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Boss Lady Chapter 147-148

Chapter 147

Maybe they want to play them all? Luvvie said that the blue is better than the blue, so I don’t think it’s right for my sister not to play both “Holy War” and “Song of the Filippo”, right?

[All right, all right, all right, all right, all right.

Because Vera Hall is so mysterious, obviously a famous pianist in the history of O Continent music, but not a single portrait remains.

This mystery, too, has triggered the yearning of future generations.

People are curious, and the more mysterious things and people are, the more they want to unravel that mystery.

Unfortunately, some historians on the O Continent have been digging for a long time and have not unearthed any new information.

History records that Vera Hall had two musical mentors who were also top pianists of their time.

The world’s first difficult piano piece was composed by one of Vera Hall’s musical tutors.

But there is no record of this disciple of theirs in the written notes left by these two musical mentors either.

It is as if Vera Hall had never existed on earth.

In addition to the widely known Sun and Moon, Vera Hall left two other compositions –

The Holy War and The Song of Fiddlesticks.

Both of these, too, are equally difficult world-cla*s piano pieces.

Jihad is even more difficult than Sun and Moon, again because there is no real score and only two pianists have played it so far.

The Song of Filippo, on the other hand, has not yet been played.

When Ying Luwei marketed herself as the next Vera Hall, she didn’t even dare to mention the two piano pieces “Holy War” and “Song of Filippo”.

She was afraid that fans would get excited and ask her to play them again, causing her to flop in the end.

The Sun and the Moon was already so difficult for her, and Ying Luwei couldn’t even imagine how much more difficult the Holy War and the Song of Filippo were.

The difficulty of these three piano pieces created by Vera Hall is well known.

As soon as that comment came out, many layers of replies came in below.

[Pure pa*sers-by, who clicked in because they saw Vera Hall’s name, you don’t know how difficult ‘Holy War’ is, do you? Otherwise, how else would you have had the good sense to pull the piano piece “Holy War” here?

The first chapter is about God’s creation of the angels.

The first chapter is about God’s creation of angels and the peaceful life in heaven.

The second chapter tells of God bringing the first human, Adam, before the angels, canonising him and ordering the other angels to worship him.

But the archangel Lucifer refused to obey, refusing to submit to the Son and leading a third of the angels out of heaven to make war with God.

The third movement depicts the story of the fall of the former Archangel Lucifer to Lucifer, the demon king of hell, and is the saddest of all, closing the piece.

It’s actually the piano piece ‘Holy War’ that is more revered over on the O Continent, more so than ‘Sun and Moon’ in the music world.]

[No, just reading that description makes my head spin. I don’t know much about piano, but I have to admit that Vera Hall is really too talented.]

[So the difficulty of “Holy War” is not only in playing it, but also in whether the player has that kind of poise and can hold it up. I see that this what’s-his-name Pensioners Don’t Disturb doesn’t even know what “Holy War” is about, right? How can you play it? I’m laughing my a*s off.

[With all due respect, if there’s anyone else in the world who can play “The Sun and the Moon”, “The Holy War” and “The Song of Filippo”, it’s Vera herself.

With the roadies on board, the only remaining die-hard fans of Yingluvi were even more courageous in their charge, each one with a high fighting spirit.

But having learnt from the past, they really didn’t dare to bother Ying Ziyi and only dared to dance wildly under Ying Luwei’s Weibo.

This is exactly the effect Ying Luwei wanted.

She turned her head to look at her manager, “Have you sent out all the invitations? Who’s coming?”

“They’ve been sent out, but no one has written back yet.” The agent sighed, “Lu Wei, as you know, this recital is the starting point for your entry into the international music scene, and we’ve invited musicians of repute in China.”

“They’re all quite eccentric and high-minded, so it’s not just a matter of inviting them.”

“That’s true.” Ying Luwei wrinkled her eyebrows, and then she thought of something, “Tell them this.”

She tilted her head and said something in a very low voice.

The agent was a bit surprised, “Is it really good? What if it affects you?”

“It won’t.” Ying Luwei smiled dismissively, contemptuously, “You don’t really think that Ying Ziji can play anything, do you? I know how good she is, she stumbles over the kanun.”

“And my sister-in-law, who cares most about saving face, will give up anything to save face. ”

Just thinking about it, Ying Luwei couldn’t help but laugh.

The agent didn’t know much about the rest of the Ying family, so when she said that, she nodded: “OK, I’ll send out another invitation.”

