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Boss Lady Chapter 137-138

Chapter 137

There are two sheets of red paper with rankings written on them.

One for senior and one for soph*more, with the soph*more on the right.

Zhong Zhiwei also raised her head and her eyes fell on the first position of her age.

She didn’t see the names either, she was looking directly at the scores.

After all, from the first year of high school until now, she had always been first in age, and she would often pull second by a tenth of a point.

690 points.

How could it be so low?

She had clearly estimated the marks after the exam, and with the paper from the Talent cla*s, her total score should be around 610.

But when converted into an overall age ranking, the score would be above 720.

690 points was too far from her estimated score.

Zhong Zhiwei frowned and was instantly a little depressed.

She didn’t want to watch anymore and was about to leave, when a fierce cry of surprise suddenly erupted from the group of students next to her.

“Crap? Am I blind, not only did she not flunk, she’s still number one?!”

“I can’t, my legs are getting weak, give me a hand, I just want to know how I got 300 points in the science synthesis.”

“Let alone 300 in science, 150 in maths you guys give me a try? And when we made the bet, we used the paper from the Talent cla*s, right? I can’t, I’m going crazy.”

Hearing these words, Zhong Zhiyan froze and looked away again, her expression freezing in an instant.

Her eyes widened as she looked at the name at the top, unbelievable now.

Her head buzzed as if she had been hit hard on the head, and the colour of her face was rapidly disappearing.

The sounds around her were chaotic, pouring into her ears in a frenzy.

It was as if they were mocking something.

“I have to say, Ying Ziyang is a bully, she has directly overpowered everyone in Talent Cla*s to get the first place in the year.”

“No wonder that group of people in Cla*s 19 didn’t react at all, I guess they knew about it a long time ago?”

“I once pa*sed by their cla*s when I was going to the toilet and saw Ying Zidian on the lectern, talking about biology.”

“I think I’ve heard that too. Didn’t Ms. Bai like Ms. He? Then because Teacher He hated Ying Zidian, she refused to teach them after she moved to cla*s 19 unless Ying Zidian got out, which ended up with her getting out herself, which is ridiculous to me.”

“Ugh, when will she get out of our cla*s too.”

Bai Shaoshi also leads the science lab cla*s, and the students in the science lab cla*s naturally know what kind of temper she has.

Her lectures are just like that, and she likes to scold people and threaten them with marks at every turn.

I heard that she had a backstage and was related to the imperial capital, so she had never been dismissed by Qingxiang.

For a while, the students of the science experiment cla*s were envious of cla*s 19.

The youngest brother held his chest out and raised his head majestically.

Envious, right?

There was nothing they could do about it.

Ying Dad was theirs, but they couldn’t let it.

Suddenly, someone shouted again.

“Eh, it’s not right, even if the first in grade is Ying Zidian, Zhong Zhiyan didn’t even get the top ten? That’s not scientific, is it?”

“What’s so unscientific about it? If you didn’t do well in the exams, you didn’t do well.”

Only when she heard this did Zhong Zhiyan realise that something was wrong and started to look for her name on the red paper.

But she looked several times, but she didn’t see it.


From the second to the first hundred, there was nothing!

What happened?

Zhong Zhiyan’s heart twitched as if a million insects were tearing at it, and she could hardly breathe.

At that moment, the campus radio blared.

It could be heard in front of the school building, in the cla*srooms, and in the playground.

“Attention, soph*mores, attention, soph*mores-”

“Because some students made high scores in this exam with papers from the Talented Cla*s that the school did not expect, so the final ranking was not converted by a factor, it does not mean that you did not do well in the exam, the situation is really exceptional, please forgive me, students from the Talented Cla*s.”

“If this happens again in the future, the school will carefully consider the situation and try to have a better optimisation plan.”

The whole school went crazy.

“Crap, so this 690 that Ying Zigui got is a 690 without conversion?”

“No factor conversion and still top of the grade, f*ck, she’s sick, right?”

“The point is, she got a perfect score in everything except language.”

“No, that’s not the point either, the point is that I went to the teaching team this morning and heard from the teachers in the team that Ying Zidian didn’t write her essay and only scored 90 in the language.”


Once again, the whole school went crazy.

Coming in second place was the first in the science lab cla*s, a girl.

She put her hands together and worshipped at the red paper with true feelings, “Thank you, God of Ying, for being merciful and not writing the essay, so I only missed you by one point.”

Zhong Zhiyan naturally heard the announcement, and with trembling fingers, she took out her mobile phone and started to log into the education system to check her results.

Name: Zhong Zhiwei

Language: 109

Maths: 121

English: 128

Science: 250

Total score: 608

Age Ranking: 1001

Looking at this “1001”, Zhong Zhiwei’s eyes went black and she almost fainted.

