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Boss Lady Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17

It was the first light that broke through the darkness at the break of dawn, the ultimate dazzle.

Ying Ziji was struck by a rare moment of bewilderment.

Half a moment later, her eyes narrowed and she frowned slightly at how she had remembered this metaphor.

It shouldn’t.

“Seventh, seventh young master ……” Lu Zhi’s body stiffened and she forced a smile, “Why did you, why did you come without telling me in advance?”

But Fu Yunshen ignored it, he lazily straightened up, curved his lips and smiled, “Little friend, what a coincidence.”

Ying Zidian looked up as she returned to her senses.

The man’s body was leaning slightly, and a faint emerald fragrance spread out from his lapel, entwining with his breath, lovingly moving.

Those peach blossom eyes were deep and affectionate, always tender.

When he looked at a person seriously, he could almost drown one in them.

“Xie ……” she had just opened her mouth when he interrupted, “Brother doesn’t want to hear those two words again.”

Fu Yunshen patted her head and hooked his tail: “How long have you known each other, you’re still so polite.”

Ying Zigui looked puzzled: “……”

In 24 hours, not even a day.

She gave him a look, still not counting on his self-name or her actions.

Never mind, he was nice to her, then she would let him be.

On the side, Lu Zhi’s face, however, turned even whiter.

What was going on?

When did this adopted daughter of the Ying family hook up with the seventh young master of the Fu family?

Even the Ying family had to respect the Fu family, not to mention the Lu family.

Lu Zhi bit her lip and remembered the man’s words earlier, and her panic increased.

At that moment, Fu Yunshen finally looked at her and said in a casual tone, “Half a million, the Lu family is very short of money?”

Lu Zhi froze, not knowing how to answer.

While she was hesitating, Fu Yunshen picked up his mobile phone and made a call.

At the same moment, the villa area a few streets away from Zhongshan South Road.

Lu’s father was relaxing at home, drinking tea and reading the newspaper, when his mobile phone suddenly rang.

He hadn’t wanted to answer it, but when he saw the number, he was flattered and hastily picked it up, “Younger Seven, what do you want to see me about?”

The Lu family had recently gotten a big order, and the Fu family was the one in charge and still needed to look up to.

As a result, just as he picked up the phone, the first thing he heard was, “I heard that your Lu family is quite short of money.”

Lu’s father was dumbfounded and had not yet reacted.

The second sentence came.

“I’m afraid you’ll lose money, so it’s better to put that list in the northern district on hold.”

The man said it lightly, his voice still contained a smile, no joy or anger was visible, but there was a million pounds of pressure.

In the shop, Lu Zhi also heard it, her eyes snapped open and she lost her voice: “Seventh young master, you can’t ……”

Fu Yunshen hung up the phone and tilted his head: “Hm?”

Lu Zhi’s hands and feet were cold, and her lips trembled fiercely.

How could she not have imagined that she was merely trying to teach this adopted daughter of the Ying family a lesson, but she would have caused the Lu family to lose a large order of millions of dollars.

The Lu family was not a big and powerful family, so millions of dollars would hurt them.

Lu Zhi couldn’t say a word and could only grit her teeth and look at the girl.

It was all her fault!

If she hadn’t insisted on coming here to buy medicine, the Lu family wouldn’t have needed this undeserved disaster.

“Ying Zigui, you’ve really had enough.” Lu Fang, who was in the back of the storehouse, couldn’t bear to watch, he came out with a sullen face, “This isn’t a big deal at all, why make such a big deal out of it?”

He also got bored and said, “It’s just a joke, you didn’t lose anything, how about this, I promise to make up for your maths, and this matter will be over, how about that?”

Lu Fang knew that Fu Yunshen was a fop and was only doing this to please a woman, so the breakthrough was still with this dirtbag.

I don’t know what it was about her that caught Fu Yunshen’s eye and deserved to be treated like this.

Ying Zidian raised her eyes and felt that this person looked familiar: “You are?”

Lu Fang, who had thought of nothing but such a reply, turned blue: “……”

We’ve been cla*smates for a semester, don’t you know who he is?

What are you pretending to be?

“Ying Zidian, don’t pretend.” Lu Fang said sarcastically, “Your grades are at the bottom of the Talented cla*s, if you don’t improve, you will be kicked out of the Talented cla*s, I think you don’t want to lose face, right?”

Ying Ziji looked at Lu Fang again, but she still didn’t remember who he was, but she remembered something else.

Each grade in Qingzhi High School had a cla*s of excellence, which consisted of the top fifty students in the grade, so after every exam, the cla*s of excellence would change.

“Are you going to agree or not?” Lu Fang was impatient, “You should think clearly, not just anyone can make up for …… what kind of look you have?”

Is he very much like a fool?

Lu Fang was so angry that he died.

