was the worst case scenario.

Ying did not go out, but added: “There is a better solution, you want a life for a life, stupid.”

This approach reminded her of that good friend of hers who had done the same more than once.

Fu Yunshen was silent for a moment and smiled, “Yao Yao, in matters of emotion, sometimes it can be foolish.”

Without saying a word, Ying Zigui held out her hand.

At that moment, the young man also rushed in, “Young master, she-”

He couldn’t finish the words that followed.

He then saw, dumbfounded, that with just one hand, the girl had pulled the man up from the hospital bed.

And it didn’t look like she used much force.

Young man: “……”

He cracked up.

He was one of the few people who knew clearly about Fu Yun Shen’s force.

After all, it was the one that had swept across o continent.

Even if this girl was an ancient martial artist, even if she was an extremely powerful ancient martial artist, then it couldn’t have been this easy.

Unless, Fu Yunshen just didn’t resist and let her be.

“That said, if you help me, I’ll help you too.” Ying Ziyi turned off the instrument that transferred the toxin, and she looked up, “If something really happened to me, you wouldn’t just ignore it.”

Fu Yunshen sniffed and was silent for another moment, “Little friend, sometimes you’re even more stubborn than me.”

After a pause, he gave a low laugh, his voice gentle, “But it’s a good point, how could I possibly let anything happen to you.”

He had fought with that Rank 2 Poisoner, and the other was no match for him.

But it was because the Poison Master’s entire body was covered in bizarre poison, and no one else could get close except for him.

And it was also because of the poison in Master Fu’s body that he could not deal a death blow to the other party.

But this time, if that poisoner really came after him, he could just kill.

If he couldn’t even protect a little friend, he had indeed worked in vain all these years.

Fu Yunshen nodded his head and gestured for the other doctors to step back.

One of the doctors hesitated: “Don’t you need any help?”

“No.” Ying took out the medicine bottle and placed it next to the operating bed, “It’s not something that you can help with.”

Several doctors who had an international reputation fell into silence when they heard this.

They silently stepped aside and just stared.

Not even daring to breathe for fear of missing something.

Ying Ziji took out the silver and gold needles from the long box and inserted them into several of Elder Fu’s acupuncture points.

She dropped the needles slowly this time, nowhere near the dozen or so stitches and a few seconds it took to save Mu Heqing.

The young man looked on, shocked: “Young master, this is …… ancient medicine?”

“Mm.” Fu Yun Shen faintly, “Not an ordinary ancient doctor.”

The young man cracked up once more.

It was an ancient martial artist who could also do ancient medicine, was this still human?

But this poison of Master Fu’s, it wasn’t like they hadn’t hired someone from the ancient medicine world, and still there was nothing they could do.

The young man asked in a low voice, “Young master, is she a native of Shanghai City?”

“No.” Fu Yunshen turned his head, “Don’t say anything.”

The young man swallowed back the doubts behind him and continued to look carefully.

Because the medicine bottles were filled with the essence of highly poisonous herbs, Ying Ziji was very careful when using them.

This body of hers was ordinary and not very strong, and when she laid the needles, it would take more effort.

But luckily, she had encountered this kind of poison once before.

Ying Ziji’s eyelashes drooped as she dropped another needle.

Old acquaintances, meeting again.


May 6 closes for the holidays and the students in cla*s 19 are all very happy.

The students in other cla*ses didn’t know what Ying Zidian was capable of, but how could they not?

Even the worst students in the cla*s, after listening to their father Ying’s biology lesson, had scored over 75 marks in this a*sessment, only 15 marks short of the full mark.

Xiu Yu, as Ying Zidian’s tablemate, even saw her casually pick up a five-centimetre back physics book and start flipping through it.

The students in cla*s 19 held their tongues, even when they saw that the campus forum was a sea of mocking posts.

“This Lu Fang is really stupid.” Little Brother snorted coldly, “What’s not good enough to eat, you have to eat sh*t.”

Jiang Yan’s excitement was also high, his grumpy mood all calmed down quite a bit, “Get him a frame of it and let him eat it.”

This was the kind of thing he could get a few pigs to satisfy Lu Fang.

At the thought that he would soon be able to watch Lu Fang live, the little brother suddenly slapped his thighs in excitement, “Brother Burn, Sister Yu, do you think I should personally-”

“Get lost!” Xiu Yu was furious, “You’re disgusting.”

Little brother scratched his head, knowing that Xiu Yu had misunderstood, “No, I mean I’ll keep an eye on him myself.”

“That’s disgusting enough too, stop it.” Xiu Yu’s face was expressionless, “I’m going to throw up.”

“Wait.” Jiang Yan looked up, “Did Ying Dad take a leave of absence?”

“Yes.” Xiu Yu nodded, “Now that the morning reading is over, usually Ying Dad is at the right time.”

Jiang Yan frowned, “You didn’t call?”

“You don’t have to tell me, I would have called.” Xiu Yu shook his head, “But it didn’t get through, so it should be some kind of emergency, you can’t control your dad’s business, so don’t think too much about it.”

Jiang Yan: “……”

He had a sentence that he didn’t know whether to say or not.

“Out out out!” Another junior came running through the door, “Brother Burn, Sister Yu, the overall ranking has come out, I saw the teacher from the teaching team go down with the red paper and stick it up, let’s go and see.”

Just as the students from Cla*s 19 were going downstairs, on the other side, Talent Cla*s.

Lu Fang was just waiting for the forum to put up the overall ranking, and then he would arrange them in reverse order to find out how disgraceful Ying Zigui’s results really were.

He had even written a review for Ying Zidian to apologise to Zhong Zhiyan, and when the time came he would post it on the forum so that Ying Zidian would not be able to stay in Qingzhi.

A girl looked out the window and called out, “Zhiyan, don’t you want to go down and check the rankings?”

Usually, when the rankings were posted on the bulletin board, students in the Talent Cla*s would not go there.

They didn’t even have to look at them, because they knew that the top 50 were definitely their cla*s.

After all, the students in Talented Cla*s were always on the move, and if they fell out of the top 50, they would be moved to the Science Experimental Cla*s.

But this time, because Lu Fang had made a bet with Ying Zigui, and because the face of the cla*s was at stake, when Zhong Zhiwei said so, the other students were also moved.

“Zhiyan, wait for me!” Lu Fang put his mobile phone back together and ran after him.

When Zhong Zhiyan arrived at the bottom of the school building, there were already many students gathered around, most of them were from the science experimental cla*s.

When she swept her eyes, she saw the excited students of Cla*s 19, and could not help but let out a light sigh.

She couldn’t help but let out a light sigh. They were all about to be publicly executed, and they were still so happy.

“Zhiyan, this time the first place in the grade will definitely still be yours.” Lu Fang did not forget to boast, “If you get 125 in maths this time, won’t that translate to 150 full marks? That’s amazing.”

Zhong Zhiyan smiled lightly and didn’t say anything, but she obviously thought so too.

The teachers put up the red paper and left.

The students all looked up impatiently.