Including the Talented and International cla*ses, there were 21 cla*ses in the second year, with 60 students in each cla*s.

However, the international cla*ses did not take the entrance exam, so the total number of students taking the exam was only 1200.

1001, no different from the bottom.

Zhong Zhiwei’s fingers trembled even more, and her throat was dry.

The whole Talented Cla*s was no better, they all wanted to die.

Because of Ying Zidian’s manipulation, everyone in the cla*s was ranked outside the top 1,000.

Although the school did explain, it was a slap in their face.

Even if they did the same paper, Ying Zidian could get full marks.

Without conversion, it was also the top of the grade.

A public execution was carried out on everyone in the cla*s.

Lu Fang’s teeth were clenched and his face was pale.

Apart from disbelief, he was more afraid.

As if he had thought of something, he turned around and ran towards the school gate.

But he had only taken one step when he was stopped by two men.

Jiang Yan threw away the can in his hand and sneered, “Keep an eye on this kid, prepare what he wants to eat as well, and when Ying Dad comes back, let him broadcast it live on the shark platform.”

“I’ll give a hundred rockets for the bounty then, so the whole internet can see how much you love that stuff.”


At this time, in the private hospital.

A day and a night had pa*sed, and although Master Fu hadn’t woken up, his condition was already good.

Now he was not unconscious, but drowsy, and there was no sign of pain yet.

His heartbeat had also gradually turned from weak to strong, leaving the other doctors in awe.

If it hadn’t been for the occasion, they would have been tempted to go up and ask questions.

No one had closed their eyes this night, but none of them could match Ying Zigui’s consumption.

Fu Yunshen asked her to stop many times, but was refused.

She was not only removing the toxins from Master Fu’s body, she was also restoring Master Fu’s body.

The toxin had lingered for twenty years and even the strongest body could not carry it.

Otherwise, even if the poison was cleared away, Master Fu wouldn’t be able to live for long.

Ying Ziji looked sideways at the transparent catheter, which was already completely black, and slowly let out a breath.

This was a special tool she had made for the purpose of treating Master Fu’s illness.

If it had been replaced by an ordinary catheter, it would have burst open quickly the moment the toxin was channeled out.

By then, a room full of people would have suffered.

A poison of this level should not have appeared in Shanghai City, or even in China.

After Ying Ziji pulled out the last silver needle, the nerves that had been tense were relieved.

She stood up on the bed, but she couldn’t hold on any longer because she had used up too much energy.

Her body swayed and she collapsed.

Fu Yunshen was at her side, and with a change of expression, he lifted his hand and held her in his arms.

When he looked closely, his fingers were trembling faintly.

He paused for a moment, but still picked the girl up by the waist.

He brought another shirt and wrapped her up tightly, his other hand shielding her head.

Fu Yunshen turned around and said in four faint words, “Get ready.”

The young man’s expression was awe-inspiring: “Yes.”


Qingzhi’s side.

Two cla*ses had pa*sed, and none of the students in the Talent cla*s were in the mood to listen.

On the campus forum, all those mocking posts had been brushed down.

The front page was clear of posts like [Worship the God of Learning, Ying], [Is it too late to join Cla*s 19], and [Looks like Talented Cla*s isn’t good either].

The students in Yingcai’s cla*s looked at them and their faces were burning.

At first, they also posted mocking posts and were sure that Ying Ziji would never pa*s the cla*s, waiting to see her apologise to Zhong Zhiyan.

The slap in the face came too soon, and the term “first in cla*s” was slapped in their faces.

Luckily, the campus forum was anonymous and no one knew who was who, which saved them some face.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible.” Lu Fang was brought back by Jiang Yan, his face was blue, “How could she have gotten a perfect score? She was at the bottom of her grade last semester, and she took pills to be top of her grade all of a sudden?”

Another student shook his head, “The school is as strict in correcting papers as they are in the college entrance exams, so they definitely won’t correct mistakes.”

Although, none of them could accept this result.

“Ying Zidian must have the answer!” Lu Fang laughed coldly, “Or else she would have gotten full marks on the subjective questions in the language? And she even took off work today, isn’t she just weak-minded?”

Zhong Zhiyan had barely calmed down, but her heart was still shaking.

690 points.

Even if she studied for another ten years, she wouldn’t be able to achieve such a score.

Ying Zidian could do it?

She really had to laugh.

Zhong Zhiyan pursed her lips and took out her phone to edit a long paragraph.

Then, she sent an email to the headmaster, the teaching team, the language team and all the other teacher groups.