Ying raised his hand and knocked on the cashier, faint: “Wrap up the herbs and send them to the hotel across the street.”

“You, you wait a moment.” The cashier fumbled and started to match the orders, but of course there was no way she could collect the money.

She was just a small employee, she couldn’t afford to offend anyone.

Lu Zhi looked at the golden iris on the black card between the girl’s fingers and froze.

That wasn’t ……

Lu Fang was annoyed, he wanted to go forward, but Fu Yunshen was standing aside.

The man had his head slightly lowered, not knowing what he was thinking.

He still had that dandy energy about him, but it was inexplicably regal.

Lu Fang couldn’t help but shiver.

In less than ten minutes, three hundred pounds of herbs were ready, and Lu Zhi could only watch with an iron face as the Lu family employees sent the man she hated out in a vain chill.

It stung like hell.

“Sister, they’re too much.” Lu Fang hammered the table, hating, “When school starts in a few days, I’ll make her look good.”

Lu Zhi also felt uncomfortable and said in a strange voice, “Who told her to climb up the ladder now, she must be so proud.”

She didn’t believe that Ying could tie Fu Yunshen up for life.

Lu Zhi shook off her head and was about to snitch on Ying Lu Wei when Lu’s father’s call came in first.

“Dad ……” she said, but there was a roar on the other side, “What dad, I don’t have a daughter like you, why don’t you hurry up and come back!”


In the hotel room.

He was about to speak when he swept a glance at the piles of herbs on the floor, and then watched as the girl slowly and methodically took out an electric pressure cooker from her backpack.


With one hand on her chin and one hand picking at the herbs, Ying Zidian weighed them a few times before throwing them into the pot.

There was no time to make her own medicine stove, so she had to use this instead.

Before leaving the underground bazaar yesterday, she had also bought a few jade stones.

As she extracted the essence from the jade stones and injected it into the electric pressure cooker, Ying looked up, “Those two tweets ……”

She is also quite interested in all the new technology and new things nowadays, she needs to start learning.

Hearing this, Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes lifted, the end of his eyes were filled with a smile: “How are you going to thank brother?”

Ying Zidian put the lid on the pot and pressed the on button, casually: “To keep you going all night.”

Fu Yunshen’s expression gave a pause, his peach blossom eyes narrowed, he was still smiling, his voice was gentle, but how dangerous it sounded: “Little friend, brother has a question for you.”

Ying Ziji crushed the used jade stone and scattered the powder on the ground, “Hm?”

“Such words -” he leaned down unsteadily, his eyes level with the girl sitting on the ground, “from whom did you learn them?”


Chapter 18

The room was air-conditioned and both had their coats off when they entered.

The girl’s back was straight and her neck slender.

Her sleeves were pulled up to the middle of her small arms, exposing her wrist bones, and her fingers, resting on the emerald green herbs, were even more slender and white.

“I can read a book.” Ying leaned back and looked up lazily, “There’s everything in the book.”

Fu Yunshen found that when she looked at him with her phoenix eyes, which were dense with mist and rain, she couldn’t say anything.

Who could stop it?

After a few seconds of staring at each other, the man flexed his fingers and tapped the girl on the forehead: “No more books like this.”

“Don’t.” Ying looked down, fiddling with the electric pressure cooker, “That would take the fun out of it.”

She also planned to buy some novels from this era to read and relieve her boredom.

“Brother buy you dinner?”

“Don’t want that either.”

Super heartless.


The girl spoke again, “At best-”

Fu Yunshen lowered his eyebrows and looked at her.

She was still serious: “I’ll show you together.”

Fu Yunshen looked puzzled, his lips curled up and he suddenly smiled: “Take me with you to see it?”

How could this happen?

Ying yawned, sleepy again, and half-squinted: “Yes, I’ll learn how to shop online first.”

Fu Yunshen looked at the girl’s tired and lazy look, but her expression was not fake, and he realised that this was what she wanted, only without meaning to.

She was still a child.

The phone suddenly rang at that moment.

Fu Yunshen glanced at Ying Zidian to make sure she wouldn’t blow herself up before getting up and going outside to answer the phone.

“Younger Seven, come quickly.” It was Nie Chao calling, “You’re the only one left.”

Fu Yunshen said diffidently, “It’s okay hang up.”

“Didn’t we say we’d throw you a banquet? Isn’t this something?” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public.

Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows: “I have this?”

“Hey, it’s just a term of endearment? What’s the big deal.” Nie Chao urged, “What are you doing in the middle of the afternoon? Come and have a quickie with your brother.”

“I’m with the kids, so I’m not going.” Fu Yunshen leaned on the door, “You guys play.”

On the other end, Nie Chao, who had been hung up, was shocked, as if he had been struck by lightning, and two words popped into his head –


He’d done it to such a young sister!

