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Boss Lady Chapter 155-156

Chapter 155

Ying picked it up and flipped through it.

She read it quickly and nodded a few seconds later, “Yes.”

There is also an independent legal department under First Light Media, and it is said that the director of the legal department is a graduate from the West Wind Law Firm.

That was why First Light Media was also known as a must-have in the entertainment industry.

But all this, Star Entertainment knew nothing about.

In the early years, Primeval would also help its artists settle a series of legal disputes, but then basically no one dared to touch Primeval’s artists.

Before that, however, Star Entertainment was just one of the most insignificant companies in the entertainment industry, not even qualified to face off with First Tradition.

“Okay Executive Director.” The female secretary picked up that document again, she looked at Dong Yun who was frozen in place, her attitude was instantly cold, “Chief Dong, ah no, I shouldn’t call you that now, you won’t be the old chief of Star Entertainment soon.”

Winter Yun did not respond, she only felt that there were countless bees blocking her ears, buzzing all the time.

For a moment her hands and feet were cold, her blood flowed backwards, and her restlessness and embarra*sment kept rising up.

It was as if she was a clown, saying ridiculous things and being silently mocked.

The female secretary even politely handed over the contract, her tone was one of utter disgust and sarcasm: “Ms. Dong, please sign it.”

Winter Yun still stood there without moving, her hand stiffened and her face turned white little by little.

“Ms. Winter, there is no use in you refusing to sign.” The female secretary didn’t know what Winter Yun had said to Ying Zigui earlier and only thought that she didn’t want to sell Star Entertainment, “What about all the things you’ve done, it’s enough for the court to seize the whole Star Entertainment, First Light Media gave you one million, still not satisfied?”

This sentence finally made Dong Yun come back to her senses.

Her face floated with the red that only came after being humiliated, and she gritted her teeth, “You guys are dreaming!”

Star Entertainment was the third largest entertainment company in China, and the shares alone were worth dozens, not counting the value of those artists under the company.

Through the light of Shang Yaozhi, Star Entertainment also had several male and female artists who were also very hot young stars and flower girls at the moment.

They are all paid 30 million for a single film.

Chu Chuan wants to buy Star Entertainment for one million dollars?

What a joke!

“Whether it’s a dream or not, Ms. Winter herself knows clearly.” The female secretary sneered, “I advise Ms. Dong to sign the papers immediately, so that nothing is left when the time comes.”

Winter Yun’s lips trembled and her face turned even whiter.

She suddenly looked fiercely at the girl sitting behind the black desk, “You’re being deliberately vindictive!”

The female secretary had been in this business for so long that she had been through a lot of battles long ago.

There was certainly no way she would let her own boss move her mouth with respect and taunted, “Ms. Winter, would you please not make a fool of yourself?”

“Our boss earns a hundred thousand every second, with the time it takes to get back at you, a house in the centre of the empire is out.”

Ying Zidian slowly raised her eyes.

She, who could earn 100,000 a second?

Winter Yun’s body was soaked in cold sweat, she gritted her teeth, “Okay, I’ll sign.”

She took the pen with trembling hands, as if it took all her strength to write down her name.

After writing it down, Dong Yun stumbled back a few steps, still unable to believe it, “She’s the owner of First Transcripts?”

The owner of First Tradition had always been a mystery to the outside world, not even the artists of this company had ever met.

The industry had ruled out all those in power in the imperial capital’s gentry, and had not found a match.

How could it be a young girl who was not even an adult yet?

Dong Yun couldn’t accept that there were others of the same sex who had more successful careers than her.

“Or else?” The female secretary coldly snorted, “Is it hard to say that you are? Since the signatures have already been signed, Ms. Winter, if you don’t want to be kicked out by the security guards, you’d better leave quickly.”

Winter Yun left in a state of disorientation.

But after that, there was a summons from the court waiting for her.

Losing Star Entertainment was just the beginning.

“Boss, it’s a nasty way for Star Entertainment to go from a small workshop to a big company.” The female secretary was disgusted, “Information shows that in just these three years, eight of their artists have committed suicide due to depression.”

Ying Ziji looked slightly paused.

In the past, when she was in Guozhou, there were singers, drama actors and so on.

But there was nothing such as the entertainment industry, much less the act of using artists for profit.

She was exposed to these for the first time, but she had seen a lot more hearts.

