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Boss Lady Chapter 143-144

Chapter 143

After he took out the document from inside the file bag, he only took a glance at it and his face just changed.

He Xun looked up sharply, somewhat in disbelief, “Headmaster?!”

“Teacher He, I know that you graduated from Norton University and are learned enough.” The headmaster nodded, “When Qingzhi hired you, it was also because of these two points, but what happened these days proves that you-”

After a pause, he said in a euphemistic tone, “You still need more experience in society.”

The implication was that you were not suitable for the position of teacher.

How could He Xun not have thought that Qingzhi had given him the punishment provision of dismissal?

He had always felt superior because of his graduation institution.

At least he was able to go to Norton University, many people that are not able to go.

“Mr. He, what about Qingzhi, putting the students first.” The headmaster, “In my opinion, the mental health of students is far more important than how well they study, have you ever thought about the day when you suppress those students who study poorly, have you thought about the day when they can’t handle the pressure and there will be irreversible consequences?”

Ying was actually not the first, before she transferred here, there were students from ordinary cla*ses who were reprimanded by He Xun to the point of transferring to another school.

The headmaster originally didn’t even know that this matter was related to He Xun.

It was because of this public Q&A, He Xun’s image was greatly damaged, and some students rehashed the old incident and reported it.

He Xun spoke coldly: “But she answered it.”

Half of it was not lost.

“Teacher He, you see, this is your flaw.” The headmaster’s expression was cold, “It’s nice that you’re a Norton University graduate, but if you treat students differently like this, Qingzhi won’t want it.”

As soon as He Xun heard these words, he knew that there was absolutely no room for turning back on this matter.

“Principal, I can accept the dismissal.” He Xun had to lower his posture, “But the matter of the Norton University interview, please also ask the headmaster to let me continue to follow up on it, as my atonement.”

One thing that Qingzhi High School never knew.

It wasn’t that Qingzhi couldn’t leave him, but that he couldn’t leave Qingzhi.

If he left, there was no way he could complete his examination.

If Norton University did cancel his schooling.

“Oh, there aren’t many days left.” The headmaster nodded, “Then please ask Mr. He to leave Qingzhi as soon as possible after the interview at Norton University is over.”

When the words had come to this point, He Xun could not stay any longer, so he grabbed his papers and headed out.

Just as he opened the door, the headmaster’s voice came again behind him, “By the way, since Mr. He is no longer a teacher at Qingzhi, please also move out of the flat a*signed by the school as soon as possible.”


Cla*s 19.

Jiang Yan was sleeping with his school uniform over his head because the internal energy in his body had recently started another round of rioting.

But the constant noise in his ears was so annoying that he kicked his desk.

After raising his head, Jiang Yan saw a group of people gathered at the front and back doors of the cla*s, with a few juniors blocking the doorway in not letting those students in.

Jiang Yan forced himself to be grumpy and asked, “What are they doing? Catching up?”

He preferred to be clean, so Cla*s 19 was at the end of the floor.

Since all the male and female school bullies from Qingzhi were in cla*s 19, the students avoided them as much as they could.

When had there been so many people?

“Oh.” Xiu Yu looked in the small mirror and was using the new lipstick that Ying Zigui had brought her, “Don’t you get it yet? Worship the Ying God.”

Jiang Yan: “……”

He lost his temper now, turned to the girl and coughed lightly, “So what, Ying Dad, can I borrow an earplug?”

Ying Ziji gave him a look, fished out a box of unused earplugs from his schoolbag and threw them over.

Just as Jiang Yan was about to close his eyes and go back to sleep, the little brothers came in with some boxes in their arms and put them on the floor: “Here, Ying Dad.”

“What’s this?” Jiang Yan looked down and saw a pile of pink and blue envelopes, “……”

Something like this was all too familiar to him.

“A love letter.” Little brother could be proud, “In order to prevent them from disturbing your rest, Brother Burn, we specifically asked them to be outside the door and hand over the love letters.”

Jiang Yan immediately plugged his ears and fell asleep with his head covered.

“These two boxes, a few hundred letters, right?” Xiu Yu picked up one of them, “Ying Dad, awesome, the most I can do is a few dozen letters at a time.”

Ying Ziji put down the book in his hand and pondered, “The love letters they handed me were because I did well in the exams?”

Xiu Yu thought about it, “I think so.”

Ying Zidian said, “Oh,” and looked down again, “No vision.”

“Father Ying, that’s a good thing.” Xiu Yu was choked, “It means they don’t look at the face, they look at the inside.”

