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Boss Lady Chapter 151-152

Chapter 151

After these two tweets went out, it didn’t take long for the number one hot search to change.

#ShangYaoZhi, pa*sed away

Hotness: 30936398


Weibo was instantly paralyzed.

It took the programmers a full two hours to fix it before it was finally fixed.

Fans couldn’t believe it.

[What happened? An hour ago they said they were in rescue, how come they pa*sed away?

[I don’t believe it. It’s April Fool’s Day, right? This joke is too big.]

[f*ck, I’m throwing up, Star Entertainment and the crew are talking sh*t, the person is gone and you’re saying this? Where’s the apology?]

Pa*sersby were also shocked.

【Watched Shang Yaozhi that award-winning movie, acting skills is really hanged peers and some seniors, very talented, how this is ……】

[I can’t, I’m a pa*serby, it’s hard for me just to look at it, I want to cry when I think about it, I really don’t know what fans should do.]

[But how can I hear the gossip that you just didn’t save people in time, what is the truth?

The money that Star Entertainment scrapes from the artists is used to pull the hot search? Also, if it’s really not your fault, why are you deleting comments?

However, such comments were soon gone.

Because Shang Yaozhi’s fans were so strong in their battle and the pa*serby board was still huge, both Star Entertainment and the official Weibo number of the Real People Escaping show had to turn on selected comments.

All of a sudden, Weibo, forums, posters and other major online communication communities exploded again and again.

[When I first met Yao Zhi, it was seven years ago, he was 19 years old, not hot either, and still a teenager.

I was just two years younger than him, I had just failed my secondary school exams and tried to commit suicide. After I was rescued, Yao Zhi came over to talk me through it and even bought me hot milk tea.

I just couldn’t accept that he was such a nice guy, why would he go through something like that?]

[Shhh, God wanted to watch a movie, so he took him away.]

[Stop it, the child is already crying himself silly.]

The agent who was still in the hospital was also reading Weibo.

A few hours had pa*sed, and as Ying Ziji said, Shang Yaozhi’s heartbeat had returned and his face was gradually returning to blood.

However, his heartbeat was still very weak and he had not woken up yet.

The manager didn’t know when he would wake up, but he couldn’t bear to see the fans grieve too much, so he logged on to WeChat and sent a message.

It was an internal group, full of Shang Yaozhi’s big fans.

There was no one from the company either, he was the one helping to manage it.

The conditions for entering the group were also very harsh, so there were only fifty people, and there was no fear of any news leaking out.

[Everyone relax, I guarantee with my life, Yao Zhi is fine, but not yet awake, in order for Yao Zhi to wake up successfully, please do not spread the news outside, please.



Ying Zidian took out his room card and opened the door, picking up the phone, “Hello, Grandpa.”

“Ziggy, have you been reading Weibo?” Grandpa Zhong sighed, it was hard, “What a good kid, how come …… really the world is unpredictable, there are so many accidents.”

The day before yesterday, Shang Yaozhi also recommended their jade from Jadeite Zhai, bringing in tens of thousands of orders.

Each single amount of money, although not large, but the sum is indeed enough to offset the previous Zhong Group’s half-year flow income.

The old man originally did not follow the stars, because of Shang Yaozhi’s microblog, he also went to check it out.

Yesterday, he even watched the movie that Shang Yaozhi won, and was still sighing at the fact that heroes come out of youths, and once he woke up, it was a proverbial headbutt.

“Not yet.” Ying Zigui paused, “But he’s fine.”

Elder Zhong froze, “The ones on the internet are rumours? But his company are ……”

“It’s not really a rumour.” Ying said, “At least they think he’s really dead.”

Elder Zhong didn’t understand what that meant: “D**key, you go about your own business first, and Grandpa is going to make a trip to Xingang to see what’s going on.”

If it was really related to Star Entertainment, as the Weibo said, he could more or less contribute.

The call stopped, and Ying put her phone next to her bed, and after changing into her pajamas, she began to rest.

She hadn’t slept much after gathering information on the nok forum yesterday and arriving in Newport very early this morning.

She fell asleep quickly, not even a minute later.



It was already dark outside, the lights were on and the shadows were bright.

Fu Yunshen was nestled in the sofa, looking diffident and moving lazily.

On the coffee table in front of him, there was a computer.

On the screen was a video call.

The other party on the other side of the call is the chairman of the board of directors of First Light Media, very young, definitely not over thirty years old.

