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Boss Lady Chapter 149-150

Chapter 149

This hot search is obviously a new one, and the buzz isn’t too high yet.

However, because it carries the name of Shang Yaozhi, a top traffic name, it climbed very fast and reached the top in no time.

In the entire hot search list, eight of the top ten are related to Shang Yaozhi.

This was no longer just the top stream’s hotness.

Even if Xiu Yu did not know what cardiogenic meant, she would not be unaware of the word “sudden death”.

She stared at the search for a full five minutes before she slowly clicked on the first one.

Here’s how it went down.

Under the arrangement of Star Entertainment, Shang Yaozhi brought two newcomers from his company to participate in a show called The Great Escape.

It was a show that involved extreme sports, specifically challenging the limits of human beings.

There was unarmed climbing, extreme cycling, aerial surfing, parkour, extreme roller skating and so on.

Only instead of extreme athletes, it is celebrities who participate in extreme sports.

This show, a joint venture between Star Entertainment and two other entertainment companies, is taking advantage of the audience’s curiosity.

Especially with the presence of Shang Yaozhi, the first person in the entertainment industry after 95, the heat and traffic received will only remain high.

This matter is also known to Xiu Yu.

After all, she strolled in the super talk every day, and at that time, a big fan posted Shang Yaozhi’s itinerary.

At that time, once this itinerary was posted, the fans were already very explosive.

A movie star who was actually scheduled for this kind of unscientific variety show?

It was clear that Star Entertainment was using Shang Yaozhi’s name to generate buzz for their own company and to introduce new talent.

It’s just that she’s always been a star seeker, and Shang Yaozhi is the one she’s been after for the longest time.

She can buy a lot of endorsement products and do data, but she won’t follow his schedule just for a star.

The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to its customers.

[@TwitterNewsv: Forward reporters report that 95-year-old movie star Shang Yaozhi unfortunately fainted while participating in the show “The Great Escape of the Real People” and has been sent to Newport General Hospital overnight, still under rescue, will continue to follow up later, please be patient.

Even with that said, fans are unlikely to calm down.

[@ShangYaoZhiv, brother, please, come out, let us know you’re safe and that you’re still awake!

[I’m convinced, @Star Entertainmentv, what kind of crap company are you?! My brother isn’t a weak flow star, he’s a movie star, what is the concept of a movie star do you know?

[He’s already tired from filming, why do you want him to participate in this show at night?

The first thing you need to do is to go to Newport. Who is close to Newport? Go and have a look first, everyone else go to school and work first.

The first thing that happened was that she put on her school uniform and went to school, while continuing to watch the news.

She read through the first few hot searches before clicking into the entry #Shang Yaozhi, sudden cardiac death.

[@TheBestBreakingNewsJournalv: received news that the person had died on the way to the hospital, sudden cardiogenic death, please …… fans to mourn.]

This marketing number, Xiu Yu also know.

It’s true that it’s a doggie, but basically it won’t send fake news.

The moment this tweet came out, the following utterly exploded.

[F*ck, the explosive news gentleman, I misjudged you, I thought you only broke the real news, but it turned out that you also created rumors and took off.]

The first time I saw you, I was in the middle of the story.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


In the morning, between the second period cla*ses.

The school was also blowing up, and many people were unmotivated to attend cla*ses, even the Talent Cla*s who had been focusing only on their studies, and had basically heard about Shang Yaozhi.

The movie where Shang Yaozhi won the Golden Flower Award was a direct hit at the box office and many people, young and old, had seen it.

Jiang Yan did not know about this, he looked at the two empty seats in the cla*s and was a bit annoyed: “This one or two, why aren’t they coming?”

“Brother Burn, don’t say windy words, isn’t Sister Yu a star chaser?” Little brother said, “The star she was chasing had an accident, I heard it was a sudden cardiac death, but it hasn’t been hammered yet, the internet is already in a mess.”

Jiang Yan frowned: “What’s going on?”

He didn’t go online much, nor did he follow the entertainment world.

Xiu Yu was a face-controller and often followed stars.

He had known her for so many years, and from childhood to adulthood, she had idolized a hundred or fifty people.

The youngest brother immediately took out the microblog and showed it to Jiang Ren.

Jiang Yan understood, and paused: “But does Ying’s father also follow Shang Yaozhi?”

If it was a star that his father was after, would he have to burn incense and make offerings?