This was the only chance they had to turn it around.


Elder Zhong had been keeping an eye on Ying Luwei.

It’s not that he didn’t want to deal with the Ying family, but he was stopped by Ying Zigui.

Because the Zhong family was not like the Ying family these years, she did not want to influence Elder Zhong.

But because of the theft of the Ten Square Realm last time, it was only a matter of time before the Zhong Clan caught up with the Ying Clan.

When Elder Zhong saw the tweet that Ying Luwei posted, he was instantly furious: “What a good old white lotus, doing such nasty things again.”

He was about to go to Ying’s house in anger when there was an extra cup in front of him, “Grandpa, drink more water and be less angry.”

“Ziggy, you can’t go to this recital.” Master Zhong was furious, “If you go, you’ll be doing what that old white lotus wants.”

“It’s fine.” Ying Zidian didn’t take his time, “I volunteered.”

“Voluntarily?” Elder Zhong put on his old-fashioned gla*ses and looked at her worriedly, “D**key, are you angry?”

“……” Ying Ziyi’s face was expressionless, “Don’t like being rubbed in her heat.”

Elder Zhong was a bit confused, failing to understand what this statement meant.

Wasn’t it Vera Hall’s hotness that Ying Luwei was rubbing off on?

“That’s just it, what you decide, Grandpa can’t interfere much.” Master Zhong thought for a moment, “Grandpa knows a few pianists, I’ll call them over here and help you practice.”


Shao Ren Hospital.

Ying Ziji only comes to Shao Ren Hospital at the top of the night every Wednesday.

She sat in the separate office prepared for her by the director, with a deck of tarot cards on her desk.

She had bought it from the underground market and it was not a proper tarot deck, but it was a real one.

With the help of the tarot cards, she could make it easier, and could count the big events without using her divine calculation ability.

But the tarot cards can’t be used too many times at once, it will reduce the divinatory power of the tarot cards.

An internal line called, it was the specialist department: “Miss Ying, Mr Shang is here for a follow-up consultation.”

“Just tell him to come straight up.”

Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

Only after receiving permission did Shang Yaozhi push the door and walk in.

It was already summer in May, but he was still wrapped up tightly.

His hat, sungla*ses and scarf were all there.

Only after he came into the room did he take off his disguise.

After taking a breather, Shang Yaozhi thanked him again, “Miss Ying, thank you so much, after having your medicine, my voice is much better than before.”

“You’re welcome, just pay the money in place.”


Shang Yaozhi then noticed the cards on the table and was slightly stunned, “This is a tarot card?”

“Hmm.” Ying Ziyang looked up, “Choose three?”

Shang Yaozhi hesitated for a moment.

Most people in the entertainment industry were actually somewhat superstitious.

Some artists would seek advice from feng shui masters to change their names to change their star path in order to become popular.

Needless to say, some of them were really successful.

“Take your pick.” Ying Ziji leaned back in his swivel chair and raised his eyebrows slightly, “Don’t have a psychological burden.”

Shang Yaozhi lost his smile when he heard this, “Miss Ying is just like my niece, she likes this kind of stuff.”

He was also taking it too seriously.

Nowadays, those who play tarot cards are just trying to have fun.

Ying Zidian didn’t say anything, just gestured for him to choose the cards.

Shang Yaozhi raised his hand and was about to choose at random when a card was automatically sucked up in his palm as his palm swept over the top of the deck.

He froze, “Is there static electricity?”

“It’s not static electricity.” Ying Ziyi faintly, “This is your card.”

Shang Yaozhi looked paused and handed the card to the girl without saying anything.

But what confused him even more was that the next two cards, rather than being his own choice, were also automatically attached to his palm, just like the first card.

Just right, three cards.

Ying Ziji took one look at them and started flipping them over.

Shang Yaozhi noticed that her method of divination was different from all the others who played tarot cards.

In a normal tarot divination, one also needs to set up card formations.

There were also very strict requirements for the order of flipping the cards in each array, the front and back, as well as the clockwise and counterclockwise.

But the girl just flipped straight through, without a spread, and without asking him what he wanted to divine.

This was nonsense in the eyes of those who played tarot cards.

But Shang Yaozhi was still looking at it very carefully

Ying Ziji nodded slightly after he had turned over the first two cards.

Then he turned over the last card.

His eyes stared abruptly.


Chapter 148

There are no rules when Ying Ziji flips the cards, just whatever.

The tarot cards that require card formations are those sold in the market.

