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Boss Lady Chapter 141-142

Chapter 141


Four words that plunged the entire synagogue into dead silence.

The students below had not yet reacted from the earlier tongue-lashing and were once again shaken over.

The head teacher was silent for two seconds and lowered his voice, “Headmaster, it’s not what I think it means, is it?”

The headmaster also seemed to have just come back to his senses as he slowly pushed his gla*ses up, “I suppose, I suppose.”

The head teacher drew a backward breath, “That’s bad.”

The previous quiz had lasted less than forty minutes in total, but almost all of astronomy and geography had been tested.

But even so, it was not difficult for Ying Zidian.

Apart from the language teacher who had been forced to make up the numbers, the other teachers who had reported the cheating had their faces turned purple.

It was the first time he had seen that a student had to ask a teacher.

“Awesome, that’s awesome.” The young professor vigorously patted the physics team leader on the shoulder, his eyes lit up, “This student of yours, with his personality, is just perfect for learning our physics.”

The physics team leader, who almost vomited blood from the pat, said, “……”

He didn’t even know how to do philosophy.

The young professor seemed to think of something and took out his mobile phone, thinking, “I have to call the dean.”

The questioning table.

Those few teachers all looked changed.

He Xun also raised his head, his eyes under his gold-rimmed gla*ses showing a bit of confusion.

“Ying Ziyi, you’re not going to ask us in return, are you?” Bai Shaoshi was already ashamed and angry because she had lost face, and when she heard this, she laughed sarcastically, “Remember, this quiz is because of the anomaly in your grades, not because of-”

But before she could finish, the emotions of the students below rose up.

All of them, whether they were from the Science Experimental Cla*s or the Ordinary Cla*s, or even the Talented Cla*s, shouted out in unison.

“Let her ask!”

“Quick! Let her ask! Let her ask!”

“That’s right, let her ask, we want to listen!”

“Zhiyan, I’m suddenly so excited.” The girl at the table grabbed Zhong Zhiwei’s hand, “Teacher He is down there, and Ying Zigui has the courage to ask questions, she’s really good!”

Admittedly, none of the teachers down there were over thirty-five years old, but if they could be hired by Qingzhi, their qualifications couldn’t be any lower.

Especially He Xun, the word Norton University made his status in Qingzhi even higher.

What is the difference between provoking He Xun and Norton University?

He really dared.

Zhong Zhiyan’s smile could not be maintained anymore.

She looked deadly at the girl in the middle of the hall, her fingers squeezed her school uniform trousers tightly, and a cold sweat had broken out on her back, chilling her body.

Ying Zidian was not a cheater?

Then she had given her name to the school authorities and made a second report without believing the headmaster and the head teacher, and wouldn’t she be the one to be disciplined in the end?

Zhong Zhiyan suddenly remembered the announcement and realised that the “severe punishment” mentioned in the announcement was not aimed at Ying Zidian, but at those of them who had reported without evidence.

“Zhiyan?” When the girl saw her face was pale and pale, she was concerned, “Zhiyan, are you alright?”

“No, I’m fine.” Zhong Zhiyan forced a smile, “I’m not feeling well, I’m going to the infirmary.”

After saying that, she lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at the people around her as she hurriedly left the synagogue.


“Since quantum mechanics has been mentioned, there are some parts I don’t understand.” Ying pondered a little and nodded, “So I would like to ask Mr. He to tell me how to measure the collapsed quantum wave function.”

The students were keen to notice that she said “Mr. He”, not “Teacher He”.

Jiang Yan was silent for a moment, then turned his head with difficulty: “Collapse what?”

“Joke.” Xiu Yu shrugged her shoulders, “If you’ve heard it, you’re the father.”

She poked Dudu’s little belly, “Dudu, don’t you think so?”

Dudu made a mocking humming sound.

Jiang Yan: “……”

He Xun’s expression went cold when the question was posed.

He hadn’t studied physics at Norton University, it was just that engineering more or less involved physics.

As for quantum mechanics, that was a field that scientists had been working on for so many years, and there was still a lot that had not been breached.

Quantum mechanics goes to the deepest level and even deals with whether parallel universes exist.

The collapsing quantum wave function he had heard of, but had not taken a close look at.

