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Boss Lady Chapter 145-146

Chapter 145

The next second, the Maserati lurched off once more.

It kept on picking up speed until it drove away from the city, and only gradually did the speed settle down.

Without Fu Yunshen having to say anything, Ying Ziji knew that something had happened.

Her eyes were cool and she glanced at the rear-view mirror.

Behind the car they were sitting in, there were ten other black cars.

From the rear-view mirror, they could see that those cars had been modified and were not ordinary cars.

In particular, they were now driving into a section of mountain road.

There were twists and turns, many curves, and many road repair signs.

If they were not careful, the car would be destroyed.

Miss Ying faintly closed her eyes, knowing what Fu Yunshen was going to do.

The car behind her saw the Maserati drive into the mountain and then followed suit, speeding up.

As soon as they saw it, they were already on a par with the Maserati, and even vaguely overtook it.


Fu Yunshen’s eyes were cold as he pushed the accelerator to the floor, brushing the car next to him by only an inch, quickly overtaking it and turning a wide corner.

The next moment he overtook the car, the car failed to stop its speed and plunged off the side of the road.

But this did not affect the other cars, which continued at high speed, sandwiching the Maserati in the middle.

This was not racing, it was trying to kill.

Fu Yunshen glanced at the speedometer, his lips hooked for a moment, and once again he picked up speed.

Within a second, the speed reached the extreme in an instant, and even the body made a slight trembling sound.

At such a high speed, Ying did not even tilt her body, she was calm and her voice was calm: “Left.”


The Maserati swung back and knocked the car on the left out of the way.

Seeing this, the remaining cars all leaned over and crashed into the Maserati, clearly intent on destroying it.

There was a “bang, bang, bang” sound in the air.

The tyres of several of the cars could not cope with the speed and they all burst.

The speed of the cars suddenly plummeted and they were left far behind.

Fu Yunshen lifted his head and his peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly.

There was a big bend ahead, and the road was narrow enough for just one car to pa*s.


Fu Yunshen turned the steering wheel, and with extreme speed, he actually turned directly over that bend.

Infinite drift!

All the cars behind stopped, and the people inside just watched in disbelief as the Maserati disappeared from their sight.

The Maserati didn’t stop in the mountains, and after descending the other side, it rejoined the city.

There was not even a dent in the car, apart from a few scuffs on the body.

No one could have imagined that the car had been through a life and death struggle earlier.

“Little friend, go home first.” Fu Yunshen drove the car back to the Wen family, his expression still cold, his voice tone low, “I’m going to take care of something.”


An hour later.

At the entrance of the Fu family’s old residence, there were ten more people with broken arms and legs.

This time they were not thrown in the dense gra*s, but at the entrance.

People came and went in the villa area, anyone could see them.

Those who could live here, although they were no match for the Fu family, were all small and medium-sized gentry in Shanghai, and inevitably had big and small deals with the Fu family in the business world.

Seeing this scene right now, they were all a little surprised.

A powerful family like the Fu family naturally had numerous enemies.

But the Fu family was, after all, one of the top four powerful families, so who in Shanghai would provoke the Fu family?

Fu Mingcheng’s face was gloomy as he had the servants carry all ten people in.

Naturally, he could see that these were the Fu family’s secretly trained va*sals, all of whom were extremely skilled.

Even if one of them had a broken arm or leg, it would be a huge loss.

Fu Mingcheng didn’t know what was going on, but Fu Yichen, who had followed him over, was stunned: “Didn’t I tell you to deal with Fu Yunshen? How did you become like this?”

Several people tried to speak, but could only make whimpering sounds.

Apparently, the voices were also broken.

“Stupid b*****ds!” Fu Mingcheng now understood, he was so angry that he raised his hand and slapped Fu Yichen directly, “How old are you? Twenty-seven years old! You’re not a child anymore, look at what you’ve done!”

Fu Yichen’s injuries had not yet healed, and now that he had been hit by Fu Mingcheng, he directly fell to the ground.

The servants in the villa were so shocked that they were all confused.

“Mingcheng, if you have something to say, why are you hitting the child?” Mrs. Fu was heartbroken, “Yichen has only just been released, his body is still weak, you have a strong hand, isn’t this killing him?”

“You’re the one who’s spoiling him.” Fu Mingcheng was furious, “Fu Yichen, tell me honestly, what exactly did you let these courtiers do? If you don’t tell me one good or bad thing, I will beat you to death today!”

“I just… I just asked them to deal with Fu Yunshen.” Fu Yichen shrank back, “Who let him keep me locked up for seven days without feeding me, I almost died, of course he can’t have a good time either.”

