Boss Lady Chapter 159-160

Chapter 159

The envelope and the letterhead inside, however waterproof, are still made of paper.

It just floats into the fireplace and instantly turns to dust, without even a cinder left.

But not including a letter.

The last letter to be thrown in was still in good condition.

The flames were all around the envelope, but they did not make it curl up one side.

When he saw this, the butler was stunned, and then, as if he had realised something, he immediately brought a tool to put out the fire.

Then he put on his gloves and carefully took out the letter.

When he looked closer, he was confused and frightened to see that the envelope was not only intact, but not even dusty.

He was responsible for managing the perimeter of Laurent Castle and received dozens of traditional letters every day.

These letters were basically from the rabid fans out there, and after the members of the Laurent family had read them a few times, they didn’t read them anymore.

The members of the Laurent family read them a few times and then stopped reading them. They also said that if they ever sent such letters again, they would be burned.

If it was really important, they wouldn’t use such an old-fashioned method of communication.

It had become a habit for the butler to burn letters every day.

This was the first time he had ever encountered such a thing.

Nor had he ever heard of any paper that could not even be burnt by fire.

What if it was some kind of poisonous item?

It wouldn’t be good if it wreaked havoc on the young ladies of the manor

Just as the butler was hesitating to turn the letter in, footsteps came from the hall on the ground floor of the castle.

At the same time, a voice rang out from behind him, “The letter in your hand, give it to me.”

The steward jerked back from his thoughts and turned his head, but he did not recognise the visitor.

But he noticed that the visitor had a golden iris embroidered on his sleeve.

The golden iris was the symbol of the Bank of Laurent.

Only the core servants within the castle would carry such a symbol.

The butler was busy handing over the letter in his hand.

“Fine.” The young servant took it and sighed softly, “I knew you would still burn letters, specifically with nano material.”

The butler, bewildered and frightened at the sound of it, tried, “You mean ……”

“Nothing to do with you.” The young servant waved his hand, “Go about your business.”

After carefully stuffing the envelope into his pocket, he left the castle hall and walked around the side garden towards the innermost part of the estate.

Naturally, the butler did not dare to follow him.

He was an old servant of the Laurent family, and had been doing his job for thirteen years, but had never been allowed to enter the very heart of the castle until now.

It was said that the real head of the Laurent family lived there.

Not to mention him, no other member of the family is allowed to set foot in it without permission.

Then this letter, too, must be from the real person in power.

At this thought, a cold sweat broke out all over the butler’s body.

Luckily the letter was okay, or else he would not have had enough lives.



Shanghai City.

Two o’clock in the afternoon.

Inside a top styling shop.

This styling shop is only for the gorgeous celebrities and today was the first time it was given a charter.

Inside the shop, make-up artists, beauticians, hairdressers and other technicians come and go, with many tools in their hands.

Ying Ziji sat in front of the make-up mirror, without any expression.

Behind her were the students from Cla*s 19 and Master Zhong.

She had absolutely no desire to talk to any of them, nor did she even want to remember how she had been dragged here.

She had finished her biology lesson for cla*s 19 in the morning and was falling asleep on her desk at noon, before she woke up, when she was dragged away by Xiu Yu and another girl in the cla*s, saying that they had invited her to a new dessert.

The dessert shop, which she hadn’t seen, had seen a smiling Master Zhong waiting for her and a group of eager stylists.

And then she was pressed into this chair.

“Miss D**key, you have such a good skin base.” The make-up artist looked at the girl with amazement and envy, “I was planning to give you an exfoliation and photonic whitening, but it looks like that won’t be necessary.”

She picked up the mask next to her and couldn’t wait, “I’ll give you a hydrating treatment so you can apply your make-up.”

Ying yawned, remembering that she had been staying up late a lot recently, and nodded.

After the hydrating treatment was completed, the make-up artist pushed the make-up trolley over and asked, “Miss D**key, what style of make-up do you want to do? Mori? Or bohemian?”

Ying Zidian: “Please give me a killer look.”

Makeup artist: “……”

Master Zhong, who also listened carefully: “……”

Ying Ziji looked in the mirror and saw Master Zhong covering his chest with a pained expression, paused and reluctantly changed his words, “Baroque.”

Baroque make-up is very retro, and is only prevalent over in o-continent.

Because even the slightest flatness and imperfection in the features would be out of place with a baroque make-up look.

The make-up artist has been working here for several years and has only met two people who asked for a baroque look, causing her to forget about the style.

But there really just isn’t a better look for the girl in front of her than the Baroque style.

Understated, luxurious, dignified, mysterious.