“The quantum itself has wave-particle duality, which is difficult to measure.” He Xun tightened his lips, “It’s still an unsolved problem in the physics world.”

Ying tilted her head slightly and smiled very lightly, “Quite right, what Mr. He asked me earlier is also an unsolved problem in the mathematics world.”

He Xun looked fiercely at the girl, his throat slightly dry, and his expression woefully out of place for a moment.

The other students hadn’t understood from the beginning of quantum mechanics, and all of them had a “I don’t know what this is about, but I dare say it’s very impressive” look.

But they got it, and immediately exploded.

“What does Mr. He mean? Asking high school students about unsolved problems in the world of mathematics?”

“I heard from the teaching team, they sent out a notice in advance for Teacher He and the others to prepare questions, I was thinking, even if they think Ying Ziyi is cheating in this exam, how come they have to mention the ones within the scope of the exam, right?”

“This …… is really not a deliberate attempt to make things difficult? I’m a bit disillusioned.”

Once again, He Xun’s status in the minds of all the students plummeted.

“What a pity.” Ying got up, “A Norton University graduate with a bad character.”

She had learnt about Norton University over the years.

Those below A Pole Academy were no different from students who were not from Norton University.

Norton University provided a platform for these students to teach, but it was up to the students themselves whether they could move on to the next level.

She really thought that some alchemy madman would also lower the standards for recruiting students in order to open the university as the number one in the world.

He Xun’s face was completely changed this time.

These words were like a slap in his face.

Norton University could be said to be a sacred place in the heart of all studies.

Although it is difficult to get into the Imperial University, but at least you can touch it, and you can visit the campus even if you can’t get in.

The University of Norton, on the other hand, is said to be a place where no one knows where its main campus is, except for the students of the school.

It’s the mystery that makes people yearn for it.

“Well said!” The young professor patted the physics team leader’s shoulder once again vigorously and gratefully, “It’s still our Imperial University that’s good.”

The Physics Team Leader spat out blood thinking, “But you’ve had enough.

“I’m done with my questions.” Ying nodded in greeting towards the other teachers’ directions, “Thank you.”

She retreated from the meeting, and the teachers in the question box, still sitting there awkwardly, didn’t move.

The headmaster sighed and stood up, “This question and answer session is now over, everyone go back to cla*s.”

The public question and answer was enough to show that justice was done, and some disciplinary actions, it was time to hand them out.


Outside the a*sembly hall.

Ying Ziyi throws the mineral water bottle into the rubbish bin.

She stood propped up against the street lamp and sighed slowly.

She still overestimated her body.

In just a moment, all the energy she hadn’t recovered was used up again.

Ying took out a white pill from her pocket and took it down, ready to still proceed to take a leave of absence and go back to rest.

As soon as she turned around, she was stopped.

She raised her eyes.

“Hello, student Ying Zidian.” The young professor extended his hand, “I’m a professor from Imperial University, Zuo Li, and I’m here specifically to see you this time, I wonder if I have time to talk?”

“I’m not feeling well, I can’t today.” Ying refused, “I’m still in my second year of high school, it’s too early to talk about university.”

“Early? No.” Zuo Li didn’t think so, “With your level, not to mention bailing out of university, I could just apply for you to be an a*sociate professor at Tidu University, a full professor would have to go up on his own.”

Today, he had seen a feast of knowledge.

Ying Zigui smiled and pondered, “An a*sociate professor has to lead students?”


“And write papers?”

“That’s right.”

“Oh, forget it then.”


Zuo Li’s expression cracked and he only had to back down, “Ying, really, why are you still studying in high school, come to Di Da, we all welcome you, the bonus is definitely more generous than Qing Zhi.”

You’re kidding.

He had a hunch, thanks to the fact that he was the first one to come running.

Otherwise, the group of guys from the maths department would be afraid of grabbing it from him.

To prevent this from happening, Zuo Li added, “This way, student Ying, even if you don’t want to come now, I can first integrate you into our Physics Department, and you can come anytime you want later.”

“This is our annual bonus entry for physics.” With that, he pulled out a minute of paperwork, “Student Ying, you can-”

She raised her hand, “Professor Zuo, please wait for a moment.”

She raised her head and looked precisely in a certain direction.


