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Boss Lady Chapter 157-158

Chapter 157

This is the first new Weibo post from Ying Ziyi since the last lawsuit.

With only one day before the concert, Ying Luwei’s fans were following this number to see if she would be smart enough to withdraw from the concert.

They never expected that she would not only not withdraw, but also say something like this.

[Why should I give you the money for the tickets? Is this recital for you? Or are you a better player than Luvvie?

[I’ve seen what it means to have a thick skin, that’s what.

If you don’t go, you don’t go. You really think we’re begging you to go, Luvvie, but don’t let her go.

I’m not going to skip her part, I’m going to see how good she is at playing and how she can say that.

Fans also went to comment on Ying Luwei’s Weibo account, telling her not to spoil it.

But they didn’t know that this recital was specially prepared by Ying Luwei for Ying Zidian.

If Ying Zidian didn’t go, all her plans would have been a sham.

She really had to beg Ying Zidian to go.

When she saw this Weibo post, Ying Luwei was so angry that her body shook and her face turned blue: “I knew she wouldn’t be quiet, so she had this intention.”

She had bought almost 80 million dollars for this recital, both online and offline, enough to last her a long time.

How dare she ask for it all?

The agent wasn’t angry, but smiled: “Lu Wei, just give it to her, didn’t you say so anyway? When she makes a fool of herself in front of so many masters then, it’s serious, she might kill herself in shame.”

“Besides, if she sends her words like this, she will be the one to be hacked, and you will become the victim instead.”

Hearing this, Ying Luwei just barely calmed down: “That’s also true.”

She also knew that if she really disagreed, Ying Ziyi would not have come.

Ying Luwei retweeted this Weibo post so quickly that her manager didn’t have time to stop it.

[@YingLuWeiv: Okay, little aunt waiting for you.]

Seeing that she had already sent it, the agent swallowed her words and said helplessly, “Lu Wei, just promise her privately, so there’s room for backtracking.”

“No need.” Ying Luwei was not impressed, “Do you really think she will play better than me?”

The agent had nothing to say.

He had been in this business for so many years, and even in the entertainment industry he must be careful with his words and leave himself a way out.

Ying Luwei had almost blocked herself out with these few moves.

But that’s true, what kind of piano does a girl from a small county know?

The manager can accept it, the fans can’t.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh P*ssed off, Lu Wei why did you say yes?

[Luvvie’s not being threatened, is she?

[Angry, too angry.]

This time, Ying Luwei didn’t buy the hot search, and there weren’t too many netizens eating the melon.

This group of brain-dead fans are laughing my a*s off, saying that she doesn’t deserve it, but they don’t know that the real owner is on her knees begging her to come.

[After my rational analysis, it is possible that things are like this. I don’t know for what reason, Ying Luwei must let her sister come, even if she gives out all the money she earns, there is a conspiracy.]

[No one is standing, but screenshots were taken, so I wanted to see if Ying Luwei would really give out the money that came to her by then.]


Inside Cla*s 19, Ying Ziyi didn’t bother to read the comments on Weibo.

Little brother rushed to the first camp of melon eaters and naturally saw this Weibo, he was a bit anxious: “Crap, Ying Dad, what are you posting like that for? We can give you money if you’re short of it.”

“No.” Ying Ziji unscrewed the cap of the mineral water bottle, indifferent, “I don’t want you guys to waste money.”

She stood up and nodded, “I’ll go to the piano room.”

Qingzhi had art cla*ses, and places like the piano room and painting room were well equipped.

The pianos in the piano room, or the top brand specially shipped back from abroad, were over a million a piece.

After all, the quality of the piano also affects the sound quality and a series of other aspects.

When Ying Ziji arrived at the piano room, Fu Yunshen was already waiting for her.

He was standing sideways, leaning slightly forward.

His long fingers were on the keys, but he didn’t press them.

But Ying could tell at a glance that he had practised the piano, and was definitely not of an ordinary standard.

After hearing the footsteps, Fu Yunshen turned his head back and his peach blossom eyes curved up.

At this moment, the slight hostility around him receded, and he still had his usual gentle look.

Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows, still looking like the same dude: “Little friend, you’re the boss of a company now, why are you still falling into the eyes of money?”

Ying Ziji sat down on the piano chair next to him and casually tuned the piano: “Throw it in the trash, not even for her.”