The make-up artist’s eyes lit up with inspiration and she immediately went into action.

“The gown! The gown has arrived!” Half an hour later, Xiu Yu carried in a big box from outside the door, “Ying Dad, look, I’ve bought several for you, choose one.”

As she said, she unpacked the box and took them out one by one to show Ying Zidian.

There was an aquamarine princess dress, a vintage little black dress, and a pipa-breasted cheongsam.

Each piece was specially tailored and cost over a million.

Ying Ziji exhaled slowly: “Is there one that doesn’t show your arms or legs, and preferably protects your neck as well?”

The little brother scratched his head and looked confused: “Huh? That’s only Arabian robes.”

Xiu Yu: “……”

Just having to cover up her good figure hurt her heart as a girl to look at.

Although their Ying Dad wore an Arabian robe, his face and aura were also directly crushed.

Xiu Yu could only helplessly put the gown back into the box again.

Just then, a shop a*sistant came running in, holding a gift box: “Miss Ziggy, someone sent it.”

Ying Zidian was still putting on her make-up, so Xiu Yu helped her open it.

Inside was a black dress, but not a skirt.

Xiu Yu could tell at a glance that the gown alone, just the top, cost over ten million.

Together with the diamonds and other materials on the gown, the total price definitely exceeded one hundred million.

Such a large sum of money, who had given it to him?

Although Xiu Yu was curious, he didn’t ask: “Ying Dad, it just so happens that this is the gown that is attached to your preference, I’ll help you wear it when you’ve finished putting on your makeup.”


Shanghai City a*sembly Hall.

The concert started at seven o’clock and many fans came to line up at four in the afternoon.

Most of the fans were coming to hear Ying Luwei’s recital for the first time and couldn’t wait when they could get in at six o’clock.


Ying Luwei was doing her make-up in the mirror, but her face didn’t look good.

She had already made an appointment with the stylist, but just a few hours ago, the stylist informed her that she couldn’t be serviced.

She had increased the price and the stylist had not changed his mind.

She had no choice but to find another make-up artist when the situation arose.

Zhong Manhua was sitting on the sidelines, restless and anxious.

She had been deliberately avoiding everything about Ying Ziyi.

She was relieved that Qingzhi didn’t call her during this period of time.

Unexpectedly, Ying Luwei dropped such a bombshell directly on her.

It was only after she arrived at the a*sembly Hall that Zhong Manhua found out what was going on, and she couldn’t leave even if she wanted to.

Her heart and lungs ached when she thought that many other famous artists were coming and that the event would be broadcast live online.

Zhong Manhua had thought that Ying Luwei had been kind enough to offer Ying Zidian a chance to meet famous artists, so she could have simply refused now.

Instead, it was Ying Ziji who wanted to come.

“Sister-in-law, are you not feeling well?” Ying Luwei kept an eye on Zhong Manhua with her afterglow, as if she hadn’t noticed, “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

“It’s a minor stomach ache.” Zhong Manhua naturally wouldn’t say that she didn’t want to see Ying Zidian play, “It’s nothing serious.”

“Sister-in-law must take more care of her health.” Ying Lu Wei finished her make-up and stood up, “The recital is about to start, let me take you to your seat.”

Hearing these words, Zhong Manhua subconsciously squeezed her bag strap.

The two of them headed for the door and bumped into a foreigner head-on.

“You are Mr. Bart, right?” Ying Luwei was stunned, then surprised, and said in English, “I am honoured that you have condescended to come to my recital… When you are finished, can you give me some pointers?”

“Do I know you well?” Forced to come here by Berg, Bart was already angry and impatient to be polite to Ying Luwei, so he ignored her and looked behind him, “Where is the other player? Hasn’t he come yet?”


Chapter 160

Foreigners, as always, speak straight.

Especially when they are in the arts, they don’t think much about the mood of the other person who doesn’t interest them.

Ying Luwei’s face immediately turned red.

She stood there helplessly, her face burning with pain.

Apart from the embarra*sment, there was more shock.

Her agent had said that Bart Schieber had accepted her invitation, so how could she be here for Ying Zidian?

Was she capable of making the world-famous pianist come all the way from O-continent?

She didn’t believe it for a hundred times.

But Zhong Manhua was frozen: “Mr. Bart, what did you say?”

“The other one! Another player!” Bart looked around the backstage and didn’t see it, and yelled back angrily, “Berg, you idiot, the schoolgirl you said was a better painter than you isn’t even here.”

Around the corner, Berg came up with a cup of ice cream and was quite happy, “Thanks for looking for me.”

Bart: “……”

He knew it, learning to draw is inhuman!