“Hmm.” Ying nodded, “Let’s a*sign them when the time comes.”

“Okay.” The female secretary answered, and after thinking about it, she still couldn’t resist, “Boss, do you know who the miracle doctor is who saved my son?”

Ying Ziji got up, her eyelashes dropping, “There is no miracle doctor.”

“Huh?” The female secretary was sorry, “I thought if there was such a miracle doctor, I would ask him if he had any medical masks for beauty care or something… God knows I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars at the beauty salon but it didn’t help.”

Hearing this, Ying Ziji stopped in her tracks.

She turned back and patted the female secretary’s shoulder: “Very good, you have a good business sense.”

Female secretary: “???”


After posting the short live video, at the end of the night, Shang Yaozhi posted another long article to thank netizens, fans and First Light Media.

He was actually quite confused.

Even if his body was the one that turned on the protection mechanism and subsequently faked his death, he was still recovering too quickly.

He had only opened his eyes this morning, and now he could even get out of bed and walk.

Shang Yaozhi even feels that his body is stronger than before and he can shoot 24 hours of scenes in one breath.

But his mother’s fans didn’t think so.

“Pup, I told you not to move, why are you still getting out of bed?” Xiu Yu brought the luxurious wheelchair Jiang Yan had used, “You sit here and let someone push you.”

Shang Yaozhi was helpless, especially as he had not yet managed to adapt to the term “cub”.

He said, “Actually, I really didn’t-”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was forced into the wheelchair.


“Be good son, so that mothers can rest a*sured.” Xiu Yu pulled out his phone, “Cub, I’ll take a picture of you to prove to the others that you’re being well taken care of.”

After taking the picture, Xiu Yu sent it to the fan group.

All the members of this fan group were all pro-mother fans.

Upon seeing the photo, they all owled.

Shang Yaozhi subconsciously glanced at it and saw this sentence.

[Pups, live pups, pups are fine, great.]


Xiu Yu put the phone back into his pocket and waved towards the agent, “Remember not to let him out of the wheelchair.”

After Xiu Yu went out, the agent saw that Shang Yaozhi did not look quite right.

He raised his hand to test the temperature of his forehead, “Yao Zhi, are you uncomfortable?”

Shang Yaozhi took a deep breath: “Nothing.”

He was completely unable to look his fan in the eye.


On the other side.

After Ying Ziji returned home, she turned on her computer.

After entering her account pa*sword, she logged into the nok forum.

She noticed that there was this post on the front page of the hidden section.

[@I’m just a melon eater: Is anyone concerned about the star who came back from the dead in China? Dare I ask which one of the poisoners on the list is the one who did it?

There are only a few scattered replies below the post so far.

[What Chinese star? Which one of the bigwigs on the list would bother with the entertainment industry?

I’ve heard of this, but I think it might be a Chinese ancient medicine practitioner?

I’m not going to say why.

[I’ve checked and I can’t find out, it’s very well hidden, I guess it must be a big guy on the list.

[This is the time for @Please take a pill, big brother, can you tell which one of your colleagues it is?

Ying moved her mouse up and closed the post.

She propped her head on one hand and tapped her other hand on the table in thought.

The nok forum was worthy of its claim to have an intelligence network that was more swift and developed than the International General Intelligence Bureau, and it had already checked it out so quickly.

And he was sure it was a poisoner.


Ying browsed through other new posts and was ready to go offline.

And at that moment, a red dot appeared in her private message box.

A stranger had sent her a message.

Ying Ziji pondered for a moment, thinking that she had nothing to do today, so she planned to take a look.

Before she could click on it, her phone vibrated.

Ying Zidian lowered her eyes and glanced at it.

The source was Weibo.

It’s not a secret that the number “Raise the old, don’t disturb” was learned when it sued Ying Luwei’s fans.

[@YingLuweiStudiov: Everyone has been waiting for a long time, the day after tomorrow is Lu Wei’s recital.

Because many fans didn’t get tickets, or couldn’t make it if they were too far away, the studio and Luvvie discussed it and decided to stream it online at the same time.

We are now opening the online ticketing channel for the recital [link], and we are also showing the pieces Luvi is going to play and the times [pictures]].

The comments are going up very quickly.

I didn’t get a ticket, but the other sisters were too fast.

[I’ve already bought a ticket, but I’ve read that Lu Wei will be playing so many pieces this time, so don’t be exhausted.