“Yao Yao, this is for you.” Fu Yunshen didn’t carry on this conversation, he took out what he had prepared long ago, “When the time comes, at the recital, you can use it.”


Ying Ziji took it and looked at it, and his eyes paused.

It was a copy of the score for ‘Sun and Moon’.

Not the scrappy version circulating on the internet, but the complete one.

She had once written the score herself, so naturally she would not forget it.

“Tried to make up a few notes.” Fu Yunshen leaned on the piano, smiling cynically, “There might be something wrong, but it’s no problem to smooth it out once.”

“You don’t have to play it then either, you can take this score out.”

He had spent so much time on the O Continent that he naturally had had an acquaintance with Vera Hall, the pianist.

It wasn’t as easy for him to fill in the notes this time as it had been before.

If he hadn’t been born in those days, he would have liked to meet Vera Hall.

Ying’s eyelashes dropped: “There’s nothing wrong.”

Not a single note was wrong.

It was these dozens of notes that were missing from the score that had been handed down, resulting in very few pianists being able to play Sun and Moon continuously.

“Hmm.” Fu Yunshen raised his hand and rubbed her head, “The stuff has been delivered, brother still has things to do, you can practice first.”


o Continent.

Royal Academy of Arts.

The students coming and going then saw that two of the most famous professors in their college were pulling and tugging on the road.

“Berg, you’re sick!” Bart Schieber, the famous pianist from o continent was furious, “Why should I follow you to China? Why did you say yes to the invitation for me?”

What Ying Luwei, he had never even heard of it.

Playing “Sun and Moon”?

Another one who bumps Vera Hall and doesn’t see if he’s worthy of it.

“Ay, ay, ay, you’ll see when you go.” Berg was strong, pulling the curtsy with one hand and tugging at Bart with the other, “I tell you what, old chap, that maestro I told you about last time, she’ll be there for this recital too.”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone.

“The one who can draw better than you?” Bart was curious but he didn’t want to move even more, “No go no go, good at painting, definitely not piano, playing art, top at one is good, I don’t paint.”

“It’s not like you’re being asked to go to a recital.” Berger wouldn’t let go, “It’s one more person who can pull the masters to our academy.”

When he didn’t know, the old codger from the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation tried to steal someone from him.

But this time it was different, together with Bart, he would have two people on his side, overwhelming Sheng Qingtang in terms of numbers.

By the way, he was also going to back up Master Ying.


After leaving Qingzhi, Fu Yunshen went back to the Fu family.

Fu Yichen was not locked up in Madam Fu’s bedroom, but he was still not allowed to leave the old Fu house.

When he saw Fu Yunshen, he was so angry that he jumped up: “Fu Yunshen, you did that on purpose, you must have known that Mom and Dad wouldn’t believe me, that’s why you did that!

These days, he was forced to go to the brain departments of major hospitals.

Mrs. Fu had even linked up with a doctor in the imperial capital, ready to give him another examination.

But he wasn’t sick, and his brain wasn’t broken.

What he said was obviously the truth, but everyone believed it.

Fu Yichen was so angry that he was dying.

Fu Yunshen looked sideways and smiled: “Hm?”

Fu Yichen’s body was chilled by this look, and he shrank back, not daring to move.

No one believed him, if he was arrested by Fu Yunshen again, he would probably lose his life.

Fu Yunshen also ignored him and went upstairs.

Fu Yichen looked at the man’s back and hated him with a pa*sion.

Sooner or later, he would find the evidence, and then he would see how Fu Yunshen was driven out of the Fu family.


Master Fu was playing chess with himself in his study, his health was basically completely healed and he was in good spirits.

After speaking to Master Fu, Fu Yunshen left the old Fu family home.

Then he drove to the city sports park.

It was the same woods, and the young man was waiting there.

Fu Yunshen walked over and nodded his head: “Speak.”

“Young master.” The young man paused before speaking, “Found out the truth about Miss D**key’s disappearance back then.”


Chapter 158

It’s been sixteen years since it happened, so long ago that many traces have long since disappeared.

Whether it was man-made or not, it would be difficult to find out.

Especially since technology was not as advanced as it is now, and there were hardly any surveillance cameras on the streets.

There were only cameras at the main entrance of the Ying family’s house. After all, given the Ying family’s status in Shanghai, not many people would dare to steal from the house.

A series of reasons led them to investigate for a long time before they finally found a clue.