Zhong Manhua’s head was foggy and swollen, a little unable to understand what Bart was saying.

A schoolgirl who could draw better than Berg?

Ying Zidian?

How was that possible?

“Let’s go.” Bart didn’t want to stay a second longer and also look at Ying Lu Wei one more time.

“Bart, don’t forget, remember to persuade Master Ying for me.”

“I know, I know, don’t be annoyed.”

“Mr. Berg, wait, please wait.” Zhong Manhua was busy chasing after him, “Mr. Berg, wasn’t your last visit to Qingzhi because someone cheated?”

“Cheating?” When he heard this word, he had to stop, and his anger rose even higher, “How dare you insult Master Ying? If she was cheating, I wouldn’t even deserve to paint!”

“Don’t talk to me, get out of here.”

He was so angry that he pushed Zhong Manhua away.

Ying Luwei went up to help her, “Sister-in-law!”

Zhong Manhua, however, was completely lost in thought, and her person was completely dumbfounded.

Master Ying!

A professor emeritus of the Royal Academy of Arts in O Chau, calling Ying Zidian “Master Ying”?

Her English was only up to the level of everyday communication, but she couldn’t have misheard it.

Then Zhong Manhua remembered that she had been called by someone claiming to be from the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation and had said the same thing, and she had thought it was a fraud.

As it turned out, they really did have a Master Ying in the Ying family!

Zhong Manhua didn’t have time to think about it, so she hurriedly took out her mobile phone, fished out the number she had blacked out, and dialed it.

Three rings later, the caller got through.

Zhong Manhua’s heart pounded: “Hello, this is Master Ying’s mother.

“Beep beep beep.”

Before she could finish, the other party hung up the phone.

When Zhong Manhua dialed again, it became an occupied line.

She had been blacked out.

Zhong Manhua stared blankly at the phone, a blush of shame rising to her face.

An unprecedented wave of regret filled her heart, twisting her so much that she could barely breathe, and pins and needles hurt.

She could almost think that if she hadn’t taken the call as a scam at the time, she would have been able to have tea and a chat with the masters of Chinese calligraphy artists by now.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t dreamed of such things; after all, she was interested in both calligraphy and Chinese painting.

But unfortunately, neither Tian Lu nor Xiao Xuan were very talented in this area.

Zhong Manhua had no choice but to give up.

But now she turned down an opportunity that was worshipped in front of her, and even offended the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation.

But how could Ying Zigui know how to paint?

Zhong Manhua’s mind had become a muddle and inwardly she regretted it even more.

Ying Luwei was half puzzled, half nervous: “Sister-in-law?”

“…… is fine.” Zhong Manhua came back to her senses in a trance, “Lu Wei, let’s go.”


It was close to seven o’clock.

The a*sembly hall was already full of people.

The online broadcast facility was also turned on, and the live broadcast room was currently at 120,000.

Together with the fans who were there today, these were Ying Luwei’s only remaining live fans.

Master Zhong, Jiang Yan and Xiu Yu were all sitting in the front row, and naturally Zhong Manhua was also there, but from a distance.

There was an empty seat next to Elder Zhong, which was a prime spot.

“Little Burn, your mother is coming?”

“No.” Jiang Yan’s expression froze for a moment, “My mother has gone back to the imperial capital.”

“That’s strange.” Elder Zhong was puzzled, “Here–”

“Grandpa Zhong.”

A lazy, scattered voice fell from above his head with a touch of cynicism.

After seeing the visitor, Elder Zhong covered his heart, “Brat, why are you as bad as your grandfather, you like to scare people.”

Fu Yunshen loosened his collar and sat down beside him, trailing off, “Intergenerational heredity?”

Master Zhong snorted coldly and looked at the stage in front of him, ignoring him.

The curtain was drawn back and on the stage was a piano that had already been set up.

As soon as the concert started, the pop-ups on the online broadcast started to increase.

[Ahhhhhhh, I’ve heard that Luvvie’s piano is a Fachiori Bruni, and today I finally saw the real thing.

[This piano is only found in several world-famous concert halls on the O Continent, our Luvvie is really amazing!

The piano is worth a conservative estimate of 3 million dollars, and only a real celebrity like Luvvie could own it.

[Warning! Warning! The first three pieces were played by Luvvie, and with the curtain call and other steps it took about forty minutes, and then it was time for someone else.

Bart, who was sitting at the bottom of the room, had no interest in Ying Lu Wei and was yawning all the time.

It was only with the appearance of the piano that he finally picked up a little bit of energy.

Next to him, in turn, sat Zhuo Lan Han and Che Yu, both of whom were over half a century old.