Little brother scratched his head, “I don’t know, but Sister Yu often gives Ying Dad a good time, and he’s also a face person, so it’s possible?”

Jiang Yan thought about it, got up and kicked his little brother, “Take a leave of absence for me too.”

“Brother Burn, where are you going?”




General Hospital.

It was now ten o’clock, and there were already quite a few reporters outside who had arrived on the news.

But no one from either Star Entertainment or the programme crew had come.

It was surprising that only the manager, his a*sistant and some fans who followed Shang Yaozhi to the programme were there when such a big thing happened.

The manager called the company numerous times, but none of them got through.

The agent was desperate and more than that, he was angry.

He had brought Shang Yaozhi up since he was sixteen and could say he had watched a teenager grow into a man.

Now, ruined by a company.

Sudden cardiac death.

The agent couldn’t believe it.

It was clear that a few hours ago, he was a living, breathing, breathing man.

How could he be gone in the blink of an eye?

“Doctor, check more carefully.” The broker’s throat tightened, “Money is not a problem, as long as you can resuscitate him.”

The doctor took his mask off, shook his head and said politely, “It was sent here too late, the cardiac arrest was at 5am, how could it have been brought to the hospital at 6.30am?”

He paused and sighed, “The gods couldn’t save it.”

Sudden cardiac death would prove that Shang Yaozhi had suddenly fallen ill and lost consciousness while recording the show.

But that simply couldn’t be it.

“The patient’s heartbeat and breathing are gone, and the defibrillator and all other first aid instruments have been used.” The doctor lamented, “The patient is in good health, if he could have been brought here earlier, this would never have happened.”

The broker was frozen.

The doctor shook his head again and prepared to take Shang Yaozhi’s body to the morgue.

“Doctor, don’t rush, wait first.” The broker didn’t know what had occurred to him and said busily, “We know a divine doctor, ask her to come over and take a look.”

With that, he started to call.

The doctor also knew that it would be difficult for him to take it in for a while, and waited patiently.

But a person is dead, so what can a divine doctor do even if she is dead?

The phone rang for three seconds and was answered.

The agent was holding the phone, his hand was trembling: “Miss Ying, I really don’t want to bother you, but something big has happened on Yao Zhi’s side and I want you to come and take a look, the payment is definitely not a problem, we are over in Xingang, can you please -”

The words that followed were not finished and were interrupted.

“No need, I’m already here, behind you.”

The agent froze and jerked back.

There was the stairway, and the girl was coming this way.

She was wearing a mask and had Bluetooth headphones hanging from her ears, and only after seeing him did she hang up the phone.

“Miss Ying!” The agent was almost ecstatic, “Miss Ying, come and see, Yao Zhi is inside.”

Ying Ziyi nodded, “I know.”

The day before, she had not interpreted the third card for Shang Yaozhi.

It was because of this card, which counted out his death point.

It was different from what she had worked out with her divine calculation ability when she first met Nie Chao.

Nie Chao was in fear for his life, even if she hadn’t helped that time, he wouldn’t have died, but dying of serious injuries was a certainty.

Shang Yaozhi, on the other hand, the tarot cards told her that he was bound to die.

It was impossible for her to intervene directly in such matters of life and death, so she could only make a small change.

Whether it would work or not would depend on the person herself.

The agent pushed open the door of the ward and led the girl inside.

The doctor wanted to stop, but had no right to, and just shook his head and sighed: “Confused.”

A little girl, what kind of miracle doctor could she be?

Wasn’t this a joke?

The patient had died completely an hour ago, could it be that so many of their doctors were just for show?

A nurse hurriedly came and said anxiously, “The news can’t be suppressed at all, there are more and more reporters outside and many more fans are rushing in, what should we do?”

The nurse said, handing the doctor his mobile phone.

On it was the latest release from the show’s crew.

[@TrueGreatEscapesProgram v: It happened suddenly, but the program team has already rescued @ShangYaoZhiShangFilm Emperor at the first opportunity and sent him to Newport General Hospital, ShangFilm Emperor is fine, we can a*sure you.


Chapter 150

The crew of the show is also in a frenzy at this time.

This show was supposed to be Star Entertainment’s own show, bringing in two other entertainment companies.

No one had thought things would end up like this.

Shang Yaozhi’s influence in the entertainment industry and across the internet was too great, and there were many revelations that he had died suddenly of cardiogenic causes due to the programme crew’s poor care, and the programme crew was forced to come out and speak out even though they wanted to play dead.