According to people around Qing Shui County, one day in February 2003, they found an abandoned baby by the river.

Although people in Qing Shui County are poor, it does not mean that they could not see that the abandoned baby was wearing luxurious and expensive clothes.

It looked like the child of a large family, but there were no designer labels or anything that could identify it.

The baby was not yet a year old and could only simply crawl and could not stand up yet.

No one knew how she had gotten here, and when she was found, she had pinch marks on her wrists.

The people of Clearwater, even if they were dumb, were keenly aware that something was wrong.

Not wanting to be drawn into this unknown dispute, they all coincidentally avoided the baby, pretending not to see it.

The abandoned baby was also a girl, and in Qing Shui County, which is culturally backward and still holds a patriarchal mindset towards sons, no one would want it.

Only Wen Fengmian took the baby back with him when he pa*sed by the river after work.

It was at that time that his wife took all the money and ran away with his eldest daughter.

The family also had a baby who had not long been born and was unimaginably poor.

A baby girl thrown away by the extended family had nothing to do with him, and Wen Fengmian could have ignored the baby just like everyone else in Qing Shui County, especially as he himself was already struggling to make ends meet.

But he didn’t.

He took the baby girl home, took on a few more temporary jobs, and raised two children.

Sixteen years pa*sed.

During these years, the workload was so heavy that it caused even more damage to Wen Fengmian’s already poor health.

But he still didn’t think of throwing the baby girl away.

Even when the Ying family came to him later, he chose to send Ying back not because he had finally got rid of a burden or could get compensation money from the Ying family.

Rather, he knew that there was no way he could provide her with a better environment to develop and let her have a bright future.

But the truth wasn’t what Wen Fengmian had thought, and he hadn’t expected the Ying family to just want a living blood bank.

“The brothers sent people to visit the hundreds of kilometres of road from the Ying family to Qing Shui County, checking door to door.” The young man took out a pile of information, “Kung fu didn’t fail us, and we really did find out.”

Fu Yunshen took it over, his eyes cold and hostile.

“There was a group of people, with a baby in tow, resting at a small hotel on the road.” The young man continued, “As you know, young master, back then, you didn’t need any documents to stay in a hotel, so it was easy to cover it up.”

“That inn went out of business ten years ago wine, we found the former owner’s wife, at first she wouldn’t say anything no matter what we asked, finally the brothers used a million dollars to get her to talk.”

Although the time gap was too long, the owner’s wife was still very impressed with the incident.

The gang was one man and two women, and it was the middle of the night when they came to stay at the hotel with a baby.

The owner’s wife, who was married, could tell that the woman had never had a baby at all, and clearly wasn’t much of a baby carrier.

And the baby was dressed in a totally different cla*s from the three men.

Most importantly, when the boss’s wife got up in the early hours of the morning, she heard the conversation between these three people.

It said that someone from a large family had given them a large sum of money to send the baby far away and leave her to fend for herself, alive or dead.

Either she would die or she would never appear in Shanghai City.

The owner’s wife was afraid of getting into trouble, so she didn’t say anything out loud.

Eventually the income from the hotel was not good and the owner’s wife did not open it again.

She remembered the incident for many years, and had nightmares for some time because she couldn’t bear it in her heart.

When they approached her, she kept her mouth shut for the same reason.

In the boss lady’s opinion, the baby had died long ago at that time, so it was a relief to talk about it.

Fu Yunshen didn’t say anything, still looking, his eyes growing deeper.

“These few people threw Miss Zidian next to the river over in Qing Shui County, and specifically covered it with gra*s from the river, after it was done, they ran away abroad, and now they are all under the control of our people.”

“Used some tricks, they said everything.” The young man sneered, “Probably because they didn’t expect Miss D**key to return to Shanghai City alive.”

No one else would have expected that.

“Hmm.” Fu Yunshen had also finished flipping through the information, he was faint, “Prepare it and post it all on the internet then.”

“By then?” The young man was stunned, “We have enough evidence now, young master, when you give the order, people can be arrested directly.”

“Wait a little longer.” Fu Yunshen’s eyebrows were scattered, “When the kids have had enough fun and are happy.”

The young man: “……”

He felt that their young master, a man who was not yet old, already had the heart of an old father.

“Now-” Fu Yunshen slowly raised his eyelashes, his voice was gentle, but the words he spoke were heartbreakingly ruthless, “Just get it over with.”

