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Boss Lady Chapter 153-154

Chapter 153

The words that followed were no longer audible to Dong Yun.

Her ears were buzzing and her mind was blank.

Strength felt like it had been drained out of her, and she was so weak that her heels were almost breaking under her feet.

Winter Yun held onto a side railing in time and shook her head off, still not able to expel that sky-rocketing dizziness.

And after watching this short live video of Shang Yaozhi, the reporters were all abuzz.

Instantly, they looked at Dong Yun and the programme’s chief director differently.

Everyone in the audience had heard that Shang Yaozhi said that he was going to terminate his contract with Star Entertainment and would also send a legal letter to the programme.

If Star Entertainment was really innocent, would Shang Yaozhi have said that?

The top actor’s temper is well known in his circle.

The reporters did not have time to think about how Shang Yaozhi came back from the dead, so they handed over all the microphones in their hands and started to ask questions.

“Mr. Dong, what was going on at that time? Why isn’t the CCTV footage being released? Since it’s a variety show, isn’t there a cameraman following it?”

“Chief Winter, now you can see that the Emperor has woken up, but not only did he not thank you, he instead wanted to terminate his contract with Star Entertainment, may I ask if the programme crew really rescued him in time at that time?”

“Mr. Dong, I heard that you guys even put your hands on his fans, is this all true?”

“Chief Winter, if Film Emperor Shang didn’t wake up and really went away, you guys are really not eating human blood by using him to attack the first pa*s?”

“Chief Winter ……”

The succession of questioning made Winter Yun even more dizzy.

Her cold expression? finally shattered, her face grim and twisted as she screamed and backed away, “Get out! All of you, get out!”

The bodyguards beside her escorted Winter Yun inside.

Chaos erupted at the entrance of the building as reporters tried to squeeze in, the security guards desperately trying to stop them.

The chief director was even more stunned, leaning against a pillar, his legs going weak.

Today’s press conference was originally organized by Star Entertainment to clarify and shift all the blame to Primeval Light Media.

So the reporters invited by Star Entertainment were all famous media in China, in order to create momentum.

However, Dong Yun did not expect that all her arrangements, even if they were well planned, could not withstand Shang Yaozhi’s personal appearance.

When she returned to her office, her head was still foggy, unable to understand why the dead man had come back to life.

Could it be that the Newport General Hospital was lying to them?

Wasn’t it a rumour to lie about such things?

How could the hospital dare to joke about something that was a matter of human life?

Star Entertainment was in chaos, and fans and pa*sersby on Weibo were also going crazy.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhh my god! Am I really not dreaming? It’s not someone who’s disguised as my brother to trick me, is it?

[No, no, no, it’s Yaozhi, Yaozhi is alive, he’s really alive!

[Yaozhi woke up, so we can finally talk about it. A few days ago, the agent said in our WeChat group that Yaozhi was fine, but to prevent accidents, we were told not to spread the news.

[No, I need to calm down, I’m afraid this is a dream, but please this dream must not wake up, thank God for sending our loved ones back after watching the movie for a while [tears] [tears].]

[When I am well, I am immediately well, retweet this tweet, draw fifty stars and a cup of milk tea each.]]

Star, is the name of Shang Yaozhi’s fans.

These five days were a great joy and a great sorrow for the fans, and the days were like years.

Originally, the fans had all formed a spontaneous procession and were ready to go over to Newport to pay their respects and send flowers.

None of them expected that there would be a reversal, and they all cried tears of joy and went crazy with happiness.

The super talk was devoid of the downbeat sadness of the past few days, and was all filled with posts of raffles and well wishes.

But after the jubilation, the fans didn’t forget the most crucial thing.

[So @Star Entertainment v I’m asking if you guys are punching me in the face? If it was really the first pa*s that did it, why would Yaozhi settle with you guys at this juncture!

[Brothers and sisters, since Yaozhi has woken up, we don’t need to hold back any longer. @TrueGreatEscapesProgrammev, did you rescue Yaozhi in time, we all know each other by heart, cats cry and fake mercy, rubbish!

[@Star Entertainment v, @True Great Escapes crew v, you say my brother has no backstage, we are his backstage, we are just ordinary people, but there are many of us, my brother is awake now, prepare to be finished [smile] [smile]]

[I’ll write to the censorship authorities now and ask them to thoroughly investigate Star Entertainment, you guys have made a lot of fatalities in the past few years, don’t think you can get away with it again.]]