The chairman of the board was so angry that his face was red, “Young master, Star Entertainment is so shameless, they have gone so far as to push this matter to our side, and now the scolding has shifted a large part of it, all saying that we are the ones who killed Shang Yaozhi.”

Just a few minutes ago, the hundreds of marketing numbers kept under the hand of Star Entertainment linked up in unison, sending out circulars all with the same meaning.

They said it was because the night before, Shang Yaozhi had been filming in Hengdian until 12am, and then hurriedly caught a flight to Xingang to start recording the show at 5am.

It just so happens that Primeval Media is the biggest investor in this drama, as the female lead and male second in the drama with Shang Yaozhi are both from Primeval Media.

The company said that it did not treat Shang Yaozhi as a human being, and that it did not give him enough rest, which led to his sudden cardiac death.

Fu Yunshen’s eyes deepened: “So?”

“It has to be resolved, young master.” The director was indignant, “I’ve been in the entertainment industry for so many years, but I’ve never seen such shameless people like First Light Media, the problem is that I don’t know how to solve it, so I’m asking you.”

“If you can’t solve this little problem, what do I have to feed you for?” Fu Yunshen propped his head up, his peach blossom eyes curved up and his tail note raised, “Well – speaking as if, I’ve helped you guys out with something before.”

Councilor: “……”

Excuse me, is not.

Fu Yun Shen faintly: “This kind of small matter, don’t disturb your new boss, she is not well and needs to rest, how to solve it before, how to solve it now.”

The director hesitated: “But young master, behind Star Entertainment ……”

“I am.”

Two simple words, but it was as if a mountain was unshakeable.

The director understood, more excited: “Good, good, with young master you in, I’ll go screw them!”

Fu Yunshen nestled on the sofa for a while longer before getting up unhurriedly, taking the warmed milk out of the room and knocking on the door of the next room.

A few dozen seconds later, the door was opened.

The girl was standing barefoot on the wooden floor in her pyjamas.

She had obviously not long woken up, and her phoenix eyes were misty and hazy like the moon.

Fu Yunshen’s eyes fluttered and quickly moved away, only to hand over the cup in his hand, “Drink some milk and go eat some food.”

“Mm.” Ying Ziji opened her eyes, took the milk and sat down on the rocking chair inside the room.

Fu Yunshen was going to leave first, but he reminded her, “Yao Yao, in future, remember to change your clothes when you meet people outside, it’s not good.”

At that, Ying Ziyi gave him a look, as if she thought his words were a bit redundant.

She finished the last sip of milk and said, “Apart from you, who else would knock on the door?”

Fu Yunshen didn’t know whether to be amused or angry for a moment: “Can I do it?”

He was a man too.

“You and I can be lazy.”



“You change your clothes first.” Fu Yunshen backed out, “See you downstairs in ten minutes.”

Ying Zigui raised her eyes and nodded.

It seemed quite perfunctory.

After Fu Yunshen closed the door for her, he propped one hand on the wall and seemed to have stopped for a long time.

The person was a small child, but her figure was not a small child.

** The next day.

The next day.

The next day, not only did the buzz on Weibo about Shang Yaozhi not drop, but it rose again.

It was Saturday again, so fans were off work and started booking plane tickets and train tickets to Xingang.

The crew of the show, The Great Escape, is also located in Xingang.

Star Entertainment also has a branch office here, and the team is staying at the branch.

At eight o’clock in the morning, there was a crowd of people gathered underneath the office.

There were journalists, mostly fans.

“We want to go in, let us in, we want an explanation.”

“Where’s the surveillance from that time? Without the surveillance, what makes us believe that you actually rescued him in the first place?”

A pile of mess, the programme’s planners were already very impatient.

Now that there were so many fans who insisted on going in, they became even more furious and directly shouted at the fans, “Is it just a dead star? What are you crying for? Are you tired of it?”

“I’ll tell you, even if he was a Golden Flower Award winner, even if he was a Grand Slam winner, he’s still just an actor, understand?”

No backstage, no power, no influence, what can you do?


Chapter 152

Do you really think that because you are the top stream in the entertainment industry, you have status?

Isn’t it still being promoted by capital?

Without capital, Shang Yaozhi is nothing.

He still wanted to fight hard against Star Entertainment and the imperial giants behind it?

The fans were all dumbfounded by the roar.

A few of the younger ones had tears falling down their faces.

There were many tall security guards right next to them, all of whom were watching intently, but no one dared to force their way in.

