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Boss Lady Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19

He paused for a few seconds, then suddenly turned and ran away.

Wen Fengmian was stunned and raised his voice to shout, “Gui Gui, what are you running for?”

And the teenager had already run out of sight.

“Cough cough cough ……” Wen Fengmian gave into his anger and couldn’t help but cough again, “Look, why did he run away as soon as you came back?”

“You are not well, go in first.” Ying Ziji patted his back, “I’ll go and have a look.”

He is Wen Fengmian’s real son, his first name is Wen Huilan, a nickname he got because he was so sickly as a child.

They were not real siblings, but the affection between them was deeper than that of real siblings.

“Yao Yao ……” Wen Fengmian wanted to say something but stopped, half a moment later, he sighed, “It’s fine.”

He smiled again, his eyebrows refined, “I will go and cook for you, you can eat when you come back later.”

Ying nodded, “You can only cook dumplings.”

Don’t even think about touching the oil and smoke.

The herbs here were too young, and she needed to condition Wen Fengmian’s body from all sides.

Wen Fengmian coughed lightly, not quite at ease: “Daddy knows, you should go and find Gui Gui.”

There was a big gesture of expulsion.

“If I come back and find-” Ying Ziyang casually swept a glance at the kitchen, her tone still gentle, “you know what to do.”

Wen Fengmian, who suddenly felt that his daughter seemed to have become fierce this time she returned: “……”

He was half helpless, half amused, “Okay, daddy listens to you.”

Ying Ziji nodded, before leaving.

Looking at the girl’s distant back, Wen Fengmian sighed softly, his mood was complicated, and red flushed up around his eyes again.

How could he not see that she had lost a lot of weight on her return this time?

In the past, the family was poor, but he wouldn’t have suffered the two children in terms of food.

What had happened to her after she returned to the Ying family?

Didn’t the Ying family say at that time that they had taken her back to live a good life?

Wen Fengmian frowned and pressed his chest and coughed again, very worried.


When Ying Zidian found Wen Hailan, he was standing alone by the river, silently watching the fireworks in the distance, his eyes dark and black, his waves still.

The night was heavy and the wind was cool.

The river was covered in a thin layer of ice, reflecting the full moon.

The young man is like the wind, with a straight back.

He is dressed in white with black trousers and has a noble air.

He was just the type of man that girls at school would be attracted to.

Ying Zidian went up to him, fished a lollipop out of his pocket and handed it to him: “Peach-flavoured.”

But Wen heard Lan didn’t take it, didn’t even move.

He was laughing, a cool, cold laugh: “I thought you would never come back in this life, what are you doing back?”

There was no answer.

After waiting for a full ten minutes, the teenager turned his head, his eyebrows cold.

But at such a close look, his eyes abruptly changed.

The girl’s body was noticeably thinner than when they parted a year ago, and by the moonlight he could see the needle holes in her arm.

Dense, many, too many to count.

It wasn’t obvious, but because her skin was tinged with a sickly whiteness, it became clearer.

It was shocking to the eye.

Wen Huilan’s body froze, he stared at those needle holes in a daze, and when he opened his mouth, his voice was mute: “Sister, you …… are sick?”

She hadn’t come back for a year, so it was because she was sick?

Ying Ziji didn’t answer, she took out her lollipop again and raised her eyebrows, “Not angry anymore?”

This brother of hers had a very serious autism because of something, which only improved after he was ten, but it also caused his cold and introverted nature.

For the first time, Wen Fengmian couldn’t even get close to him.

The year when she was silent took a heavy toll on him.

The sea and the wind were the only way to lift him up.

The name “Wen Xiaolan” held high hopes for Wen Fengmian.

“What’s going on?” Wen Listen Lan still didn’t answer, his eyes were dark and deep, “Sister, the Ying family treated you badly? What did they do?”

“Nothing, it’s fine.” Ying Zidian kicked a stone on the ground and smiled lightly, “Study hard, don’t worry about anything else.”

Wen Huilan had been a genius since he was a child, but because of his weakness, he only started school at the age of thirteen, and even then, he had jumped several grades in a row.

He was still a year younger than her, and was already in his senior year this year, and would be taking the college entrance exam in June.

Hearing this, Wen heard Lan’s lips pursed tightly, his arm trembled as he took the lollipop.

He tore open the candy paper, put it in his mouth, and bit into it.

It was sweet, just like before, but his heart was inexplicably clogged.

Even after all this time, he would never forget the ugly faces of those people a year ago.

“What Wen Zidian? D**key is the daughter of our Ying family, and naturally her surname is Ying, so don’t you dare climb the ladder.”