Because of the low divination ability, there were many rules when laying out and flipping the cards, just to be able to improve the divination ability.

It was naturally different from this real deck of tarot cards she bought at the underground bazaar.

With the real tarot deck, there is no need for such preparation.

When the cards were selected, the cards would all be posted up on their own.

The first two cards of Shang Yaozhi’s deck were moderate and uninspiring.

One is the Fool in the positive position, the other is the Moon in the reverse position.

But the third card – the

The High Tower

was positively positioned.

Ying Ziji looked at this third card and fell into silence.

“Miss Ying, it’s alright, take your time.” When Shang Yaozhi saw her like this, he rea*sured her in turn, “It’s just a bit of fun anyway.”

His niece, too, would sulk at himself because he couldn’t solve the card after drawing it.

Ying Zidian looked up and nodded, “What did you think about when you were flipping the cards?”

In the past, Shang Yaozhi had been dragged to play tarot cards many times, and knew that when divining, one must have the thing one is divining in mind.

He thought for a moment, “Didn’t think of anything specific, just my future.”

Sure enough.

Ying Ziji was silent for another moment before speaking slowly, “The Fool, the first of the Great Arcana, but the serial number is 0. This card represents wandering, the positive position has a good meaning, Mr Shang came out to help his family at the age of 5 and was already working as a group actor in some TV series at the age of 7.”

“At 16, you were discovered by a talent scout from Star Entertainment while helping your mother with a stall on the Bund in Shanghai, and have had your own career ever since, at 28 you will get two other awards for movie stars and reach the Grand Slam.”

“At 29, a film you acted in was sent to o continent for judging and received an Oscar, from then on you will be the first person in Chinese cinema, congratulations.”

Shang Yaozhi’s expression snapped, slightly stunned.

The timing of this was too precise.

It was not that he had never played with tarot cards before, but the answers were all ambiguous.

For example, “There will be problems at work in the coming period, please avoid them”, or “Your life will be in a desperate situation because of a wrong decision”, but what these problems were, it was not pointed out.

Even Shang Yaozhi was already a Golden Flower Award winner, but he couldn’t even think about the Academy Awards.

“The second one, the Moon, reversed, in six months, you will be released from your contract with Star Entertainment, free from the bullying contract, but until then, you will be hindered by obstacles originating from your chairman, Winter Yun, thirteen times in total.”

“Nine of those times, she used your family to threaten you.”

Shang Yaozhi’s eyes grew serious.

He realised that this sentence was definitely not an ordinary tarot card divination.

His family was poor, his father was disabled and his mother was seriously ill, otherwise he would not have sold himself directly to Star Entertainment at that time.

Winter Yun, the chairman of Star Entertainment, had a strong hold on him.

If a newcomer in the company said one more word to him, he would have his star career cut short and be completely snowed out by Dong Yun.

“The third card -” Ying Ziyang paused for a moment, not explaining this card, and raised his eyes, “Mr. Shang only has half a year left with Star Entertainment, do you want to terminate your contract early?”

Shang Yaozhi was slightly stunned, obviously not expecting the girl to ask him this.

After a long time, he shook his head and sighed with a smile, “It would be best if it could be brought forward”

The voice was inaudible: “But how would that be possible.”

When he had first signed the ten-year contract, he hadn’t even read the terms carefully so that he could support his family.

In the past few years, he had gotten a lawyer to read his contract with Star Entertainment, and there was not a single clause in it that was in his favour.

It was basically impossible to break the contract.

Ying Ziji didn’t say anything, she took out a small bag like a scented capsule from the drawer and threw it over: “It helps you sleep, it’s best to carry it close to you these days.”

“Miss Ying, the third card ……” Shang Yaozhi was interested but didn’t ask, “Thank you, Miss Ying, I’ll call the fee over later.”

“No need.” Ying Ziji put the cards away, casually, “Let’s talk about it in a few days.”

Shang Yaozhi thanked her and left Shao Ren Hospital.

Ying Zidian paused for a moment and then pulled out the “High Tower” card again.

The Tower.

The seventeenth card of the Great Arcana of the Tarot.


Represents, a fatal blow.

The Tower is the only card in the 22 cards of the Major Arcana that has a bad connotation in both the positive and negative positions.

One is quite lucky to be chosen by this card.

Ying Ziji rubbed the surface of this card for a while, and finally, took it back into the card box.


After getting into the nanny car, Shang Yaozhi was still looking at this small bag in deep thought.