“How dare you slyly argue!” Fu Mingcheng was even more furious, and ignored Mrs. Fu’s obstruction, he gave Fu Yichen another slap, “Say, did you get into something again?”

“Yichen, tell your father the truth.” Mrs Fu was also anxious, “Things are already like this anyway, it won’t matter if you tell the truth.”

“Dad, mum, why don’t you guys believe me?” Fu Yichen was even crying with anger, “It’s really all Fu Yunshen’s doing, can’t it be that this injury on my face, and this person on the floor, are all fake?”

“Take your good son down with you.” Fu Mingcheng didn’t even want to look at Fu Yichen anymore, his chest heaving, “In these few days, don’t give him a penny, and don’t let him out of the house.”

No matter what Fu Yichen said, Fu Mingcheng and Mrs. Fu still did not believe that these two incidents were related to Fu Yunshen.

After locking Fu Yichen into the bedroom, Mrs. Fu worried, “Mingcheng, Yichen is not mentally ill, is he? Even if he is jealous of Yunshen, he is not so jealous that ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public.

If Fu Yunshen had the ability to do such things, he would still be the number one flirtatious dude in Shanghai City?

“I think he just has too little to do lately and is too idle, daydreaming every day.” Fu Mingcheng’s anger was still fresh, “Let him do some soul-searching, and you should spoil him less in the future.”

Mrs. Fu did not dare to touch his bad luck.

Fu Mingcheng calmed down a bit and still said, “Take him to the first hospital the day after tomorrow to see the brain department.”


Lu Fang had been hiding for the past few days, afraid that he would be caught by the people of Cla*s 19 and really let him go live to eat sh*t.

He was also a bit chagrined now, why he had made such a bet with Ying Ziyi in a fit of anger over Zhong Zhiwei.

Lu Fang gulped and planned to do the same trick again, climbing over the fence.

But before he could start climbing today, footsteps sounded behind him.

Lu Fang shivered and jerked back to see Qing Zhi’s school bully heading this way with a group of people from Cla*s 19.

“Kid, what are you running for?” Jiang Ren sneered, “It’s not like you forgot

“Brother Burn, how dare you, how dare I!” Lu Fang laughed repeatedly, “Brother Burn, look, it’s already six o’clock when school ends, shouldn’t we go back to our homes and find our mothers?”

“Find your own mother? I’m looking for your mother!” Jiang Yan was still in a good mood, but these four words made him grit his teeth, “Hold him down, is everything ready?”

The little brother immediately replied, “Brother Burn, there’s a car full of food.”

“Very well.” Jiang Yan sat down on the rock next to him, “Let him eat.”

“Brother Burn, Brother Burn it’s all a misunderstanding.” Lu Fang panicked, “Brother Burn, I’m really wrong, I’m a dog’s eye, I won’t dare to do it again, you guys are generous, let me go.”

“Okay, it’s fine if you don’t eat.” Jiang Yan let out another cold laugh, “Bury him in.”

Before Lu Fang could react, he was vigorously kicked into the car by his little brother, and was immediately smeared with paste.

He almost died.

But Jiang Yan hadn’t given the word, and he didn’t dare to get up, so he could only lie there stifled.

“Watch him and let him clean up the place.” Jiang Ren pinched his nose, “It stinks, I don’t know how you got this hobby.”

The little brother shouted at his back, “Brother Burn, where’s Father Ying and Sister Yu?”

Jiang Yan didn’t reply.

He had gone to look for them both.

The two had gone over to the senior cla*s.

He had only found out today that their cla*s father had a younger brother.

What should he call this?

Was it hard to be uncle?

Jiang Yan’s face darkened and he left with a stinky face.

At this point in senior high school, school was not yet over and there were only recesses, after which there was an evening study session.

He doesn’t arrive early or leave early, he just leaves at the right time.

Ying Ziji saw the teenager coming out and nodded slightly, “Let’s go.”

Xiu Yu, who was in the midst of ranking Shang Yaozhi on Weibo, followed behind the two.

After coming out of the senior cla*s of excellence, the trio pa*sed by the music cla*sroom.

Xiu Yu glanced at it while playing with his phone and gave a tsk, “Ying Dad, your Little Aunt Bai Lian is playing the piano for Senior One, it looks like she’s trying to raise a bunch of brain-dead fans again.”

“What do you think of this piano skill of hers? If she can touch the goddess Vera, she’s at least a bit good, right?”

Ying Zidian didn’t even look at her words, indifferent: “Rubbish.”

A piano piece finished playing just before these two words came out, and the music cla*sroom was quiet again. All the students sitting inside heard this word and looked up in shock.

“Rubbish?” One of the boys below stood up and sneered, “You don’t think you know how to play the piano just because you got first in your soph*more year, do you?”