I’ve bought them too, but I’d like to ask, what time of day is @Ageing Out Do Not Disturb going to play? I really don’t want to hear someone who can’t even play basic piano pieces take up the recital time, I’m going to skip it then to prevent her from staining my ears [smile] [smile]]


Chapter 156

There was more than one person who had such thoughts.

Not to mention that for the past two months or so, Ying Luwei’s fans have not had any good feelings towards her because of her repeated frustrations.

[I’m going to skip it too, the recital was a flop with her present, just ask the guests Luvvie invited if they won’t be disgusted and leave the stage.

[I don’t understand why she has to be here to annoy the audience at a good recital.

I know what Lu Wei thinks, she’s still her niece, so I want to nurture her, but the problem is that she can’t hold up the wall.

Among Ying Luwei’s fans, there are also a few senior students from Qingzhi.

[Sisters, don’t you know that when she gave us a lesson, she said that even after teaching for so long, she couldn’t teach a song to Alice. No.

[No, Alice is a compulsory piece for beginners, right? If you can’t even play Alice, how dare you come to the recital and perform on stage?

[Tsk, a fake girl is a fake girl, no matter how much she learns, she’s no match for a real lady of luxury.

Although Lu Wei is still a long way from being a top pianist, she is more than capable of teaching, right? Is this adopted daughter emm a bit too dumb and obtuse?

[No, we must skip the time when she plays, even if it’s a waste of money.

The tickets for this concert started at 1,888 RMB and the price of the tickets for the inner venue was even higher at 8,888 RMB, but even so, her remaining die-hard fans were all gone in seconds.

The online concert was not as good as the live broadcast because it did not have all the equipment such as live sound, but the price of a ticket was 666 yuan.

Even the divas and the hottest male and female groups, as well as the top pianists in China, have never booked tickets at these prices.

Although Ying Luwei is a famous woman from a wealthy family, she doesn’t have a job, she just has a false position in the Ying Group and receives annual dividends from her shares.

But she is a big spender and the dividends are not enough for her to spend, so she naturally rakes in as much as she can.

Anyway, she can’t stop her fans from making money if they want to.

After admiring the overwhelming comments on Weibo, Ying Luwei turned her head: “How about it, how many guests have been booked now?”

The agent flipped through the roster in her hand, “As you said, Lu Wei, after we told those masters that you were going to play ‘Sun and Moon’, they all said they would take the time to come.”

“The ones who can be confirmed now are Zhuo Lan Han, Che Yu and Bart Heber.”

Hearing these three names, Ying Luwei was also taken aback: “They’re really coming?”

Zhuo Lan Han and Che Yu, both top pianists in China, had only retired a long time ago.

However, their status in the music world is still very high.

Sheng Qingtang is in the calligraphy world, just as Zhuo Lan Han is in the piano world, and both are ceiling figures in their respective fields.

Che Yu is slightly weaker than Zhuo Lan Han, but he has a number of disciples under his tutelage, who are now all famous and leading figures in the new generation of Chinese music.

As for Bart Schieber, he is a famous pianist in O Chau and an honorary professor of the Royal Academy of Arts in O Chau, with a very high international status.

It’s not that Ying Luwei didn’t want to make friends with these people.

But it was because pianists of this level would not even give her a glance, even if she came from one of the four great families.

“Not bad.” The agent nodded, then frowned, “But Lu Wei, you can’t play ‘Sun and Moon’ after all, if you tease these seniors, in the future you-”

“Don’t worry.” Ying Luwei smiled, “I won’t be the focus of this recital by then, and besides, I have other ways.”

The agent wanted to say something, but seeing how determined she was, he stopped trying to persuade her and changed the subject, “In an hour’s time, five thousand tickets have already been sold for the online recital, and a conservative estimate is that fifty thousand will have been sold by then.”

“If you call for more in the super talk, those fans of yours should buy several of them alone.”

Ying Lu Wei was careless and didn’t care about this: “You go and manage, just pay the money directly to my card when the time comes.”


Sheng Qingtang doesn’t really go online and doesn’t like social networking apps like Weibo.

But his bald-headed son suddenly rushed in sharply while he was pulling radishes, and then said something about the internet.

Sheng Qingtang was instantly furious, and he immediately took out his phone and sent a WeChat over.

[Little miracle doctor, what’s going on, how do I see you going to some recital? Tell me, do you need me to find someone to support you?