“That’s not possible, I look at the face.”


What a good reason to say no.

The little brother scratched his head and scuffled to move the box again.

“Ying Dad, what did the professor from Imperial University say the other day?” Xiu Yu was curious, “Was it to put you in for special admission?”

“No.” The book Ying was reading was Celtic mythology, “He wanted me to work for him as a hard worker.”

Xiu Yu: “????”

She probably didn’t understand what the big brother was thinking.

“Ying Dad, if you don’t want to go to school when you graduate, you can come with me to the Imperial City.” Xiu Yu said with a straight face, “I can still support you.”

“Di Du ……,” Ying Zidian paused, “Let’s talk about it.”


It was Wednesday morning before Fu Yichen was released back into the Fu family.

He was thrown straight to the door of the Fu family’s old residence, his hands and feet tied and a cloth ball stuffed into his mouth

All Fu Yichen could do was whimper, and if the gardener hadn’t happened to come out to water the flowers, he would have had to lie in the gra*s all day and night.

Master Fu had been sent back to the First Hospital a while ago, and Fu Mingcheng had gone to the office, leaving Mrs Fu and the other sisters-in-law at home.

Mrs. Fu was stunned when she saw Fu Yichen: “Yichen, how are you ……”

“Mom ……” Fu Yichen didn’t even dare to cry, when he cried his wounds hurt.

His nose was bruised and swollen, his teeth were knocked out, and he stuttered: “Mom, you, you must do something for me, Fu, Fu Yunshen, he went too far, he beat me up like this, he clearly didn’t put you and Dad in his eyes.”

When the sisters-in-law next to her heard these words, they all looked over.

One of them said in a tone that was half puzzled and half sarcastic: “Sister-in-law, did you hear right, he was talking about Young Master Seven?”

Who in Shanghai didn’t know what kind of person Fu Yunshen was?

He was a fop, a flirt and a loafer.

How dare he hit his own second brother?

Unless he wanted to be kicked out of the Fu family.

“He’s just saying that.” Madam Fu’s face didn’t look too good, “You guys talk first, I’ll take him up to get medicine.”

Fu Yichen had difficulty moving on his own, so Mrs. Fu had to ask the two servants to carry him up.

Once in the bedroom, Mrs. Fu was distraught, “Yichen, why have you become like this?”

“Mum, didn’t I say so?” Fu Yichen was so angry that he wanted to jump to his feet, “I’ve been beaten by that little son of yours.”

“Yichen, it’s just the two of us now, and you’re still talking such nonsense?” Mrs Fu took out the iodine stick and shook her head, “What’s going on?”

“Mom, it’s true.” Seeing that Madam Fu didn’t believe her, Fu Yichen became anxious, “I saw it with my own eyes, the people who took Grandpa away were all Fu Yunshen’s men too, he kept me locked up for seven days and seven nights and only gave me water to drink, I was dying.”

A person can survive for about a week by drinking only water, Fu Yunshen had obviously calculated this time and threw him back into the Fu family.

“No food for you?” Mrs. Fu was startled, “I asked the kitchen to make you some liquid food, you should lie down and rest first.”

This time Fu Yichen was angry and cried, “Mom, it’s really Fu Yunshen, believe me, he must be waiting to get back at us, really!”

“Come on, don’t talk.” Mrs. Fu scolded, “Don’t say such things again, if I hear you again, you will be punished for kneeling in the ancestral hall.”


There were only a few days left before the recital, but Ying Luwei was in a good mood.

Even if she couldn’t play Vera Hall’s “The Sun and the Moon”, her persona wouldn’t collapse.

After all, without even a complete score, even some top pianists would not be able to play it down.

The most important thing now was how she could get Ying Ziji to agree to come to her recital.

While Ying Luwei was racking her brains for a solution, the door was pushed open.

It was her manager.

“Lu Wei, good news.” The agent was very excited, “An offer has been handed to you, saying that you have been asked to play a role in their film, but you have to be seen on camera.”

Hearing this, Ying Luwei laughed, sarcastically, “What company is so stupid as to ask me to act in a movie? I’m not one of those showbiz sellers.”

She is in the music industry, she is marketing her persona in the entertainment industry just to attract more fans to worship her.

She was the number one woman in Shanghai, how could she be like those stars?

“Of course it’s not an ordinary role, would I still come to you if it was?” The agent spoke quickly, “This time it’s a film collaboration between First Light Media and Universal Pictures, about the history of music in o continent from the 17th to 18th century.”

“The role they’ve asked you to play is Vera Hall!”