But this outburst, instead of calming down the rioting fans and pa*sersby, sparked a new one theory blow up.

[You guys know what kind of a variety show you are, right? Are the medical conditions perfect? Have you taken into account the health of the stars? What kind of unexpected accidents?

I don’t believe it. Many bloggers have said that the movie star died of sudden cardiac death, and you say it’s a rumor? Then show me the evidence.

The company has been squeezing its artists for a long time. Just last year, an actor was driven to desperation and jumped off a building, and Star Entertainment didn’t even pay the compensation, but I really never thought that you guys would even dare to touch Emperor Shang.

Amidst so many abusive comments, there was another one that was completely different.

[Rescued in time? Prompt medical attention? You’re full of sh*t! I was there, Yao Zhi was on the ground for five minutes, and the staff next to you didn’t even look at him, they were still chatting and joking, we fans tried to go over and were stopped, what are you doing if you’re not intentionally killing people?

However, within ten seconds of posting this comment, it was deleted.

The id of the fan who posted the comment was also hacked by the True Escape team.

The person responsible for deleting the comment was none other than the show’s chief director.

A cold sweat broke out on the back of the chief director, and his heart was in a panic.

He forced down his fear and looked warily at the woman behind the desk, swallowing hard before asking, “Winter, Chief Winter, what now?”

The woman was none other than the chairman of Star Entertainment, Dong Yun.

She looked noble and cold, and was applying lipstick to herself in the mirror, before she heard this and put down what she was holding.

“Really dead?” Winter Yun looked up and frowned, “Just that fragile? What’s going on with you guys?”

She would always personally follow Shang Yaozhi’s schedule, in order to prevent him from interacting with other people outside of filming.

Dong Yun would not allow Shang Yaozhi to get out of her control.

Last time in Hengdian, when she saw Shang Yaozhi stop to say hello to that girl, she was already very upset and set up a little scheme that is usual in the entertainment industry.

But what she didn’t expect was that it was she herself who ended up walking away in the dust.

This time, because it was the company’s own show, she was so relieved that she didn’t go along.

“Chief Winter, you can’t really blame us for this.” The chief director pursed his lips, a little afraid to answer, “When he fell down at the time, we all thought he was joking with us, who knew, knew ……”


Winter Yun slammed the table, shaking with anger, “Joking? Even if you guys think you’re joking, where’s the medical team that came with you?”

The chief director scowled and didn’t say anything.

He couldn’t say that in order to save money, the crew didn’t have a professional medical team, they just hired a few nurses from a private clinic.

When Shang Yaozhi fainted, these nurses were standing by the lake getting high on melon seeds.

It was their staff who realised that it was no joke after Shang Yaozhi didn’t get up for almost ten minutes in the end, and rushed to call those nursing staff in.

There was no real medical staff on site.

But even if there were, it was really too late at that point.

There was only four minutes of prime resuscitation time.

This kind of thing, they didn’t dare to put it on Weibo at all.

“All right.” Once Winter Yun took a look at the general director, she probably knew what was going on, “I don’t want to hear it, you guys made this whole thing up, you guys don’t expect to get through it with a few statements, or think about what to do.”

“President Winter, surely it can only be qualified as an accident.” The chief director was now anxious, “Hundreds of thousands of people die suddenly of cardiac origin every year, it’s too common.”

But Shang Yaozhi was a movie star and one of the top traffic figures on the entire internet, the impact was too great.

Just his group of fans, even if the whole of Star Entertainment came down, it wouldn’t be enough to tear them up.

Winter Yun was impatient: “Have all the hospital notices been given?”

“Yes.” The chief director was careful, “At nine o’clock, it came down, saying that the people were gone at six o’clock, the hot search we pressed through, couldn’t be suppressed.”

Winter Yun pressed her temples, also not expecting things to be this bad.

Seeing that Shang Yaozhi’s contract with Star Entertainment was coming to an end, she was quite anxious and thought that she must keep Shang Yaozhi in Star Entertainment.

“The company will cooperate with you in issuing the obituary later.” Winter Yun said, “Then, tell all the other participants in the show to keep their mouths shut and not to say a word out if they don’t want to offend Star Entertainment.”

Hearing this, the chief director let out a sigh of relief.

He had thought that since Shang Yaozhi was the ace of Star Entertainment and was favoured by Dong Yun, they would definitely be the ones to suffer from this incident.