Chapter 142

“What’s wrong?” Zuo Li froze and looked over as well.

The blue sky was white and the sun was shining.

There weren’t even any birds all the time.

What was looking at?

Just as Zuo Li was confused, he watched as the girl picked up a stone from the ground, then put it in her hand and tossed it towards the air.


There was an extremely small crunching sound as something shattered and opened up.

It pa*sed away in a flash.

Zuo Li stared at that part of the sky for a full thirty seconds before he drifted back to his senses: “Student Ying, did you hear anything?”

“Hm?” Ying Ziyi withdrew her gaze and wiped her hands, her expression unmoved, “Nothing.”

It was just that she hadn’t expected that Earth’s technology had advanced to this level.

But that didn’t stop her from retiring.

“Oh oh.” Zuo Li nodded, wondering if he was so excited that he was hallucinating.


Same time.

Somewhere in the world.

A lab door was suddenly opened from the inside and a figure rushed out, “Where’s the admissions department? Quickly, quickly, it’s urgent!”

It was an old man, with silvery white hair, but walking with a steady, strong presence that did not show his age at all.

Someone next to him warned, “Professor, over there.”

The old man immediately ran away.

When he arrived at the admissions department, he placed the USB stick in his hand in front of the admissions specialist on duty: “Where I am in charge, I found a genius, take a look and give me the invitation when it looks good.”

“Yes, this will be taken care of for you.” The admissions specialist took it and a minute later he looked up, puzzled, “Professor, are you mistaken, there’s no video here.”

“No way!” The old man looked closer and cracked up when he saw that the computer was blank, “Where are my records? Who erased my footage?”

Norton University had placed stealth drones on campuses around the world as a way of capturing those gifted students.

Of course, it is impossible to monitor the private activities of students.

All conversations about privacy are automatically turned off by the drone cameras.

Only when a student worthy of being recruited to Norton University is sensed, the camera turns on and records the relevant footage for transmission to the main campus.

This USB stick, then, is connected to a drone.

The old man didn’t know who had actually invented this drone, and he didn’t have time to care.

What he had to do now was to get the invitation letter and immediately travel to China to enroll this student into Norton University early.

“Professor, that’s not possible.” The female a*sistant pa*sed by, clutching her papers, and shook her head when she heard this, “Even the boss of the Anonymous hacker alliance couldn’t have destroyed our footage, they couldn’t even find the drone.”

“But it’s really just gone!” The old man was in a hurry, “I just watched it again, how could it be gone all of a sudden?”

The female a*sistant shook her head again, “Maybe you should take a break.”

No, the presbyopia was coming out.


The Zhong family.

Even though it was a weekend, Master Zhong had gone to the office.

Only Mrs. Zhong and Zhong Zhiyan were left in the old mansion.

Zhong Zhiyan was stiff, standing in front of the sofa, her palms kept sweating, not daring to look up to see Mrs. Zhong’s expression.

“Zhong Zhiwei, what’s going on with your exam this time?” Mrs. Zhong looked at the ranking on the paper, so angry that she laughed, “1001th place? Are you making fun of me?”

“Mom, it’s not.” Zhong Zhiyan blushed and whispered, “This time the school’s calculation system made a mistake and didn’t convert, and our cla*s ranked very low.”

She paused and added, “Mom, look, my cla*s ranking is number one, there’s no way our whole cla*s didn’t look good.”

“Is that so?” Mrs. Zhong frowned and took a look at the cla*s ranking and found that it was indeed, “If you convert it, you would be 730 points, number one in your grade?”

Zhong Zhiyan bit her lip and didn’t respond, a tacit acknowledgement.

“That too.” Only then did Mrs. Zhong’s expression soothe, “Don’t blame mum for being so harsh with you, mum is doing it for your own good.”

She said, sighing, “Evening, among the young ladies of your generation, you and Xiao Xuan are the most outstanding, and I’m always happy that you’ve been able to beat her in studies.”

Zhong Zhiyan was even more afraid to say anything.

She was afraid that Mrs. Zhong would find out that this time, the first in her grade was Ying Zidian, the adopted daughter of the Ying family.

Luckily, at the parents’ meeting this time, the cla*s teacher didn’t mention the first in cla*s.

With Madam Zhong’s nature, she didn’t even bother to look at other people’s results.

