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Boss Lady Chapter 139-140

Chapter 139

“She’s still your cousin, and you question her like that? No half-trust? Thinking of pushing her into the fire?” The head teacher grew angrier as he spoke, “You don’t know what the consequences of cheating on an exam are, do you?”

Cheating on exams leads to direct expulsion and dismissal from school.

Moreover, no student expelled by Qingzhi would be accepted by any major high school in China.

It’s the same as having your future cut short.

“Zhong Zhiyan, I’m telling you, the school teacher knows exactly whether or not Ying Zidian has cheated.” The head teacher slammed the table, “You question, you have no evidence, and when you question, you have to think about what consequences you have to bear!”

The head teacher’s anger was so severe that he did not show any mercy just because Zhong Zhiyan was a girl.

Zhong Zhiyan’s face turned white and her lips trembled fiercely.

As the number one girl in her year and the eldest girl in the Zhong family, she had never been lectured by a teacher like this before.

It was because of Ying Zidian again.

Ying Zidian was so good that she could even bribe the head teacher.

Who in their right mind would believe that someone could get a full mark on a paper from a cla*s of excellence?

Even the university students at the Imperial University don’t have this ability.

Wouldn’t it be normal for her to question it?

“Student Zhong Zhiwei, I’ll suppress this report for you.” The headmaster’s tone was quite moderate, “If you still want to question it, then the school will directly discipline you, you have cla*ses next, go back first.”

Zhong Zhiyan stood up violently, her movement so big that it brought the stool down.

Her eyes were red and glowing, and a mist of water coalesced in her eyes, so she didn’t hold back and ran away, covering her face.

“Principal, that’s too much.” The head teacher was still angry, “I don’t believe she’s the only one who thinks that, there must be many others who think that Ying Zidian has cheated.”

Of course, it’s only human.

A student who had failed in every subject suddenly got a perfect score and was the top student in her year, so he would be suspicious, not to mention the students.

But everything has to be based on evidence.

Without evidence, why should he a*sume that someone had cheated?

“Ugh.” The headmaster shook his head, “The matter of those few families, it’s too complicated, but we still have to talk about it, let me think about it.”


Outside the Academic Affairs Building.

Zhong Zhiwei didn’t go back to her cla*s, but sat on the steps, wiping her tears one by one.

It was a good thing that it was cla*s time and there were not many people outside.

The more Zhong Zhiyan cried, the more aggrieved she became, and the sadder she was.

If Ying hadn’t cheated, the overall ranking would still have been converted by a factor this time.

Then, she would still be number one in her grade, and there was no way she could have left such a rubbish ranking of 1001 in her file.

With such a result, she couldn’t even bring it home to show Mrs. Zhong.

After the mid-term exams, it would be the parents’ meeting.

What would all those parents think of her then?

Zhong Zhiyan was crying when a confused, low voice rang out above her head.

“Student Zhong?”

Zhong Zhiyan hurriedly dried her tears and looked up, “Teacher He.”

He Xun saw that her eyes were swollen with tears and was stunned, “What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s nothing Mr. He, I just …… don’t understand anymore, grandpa still doesn’t care about me after all, he even got the answers to the paper for his cousin.” Zhong Zhiyan said, tears flowed out again, her voice choked, “Is it just an apology? Is it hard? Ying can’t lose face, but I can?”

The papers were sealed yes, but the answer had been given a long time ago.

The bet on the campus forum was known to Master Zhong, and could he not get the answer to Ying Zigui?

There was absolutely no thought for her feelings.

He Xun frowned.

He had also come to the headmaster for Ying Zidian’s exam results.

That result was, to be honest, too fake.

Not to mention that he had watched Ying Zidian writing casually when he was invigilating the science exam.

A perfect score?

It was ridiculous.

“Cla*smate Zhong, you should go back to cla*s first, I’ll go find the headmaster.” He Xun glanced at his watch, he looked cold, “Fair enough, it’s always not late.”


The other side.

Biology group office.

Bai Shaoshi didn’t have cla*s until the afternoon, so she didn’t come in the morning.

