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Boss Lady Chapter 173-174

Chapter 173

This is the first Weibo post that Ying Yuexuan made after she registered her Weibo account.

Because of the outrageous things Ying Luwei did, even after so many days, the fervour was still unabated.

In particular, Ying Yuexuan’s Weibo credentials as a “victim of the Ying Luwei incident” attracted a lot of attention from netizens.

Many pa*sers-by soon ran to the bottom of this Weibo post to comfort Ying Yuexuan.

[Hugging sister, it’s really an unwarranted disaster, who would have thought that her own aunt would do such a thing.

[It’s good that she got it back, but if she hadn’t, she would have died just like Ying Luwei wanted, right?

[So it seems that the Ying family is really quite innocent, losing Missy and taking the blame for Ying Luwei.

[Both are victims, it’s Ying Luwei who is disgusting and it’s Ying Luwei who deserves to die, let’s not boycott Ying’s group, anyway, didn’t the reporter say that Ying Luwei went in? The money that Ying’s Group makes can’t be spent on her.

After a while, a second Weibo post appeared.

[@YingYueXuanv: Thank you all for your concern, I’m still abroad and don’t know what happened at home, but it’s been so long since then and I’m relieved, I’m grateful to my parents for letting me grow up safely, they were also completely unaware, I beg everyone not to hurt them.

This generosity has won the praise of many netizens.

The actual woman’s heart is not only a real one, but also a real one.

[So fake can’t be real, but now that Ying Luwei is in, I don’t think the Ying family will adopt her anymore.

[I see, these people upstairs like the Virgin Mary, may you also be used as a living blood bank in the future, but don’t resist.

Ying Zhending went to the company and the housekeeper was reporting to Zhong Manhua about the situation on Weibo.

“According to Master’s instructions, after Missy sent out these two Weibo posts, the wind of things has completely turned, and many people are praising Missy for her kindness.”

Zhong Manhua’s heart, which had been lifting for the past few days, dropped.

She picked up her tea, blew on it and smiled, “This child, Little Xuan, is already very kind and understanding.”

“But Madam -” the housekeeper hesitated, “It was the second young lady who was thrown away, and we let the eldest young lady take the top spot, what if the truth comes out?”

“It won’t.” Zhong Manhua’s face was cold, “They’ve already promised not to let it out, and what’s more, they have no proof, and as long as neither Zhen Ting nor I come forward, the paternity test can’t even be done.”

The old man was aware of this, but between generations, there was no paternity test, at most a kinship test.

What does that mean?

It would just mean that the Zhong family had an illegitimate daughter.

No one would have thought that the Ying family had a pair of real and fake daughters.

When the housekeeper thought about it, he thought so.

“No matter how you say it, Xiao Xuan is innocent.” Zhong Manhua shook her head, “When she was received into the Ying family, she was still a child who didn’t remember anything either… wouldn’t she have a hard time knowing one day that she wasn’t her own?”

Last April, Jiang Moyuan brought Ying Yuexuan back from Qing Shui County.

Back in June, Ying Yuexuan submitted her god of exchange student and went to O Chau.

The reason was that she had occupied the position of the eldest young lady of the Ying family for so many years and it was time for her to leave.

How could Ying Zhending and Zhong Manhua be willing to do so? They only promised to let her finish her study tour in O Chau and then she had to come back, and the position of the eldest young lady of the Ying family was still hers.

After fifteen years of raising her, it was not easy to break the bond.

She and Ying Yuexuan were even closer than Ying Tianru, whose daughter was a sweetheart.

Zhong Manhua sighed again, her eyes slightly red: “Xiao Xuan is like me, she is also strong. She was smiling when she left with her suitcase, but I know she was sadder than anyone.”

The butler was silent.

It was a long time before he spoke hesitantly, “But I’m only afraid that Second Miss won’t agree.”

“It’s alright.” Zhong Manhua put down his cup, unconcerned, “Now that Ying Luwei is in jail, Ziji doesn’t have to donate blood.”

“When we picked her up then, we also all agreed that the position of Little Miss Xuan could not be given to her, she would be her Second Miss, but the treatment would not change.”

After thinking about it, Zhong Manhua mused again, “But your concern is not unreasonable, when Zhen Ting is free, we will go to her together.”