“If the students at Qingzhi know she has a peasant father and brother, what will they think of her?”

“It’s 100,000, forget you have a daughter, she won’t see you guys later, you’ll only hold her back understand?”

Then, true to form, his sister didn’t come back for a year, not even a phone call.

He waited and waited and waited until he gave up.

He thought she had forgotten about them after she went to Shanghai.

Now it seemed clear that the Ying family had done something and that she was having a bad time.

Wen heard Lan purse his lips again and whispered, “Sister, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have held a grudge against you.”

He knew that he had a mental illness and that his hostility was not small, but he couldn’t control it.

The teenager’s head hung slightly and his fingers clenched.

He was trying hard to change.

He wanted so badly, so badly to be normal.

“I don’t blame you.” Ying put his hands in his pockets, “Go back, Dad should be waiting.”

Once the knot in his heart was untied, Wen Huilan’s tense body loosened up and he talked about family matters like he had done for the past ten years or so, “I didn’t actually have cla*s this afternoon, I took time off.”

Ying Zidian nodded slightly: “Did you go to the market in town to buy meat?”

“Yes.” Wen Huilan was silent and said lightly, “Dad’s health is getting worse and worse, so I thought I’d give him a tonic.”

Usually, even if there was meat, Wen Fengmian wouldn’t move a bite.

Ying Zigui pondered for a moment, “Have you thought about which university to enter?”

“Yes.” At the mention of this, a pale light rose in the boy’s dark eyes, brighter than the stars and the moon, “Sister, I want to enter the Imperial Capital University.”

Imperial Capital University, the number one ranked university in China, thousands of students wanted to get in.

Ying Zigui was not surprised by this answer. With Wen Huilan’s ability, even if she did not have enough study resources, she could easily get into the university.

Wen said, “But I want to go to Norton University the most, but I can’t go there without a letter of recommendation from the headmaster.”

Ying Zidian looked puzzled: “What university?”

“Norton University.” Wen heard Lan thought she didn’t know, so she took out her phone and searched the wikipedia entry to show her, “This is the one, the number one university in the world in qs, it hasn’t changed.”

Ying Ziji looked at the screen and fell into silence.

She always felt that something was quite wrong after she came back this time.

It was fine that the Laurent family had opened their bank to the world, after all, stingy people enrich themselves fast.

How could a madman who only studied theology still open up a university to be the number one in the world?


Chapter 20

Was it an attempt to make the whole world go crazy with it?

She kinda hoped it was a rename, however-

Ying Ziji’s face was expressionless after her gaze moved down and landed on the name following the column of the first headmaster.

Sure enough, it was this madman.

The first time they met, they had tried to dissect her neurosis.

Wen heard Lan noticed the subtle fluctuation on the girl’s expression, “Sister?”

Ying Zigui returned to her senses, her expression slightly complicated: “Which major do you want to study at Norton University?”

If she remembered correctly, when she was still at Norton University, there were only such types of majors as theology, spiritualism, paranormal studies, and alchemy, which could be considered out of place with other universities.

The thinking of a madman is beyond the comprehension of normal people.

But Wen heard Lan shake his head, lightly: “Just think about it, it’s not like you can get in.”

Unlike other universities, Norton University does not have exams, nor does it look at entrance exam results.

In other words, even if you are the top student in the Chinese college entrance exam or have a perfect score on the SAT exam, as long as you don’t have a letter of recommendation, you won’t get in.

No one knows exactly what the admissions criteria of Norton University are, let alone what students it actually admits in a year.

But even so, Norton is still ranked number one over other universities.

“If you want to go, then you can go.” Ying pondered for a moment, “Nothing is impossible.”

But if it was to study theology, then forget it.

With that in mind, she looked down at Norton University’s wikipedia entry again and was relieved after making sure the school had the normal majors of physics, mathematics and mechanics.

Wen heard Lan’s jaw tighten, his lips tense, and his fingers clenched: “Sis, otherwise you’d come back from Shanghai, and I could afford to support you and Dad.”

He could feel it, his sister had become a little different, she used to be quiet, but not as indifferent as she was now, as if nothing could shake her anymore.

What had the Ying family done?

“That’s something for much later, when you’ve graduated from university.” Ying Zidian looked lazy, “I also came back this time because I wanted to bring you to Shanghai.”

Wen Hanlan’s eyes went cold again, the corners of his lips pressed down, “I’m not going.”

He hated Shanghai City, and he hated those people.

“Well, let’s discuss it when we get back.”

The two siblings walked in the direction of home, one after the other, and when they were still a few steps away from the courtyard, a scent wafted in from afar.