The young man’s expression was astonished.

If you can’t kill him, it’s even more ruthless than death.

He hesitated for a moment, “If I hadn’t found out the truth, I wouldn’t have thought it was her.”

After forcing his way out of the mouths of the man and the woman, his three senses were shattered.

But the evidence was right in front of him, so he had to believe it even if he didn’t.

Fu Yunshen was not surprised and did not deny it: “Not surprising.”

He had always known that the darkness of a wealthy family was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

It’s not uncommon for people to be at odds with each other, or for a mistress to rise to the top.

Families like the Nie and Mu families were too few and far between.

“Young master, there’s one more thing.” The young man suddenly remembered, “When pursuing this matter, we investigated that wife of Mr. Wen Fengmian by the way.”

Fu Yun Shen’s peach blossom eyes narrowed, “Pa*s it to me later.”


In the evening.

Master Zhong went to the Wen family by himself.

When he saw Wen Fengmian again, he still had an indescribable sense of familiarity, but he just couldn’t remember.

Old Master Zhong was a little distracted.

This man was getting old and his memory was deteriorating.

He had to go see a doctor to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Dinner was cooked by Wen Hanlan.

Four dishes and one soup, not too much, just right for four people.

Elder Zhong pinched up his chopsticks and thought for a while, but still didn’t hold back and asked; “Fengmian, have you been to the Imperial City before?”

A single word caused all three of the father, son and daughter’s movements to lurch.

Wen Fengmian lifted his head, his expression did not change much: “Why does old master ask that?”

“Ugh, I just see you look familiar.” Elder Zhong didn’t hide it, “You’ve never been to Shanghai, and I’ve only been in the Imperial City for a long time, so I thought if we’ve met in the Imperial City.”

“Old master may have misremembered.” Wen Fengmian smiled, “I’m just from this county in Qing Shui County, and I’ve never been to any big city in half my life, let alone the imperial capital.”

“But-” Elder Zhong had only just said two words here, when aside, Ying Zigui poured him a gla*s of water.

“Grandpa, drink the water.”

Wen Hanlan looked at Wen Fengmian and then at Ying Zigui, then gave Elder Zhong a piece of cola chicken wing.

He didn’t like to talk, but the meaning was obvious.

Elder Zhong: “……”

Very good.

Worthy of being siblings.

As he ate the chicken wings and drank his water, he complimented, “Ah Xiao Lan, you’re really good at this, teach Grandpa in the future too.”

“No.” Wen Hanlan finally spoke up, “You’re stupid.”

Ying Zigui: “……”

Old man Zhong: “……”

Wen Fengmian was headstrong, but there was nothing he could do about it, and a little sad.

Communication was a struggle for any child with autism, often sitting alone for a whole day at a time.

It was already a great improvement for Wen Huilan to be able to talk to people other than him and Yaoyao.

Master Zhong was naturally aware of this, and he smiled, “Little Lan, your sister is going to perform on stage tomorrow, do you want to go with Grandpa?”

Perhaps it was really because he was overthinking, there were so many people in the imperial capital, it wasn’t surprising that there were those who looked like Wen Fengmian.

Wen Listen Lan was silent for a long time before nodding his head.

“Ziji ah, go and choose a dress tomorrow afternoon.” Elder Zhong turned his head again, “And the styling, too.”

“Grandpa, no need.” Ying Ziji picked up a piece of roast pork, not slowing down, “I’m going to drape a sack.”



It was night in Shanghai and afternoon in Fei Leng Cui.

The sun was warm and flowed slowly across the ground like a blaze.

Nowadays, technology is developing at a rapid pace, and so is the city of Fei Leng Chui, a city with two ancient cities.

Skyscrapers are lining the streets.

The city is full of cars.

Except for one manor house, which still remains as it was in the 17th century.

The castle of Laurent stands on this estate, which covers a very large area.

It is even customary to receive and deliver mail here.

Today, the castle’s steward received a letter from the postman.

A dozen of them, and one caught the steward’s eye.

There was nothing special about the envelope, nor was the recipient written on it.

The only thing special about it was that it was a letter from China.

The steward thought about it and couldn’t think of anyone in China who knew any of the family members.

There didn’t seem to be any.

It didn’t seem to help.

The butler shook his head and threw the letter into the fireplace as he would any other letter.