[Reported by name to Senior 2 Cla*s 19, Ying Zidian, for cheating in the mid-term exam].


Chapter 138

Zhong Zhiwei specifically marked the word real name.

This was done in order to draw the attention of the school authorities.

She wouldn’t believe that Ying could get such a score, not to mention her, and no one in the school would believe it.

It was obvious to the whole internet how difficult the paper for Ying Cai’s cla*s was.

Every year, they are dragged onto the internet to be admired and worshipped by the netizens.

When Ying Zidian got the answers, it was fine to copy a pa*s, but a full mark?

Isn’t that just a way to get caught out?

What a brainless thing to do.

She really doesn’t know what else Ying Zidian can do besides writing and drawing.

Zhong Zhiwei finished sending the email and quickly put her phone in her desk, her back straightened, afraid that others would find out what was going on.

Fortunately, during this cla*s period, the students in the Talent cla*s were too struck to speak, and each one of them was burying their heads in their studies.

“Zhiyan, don’t be sad.” The girl at the same table turned around and comforted Zhong Zhiwei, “If the conversion was carried out, you would be 730 points, isn’t this first position still ……”

The rest of the sentence didn’t go on, it was embarra*sing to say it.

If the conversion is really done, Ying Ziyang’s score will directly explode to a full score of 750.

What about Zhong Zhiyan’s 730 points?

When the girl saw that Zhong Zhiyan’s face was not right, she quickly remedied the situation: “Zhiyan, one exam is nothing. Besides, who knows if she cheated or not, your strength is obvious to everyone.”

“Stop it.” Zhong Zhiyan bit her lip hard and bowed her head, “It’s almost time for cla*s.”

The girl didn’t dare to say more and took out her English textbook.


The vibrations in the school didn’t affect Ying Ziyang at all.

She slept through the afternoon.

Ying Zidian sat up with her head propped up, her body still a little weak.

She opened her eyes slightly, and in the haze there was a slender figure, breaking through the darkness of her vision, coming her way.

The light shines like a morning star.

Remembering the metaphor once more, Ying pressed her head and wrinkled her brow.

Before she had fully adjusted to the light in the room, her back was lifted by a hand.

Warmth and heat came through a layer of clothing.

Fu Yunshen was protecting her with one hand and holding a bowl in the other, his voice dropping: “Drink some porridge first when you wake up.”

“I’m fine.” Ying Ziji sat on the bed for a few seconds before accepting the bowl, “Thank you.”

The bowl is a medicinal congee, but the smell of herbs is not strong, only a light fragrance.

Ying Zidian picked up the spoon and took a sip when her hand abruptly lurched.

Her sense of taste and smell had always been very sensitive, and even if it was just the medicinal congee that had just touched her taste buds, she sensed that something was wrong with it.

There was a very faint rusty taste, and even though it was suppressed with other ingredients, it still hadn’t been completely eradicated.

Ying Ziji lowered her eyes, her eyes slightly fixed.

Someone’s blood can be used in medicine.

But this kind of blood was precious, and using it would deplete the body instead.

“What?” When Fu Yunshen saw that she didn’t move again, his peach blossom eyes narrowed, “The taste is not good?”

Could it be that his cooking skills have regressed?

“No, it tastes good.” Ying Ziji paused and sighed softly, “It’s just that I thought of something from the past again.”

“Who?” Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows, his tone slowing down, “That good friend of yours?”


“She’s not in Shanghai?”

“No, she’s far away.”

Fu Yunshen fell silent.

He thought of the time she had spent in Qing Shui County, and the year she had spent with the Ying family.

Personal freedom was a problem, let alone going to a place far away.

“It’s alright, when you’ve completely recovered, brother will take you to find it.” Fu Yunshen raised his hand, but in the end he only patted her back gently, “We’ll find it.”

“No need.” Ying Ziji went on to drink the porridge with a spoon, and after a few sips, she said softly, “It’s enough for me to know that she’s doing well.”

“How can that be.” Fu Yunshen was faint, “One always has to see for oneself.”

After saying that, he got up, but he couldn’t help rubbing the girl’s head again, “Little friend, get some rest.”

“Don’t go to school these days, your body is important, study and other things, put it on the back burner.”

After closing the door, Fu Yunshen collected his smile and turned his head: “Where is the person?”

The young man was originally dazed, when he heard this he gave a jolt: “Young master, the basement, it’s tied up.”

Because of Master Fu’s condition, they had been on high alert all night, and Fu Yichen had also been tied up all night, still hanging upside down.

Another person was specially a*signed to help him turn around in order to prevent his head from filling with blood and fainting to death.

By now, Fu Yichen hadn’t even had a sip of water, and was still in a dark, confined space, and was on the verge of collapse.