The other people in the box didn’t hear the content of the phone call, but when they saw that Nie Chao’s expression was not right, they were all a bit surprised: “What did Younger Seven say?”

“Oh …… he said he’s not coming over.” It took Nie Chao half a day to come back to his senses, “You guys play first, I’ll go make another call.”

As the most diligent cub in Shanghai City, he must get the first hand gossip.


Three hours later, the electric pressure cooker made a “drip” sound.

Ying Ziji opened his eyes and raised his hand to open the lid.

A faint fragrance wafted in, refreshing the heart.

The pills in the pot are already formed, dark green in colour, no more, no less, exactly fifty pills.

She put the pills into a vial she had bought in advance, cleaned up the mess on the floor and pushed open the door.

The man was half leaning against the wall, his long fingers tapping on his phone, and when he heard the movement, he looked up: “Ready?”

Ying Ziji didn’t expect him to be waiting outside and was stunned: “Why don’t you go in?”

“I’m afraid I’ll disturb you.” Fu Yunshen was lazy and didn’t say anything more.

He looked down at the bottle of medicine the girl handed him and raised his eyebrows: “Kidney tonic?”

“No.” Ying picked up her school bag and slung it over one shoulder, “Prolongs life.”

But it had a kidney tonic effect, and a liver and stomach tonic would do.

“Eh? I’m going to prolong my life at my age?” Fu Yunshen was interested, although he said so, he still put the medicine bottle in place and asked again, “Dinner?”

“I have to go out of town.” Ying Zidian glanced at his phone, “I’ll invite you to dinner in a few days.”

“Out of town?”

“Well, back to Qing Shui County.”

The medical conditions in Qing Shui County were far worse than in Shanghai.

Wen Fengmian had been frugal all his life, he definitely couldn’t afford to spend the 100,000 given by the Ying family, it had been a year, and he didn’t know how it was.

“Today is the 15th day of the first month ……,” Fu Yunshen seems to remember something, his eyes are colder by a few points, and the curvature of his lips is also converged.

But as he tilted his head, his peach blossom eyes re-tinted with a smile and called out, “Little friend.”

Ying Zidian turned around: “Hm?”

“Brother has nowhere to go today.” He trailed off, a fine light floating in his amber platinum pupils, “Look, do you want to take me in?”



It was completely dark at 7:30 pm, with fireworks bursting into the night sky every now and then.

Wen Fengmian took the flour out of the old-fashioned refrigerator and just as he went to the counter, he coughed violently, and it took him a while to stop.

Just as he was about to boil water, there was a knock on the door.

Wen Fengmian wiped his hands clean and coughed a few more times before walking out, “Who is it?”

It was so late that no one would come to the door.

He opened the door, and when he looked over, he was stunned.

The girl stood under the eaves of the house, a layer of moonlight falling on her dark hair, hazy and not quite real.

Although she hadn’t seen her for a year, her face was still the same.

Wen Fengmian’s throat rolled, not daring to recognize her at all.

His voice was hard, trembling badly, and it took him a long time to spit out two words: “……夭夭夭?”

“It’s me.” Ying Ziji held his arm and helped it up, “You be careful, don’t fall.”

She did not move and tested her pulse, and had a number in mind.

Wen Fengmian’s health was even worse than she had first thought.

The long years of heavy work had weighed him down.

After receiving the affirmative answer, Wen Fengmian did not come back to his senses for a long time.

He was stunned for a while before he grabbed her hand, and his tone was urgent and harsh: “Yao Yao, why did you come back from the Ying family? Where are they, aren’t they with you?”

He looked the girl up and down again and looked even more serious: “Tell Daddy, did those people over there bully you?”

A very ordinary sentence, but one that could easily strike straight at the heart and cause people to collapse.

Ying Ziji’s fingers tightened.

She knew that because of some defect in her, she had no heart and could not love.

So whoever treated her well, she doubled it in return.

“It’s nothing, I just got free today and came back to see you.” Ying Ziji pressed Wen Fengmian’s shoulder and smiled faintly, “It’s my fault for not visiting you this year.”

If she had woken up earlier, what happened a year ago would not have happened.

Only then did Wen Fengmian put his heart down and turned his head to wipe his eyes, he tried to calm his breathing, his emotions still fluctuating violently, his voice still trembling, “You can come back, papa …… is already very happy.”

After all, at that time, Ying said that kind of things, he had thought that he would never see each other again in this life.

Ying Zidian helped him into the house: “Are you the only one at home?”

“Guiya has cla*ses today.” Wen Fengmian coughed again, and after stopping it, he smiled, “But he should be back soon.”

Just as these words were finished, outside the courtyard –

“Dad, I’m back, I bought some meat today, we can …… have it tonight.”

The words that followed stopped all together at the sight of the going girl.

The broad-shouldered, long-legged teenager was standing right in the doorway, his eyes growing little by little pale and cold.