Newport General Hospital.

In the ward.

“Cub, have some congee.” Xiu Yu held the bowl and scooped a spoonful of congee with concern, “You just woke up not long ago, you can only eat liquid food, forget about meat.”

Shang Yaozhi looked at his loving mother powder: “……”

I couldn’t say anything.

What’s with the sudden thought of quitting?

When he thought that 80% of his fan circle were mom fans who called him a kid every day, Shang Yaozhi got a headache.

On the side, Jiang Yan, who caught a glimpse of this scene, said, “What?

This guy was crazy, actually feeding others?

When he had injured his foot, he hadn’t even peeled an apple for him.

At least we had known each other for more than ten years.

Jiang Yan gave a cold snort.

Another one who forgot his righteousness when he saw it.

“Miss Xiu, I’ll do it I’ll do it.” The broker didn’t dare let Xiu Yu do it, he was busy trotting over, “You rest and rest.”

He knew that Xiu Yu was Ying Ziji’s friend.

I don’t know why, but the agent felt that the divine doctor’s friends were not simple.

“Don’t come over.” Xiu Yu alertly lifted the bowl high, “Don’t disturb mommy from feeding the baby.”

Shang Yaozhi: “……”

Broker: “……”

Jiang Yan: “……”

F*ck, this guy is chasing after stars like crazy.

Jiang Yan couldn’t stand looking at him anymore and left the ward.

Outside, Elder Zhong was also there.

He had been to Qingzhi a few times and remembered Jiang Yan, so he greeted him, “Little Yan ah, is Emperor Shang the movie star alright?”

“Yes.” Jiang Yan was putting on a foul face, but suddenly he remembered that this was Ying Zigui’s grandfather, and coughed, immediately behaving himself, “I’m drinking congee.”

“That’s good, then.” Elder Zhong nodded repeatedly, “Such a good boy, good people have good rewards.”

Jiang Yan didn’t respond, glancing back and seeing no one.

“Are you looking for Ziggy?” Master Zhong was not happy about this, “Followed the pigs.”

Jiang Yan: “????”

How could Dudu run away with her father?

Didn’t he just put one hand in his pocket and be done with it?

“Just that brat from the Fu family.” Master Zhong was saddened, “Xiao Yan, do you think it’s too much to ask that he doesn’t just be his fancy young master and come to harm my granddaughter?”

Jiang Yan didn’t dare to say anything, but he finally understood that this pig was not another pig.

Jiang Ping had specifically instructed him not to talk about Fu Yunshen in Shanghai.

Although he really didn’t see anything special about Fu Yunshen even when he was in the imperial capital.

But if he didn’t listen to Ms. Jiang’s words, he would be finished.

His dad and his uncle were on board together and couldn’t even protect him.

Jiang Yan couldn’t even remember how many times he had been cleaned up by Jiang Ping.

“But the brat is really good-looking then.” Master Zhong muttered to himself, “If he gives birth to a daughter in the future, she’ll be good looking too, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.”


This kind of thing is too absurd.

So even though Shang Yaozhi came out live to clarify, there were still many people who were skeptical.

However, the next day, some fans rushed to the Newport General Hospital and met the real person, which really confirmed that Shang Yaozhi was indeed fine.

The Newport General Hospital also rushed out a statement.

Saying that it was something that had an extremely small medical probability and was almost a miracle.

The hospital didn’t actually do anything, it was all up to Shang Yaozhi’s will.

As for the divine doctor that Shang Yaozhi spoke of they were not sure and could not tell any more.

In fact, the doctor who treated Shang Yaozhi didn’t even think of a divine doctor.

What kind of divine doctor goes in for a few minutes and cures a person?

The new Weibo post has already received over a million comments.

And from the time Shang Yaozhi woke up, people were throwing rotten eggs at the company’s entrance every day, and Dong Yun didn’t even dare to go home.

She called Shang Yaozhi and his agent, but they refused to answer.

She had to ask the company’s PR department to send out another tweet.

[@StarEntertainmentv: The company is happy to have Emperor Shang back, welcome.

But the tweet only came out, and it was quickly shot back in the face.

[@WestwindLaw Firm v: I heard that @RealLargeEscape show v said that Mr. Shang was resuscitated at the first opportunity, also equipped with a professional medical team, so may I ask what this is?