She had taken a trip back to the empire for the five-day Labour Day holiday, and hadn’t corrected her papers, so she didn’t know the ranking of the results of this mid-term exam yet.

As soon as she entered the office, Bai Shaoshi saw the other teachers looking at her with a very odd look.

She frowned, slightly displeased, “What are you guys doing looking at me like that?”

A biology teacher coughed and asked, “Teacher Bai, do you know the age ranking this time?”

“I haven’t looked yet, isn’t it just the same old thing?” Bai Shaoshi was perfunctory, “The average score of our cla*s, it’s definitely the top of the grade.”

She led an experimental science cla*s, the children in the cla*s gave her a good fight and she got her hands on the prize money.

“Teacher Bai, it’s different this time.” That biology teacher shook her head, “The average score of this subject of biology, cla*s 19 is only the first in the grade.”

Bai Shaoshi’s footsteps lurched, amused, “Which cla*s are you talking about?”

Seeing that she didn’t believe her, that biology teacher directly placed the computer in front of her, “Look, the average score of Cla*s 19 is 80.93, while the science experimental cla*s you are leading is only 75.98.”

Bai Shaoshi’s expression froze: “That’s impossible!”

What kind of students were in Cla*s 19, could she still not know?

When she taught in Cla*s 19, not many people listened.

But Bai Shaoshi knew that Cla*s 19 was actually very united.

For those few poor students who had to listen to the cla*s, they would surely come and beg her to kick Ying out of Cla*s 19, but no.

“Teacher Bai, it’s too bad.” Another biology teacher spoke up, unable to say whether it was regret or gloating, “You said you’d still be leading Cla*s 19, how generous your bonus would be this time?”

Qingzhi was not stingy at all in order to retain good teachers.

If a student’s grade ranking improved by one hundred, not only did the student get a bonus, but the teacher did too.

When the cla*s average improves by one, the teacher gets fifty thousand.

And this time, Cla*s 19’s average score in Biology, was the first in the grade.

Not many people took the exam last time, so naturally it was the bottom of the list.

The Yingcai cla*s was not counted, so Cla*s 19 improved by 18 places in one go, which translated into a bonus, how could it be 900,000?

Bai Shaoshi’s face turned blue straight away, and she almost couldn’t catch her breath.

A few of the teachers in the biology group were also quite uncomfortable with her, but they didn’t say anything at this point, and they all went about their business.


In the private hospital.

Ying Zidian was holding the hot tea that Fu Yunshen had made for her and was thinking about it.

Her mobile phone rang, she looked at it and picked it up.

There was the headmaster, who briefly recounted the events of the day.

“Student Ying, the solution from the teacher’s side is to send a clarification, after all, there are quite a lot of posts in the forum, and several teachers, and there is a lot of damage to your reputation.”

Ying was not surprised, she was light: “No, let’s settle it in person.”

The headmaster was stunned: “What does Ying mean?”

“As they wish.” Ying Ziyi yawned, “I’ll take their questioning face to face and ask them any questions.”

When the headmaster thought about it, there seemed to be no better solution than that.

But this would really be a public execution for those few who questioned.

The headmaster agreed, “Good, student Ying, when do you think you will return to school?”

“The day after tomorrow.”

After ending the call, Ying Ziyi remembered that there was a scholarship for being first in age.

Well, that was okay.

On the other side, Fu Yunshen asked Qingzhi for Ying Zidian’s answer key and looked at it.

He hesitated to go past the language subject, but his eyes moved away from the blank essay paper and fell on the girl, stopping.

Fu Yunshen remembered the conversation the two of them had a few days ago.

–“Are you sure you’ll pa*s?

— Well, the language is.

I’m sure I’m very sure.

Not a single mark.

It wasn’t because they couldn’t do it, but because the children were too lazy to write the essay.

Ying Zidian finally noticed the look in his eyes.

Those peach blossom eyes were converging with a smile, and when they looked at people, it was as if there was a deep love.

It was tender and loving.

She gave her hand a start: “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just that I think-” Fu Yunshen narrowed his gaze some, his expression lazy, “Our little friend, is really a treasure.”

A treasure that deserves to be cherished.