When Ying Ziji pushed open the door, she looked up and her movements stopped there.

In the kitchen, a slender, lifted and familiar figure came into view.

The man didn’t know what he was doing and lowered his head.

A pair of peach blossom eyes were slightly raised, the faint light bright, gentle and amorous.

“Yaoyao, you brought guests back, why didn’t you say anything?” Wen Fengmian was washing his hands and turned his head at the sound, “I’m not even prepared here.”

Ying Ziji was silent for a moment and rubbed her head, “I forgot.”

It wasn’t that she had forgotten, but she had thought that he was a well-bred gentleman and might not be able to bear this kind of environment, so she had booked the best hotel in the county for him.

But she didn’t expect him to come along himself and cook.

“Uncle, I don’t blame her.” Fu Yunshen came out of the kitchen, revealing half of his body, “It’s because I had to come myself, it was a surprise.”

Ying Ziji raised her eyes slightly and saw the piggy apron the man was wearing: “……”

Fu Yunshen noticed her gaze and looked up, his lips curved, “Why are you staring at brother again, nice?”


More relentlessly.

“Yaoyao, how can you talk?” Wen Fengmian clenched his fist to cover his lips and coughed a few times, “Isn’t this your favourite cartoon character?”

“Favourite?” Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows and glanced down at the cartoon character on his apron.

Piglet Peachy?

The eyes were quite cute.

“……” Ying had little expression, “I don’t like it anymore.”

It was a bit unacceptable that she would like such things before she fully woke up, it wasn’t her nature.

Wen heard Lan also took a look at the piggyback apron and his eyebrows jumped, “Dad, how many years ago was this?”

Although, his sister used to save up specifically to buy a pig doll, if she didn’t hug it she still wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Wen Fengmian just smiled, “No matter how many years, Dad can still remember.”

As if remembering something, he looked at the teenager and frowned, “Guiya, your sister is back, what are you running for?”

“I ……” Wen heard Lan was about to answer, but stopped.

He couldn’t say that he had flung his head away out of spite.

Ying Zidian walked into the kitchen and slowly picked up, “He’s shy.”

“Shy?” Wen Fengmian was surprised, “You weren’t even shy when you received so many love letters, but you’re shy when you see your own sister?”

Wen Weilan: “……”

He only had to admit, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my sister.”

“Then you can’t run either.” Wen Fengmian put away his smile and was serious, “It’s so late, what if something happens?”

“It won’t.” Wen Listen Lan didn’t like to talk, he sat down next to Wen Fengmian and looked at the kitchen with a defensive look, “Who is that?”

The man was perfectly formed, slender and upright, even in his funny apron, it was hard to hide his innate nobility.

Wide shoulders and a narrow waist, a natural clothes hanger.

“Mr. Fu is a friend of Yaoyao’s.” Wen Fengmian explained, “Because there’s no one at home today, he’s spending the 15th with us.”

Wen Huilan didn’t respond, his eyebrows dropping, still cold and defensive.

“GuiYi, papa knows that you might be a little resentful of YaoYao.” Wen Fengmian deliberated for a moment before saying, “But after all, you are also siblings, and dad can’t stay with you for the rest of your lives.”


One word, very cold.

“Fine, fine, don’t say it.” Wen Fengmian coughed and smiled slightly, “Let’s watch the party.”


In the kitchen.

Ying Ziji looked at him, “Why did you come over?”

“Hmm?” Fu Yunshen sniffed, his peach blossom eyes hooked up, “Didn’t you say you’d take me in? Lying to brother?”

“No.” Ying Ziji squatted down and took out the vegetables from the bag on the ground, “It’s because I’m afraid of treating you badly.”

She could naturally tell who was really good to her.

There was nothing she could do but treat them better.

“How is that a mistake?” Fu Yunshen laughed, “If you hadn’t taken me in, I would have been homeless today.”

Ying Zidian narrowed his eyes and didn’t ask any deeper questions, “I’ll do it.”

We can’t let a guest do it.

She lifted her hand to take the flour from Fu Yunshen’s hand, but as he turned around, her cold fingers accidentally touched the man’s lips.

The temperature scalded both of them at the same time.

At the first moment, Ying withdrew her hand, her expression didn’t change, but her fingertips were still burning.

The narrow kitchen was filled with the emerald scent of the man’s body.

With the advantage of his height, Fu Yunshen looked at her from above, his eyebrows dropping.

His lips were still tinged with the white, the stark colour of the two contrasting, making his lips even more rippling.

The man raised his eyebrows and his tone was as casual as ever: “Little friend, how come you’re still taking advantage of me?”