“Teacher Ying has received many accolades from pianists, and you say rubbish? Then come up and try playing one? If you don’t know how, don’t stand here.”


Chapter 146

Although the senior students also knew about the mid-term exam a few days ago, they hadn’t experienced that public quiz and were separated by a school building, so naturally they didn’t know anything else.

At most, they knew that there was a god of learning in senior two who was so good-looking that the people who queued up to go to senior 19 cla*s every day could line up downstairs.

Naturally, the most popular person in the second year is far more than Ying Luwei, who has given them several music appreciation lessons.

Ying Luwei is very conscious of her image outside and markets her persona as a quiet person.

So every year, even if she was busy, she would give a music lesson to the first year students when they first started, to establish her gentle appearance in the minds of the new students, and then keep the frequency of one lesson per month.

In the second year, Ying Luwei’s influence was greatly reduced because of Ying Zidian.

In her senior year, she was preparing for the entrance exams and had no time for music lessons.

The students in the second year had always liked Ying Luwei, but now she was not as popular as she used to be, both in the Talent Cla*s and in other cla*ses.

She froze for a moment and smiled, “Isn’t D**ky over in the second year building? Why are you here?”

Ying Ziyi ignored her and didn’t even give her a look.

“D**key, wait!” Ying Luwei wouldn’t let go of this good opportunity and called out to the girl.

As soon as she turned her eyes, she noticed Wen Hailan and frowned slightly.

This teenager, she seemed to have seen him there before.

“Let me introduce to you all, this is my niece.” Ying Lu Wei turned back, very good-natured, “Also your soph*more sister, I teach her piano, if you want to listen to it in the future, you can also go to Little D**key.”

When those senior students heard this, they didn’t react a bit.

“Teacher Ying, you teach her piano?” The boy from before was even more upset, “Then I’d like to know what kind of divine piano this student is playing, and she’s calling the teacher rubbish in return.”

Since last term, they had heard five music lessons from Ying Luwei.

Most of the students at this age had never been to a real top piano recital and naturally thought that Ying Luwei’s piano level was the highest level.

“Isn’t there a saying that ‘out of the blue, the blue is better than the blue’?” Ying Luwei didn’t get angry, she just smiled, “Little D**key is a good learner, she can even learn to be number one in her grade, so it’s not like she’s better at piano than me as a sister-in-law…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted.

“Big Mother, don’t call her so affectionate.” Xiu Yu snorted, “How did you treat Ying Dad, we’re not all blind.”

Pointing at Ying Luwei, she then spoke directly to the senior students, “Know what this teacher of yours, Ying, has done? She has haemophilia herself and couldn’t find a blood source for her rare blood type, so she conspired with her fiancé to find a living blood bank.”

“Here, this living blood bank, standing right in front of your eyes, if not.”

Xiu Yu smiled and mocked, “How come I heard that Ying Dad didn’t even have the energy to teach her piano before because she was forced to draw blood from you? You had to force her to take a break and couldn’t even rest, right?”

“It’s not just your piano that’s rubbish, it’s all over your body.”


The entire music cla*sroom was silent, the students were shocked and more than a little incredulous.

The word living blood bank was cruel just by the sound of it.

They looked at Ying Lu Wei with eyes so new that it was like they were seeing it for the first time, and the kind of enthusiasm they had for Ying Lu Wei gradually receded.

Ying Luwei didn’t expect that this kind of thing would be brought up once again, in front of so many students.

In front of all the students, the blood in her body rushed upwards and into her head, buzzing so loudly that she could hardly sit still.

Ying Luwei’s lips were trembling and her face was pale: “You, you ……”

The boy who spoke for Ying Luwei was also in shock, he pursed his lips and still said forcefully, “This is just your side of the story, how do we know if it’s true or not? Since she said that Ms. Ying’s piano was rubbish, didn’t she? Let her come up and play.”

“Who are you to come up when you tell me to?” Jiang Yan walked over with his trouser pocket in his pocket, “It’s been 0202 years and you still have this kind of thinking? Is it possible that I find the bakery over in Pune so bad that I still have to be a cook for them?”

Jiang Yan’s reputation as a school bully, not to mention the senior year, even the three grades of junior high school that was clear.

The boys didn’t dare to speak up this time.

“Little belt, little aunt has already apologised to you, it’s not all my fault, our family was too eager at first.” Ying Luwei held back her humiliation, “My recital is in a few days, can you come? Little Auntie has prepared a seat for you, it’s in the first row.”

As if she was just waiting for these words, Ying Ziji stopped.

She tilted her head slightly sideways and gave one word: “Yes.”