Naturally, the people in Cla*s 19 didn’t know about the Ying family, but they did feel sorry for Ying Yuexuan.

She hadn’t even reached the age of one yet, and she was thrown away by Ying Luwei.

“Tch, so Ying Luwei is a repeat offender.” Xiu Yu rubbed his chin, “The Ying family is really unlucky, but why am I so happy.”

Ying Ziyi didn’t join their discussion, she raised her head slightly and held out her hand to cover her eyes, her fingers together.

Then, again, she parted her middle and ring fingers slightly to reveal a slit.

“Ying Dad, what are you looking at?” Xiu Yu looked at this move of hers curiously, “Watching the people in the playground play basketball?”

“No.” Ying Ziji’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, her pupils brightening and fading, she smiled lightly, “I’m looking at the cause and effect.”

Cause and effect, already faded out of sight.

No surprise, in just three days, it will be able to be completely broken off.

Ying Ziji pondered.

Trigram tellers have always counted people but not themselves.

Especially when it comes to fate and the future.

So she didn’t really know how the karma between her and the Ying family could be broken so quickly.

In theory, the karma between parents and children cannot be broken, no matter what happens.

Because blood ties always existed.

She guessed that it was because the Ying family had allowed Ying Yuexuan to completely take her place in the Ying family that this had happened.

The Ying family had finally done something that was to her liking.

She would not spoil it.

“Cause and effect?” Xiu Yu sounded a little confused, “What’s that?”

“The gods and goddesses thing.” Ying Ziji got up, looking detached, “School’s over, I’m going to pick up Xiaolan and take her home.”

“Wait, wait.” Xiu Yu busily started to pack his school bag, “I’ll go and pick up my brother too.”

Ying Zidian nodded.

As she walked, she took out her phone, opened the app and retweeted Ying Yuexuan’s second Weibo post.

[@AlderlyDon’t Disturb: Thank you, sincerely.]

When this retweet came out, the netizens were confused.

But they didn’t think too deeply about it, they just thought it was two young girls who were also persecuted by Ying Luwei hugging each other.

After eating the melon, they dispersed again.


Two days later.

At noon, Elder Zhong called Ying Zidian.

First, he greeted her health and then brought up something.

“D**key, your mother ……” Master Zhong changed his words and his tone was much colder, “The Ying family is looking for you.

He was completely disappointed with the Ying family’s side.

Of course, Ying Yuexuan was also the one he had watched grow up, so he couldn’t be too cold-blooded and could only avoid it.

“They’re looking for me?” Ying Zidian raised his eyebrows slightly, “Well, I’ll see.”

“Just today after you finish school.” Elder Zhong frowned, “I think it’s better if you don’t see them, I don’t know what they want again.”

He really didn’t know what to say when he didn’t even acknowledge his own daughter.

“Grandpa, don’t worry.” Ying yawned, “If they mess with me, what about me, I’ll beat them up.”

Old Master Zhong: “……”

He had forgotten how high his granddaughter’s force value was.

Even a tall bodyguard could take down a man, not to mention Ying Zhending and Zhong Manhua.

No, why was he suddenly excited?

“That’s fine.” Elder Zhong was still uneasy, “I’ll still follow you, with Grandpa around, they won’t be too reckless.”

“No need.” Ying Zidian refused outright, “If you get angry, it will be more than worth it.”

To prevent Old Master Zhong from running off on his own, she specifically sent a WeChat to Fu Yunshen, asking him to ask Old Master Fu to go to Zhong’s house and drag him to play chess.

After school, Ying went to the appointed place by herself.

Ying Zhending and Zhong Manhua were already waiting.

When she saw the girl, Zhong Manhua was a bit happy to see her and wanted to get close to her, but after a glance from Ying Zhending, she withdrew her hand.

Ying Zidian sat down opposite the two of them, not much of an image either, with an indifferent expression: “Something wrong?”

Ying Zhending frowned, subconsciously displeased.

His own daughter had been home for so long, but she hadn’t even called him, her father.

“It’s not a big deal to find you here.” Ying Zhending’s tone was formulaic, “Just to tell you that the one who was stolen and thrown away by your sister-in-law is your sister, and you’d better not talk about it on the internet.”