On this side, Ying Ziji had just quit Weibo when she saw this WeChat.

She clicked her head and sent back six words.

[Thank you, I don’t need it.

[No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

[Without further ado, I’ll let my bald and unfilial son go and buy the tickets, little divine doctor, don’t ever talk me out of it, I’m a man of quick temper.]


With little expression, Ying returned his gaze to the computer screen and clicked on the private message.

[Buy you a pill]: Buddy, add a friend, I’ll give you three bottles of sunscreen for free, what do you think?

Ying Zidian raised his eyebrows slightly, but this time he paid attention to this poisoner of the third ranking.

[Coke and Fries Milk Tea]: Not interested.

The other side instantly replied in seconds.

[Please take a pill]: No, no, no, really, add a friend so that we can take bounty missions together in the future.

As soon as this sentence was sent out, a message popped up from the system.

[Coke Fries Milk Tea has become your friend, please give him/her a nickname for easy communication.

[Please take a pill]: ……

[Please take a pill]: Man, you’re not from the Laurent family, are you? This hobby?

Ying didn’t reply anymore, closed the chat box and got offline.


The next day.

Just when Shang Yaozhi’s fans were about to start a new round of denunciation against Star Entertainment, they found that Star Entertainment had posted a new Weibo post.

[@StarEntertainmentv: Yesterday, Star Entertainment has been merged into First Light Media, this micro-blog number is discontinued.

A picture of the acquisition contract was attached below.

A minute later, First Light Media retweeted the tweet.

[@chuguangmediav: With immediate effect, Star Entertainment’s artists also belong to Chuan Chuan, if any of them want to leave, they can just go, no termination fee.]

Netizens were shocked.

[Crouch, First Tran is so big, it has directly bought out Star Entertainment, and so quickly.

The first time I saw this, I was able to find out that it was a good idea.

The company’s main business is the company’s business.

There are also tweets from people who know.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The following comments were all in agreement.

[He deserved it for not saving his life!

The only way to deal with people like this is to do so.

The one that was planning at the time also said something like ‘you deserve to die idols’, is sorry, our idols are still around, but you’re going in [smile]]

[Kneeling for @WestwindLaw Firm to have a live link this time as well, to see how the villains are being punished]

Qingzhi’s students are also watching Weibo.

As one of the top flowers, Shang Yaozhi had quite a few followers, with most of them in each cla*s.

After the dust had settled, the students could finally go to cla*s without worry.

Little Brother put his phone away and glanced at the cla*sroom, “Brother Burn, Sister Yu hasn’t come yet?”

“Huh.” Jiang Yan’s face was expressionless, “Escorting her son home.”

Little brother: “???”

He scratched his head and asked again, “Father Ying, you’re going to the recital tomorrow, do you want to go to the school’s piano room to practice for a while?”

Ying Ziji propped her head up and yawned, “Well, wait a while.”

It was true that she hadn’t touched the piano for a long time, and she had only revisited it in the past few days.

The good thing was that her body had been toned over the past few months, so she could play a piano piece with ease.

If she had just woken up, her body would not have been able to hold up to a single bar of Sun and Moon, not to mention Holy War.

I should have known that I should have written a simple piece back then.

“Ying Luwei’s fans are going crazy.” Jiang Yan sneered, “Don’t even look at what their master is worthy of?”

He, who didn’t like the internet, had gone and opened a few Weibo trumpets to battle those brain-dead fans.

“Brother Burn, you’ve reminded me.” Little brother slapped his head, then fished out a pile of tickets from his school bag, “I bought tickets specifically to give you a prime spot.”

Jiang Yan took it, disgusted, “Just this rubbish recital of hers is still worth 9999 yuan?”

“Don’t mention it, I used my 17 years of single hand speed to grab it from her fans.” The little brother complained, “Brother Burn, it’s not fair if you don’t buy me dinner.”

“Please.” Jiang Yan was painfully quick, “After the recital, treat the whole cla*s to it.”

Ying Ziji looked at the tickets in the two men’s hands and remembered Sheng Qingtang, who had messaged her yesterday, and Berg, who had called later.

Each had bought quite a few as well.

After two seconds of contemplation, she sent out a tweet.

[@AgeingOut: @YingLuWeiStudiov, @YingLuWeiv, bring the money for the tickets, or I won’t go.]