This is a video of the show at the time, as well as a record of the bank card transfer from the show’s chief director.


Chapter 154

The video shows Shang Yaozhi’s body suddenly jerking in the middle of his extreme cycling exercise, and then falling to the ground.

It was not too bright at this time of day, and as it was after 5am, there were not many spectators.

The only people around were the crew and the actors who were also doing other extreme sports.

The other actors couldn’t care less about this side, and were simply unaware that Shang Yaozhi had pa*sed out.

The netizens then saw that for the entire eight minutes, none of the staff next to him or the medical team accompanying him moved, talking and laughing.

A fan next to him tried to rush over and was even chided by the programme planner saying not to interfere with the filming of the show.

It wasn’t until the ninth minute that the programme crew realised that something was wrong and rushed forward.

But by this time, the four minutes of prime time had already pa*sed.

Even if an automatic defibrillator had been brought in, it would have been too late.

The programme team did not expect this to happen and were at their wits’ end for a while before calling 120.

By the time the ambulance took Shang Yaozhi to the hospital, it was already half past six.

In the video, Shang Yaozhi collapsed on the ground, with that powerless look of wanting to die, and no one around him went up to help him until he gradually stopped.

This scene made the netizens’ eyes red.

[Star Entertainment, you are cold-blooded enough!!! Even its movie stars are treated like this, I can’t even imagine how the company’s trainees and other actors without status are treated anymore.]


The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Fans know how overbearing Star Entertainment’s contract terms are.

For Shang Yaozhi’s salary for a film, Star Entertainment will directly take out 90%.

The remaining 10%, Shang Yaozhi still needs to support his own team, a*sistants, make-up artists …… which Star Entertainment does not care about.

The first time I saw the film, I was working for Star Entertainment for ten years.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. My brother finally waited for this day, no need for everyone to crowdfund, we fans have the money.]

As long as Westwind Law Firm can help Yao Zhi and Star Entertainment break their contract, the legal fees are no problem.

[I really cried watching this, I just can’t imagine, a person wants to live so badly and you guys cut off his hope, @StarEntertainmentv, murderer!

The microblogging number of the Real People Escaping program team was reported directly by fans to the point of blocking it.

Watching the movement online, Dong Yun was shocked and angry: “How does the Westwind Law Firm manage this matter?”

When she signed Shang Yaozhi, she had already checked his family’s background clearly.

When Shang Yaozhi’s father was six years old, his right leg was amputated due to a factory accident and he was confined to bed.

And his mother suffers from severe chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema, which requires extremely high medical bills.

This is why, Winter Yun is able to keep Shang Yaozhi firmly in her grip.

With Shang Yaozhi under her control, he doesn’t have any big shot friends in the entertainment industry.

It could be said that he had no one to turn to.

The West Wind Law Firm was the imperial law firm of the imperial gentry, so how could Shang Yaozhi hire it?

“Mr. Dong, we’re not sure.” The PR manager was in a sweat, “The situation is very unfavourable to the company, there is no way to control public opinion anymore.”

“Didn’t I tell you to bring down the first rumour as well?” Winter Yun was even more furious, “Get the water army into action.”

The PR manager wiped off a sweat and hurriedly went down.


First Light Media, headquarters.

The chairman of the board who had previously pa*sed a video call with Fu Yunshen high-fived and sneered, “D*mn it, still want to mess with our First Light Media, don’t even look at what kind of goods you are.”

It was only in the past few years that Star Entertainment had risen to become a major company, and there was no way it could compete with the long-established Hatsunez.

As for the imperial family behind Star Entertainment?

The chairman of the board gave a cold snort.

How could they compete with their young master?

Not even all the gentry in the capital put together could compare.

After giving the PR department an account of the matter, the chairman of the council made another phone call, “Hey, young master, everything is settled.”

“But young master, didn’t you say you wouldn’t help? How come the Westwind Law Firm is still out in force?”

Hearing these words, Fu Yunshen turned his head to look at the girl beside him and lazily replied, “It has nothing to do with me.”

“That’s right, young master, when have you ever been kind enough to help.”

Fu Yunshen didn’t want to talk to him: “Hang up.”

Ying Ziji knew who he was talking to, she pondered for two seconds, “What do you think, should I sign him to the first pa*s?”

“Hm?” Fu Yunshen was silent for a moment, his peach blossom eyes were misty, “Sign it, there are too many people who can’t help themselves in this world, it’s a little help if you can.”