It was true that he was not sleeping well, but he smelled it and there was no fragrance, so it should not be a scented bag.

The shape was also ordinary, rather like a signature that he had gone to the temple to ask for.

Shang Yaozhi thought about it, but put the pouch into his jacket pocket.

It was from the divine doctor anyway, so even if it had nothing to do with sleep, it must be helpful to him.

Besides, he felt that Dr. Ying was not just a divine doctor, his calculations were too accurate.

“I really don’t know what the company is thinking.” On the side, the agent complained, “Yaozhi, you’re a movie star, not one of those lovebirds and unpowered newcomers, it’s crazy for the company to let you take part in a sports variety show.”

It’s true that Shang Yaozhi is young, but he’s a big star.

After winning the Golden Flower Award, he rarely did any TV dramas.

But a variety show?

But a variety show?

The agent didn’t know if this was a deliberate attempt by the company to torture Shang Yaozhi before his contract was terminated.

But the contract was there, and there was no way out.

“Soon.” Shang Yaozhi shook his head slightly, “Six months isn’t long now.”

The agent frowned, “I see, it’s not possible, expose the company’s contract, your fans are Buddhist and not picky, but when it comes to you, the battle is strong, maybe they can force Star Entertainment to terminate the contract with you voluntarily.”

To put it mildly, Shang Yaozhi’s fans were one of the great oddities in the entertainment industry.

It was clear that Shang Yaozhi was one of the top flows in the entertainment industry, but the fans were very low-key, completely different from the other top flows.

It was probably because the fans followed the rightful owner.

“No.” Shang Yaozhi was faint, “You are not unaware of Dong Yun’s nature, I always have to think of my family.”

The agent sighed.

Who would have thought that a movie star with a great appearance could not live as well as an eighteenth-string actor behind the scenes?

Seeing that Shang Yaozhi had taken out his phone and posted on Weibo, the agent looked over, “Yaozhi, what are you going to post?”

“Miss Ying has helped me so much, there’s nothing I can do.” Shang Yaozhi pondered, “Drive her family’s property.”

[@ShangYaoZhiv: Bought some jade from my hometown, drawing three fans to send over.]

Attached below is a picture of a jade from Jade Zhai.

Top Stream’s appeal is no joke, this tweet was just sent out less than a minute ago, and the comments below have already exceeded 10,000.

[Grandpa, the movie star you’re chasing, he’s tweeted, I’ll comment for you.

The jade is really a great gift.

The jade from Jadeite Zhai is indeed one of the best in Shanghai, well worth collecting, and also has a price point suitable for us students.

The jade is really worth collecting.

The first thing you need to do is to be sensible, don’t get carried away.

Shang Yaozhi’s male fans are quite a lot, and even occupy a major position.

The purchasing power of these fans should not be underestimated either.

So, after such a Weibo post from Shang Yaozhi appeared, it wasn’t long before Master Zhong, who was still at the company, was a little confused when he heard his secretary say that Jade Zhai had received tens of thousands of orders.

After learning the cause of the matter, Elder Zhong went on Weibo and silently gave Shang Yaozhi a like.


Because of Shang Yaozhi’s recommendation, Xiu Yu also took the plunge and bought a carload of Jadeite Zhai jade.

Anyway, she likes their father and chases after Shang Yaozhi, the joy of being a double burdened fan is something no one else can understand.

On Friday, as usual, she woke up very early to give Shang Yaozhi a list.

Although Shang Yaozhi is a movie star, those of them who are fans don’t want to make his numbers look bad.

But today, as soon as Xiu Yu entered Shang Yaozhi’s super talk, the person was a little confused.

[F*ck, I don’t believe it, it’s fake, it must be fake!

[Why didn’t brother come out to dispel the rumors? Come out and dispel the rumors!

[Is Star Entertainment a sh*t-eater? A movie star, sent by you to participate in a sports variety show? What kind of complaint is that?

It was early in the morning, and the super talk was in chaos.

Xiu Yu obviously sensed that something was wrong, and she immediately quit the super talk and clicked on the hot search list.

It was 6:30 in the morning and not many people were reading Weibo, but the first hot search was followed by the word “Explosion”.

#ShangYaoZhi, fainted on the show

After this search, there were a few more.

#Shang Yaozhi, rescued

#Real people escape, accident

Xiu Yu’s heart tightened and she didn’t dare to click in to see.

But when she pulled down, there was another hot search that was climbing up.

#Shang Yaozhi, sudden cardiac death