He had no idea where exactly he had been tied up, and after being taken away from the First Hospital, the group of men had put a sack over him.

They took him all the way around, and all he could do was vomit into the sack when he got carsick.

Fu Yichen had never suffered like this before, but he had no way to ask for help and crying was useless.

Just as Fu Yichen was breaking down, he was let down.

His feet hit the ground again, but his legs could not support his body.

Fu Yichen fell to his knees with a bang and looked up shivering.

When he looked, his eyes widened: “Fu Yunshen? How come it’s you?”

Fu Yunshen didn’t look at Fu Yichen’s miserable state, nor did he respond, he tilted his head: “Fight.”

The two bodyguards immediately stepped forward, holding sticks in their hands.

There was no force to be gathered, and they struck down firmly.

Fu Yichen let out a miserable scream.

He didn’t even have time to think about why Fu Yunshen was here, he just screamed. And arrogantly: “Fu Yunshen, how dare you hit me? If Dad and Mom find out, you’ll be finished!”

“Aren’t you just relying on grandpa to dote on you? Without grandpa’s favor, what are you? You’re just a …… ah!!!”

The young man covered his ears and thought to himself that this lion’s roar was fine.

“Then tell Fu Mingcheng not to mess with me.” Fu Yunshen raised his hand, patted Fu Yichen’s face, and laughed lowly, “Grandpa, it was my last bottom line before I didn’t touch you.”

Under the extreme fear, Fu Yichen was unable to withstand the shock and directly fainted.

Fu Yunshen stood up, faintly, “Lock up for seven days, then put it back.”


On the other side.

Zhong Zhiyan was secretly reading the discussion on the campus forum, and the more she read, the more depressed she became.

She clearly saw a few posts suggesting that Ying Ziji had cheated, but they were quickly deleted by the moderator.

What else could this be if not a weak heart?

Zhong Zhiyan was waiting with her textbook in her hand.

It had been more than eight hours since she sent the report, but why had the headmaster and the head teacher not reacted at all?

Just when Zhong Zhiyan wanted to go and see for herself, a student from the Student Union knocked on the door of the cla*sroom of Talent Cla*s and shouted towards her.

“Goddess Zhong, the headmaster wants you to go over there, there should be something important for you.”

Zhong Zhiyan tried to suppress the smile at the corner of her lips and replied indifferently, “Got it.”

Inside the headmaster’s office, the head teacher was also there.

When he saw Zhong Zhiyan enter, his face turned cold.

Zhong Zhiyan naturally noticed it, and she was a little confused.

She was number one in her year, and the head teacher was naturally very tolerant and fond of her, usually welcoming her with a smile, and had never shown such an expression.

“Cla*smate Zhong Zhiwei.” The headmaster pushed up his gla*ses and his voice was serious, “Why do you think that Ying Ziyang cheated?”

On the computer, there was Zhong Zhiyan’s email.

Apart from the title, there was a lot more written at the bottom.

After a pause, the headmaster asked, “If I remember correctly, she is your cousin, right?”

Zhong Zhiyan didn’t answer this second question, and her heart lightly puzzled over it.

Since when was the adopted daughter of the Ying family her cousin?

She only called her cousin Ying Zidian because she couldn’t bear to break Master Zhong’s heart.

“Headmaster, I’ve written the evidence below the email.” Zhong Zhiyan smiled lightly, “And this kind of thing, even if no one said anything, they wouldn’t be able to see it, right?”

Everyone knew that Ying Ziji had been forced into the Talent Cla*s by Ying Luwei.

She is often sleepy in cla*s and leaves school at every turn.

What could she learn from this?

Not to mention, what a degenerate cla*s Cla*s 19 is.

Zhong Zhiyan pinched her palm and added, “This time, the paper for the Talented Cla*s is even harder than before, and isn’t the school’s conversion factor a multi-year experience? That genius senior, he didn’t get a perfect score either.”

Hearing this, the headmaster glanced at the email again and frowned even more: “Your proof, is to guess out of thin air? If you report it without evidence, you are the one who will be disciplined.”

“How can this be a guess out of thin air?” Zhong Zhiyan’s smile faded, “It’s common knowledge, anyone with common sense knows it, and ……”

“That’s enough!” The faculty director on the side couldn’t listen to this anymore, he was furious, “Zhong Zhiyan, I originally thought you were a student with good studies and good character, but now it seems that your ability is fine, this jealousy is also very strong.”

“The paper was produced by the Imperial University, sealed and sent to Qingzhi, it wasn’t even opened before the exam, even the teacher didn’t know the questions, so you tell me how did she cheat? Hmm?!”