“Rea*sure the family.” Winter Yun paused, raised her hand and knocked on the table, her tone could not be heard any emotion, faint, “In addition, put this matter on the shoulders of First Light Media.”

People have already died, there is no way to come back to life.

Then the benefits, naturally, must be maximized.


This side.

Newport General Hospital.

On the hospital bed, a white cloth has been covered to hide the remains.

The manager didn’t even dare to look, for fear that if he did his heart wouldn’t be able to bear it.

He held back the emotions tumbling inside him and asked in a low voice, “Miss Ying, is there, is there help?”

The agent didn’t really have much hope.

He also knew that if a person died, it would be a case of not being able to return to heaven.

Not to mention that it was only a few hours ago.

Ying Zidian asked him, “Did you bring the pouch I gave him?”

The agent was stunned and didn’t understand why she was asking, but he answered: “Yes, it’s in Yao Zhi’s shirt pocket.”

Ying nodded: “Did you bring it with you when you were recording the show?”

“I think so.” The agent nodded, “Yaozhi’s event was extreme cycling, his shirt wasn’t changed.”

“Good.” Ying Ziyi’s eyebrows loosened for a few moments, “You take out that brocade bag.”

Only when he heard this did the agent step forward and reluctantly pulled a corner of the white cloth apart and quickly took out a small bag.

Ying looked at it and took out another small pouch from his pocket, “Put this on him again.”

The agent was confused, but did as he was told.

Ying Ziji looked thoughtfully at the pouch she had given out earlier, “Check again in ten minutes to see if there is a heartbeat.”

This one sentence smashed the agent into confusion.

It was a long time before he came back to his senses, “Miss Ying means that there is help?”

“Well, he’s lucky.” Ying Ziyi didn’t say anything else, she was concise, “He made it through.”

She gave Shang Yaozhi the pouch after she had used the tarot cards to calculate his death point.

Inside the pouch was the leftover dregs of the medicine she had used for Master Fu, but because the herbs were precious, the medicine was still potent.

As long as it was kept close with him, it could protect the heart and prevent it in advance.

The point of death for Shang Yaozhi is set.

One cannot interfere or remind him not to allow him to participate in the variety show.

Even if he didn’t attend the variety show, something would still happen at that point in time.

So the most she could do was to give him this pouch and keep it close to him.

It was still up to him to escape this point of death.

“But, but-” the agent was still swollen in the head, “The doctor said that Yao Zhi would be, would be …… at six o’clock.”

The words that followed were completely unspoken.

“Yes, it’s true that it was gone then.” Ying coughed, faintly, “But now he’s fine.”

The point of death had pa*sed, and it was Shang Yaozhi’s star path afterwards that would really shine brightly.

The agent was busy looking towards the hospital bed and reached out to test Shang Yaozhi’s body temperature.

He was shocked to find that the torso wasn’t cold anymore.

Everything in front of him was unbelievable to the agent, and he took out his phone tremblingly, “I have to hurry up and tell his fans ……”

“Don’t be in a hurry.” Ying spoke, “It’s all right, whether he can wake up or not, is still an unknown, wait until he wakes up.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I was too excited.” The agent wiped his tears, his voice choked, “I also kept it from his family, his family has only one only son like him, it’s just too hard.”

After saying that, his expression rose again in anger, “This can never be let go like this.”

Ying Ziji gave him a look, “What do you want to do?”

The agent froze, and after a long time, he muttered, “I can’t do anything.”

Behind Star Entertainment, there was an investment from the gentry in the capital.

What could be done?

“Just watch him first.” Ying Ziji glanced at the time, “If there’s anything else unusual, call me.”

“Good, good, thank you so much Miss Ying.” The agent was busy sending her out.

Then he closed the door of the ward and sat alone in front of Shang Yaozhi’s hospital bed.

At this critical moment, he didn’t dare to let anyone with an interest know, for fear that something would go wrong again.

And two hours after the first statement from the True Escape crew, at one o’clock, they tweeted again.

[@TrueGreatEscapesv: Sadly, after six hours of resuscitation, the movie star Shang still left us, and the program team is deeply saddened, please feel sorry for everyone].

[@StarEntertainmentv: The company will take care of Emperor Shang’s parents, please don’t worry.] [@StarEntertainmentv: The company will take care of Emperor Shang’s parents, please don’t worry.