Che Yu was also very interested in the piano and had high hopes for what Ying Luwei would play next.

But he had just listened to one bar of the first piece when he fell asleep in boredom.

Zhuo Lan Han also frowned after listening to the first bar.

The more she listened, the tighter the frown became and her face sank.

It was only when Ying Luwei started the third bar that Zhuo Lan Han couldn’t listen to it anymore: “Is that the level?”

Four words woke up the drowsy Che Yu: “Ah, Teacher Zhuo, sorry, I fell asleep listening to it.”

Zhuo Lan Han shook his head, “It’s a good thing you fell asleep, otherwise it would have really tarnished your ears.”

If it was just an ordinary piano practitioner, the playing level was already very high, and she wouldn’t begrudge herself the praise.

But this was a pianist!

Even Zhuo Lan Han could instantly judge Ying Lu Wei’s piano level as soon as she heard it.

“Ohhh.” Hearing this, Che Yu closed his eyes again, “Teacher Zhuo, I’ll sleep a bit more then, I was a bit tired from teaching my students until two in the morning yesterday.”

Zhuo Lan Han nodded his head and forced himself to hold back his emotions to listen again.

The fans, who were mostly amateurs, listened with excitement.

[It’s so good, our Luvvie deserves to be the next Vera Hall.]

[emm I’m a bit disappointed to be honest, I was originally a fan of Luvvie because of her good piano, but this time I didn’t feel what I expected to hear at all.

[In front of me, Lu Wei practiced very hard and prepared this recital for us very carefully, why do you still take away her efforts?

Ying Luwei played three pieces in one breath and her forehead was covered with sweat.

She took a few breaths before she stood up and took the microphone from the host: “Thank you all very much for coming to my recital, and thank you very much, Mr Zhuo, for coming.”

“But it’s not just my recital today, I’d like to introduce my niece. She is the second youngest daughter of the Ying family, Ying Ziji.”

“She has been studying piano with me for a year, not long and no better than others, but I don’t want her to miss such a great opportunity to showcase her, and I ask you all to give her a chance too.”

After these words, the fans below all let out boos.

Zhuo Lan Han’s face became even more sullen: “Don’t these people have the self-awareness to listen to a concert?”

Making a lot of noise and having no manners.

She really shouldn’t have come.

But the noise didn’t last long, all the sounds in the synagogue died down at once, and the pop-ups on the online broadcast were also silenced in an instant.

The girl came on stage from the right, without slowing down.

She was dressed in a vintage court dress, a very simple outfit with no unnecessary embellishments, but it was as if she was a royal princess from O Chau who had stepped out of a painting.

The girl walked casually, but without losing her poise.

The moment she raised her head, Ying Luwei became the backdrop.

This was the first time that Ying Luwei’s fans were directly confronted with Ying Ziyi’s face blast.


The sarcastic words on the pop-ups disappeared into thin air.

Ying Lu Wei didn’t need to look, she knew from the expressions of the audience below that the smile on her lips could barely be maintained.

The dress she had spent a high price on customizing was surprisingly not as good as this black outfit of Ying Ziji.


Fu Yunshen’s eyes lingered on the girl’s upper body for half a second and quickly moved away.

A mistake.

Wrong choice.

I didn’t realise that such a conservative dress wouldn’t cover up very well.

Master Zhong is proud: “My granddaughter is so pretty.”

Ying Luwei finally finds her voice in the midst of the embarra*sment: “Don’t be nervous, little D**key, just like your sister-in-law taught you before, calm your mind so you can play fluently.”

Ying Zidian didn’t look at her.

Ying Luwei wasn’t annoyed either, she just glanced at her suspiciously, “Little D**key, don’t you have a piano for yourself?”

After a pause, she said helplessly, “If my sister-in-law knew you didn’t have one, she would have prepared one for you.”

Ying Ziji finally glanced at her.

Ying Lu Wei sighed, “I’m really sorry, this piano is very precious, so my little aunt really can’t lend it to you, or else you can use the spare electric piano here first?”

The fans watching the online broadcast could be considered to have found a breaking point.

[No? None of them have their own pianos? What else is there to play?

[Of course I can’t borrow it, does she have the playing level of Luvvie? It’s so expensive, what if she breaks it?

[If you don’t have a piano, you should just go down and let Luvvie play.

[The quality of the piano will affect the quality of the performance, but yes, she can use an electric piano, she can’t play anything anyway.

Fu Yunshen raised his hand and pressed the Bluetooth headset in his right ear.

He looked at the stage, his eyes light, and his voice pressed down: “Bring it up.”