All the students in Ying Cai’s cla*s were packing their bags and preparing to go home.

But an unexpected guest came to their cla*sroom, a young man, walking in a hurry and panting, obviously in a hurry.

Zhong Zhiyan was not at all in the mood, and with her head down, she didn’t bother to look.

“Zhiyan, that’s someone from the Imperial University!” The girl at the same table was suddenly surprised, “Look at the school badge he’s carrying!”

Zhong Zhiyan looked up and her heart skipped a beat.

On the top right corner of the youth’s shirt was a white gold badge pinned on.

There wouldn’t be any high school students who didn’t recognise it.

This was the emblem of the Imperial Capital University.

Imperial Capital University, the high school where every student in China dreamed of going.

“Zhiyan, he must be here to see you.” The girl was excited, “In the previous cla*ses, weren’t there seniors and sisters who had been accepted within the Imperial Capital University in their second year of high school?”

Zhong Zhiyan pursed her lips and smiled, “What are you talking about, where is it to find me.”

“Zhiyan, don’t be modest.” The girl said, “To say that there is someone in the Talent Cla*s who is worthy of a personal visit from the Imperial University, who else but you?”

Zhong Zhiyan didn’t respond.

It was a tacit acknowledgement.

“Zhiyan, go over there.” The girl pulled her towards the door without any further ado.

Zhong Zhiyan stood in front of the youth, nervous: “Hello, I’m Zhong Zhiyan, I don’t know what you want to see me about?”

The young man didn’t look at her, but looked at the cla*sroom and said, “Excuse me, is Ying Ziyang in?”


Chapter 140


The entire Talent cla*s instantly fell silent.

Zhong Zhiyan’s smile froze.

She just stood frozen in place, her ears buzzing, her head filled with blood all of a sudden and exploded with a “bang”.

In particular, many people in the cla*s and in the corridor looked over.

So many eyes converged on Zhong Zhiyan, making her feel like a clown who was clamouring for attention.

“Hmm?” The youth didn’t get a response and asked again, “Excuse me, which one is student Ying Ziyang? I’m a professor from Imperial University and have something I want to see her about.”

This sentence caused the students in the Talent Cla*s to be stunned.

A professor from the Imperial Capital University had come to Qingzhi personally for Ying Zidian?

What a joke.

“Professor! Wrong wrong wrong!” The head of the physics team ran over, “Professor Zuo, you left in such a hurry that I had time to tell you that this child is not from the Talented Cla*s.”

He was so old and leggy, he still had to compete with the youngsters for physical strength.

“Not in the cla*s of excellence?” The young professor was surprised, “The paper is not from the cla*s of excellence?”

“Professor Zuo, it’s a long story.” The physics team wiped off a sweat, “The boy is sick and didn’t come to school today, so let’s go to the headmaster’s office and talk slowly.”

The young professor nodded his head and followed the head of the physics team.

Next to him, Zhong Zhiyan was ignored cleanly.

Zhong Zhiyan’s lips trembled fiercely, her face pale, finally revealing a few moments of vulnerability.

The strong sense of humiliation made her eyes swish with tears.

“Goddess Zhong, don’t be sad.” Some boys couldn’t bear to see her like this and comforted her, “It’s not a big deal, can’t you just not go to Imperial University?”

The Qingzhi Talent Cla*s is actually a place where students are trained by the Imperial University, otherwise it wouldn’t be a special paper.

It was better if she didn’t say this, but when she did, Zhong Zhiyan became even sadder.

She squeezed the strap of her school bag tightly and ran away with her head down.


That night, Qingzhi’s campus forum exploded straight away.

It was all over the place, all saying that there was a serious injustice in the mid-term exam.

[Honestly, it’s too fake for Ying Zidian to get a perfect score, my second brother is in the physics department of the Imperial University, and he only did half of the elective questions last year. Tsk.]

[I can’t stand it anymore, a bunch of students bragging about it during the day, you know what you’re bragging about? I could have done so well with the answers.

[Everyone can see how bad Ying Zidian’s grades were before. I don’t believe it if she didn’t copy them to save face.