The programme planner sneered and was about to ask the security guards to close the company’s doors.

But he had only just turned around and was about to return to his office when some vigorous force came from his collar and violently yanked him off the steps.


There was a startling thud, and the planner fell straight to the ground, dazed by the fall.

The security guards around him froze for a moment and all looked over.

The rain was pattering and foggy.

The girl was holding an umbrella and had long, straight legs.

She was wearing a mask and baseball cap, and her shirt was meticulously buttoned up to the top, revealing only her white neck.

It was as if an ice-cold blade carried a harsh beauty.

The fans were also a little dazed, none of them knew what was going on.

“Are you fans going to rebel? How dare you put your hands on someone from the company?” The curator was in pain all over his body, and he fell to the ground, yelling, “You deserve to die idols!”

With that one sentence, even those who weren’t fans couldn’t help themselves.

There were not only female fans who came here today, there were also a few male fans.

Hearing this, a male fan went straight forward, lifted his foot and kicked up towards the planning, “You say such words, are you still human?!”

“You guys, you guys ……” the planner was in pain and couldn’t get up, “Security! Security! Get them all out!”

The news had come from Star Entertainment headquarters, saying that they would protect the show.

The news from the headquarters of Star Entertainment said they would protect the team.

Could it be that people could come back to life even after death?

However, the security guards did not dare to go forward.

Because there was a group of people in uniform, blocking the middle between them and those fans, with cold eyes.

Although they didn’t see what exactly the uniforms were, they all unanimously felt that these people were not to be messed with.

They were just part-timers, it was better for them to be on their own.

“Let’s go back first.” Without looking at the planning, Ying Ziji turned his head to the fans, his voice easing, “It’s cold outside, you’re young, justice will be done.”

The fans’ eyes were red and they bowed one after another, “Thank you Miss, thank you Miss.”

They had only come here to want a truth, a justice.

Shang Yaozhi was not a family member to them, but in their lives, he also brought them a lot of hope and encouragement.

A positive movie star, still young, why should he suffer such innocent grievances?

Ying Zidian nodded and left with his umbrella.

It took a long time for those fans to come back to their senses.

Wait a minute–

This young lady wasn’t older than them, she seemed even younger?

At the same time, not far away.

Those paparazzi, seeing this scene, all got excited and started to take pictures and videos with the camera tools in their hands.

As long as there was heat, they would film anything, regardless of the impact it would have.

But they were stopped when they had just finished a round of filming and were about to go back and tweet.

The person who stopped them was a young man, wearing gla*ses, elegant and gentle.

“Please delete your videos and photos, gentlemen.” The youth took out a business card from his briefcase and smiled slightly, but his words came out sharp as a tack, “Otherwise, we have the right to appeal.”

The paparazzi didn’t even take the words to heart, but all shut up when they saw the words on the business card.

Westwind Law Firm, the law firm that claims to have no losing record.

The imperial capital must-have.

This this dare to mess with?

The paparazzi deleted all the photos and videos before they left reluctantly.


When Shang Yaozhi woke up, it had been five days since the incident.

When he woke up, he still had a surreal feeling.

He truly experienced what it was like to die.

When he went into cardiac arrest, his brain was still conscious.

At that time he didn’t think too much about his parents, his adorable little niece at home, and the fans who had always supported him.

Sadly, he didn’t let them see him at the top and just planted himself.

But how did he wake up?

In a blur, Shang Yaozhi instantly thought of the pouch that Ying Zigui had given him.

He opened his eyes unexpectedly and was met with a pair of eyes.

“Pup? Are you alright, cub?” The owner of the eyes looked at him worriedly and didn’t come closer for fear of affecting his body, “They said you’d wake up today, is there anything else wrong with you?”

Shang Yaozhi was a bit taken back, half a moment, the first word spilled out of his throat, “…… cubs?”

Xiu Yu rubbed his chin to make sure he was really okay and nodded, “Our mum powder, they all call it that.”

Shang Yaozhi: “……”

No, this little girl looked six or seven years younger than him, why would she be his mum fan?

Shang Yaozhi thought he cracked up.

Did he no longer understand the psychology of fans?

Shang Yaozhi took a moment to slow down before saying, “I’m fine, you-”

“Great.” Xiu Yu stood up, “I’ll go call the doctor, cub, don’t move, don’t move at all.”

Looking at Xiu Yu who ran out of the room, Shang Yao Yi was in tears for a moment.

He couldn’t move even if he was told to.