After a pause, he was not slow: “Earn money for you by the way.”

Ying Ziji propped up his head, “That’s right.”

Two birds with one stone.

She had read the contract of First Light Media, and there were four levels from a to d.

The a contract was the highest, and the company would only take 15% of the artist’s salary.

Apart from the company’s operating costs, this gave the artist the maximum benefit.

The only ones who can a-sign are a few veteran international movie stars and movie queens.

However, Shang Yaozhi’s strength is also above these seniors.

Ying Ziji bowed his head and sent a weibo message to his female secretary.

[Prepare an a-signature.]

The female secretary quickly replied.

【Okay, Executive Director, who is it for, please?

[Shang Yaozhi.]

Once these three words were sent, the female secretary instantly went crazy.

[Ahhhhhhh boss, really, you’re going to sign Emperor Shang over? You’re too kind, my son is saved! Great, I’m going to get ready right now.]

Ying Zidian: “……”


She now understood that Xiu Yu’s comment that 80% of Shang Yaozhi’s fans were mom fans was true.

As a mom fan, the female secretary acted as fast as ever.

As soon as the a-level signing was ready, the PR department also went into action.

[@chuguangmediav: termination fee first pa*s out, welcome @shang yaozhiv to the first pa*s, our boss said, the highest treatment, in addition, in response to the disinformation about our company, also ask star entertainment to receive a lawyer’s letter.]

The fans were even more jubilant with this double whammy.

[Oh my god, my brother was actually personally invited by First Tradition, and the boss himself gave the word, the first person in the entertainment industry, right?

[Brother, go to First Tradition! You like filming, you’ll be able to go international if you go to First Tradition!

The first time I saw you, I was so happy.

In response, Star Entertainment began another round of playing dead.

Shang Yaozhi was Star Entertainment’s cash cow, and Dong Yun didn’t want to let him go at all.

But with both Westwind Law Firm and Primeval Light Media, even with the capital behind them, Star Entertainment couldn’t hold on.

But two days later, she received a notice from First Light Media to acquire Star Entertainment.

This time, Dong Yun had to go to Primeval Media in person.

She went to the Shanghai City branch of First Light Media.

As soon as she entered the building, Dong Yun received disgusted looks from the people around her.

She subconsciously wrapped her shawl tightly, lowered her head and hurriedly took the lift upstairs.

Star Entertainment was her heart and soul, and there was no way she would let Chuan Chuan take it over.

In this business of entertainment, all one cared about was profit.

As long as she offered enough interest, Chu Chuan would not have to fight Star Entertainment to the death for a Golden Flower Award winner.

Thinking of this, Dong Yun calmed down a bit.

She pushed open the door of the general manager’s office and walked in.

In the room, the girl was leaning against the desk.

She moved lazily and didn’t look up at Dong Yun, playing with her phone.

Dong Yun frowned.

She naturally recognised that this was the girl Shang Yaozhi had met last time in Hengdian Film City.

“Why are you here?” Winter Yun wrapped her arms around her and towered over her, “Where’s your boss?”

Ying Zidian still didn’t look at her, three very cold words, “Standing and waiting.”

“Joke.” Winter Yun seemed to have heard something funny, “I’m here to talk to the boss of the first transmission, you?”

She gave a scornful laugh, “Think you can talk for your boss just because you’ve signed up for First Tradition?”

Dong Yun hated this kind of actress who used her beauty to seduce her boss to get ahead, even though there were many such things in Star Entertainment.

It was despicable to get more resources than others without strength, just by relying on a pair of skin.

“I told you why Yaozhi still stopped to talk to you even though I was following beside him.” Winter Yun spoke sarcastically, “So it’s because you used your beauty, yes, with your face value, no one in the entertainment industry can really match you.”

Having run an entertainment company for more than ten years, Dong Yun was used to seeing many beauties, both at home and abroad.

But none of them were as beautiful as the girl in front of her, so beautiful that her heart trembled.

Just as Dong Yun was about to say something else, there was a knock on the door.

Ying Zigui looked up, still not glancing at Dong Yun: “Come in.”

The person who came was the female secretary, who held a document in her hand and then put it on the table.

The female secretary bent down and was respectful, “Chief Executive, the contract for the acquisition of Star Entertainment has been typed up, please look through it.”