It had to be a young woman, with cla*s, who played the piano well and had great appeal online.

The agent couldn’t think of anyone else who would be suitable for the role, apart from Ying Luwei.

Unless Vera Hall is still alive.

Ying Luwei was also taken aback: “Really?”

If she could do this film, she could enter the international music world and have exchanges with real top musicians.

Before the agent could answer again, the phone rang.

He glanced at the caller ID and became even more excited.

“It’s a call from First Light Media, it must be about this.” The agent picked up, “Hello, hello, this is Miss Luvvie’s agent.”


Chapter 144

The agent’s hands were shaking.

He could even imagine what a sensation this film would bring when it was broadcast.

It would affect not only China, but the whole world, and could even lead to the development of a series of industries.

The fame that will be reaped is also endless.

Even the celebrities in the imperial capital would definitely not turn down this olive branch.

Perhaps one First Light Media is not enough to put the big giants in their eyes, but Universal Pictures is different.

It is world cla*s.

Those who can be invited by Universal Pictures to make films are top actors from around the world.

In these fifty years, no one in China has been able to achieve this honour.

Universal Pictures is backed by a powerful o-continent plutocracy.

Luckily, one of the personas that Ying Luwei is marketing is the next Vera Hall.

Otherwise, such a good thing would not have been their turn.

“What?!” The agent was smiling when his face suddenly changed, “Why? Didn’t we agree last week? It’s not a contract, but-”

Before he could finish his sentence, the phone beeped and hung up.

There was no mercy.

There was no leniency because he was Ying Luwei’s manager.

As the number one entertainment company in China, Primeval Media is not just a big family in Shanghai that they can look at differently.

When she saw his expression, she knew that something was wrong.

She wrinkled her eyebrows, a little unhappy: “What’s going on?”

The agent looked at her phone for a long time before she froze, “First Light Media said that although they wanted you to audition last week, they have just changed bosses in the past few days and are busy with the handover.”

“As soon as the new executive went up, he took the work away from the film, and the role of Vera Hall was not allowed to be brought in from below.”

There was one more thing that the agent didn’t dare say.

The original quote from First Light Media was this –

When Vera Hall appeared in the limelight left and right, she wore a mask that could have been synthesized by ai, no need for a real person.

They can even go to the music academy and cast a random person to play the role without Ying Lu Wei.

In short, Ying Lu Wei is not worthy.

“What? Why won’t you let us shoot?” Ying Luwei laughed, “Does this new CEO think she is Vera Hall? Does she think she’s Vera Hall and can influence the decisions of Universal Pictures?”

“The film is a co-production between First Light Media and Universal Pictures, and Universal Pictures is in the lead.” The agent sighed, “But the role of Vera Hall was the only one that was given to First Light Media.”

“Why?” Ying Luwei was angry and couldn’t understand, “Vera Hall is from O-continent, isn’t she?”

“No, Luvvie, I only just found out about it.” The agent lowered her voice, “According to First Light Media’s internal disclosure, they were told by Universal Pictures that Vera Hall is from China.”

“In order to closely fit the historical character, so the casting had to be Chinese as well.”

“Chinese?” Ying Lu Wei was shocked, “How is that possible?”

If Vera Hall was from China, would the history of music in o continent not be written?

“And how can we know for sure?” The agent shook her head, “You know that big o-continent plutocrat behind Universal Pictures? It’s said to be a very old family that used to finance a number of literary giants.”

“Their oldest ancestor was good friends with Vera Hall, too, maybe.”

“Ignoramuses!” Ying Luwei snorted, “If they don’t invite me, I don’t see how they can make this film.”

“Lu Wei, don’t be impetuous, this role is really good for you.” The agent thought for a moment, “The First Light Media side said that their new CEO is over here at the Shanghai branch.”

“Let’s go meet and beg, we might be able to salvage it.”


First Light Media, Shanghai City Branch.

After the female secretary made the call, she cautiously asked again, “Executive Director, do we really have to use ai synthesis?”

“Computer technology is very advanced.” Ying Ziyi raised her eyes and examined her for a moment, “You’re tall enough, I think you can act with a mask.”

The flattered female secretary: “……”

Although she was happy to be complimented but this she really couldn’t and didn’t deserve.

“Executive, I actually think there just aren’t many suitable candidates for the role of Goddess Vera.” The female secretary was peeking at the girl and quickly withdrew her gaze, quickly setting her face straight, “Miss Ying Lu Wei is also the first lady in Shanghai City and knows the piano, so it’s really more apt.”