If she hadn’t cheated, she wouldn’t have been number one in her year and become over a thousand.

[My heart goes out to Goddess Zhong.] [My heart goes out to Goddess Zhong.]

[Heartbroken +1.]

[Heartbroken +10086]

Here is a group of top posters.

The campus forum is anonymous and no one knows who it is, which makes many students even more reckless.

Especially some of the students in the Talented cla*s, this time the grade ranking had caused them to have a lot of resentment in their hearts.

[I’ve already dropped a report letter to the headmaster’s mailbox, and when the results come out, Ying Zigui will have to be expelled.

[Is there a template for a letter? I’ll do it too, there’s strength in numbers.

[So many people want it? Then I’ll post it on the forum.

Zhong Zhiwei was naturally one of those who spoke on the forum, but she wondered why the people in cla*s 19 hadn’t made a move.

As usual, a group of people from Cla*s 19 would have come out to protect them.

Instead of waiting for the people from Cla*s 19, Zhong Zhiwei waited for an announcement on the school’s official website the next morning.

The school has already received all the letters of report, and after the Q&A is over, the school will punish them severely according to the school rules.

Bai Shaoshi and He Xun, who were in the office, and several other teachers who thought that Ying Zidian had cheated, received a notice directly from the teaching team.

The notice told them to prepare the questions they wanted to ask and to ask them at that time.

When He Xun looked at the notice, his eyebrows relaxed and his heart finally felt better.

If the questions were openly asked, then there was no way Ying could get the answers.

With so many people watching, it was even more impossible to rescue them off-site and reveal them all at once.

The penalty for cheating in examinations is very high.

But this is what Ying Zigui had asked for, and there is no one else to blame.

He Xun turned off the notice and started to ask questions.


The following day.

The students were not in much of a mood to go to the morning cla*ses, waiting for the afternoon session of the synagogue quiz.

This was the first time ever that Qingzhi had clamped down on cheating in such a mode.

Even the answers were not available, so how else could Ying Zigui copy them?

The students in Cla*s 19 also had a hard time getting through noon, so they bought a burger and headed straight to the a*sembly hall to take the best seats.

“Is it going to be okay?” Jiang Yan was even in the first row and he frowned, “I heard that He What, the international cla*s, came up with a bunch of questions for university science majors.”

“Come on, let’s not talk about universities, you can bring the questions of graduate students, but it’s useless.” Xiu Yu shrugged, “Do you know what book Ying Dad read last time? Quantum mechanics, I went back and looked it up, scientists are still working on this field today.”

Jiang Yan: “……”

Just don’t be a person.

“When the time comes, it’s the group of teachers and students who reported it that will make a fool of themselves instead.” Xiu Yu, “Let’s just watch the fun.”

Two o’clock had not yet arrived and the synagogue was already full of people.

The head of the physics group had specially reserved a front row seat for the young professor from the Imperial University to watch.

“Are these teachers at your school sick?” The young professor pointed to the row of seats in the middle of the synagogue, “How can I copy someone else’s little girl’s answers, which are even more concise than the standard answers I gave?”

The head of the physics team had a hard time saying, “Professor Zuo, I don’t know either, I’ve told them, but they don’t believe me.”

The young professor shook his head repeatedly, “Superficial.”

“Why isn’t Ying Ziyi coming?” In the seat, Bai Shaoshi was still fixing her make-up and snorted, “You don’t dare to come, do you?”

She had specially prepared many difficult questions, some of which even she couldn’t answer herself.

“If you don’t come, you’ll be fired straight away.” He Xun looked indifferent, “The result is the same, none of it has anything to do with us.”

“That’s true.” Bai Shaoshi snorted again, “She really has the guts too, daring to take a Q&A in public.”

What was this if not asking for death?

“Zhiyan, Ying Ziji must have just magnified her words, she wouldn’t even dare to come.” Lu Fang was solicitous, “Wait, if she doesn’t come at two o’clock, she’ll have stood everyone up and you’ll still be first in the year.”

Zhong Zhiwei responded absentmindedly, but the excitement in her heart couldn’t be suppressed.

Whether she came or not, the result would be the same.