“If it doesn’t work, it’s not-” Ying Luwei didn’t expect the girl to agree straight away, so she was slightly stunned, “Little D**key, you agree?”

But Ying Ziyi didn’t say yes again, she took a bag of milk out of her school bag and threw it to Wen Hanlan, and left.

Looking at the girl’s back, Ying Lu Wei had an inexplicable feeling of bad luck.

Her heart was pounding, as if she had made a very wrong decision.

But after thinking about it, she couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

After being disturbed by this, she was in no mood to stay any longer.

She closed the piano lid, took her bag and left in a hurry.

The students in the cla*sroom looked at each other with different thoughts in their minds.


It was eight o’clock when Lu Fang finished cleaning up the carload of faeces.

He didn’t dare to go home in this condition, so he went to the hotel next to the school to change his clothes.

When he got back to Lu’s house, Lu Fang saw Lu Zhi packing her luggage.

He couldn’t help but stare, “Sister, what are you doing?”

“I can’t find a job over here anymore.” Lu Zhi whispered, “I’m going to go abroad to further my studies, if any school wants me.”

“Sister, it’s not that bad, is it?” Lu Fang was confused, “Our Lu family is not a big family, but it’s still a big family, there’s still a need for you to work.”

“It’s my own decision, Xiao Fang, listen to my sister.” Lu Zhi pursed her lips, “No matter what you do in the future, don’t mess with Ying Zigui, she’s really not something you can mess with.”

To Lu Zhi’s surprise, Lu Fang did not retort this time.

So, she added one more sentence, “If you can get on good terms with her …… forget it, it’s already too late.”

Lu Zhi shook her head, still regretting.

She was just leaving the house with her suitcase when she received a phone call from Ying Luwei.

“Lu Zhi, why are you leaving the country?” Ying Luwei looked surprised, “Has the Lu family cut off your financial resources again? It’s okay, I’m still here, you can come to me.”

“Ying Luwei, I’ve seen through your nature.” Lu Zhi laughed coldly, “You used to use me as a gun every day, it was fun, right?”

She really believed in Ying Luwei’s nonsense, saying that Ying Zidian was hooking up with Jiang Moyuan.

The fact that there was a miracle doctor at Shao Ren Hospital had all spread to the imperial capital.

She even got word from her tutor that there were national medical saints in the empire who were coming over to Shanghai just to see this divine doctor.

The people looking for the divine doctor were also some of the gentry in the imperial capital.

Jiang Moyuan is the chief executive of the Jiang Group, but the Jiang family can’t even make a splash with the money they spend in the imperial capital.

If a divine doctor of Ying Zigui’s calibre makes a single visit, that’s a powerful family.

Jiang Mo Yuan is also worthy?

“Lu Zhi, what are you talking about?” Ying Lu Wei’s heart panicked, but she quickly calmed down, she said calmly, “Alright, stop it, I’ll go to you tomorrow, it’s a deal, I still need to rely on you more for my mother’s condition.”

“I bullsh*t?” Lu Zhi didn’t want to remind her, then she sneered, “Ying Luwei, I’m telling you, keep pretending, in a short time, your Ying family will collapse!”

After saying that, she hung up the phone and quickly blacked out Ying Lu Wei.


Only a few senior executives of Primeval Media knew about the 17th to 18th century O-continent music history that Primeval Media and Universal Pictures were going to make.

Since the dust has not yet settled, the executives are keeping the matter under wraps.

Ying Luwei would like to use public opinion to get First Light Media to give her the role of Vera Hall, but she is not sure.

If she could be the number one entertainment company in China, her background must not be small either.

She thought for a moment and logged on to Weibo, which she hadn’t logged on to in two months.

[@YingLuweiv: Today is May 10th, my first recital of the year, scheduled for May 18th, I’ll be waiting for you all at the Shanghai City a*sembly Hall then, looking forward to reuniting with you all [lovely], and to apologise to D**key, I’ve invited her to my recital, she’s also very good at the piano, and the green is better than the blue].

Nine-tenths of Ying Luwei’s fans came off, the remaining one-tenth were the most die-hard.

As soon as she posted this Weibo post, her fans, who had been empty for a long time, rejoiced.

If not for the last sentence.

[Sorry, we don’t dare to scold our sister for fear of being sent in by said net riot, but I still have a doubt, why did she come to Luvvie’s concert and stick her nose in? Can you not add to the mess? It’s Luvvie we want to see, not you.

[Luvvie is going to play Vera Hall’s Sun and Moon for us, what is @Ageing Out Do Not Disturb going to play? What, is it going to be another Vera Hall piece, ‘Holy War’, which is even more difficult than ‘Sun and Moon’? Or is it the Song of Mount Vernon, which no pianist has played yet? [smile] [smile]]