She wasn’t from Shanghai City, she had only changed chief executive because of First Light Media and had been transferred from the imperial capital.

Before that, the secretary had learned a bit about Ying Luwei and found that this first lady of Shanghai was really quite suitable for the role of Vera Hall.

She played the piano and was also of noble birth.

Ying Ziyi was looking through the photos of the actresses under First Light Media and didn’t look up at her words: “She has fox odour.”

The female secretary was confused: “???”

“So…” Ying Ziji selected a few photos of actresses she thought were good and pushed them over, “These ones, let them go for auditions.”

The female secretary took a look and sighed, “Executive Director, you have a good eye, picking all the company’s aces.”

The chief executive was very young, but he was decisive.

She had only been with the company for a day and had already sorted out a lot of information.

It’s true that there’s no need for Ying Luwei to act, because when she puts on a mask, no one knows who she is.

Besides, there is an international film queen among these actresses, who has much more appeal than Ying Luwei.

Ying Ziyi put away a few documents and got up: “If there’s anything else, just ask the general manager.”

She had discovered that she was really too lazy to manage the company.

It was better to watch dramas every day to nourish the eyes and the body.

The female secretary was busy following the girl and escorting her out.


The fact that First Light Media had changed its new executive director was known to only a few people internally.

After all, even before the change, they didn’t know who the executive director was.

There was no difference between this change and no change at all.

Many of the staff did notice the girl, but they all thought of her as a new actress signed by First Light Media.

They were just amazed by her face, but soon went about their business.

First Light Media has become the number one entertainment company in China because its employees are dedicated to their duties and don’t do their personal business at work.

All departments are clean from top to bottom, and the company will give the artists the maximum benefit.

Even if a movie queen or a movie star goes out to open a studio, he or she will not step on Primeval Media’s toes, but will instead introduce the younger generation.

In recent years, however, Primeval Media has withstood the impact of many smaller companies.

Among them are Shang Yaozhi’s proprietor, Star Entertainment, and Tian Xing Media, which is owned by the Jiang Group.

But no matter which company they are, even if they have done something dirty in secret, they are still unable to shake the leading position of Primeval Media in the entertainment industry.

And because the backstage of First Light Media is strong enough, the actors are not forced to attend the drinking parties.

It’s just that Primeval Light Media has a very high eye, and people without acting skills and aura can’t get in.

The 100-person talent show “Youth 101”, which hit the internet at the beginning of the year, was the only one in which Primeval Media did not send a trainee.

Fu Yunshen sat inside the Maserati waiting for her and asked her lazily, “Little friend, how does it feel to be a new official?”

Ying Ziji leaned against the car window, looked at the roadside scenery for two seconds and pondered, “It’s easier to be a student.”

But it did let her also learn that Universal Pictures was preparing to make a musical history of the O Continent.

When the name Vera Hall was mentioned again, Ying thought more about the past.

All the musicians she had consulted in the past had invariably received funding and support from the Laurent family.

This status of hers was clear to a certain person who regarded money as his life and only liked it.

Three hundred years ago in those days, the Laurent family were the kings of Filippo, with a large fortune in hand and gold like mud.

The outside world only knew that Universal Pictures was backed by a big o-continent plutocrat, but they didn’t know which one, there was just a lot of speculation.

And this time when First Light Media cooperated with Universal Pictures, she also learnt that the one standing behind Universal Pictures was the Laurent family.

Ying Ziyi pondered.

Could it be that she had been found out about something, otherwise, why would she suddenly make such a film?

However, even if her divine calculation ability was not restored, she would not be able to find her if she wanted to.

She could still retire in peace.

“Well, naturally, you’re still underage.” Fu Yunshen tapped his fingers on the steering wheel and mused, “Brother will find someone to manage it for you, just sit back and watch your favourite stars, and collect the money.”

He was going to send his little friend home and then go see Master Fu again.

There were still some after-effects after the toxin had been completely cleared, but Master Fu’s body was completely fine.

The hair that had gone completely white had darkened considerably because of the reversal of vitality.

There was really no way for him to return such a great favour.

An entertainment company, there is no way to compare it to a life.

The car starts up and heads off into the dust.

Ying was about to rest and refresh herself, but then she raised her head abruptly.

At the same moment, the Maserati braked violently and made a 360 degree turn.

There was an ear-piercing, sharp chirping sound.

The sudden turn made the other car owners around startled.

Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes converged and his smile was hidden, leaving only an icy coldness.

“Yaoyao, sit tight, don’t move.”