At two o’clock, the girl arrived as promised.

Ying Zidian swept the hall and then sat down in the seat specially prepared for her.

Opposite her were seven or eight teachers, including He Xun and Bai Shaoshi.

It was quite a big gathering.

Ying Zigui didn’t bother to look at He Xun and looked at the green plants in the distance: “Ask away.”

“In the last physics question, you used a very deep knowledge of special relativity.” He Xun’s gaze was cold and his tone mocking, “What do you know about special relativity? And what would be the solution idea of this problem?”

Physics elective 3-4 only briefly covered relativity, which was so shallow that most students didn’t know how to use it.

“Theories about space-time and gravity.” Ying Zigui side-eyed, “I not only used the theory of relativity, but also quantum mechanics, what you see, is more than relativity, it’s a deformation.”

Hearing this, He Xun’s expression stiffened, and he had the feeling that he had been slapped in public.

He hadn’t really seen it.

The girl’s voice was unhurried, “The solution to this problem starts with putting a few variables ……”

Jiang Yan only felt like he was listening to a heavenly book, his head was spinning.

On the other side, Zhong Zhiyan gradually went from smiling to green in the face and couldn’t even sit still doing it.

She didn’t even understand what Ying Zidian was saying.

Of course she had studied relativity theory, but quantum mechanics?

Bai Shaoshi saw He Xun choked, his face was cold, immediately asked: “Biology elective question, you wrote about cre-loxp recombinase system, as far as I know, this system has toxicity, and poor tissue penetration of purple and blue light, the topic requirements have the word ‘efficient’, what makes you use it? ”

“Not long ago, a domestic university has developed a cre-loxp recombinant enzyme system with low toxicity, high temporal specificity and strong tissue penetration, please do your homework next time.”

Bai Shaoshi’s face was white and red as she lost her breath from the gag.

Next, several other teachers were no better.

In particular, one of them suggested that some of the words in Ying Zidian’s English composition were not pure English and had the meaning of showing off.

Ying Zidian took a sip of water before saying, “There are quite a few words in English that are still used in Latin, just because you haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they aren’t there, please go and catch up again.”

The English teacher’s face turned red with anger: “But this is a mid-term exam, how can you use Latin? What if the marker can’t read it?”

“Hmm.” Ying nodded, “I used a very common root word, if you can’t read it, that’s because you’re not educated enough, it’s enough that Teacher Deng can read it.”

Teacher Deng was sitting down and nodded when he heard this, “It’s indeed very common and can be used, the locals say the same thing.”


The people below went crazy.

“Sister Yu!” On the side, little brother clutched her shoulder, “I suddenly want to marry Daddy Ying so badly, Mrs. Ying is too handsome.”

Jiang Yan kicked him and sneered, “You want to be on top of me for generations?”

Little brother wilted.

What do you mean by “fighting with words”? Today everyone had seen the real thing.

“Professor Zuo, calm down, calm down.” The head of the physics team held the young professor down, “You can’t rush up there at this time, isn’t that disturbing the children?”

The young professor reluctantly agreed.

One of the language teachers, who had been forced to make up the numbers, asked helplessly, “So why don’t you write an essay? I can see from your reading that you have a strong literary background, so essay writing should not be too difficult for you, right?”

Ying Ziji was silent for a moment: “There are many words and I am lazy.”

Language teacher: “……”

The group of students below cracked up.

Not writing essays or coming first, what is it if not a pervert?

He Xun’s lips were tightly pursed and the knot in his throat rolled, clearly shaken to the core, more in disbelief.

Ying Zidian put the mineral water bottle down and asked politely, “Have you finished asking all the questions?”


There was a flurry of silence.

What else could be asked here?

If you asked, you would be losing face yourself instead.

Especially those students who reported it, they didn’t even understand the answer.

Ying Zigui changed to a more comfortable position and leaned back, but did not lose his poise and politeness.

The professors from the Imperial University were sitting right below, and apart from He Xun, the other teachers were all very formal.

Not as relaxed as she was yet.

“Good then.” Ying Zigui raised her eyes, slowly, “It’s my turn to ask.”