He was awake, but his body was still very stiff and he didn’t even have the strength to raise his hand.

The doctor hurried in.

The manager was right behind him, and after looking at the living person, he cried out with joy: “Yao Zhi!”

The doctor hurriedly performed a series of body organ checks on Shang Yaozhi, after the checks were completed, “Everything is normal with the patient’s body, only the blood veins are still a little stiff, but that’s not a problem, rest well and you will be able to recuperate.”

“Then why did you say at that time that we cubs were gone?” Xiu Yu was confused, “When I came here, he had a heartbeat.”

“It must have been a mistake in the examination.” The doctor hesitated for a moment and explained, “It’s not impossible in medicine, the patient might have been in a sudden accident and his body automatically turned on the protection mechanism to hide it from the instruments, it’s similar to ‘fake death’, but- ”

No one had thought there was such a possibility, the odds were just too low.

“It’s okay, it’s good to be awake, it’s good to be awake.” The agent wiped his tears, “Yaozhi, hurry up and send a tweet to keep you safe, and when you’re completely well, take a trip home first.”

On Shang Yaozhi’s family side, it was still hidden.

The company also knew that both of Shang Yaozhi’s parents were not well, so they were afraid of getting killed again, so they hadn’t said anything.

Shang Yaozhi couldn’t nod his head and just blinked.


The accidental death of a movie star while participating in a variety show organized by his own company was too much of a stir.

It had been a few days, and the heat hadn’t gone down, hanging firmly on the top of the hotspots.

The only difference is that First Light Media has also been pushed into the hot seat.

Fans were so immersed in grief that they couldn’t be bothered to go on a crusade.

Instead, some pa*sersby left quite a few comments.

The first thing you need to do is to take the blame. What does it have to do with Primeval Media?

Even if it has something to do with First Light Media, doesn’t Star Entertainment know that the movie star was filming until midnight? If they knew, why did they give him such a tight schedule? It’s so early in the morning that his body is already at its lowest level, so to let him do extreme sports, is this really not a deliberate attempt to harm people?

[Got it, no matter what, Emperor Shang is really innocent and has become a victim between two entertainment companies].

But manipulating public opinion, Star Entertainment is very good at it.

When they saw that First Light Media had not moved, they were even more relieved and held a press conference at the company’s headquarters.

Star Entertainment’s chairman, Dong Yun, and the show’s general director, all attended the press conference.

“General Director Dong, may I ask what you think about the matter of Primeval Light Media a*sa*sinating Emperor Shang?”

“This matter, we at Star Entertainment will not just let it go with Choritsu.” With a cold face, Dong Yun lifted her chin, “Yao Zhi is one of our Star Entertainment people, and I have always treated him as family.”

“Everyone knows that Chuan Chu has been suppressing Star Entertainment and has also stolen quite a few scripts from Star Entertainment’s hands, but I really didn’t expect them to learn about Yao Zhi’s schedule in advance this time and deliberately scheduled Yao Zhi’s scenes in the middle of the night, causing Yao Zhi to end up ……”

Dong Yun wiped her tears and said forcefully, “In short, Star Entertainment will fight Chu Chuan to the end for Yao Zhi!”

Another reporter handed over the microphone, “That means that Star Entertainment will give justice to Emperor Shang, right?”

“Of course, after all-” Eastwick didn’t finish this sentence as the reporters in front of her were all agitated, constantly letting out shouts and shrieks.

Every reporter’s expression was shocked, as if they had seen a ghost.

“Chief Winter, Weibo!” On the side, the chief director’s voice trembled with disbelief to the point of eye rolling, “Shang Yaozhi! Shang Yaozhi he-”

Before he could finish his words, the phone in his hand was snatched away by Winter Yun with one hand.

It was a short video broadcast.

And the person who was live-streaming it was the man who the entire internet thought was dead.

On the screen, the man’s face was still pale, and there was a look of exhaustion between his brows.

He was lying on a hospital bed, obviously having only just returned from the deathbed.

But it was a good thing that his eyes were still luminous, not some return to life, but he was really alive.

His face, too, had the familiar warm, sunny smile on it.

“Good afternoon everyone, I’m Shang Yaozhi, I’ve made you all worry about me these past few days.”

“I just woke up, I came up to give you all a safe report, I am saved by a divine doctor, I am fine, after that I will ask my lawyer to release me from my contract with Star Entertainment, please also ask the programme team to receive a lawyer’s letter ……”