“That’s why you must work hard and not fall behind.” Mrs. Zhong’s tone was a little more stern, “In three days’ time, the Mu family side of the empire will be sending someone over, Evening, you must be careful with your words and never leave a bad impression on the Mu family, do you understand?”

Zhong Zhiyan remembered the disciplinary action the school had given her yesterday, her heart tightened and her voice lowered: “Mom, I understand.”

“There will be a banquet next Friday then.” Mrs. Zhong thought for a moment and admonished, “Don’t worry about that, just study hard.”


Han Court.

After the waiter had laid out the cutlery and dishes, he retired.

Coming here once again, Ying Ziyi gazed sideways and paid attention to the incense burner next to her.

Naturally, she could smell that the incense burning in the incense burner was different from the first time.

It not only calms the mind, but also soothes the depressed qi.

Ying Ziji’s eyes twitched slightly.

It had been prepared on purpose.

She looked at the man sitting across from her, pondering.

“Well, Yoyo, last time I promised you that if you get a perfect score on the exam, what about my brother, I’ll give you an entertainment company.” Fu Yunshen pushed the phone in front of her, “Now, it’s time to keep the promise.”

Ying Ziji raised her eyebrows slightly, seemingly surprised.

“Yao Yao, this expression on your face-” Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes raised, “You don’t think that brother is lying to children, do you?”

Ying Ziji propped his hand on his chin, half-heartedly, “Yes.”

“Little friend, you’re not being conscientious.” Fu Yunshen’s eyes narrowed, “When have I ever cheated you.”

Ying Ziji looked sideways, as if she was remembering something.

Three seconds later, she repeated the words she had said at their first meeting, “You see, I have no power, what if he arrests us?”

Fu Yunshen: “……”

I think he had said that.

“Can.” Fu Yunshen leaned back on the sofa, silent for a little while, smiled, “Remember brother’s handle remembering backwards clear, can this gift be offset?”

Ying Ziji took his phone.

The webpage on the screen was Sky Eye Search.

It was a commercial security company that could look up information about companies.

At the top of the webpage were four words.

First Light Media.

Ying Zidian looked puzzled.

She knew this company.

In another web drama she was watching, the vicious female second in it was from First Light Media.

Since the actress was quite good-looking, she paid more attention to it and looked up the company by hand.

First Light Media is the top-ranked entertainment company in China.

It has produced many movie stars and international superstars.

It can be said that it is the mecca of the entertainment industry, and there is not a single student from the Imperial Film Academy who does not want to join Chikou Media.

The company does not produce stars, only actors.

Anyone who is chosen by First Light Media is bound to have a bright future.

The annual revenue of Primordial Light Media is also a terrifying figure.

This is a gift.

Ying Zidian’s eyes moved down.

She landed on the legal representative’s column.

The name was written in her name.

Below that there was the registered capital, a long number.

“After thinking about it, this one is better.” Fu Yunshen poured a cup of tea, looking lazy, “There are quite a few young stars, I haven’t noticed, but it should be something you like.”

“If you don’t like it, you can also take it again.”

“Let me make a medicine for you.” Ying Ziji paused, “This time it won’t be a kidney tonic, it will definitely prolong your life.”

“Hmm, good.” Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows and trailed off. “It’s not impossible to really supplement the kidneys.”

He couldn’t use it, he could send some to Nie Yi.



He Xun went to the headmaster’s office after letting the international cla*s students help themselves to their topics.

The headmaster had been waiting for a long time, and after seeing him arrive, he pushed his gla*ses, “Teacher He, please have a seat.”

Ever since the question and answer session a few days ago, He Xun had noticed that the students in the school looked at him differently.

Instead of the previous admiration and adoration, there was a bit of contempt in its place.

He Xun had never received such a gaze before.

These days, he was even more worried that the Norton University side would call again, not enough no.

He Xun’s throat tightened before he asked, “What’s the matter with the headmaster?”

“Mr. He, it was said at the time that insisting on reporting students for cheating when there was no evidence was punishable.” The headmaster took out a document, his voice was still moderate, “This is the result of the school’s punishment for you after discussion.”

He Xun pursed his lips and suppressed the uneasiness in his heart.

He took the document and opened it.