Ying didn’t listen to the words, she heard a crunching sound.


Something snapped completely at that moment.

Scattered cleanly, not a bit left.

Ying Ziji’s eyebrows sparred down and her body leaned back in the soft chair.

She slowly lifted her eyebrows, and her pretty phoenix eyes were even dense with a light smile.

She had never smiled much, but this smile was amazingly magnificent.

It was a fleetingly seductive smile that made everything around her lose its colour.

But in the next second, the girl’s smile faded away, and even the contours of her face were cold and icy.

Zhong Manhua’s heart inexplicably tightened, as if a large hand had squeezed it, and she couldn’t catch her breath.

It was as if something had moved away from her, and this time, it was completely out of grasp.

Zhong Manhua panicked a little and subconsciously tried to pull Ying Zhending, trying to stop him.

He took out a cheque and pushed it in front of the girl: “This is five million.”

“Be sensible, or else your mother and I will send you back.”


Chapter 174

Ying did not see anything wrong with what he did.

In his opinion, children should listen to their parents.

If he, as a father, couldn’t even control his daughter, he would be failing in his duty.

Five million was a lot of money. In the year she had been with the Ying family, she had never seen so much money.

If it wasn’t for the sake of the Ying Group, he wouldn’t have taken it out.

There is no such thing as a parent who begs his child.

Zhong Manhua is strong, but Ying Zhending is even stronger than her.

She had always been a dominant person, and now that Ying Zhending had said so, she couldn’t stop him, she couldn’t let him lose face.

“No need.” Ying Zidian stood up and didn’t even look at the cheque, his expression was scattered, “I’m leaving, no need to send it.”


The six words silenced the entire private room.

Zhong Manhua’s ears perked up, stunned, “Ziggy, what did you say?”

“You think it’s too little?” Ying Zhen Ting frowned deeply, his voice dropping coldly, “In the Ying family, change all those little greedy things you have.”

Ying Zidian ignored it and it was Zhong Manhua who looked at him, “It seems you didn’t tell him.”

Zhong Manhua’s body trembled, and her face turned white little by little.

Ying Zhending sensed that something was wrong, but he only needed to establish the authority of an elder now, and his expression was even colder: “This is your mother, you don’t even call her mother anymore?”

“Mrs. Ying, Mr. Ying, you are so funny.” Ying Zigui nodded slightly, “I don’t like to talk, this should be the longest words I’ve said in my life.”

“I never wanted to go back to the Ying family, it was you guys, who threatened my father and brother and forcibly moved my account book and took away my ID card, despite what I wanted.”

“It was also you guys, who made me donate blood to Ying Luwei as a living blood bank, never thinking that a person would die if they drew blood too many times.”

If she hadn’t woken up in time, she was truly dead.

The girl spoke gently, as if all this had nothing to do with her, so indifferent that she looked like a stubborn stone without a heart.

“At a party last summer, Madam Ying brought me a gla*s of juice with sleeping pills in it specifically so that I wouldn’t go and be embarra*sed.”

Zhong Manhua’s mind instantly went blank, all her strength drained away.

She looked at the girl dumbfounded, her lips quivered: “You, how did you know that, I obviously ……”

She had obviously washed the cup and cleaned up all other traces.

Moreover, she had specifically consulted her family doctor about the amount of medicine, it would definitely not harm her body, it would just make her drowsy for a while.

She couldn’t stand it when the matter was revealed so bluntly.

Ying Zhending was not aware of the incident, he was still on a business trip.

He did know about the banquet. It was hosted by a family in Shanghai, not as big as the four big families, but it was still a big family.

Looking at Zhong Manhua, whose face was white, Ying Zhending scolded, “Your mother was doing it for your own good, if you had learned the etiquette, she would not have let you go?”

“That’s all there is to say.” Ying yawned and inclined his head, smiling faintly, “I only feel disgusted to have parents like you.”

“Please also remember, my Ying, not your Ying.”

Her original surname was Ying, and she had nothing to do with the Ying family at all.

And her name was not only given to her by Wen Fengmian, it was also given to her by her best friend.

She wouldn’t throw it away.

“Good, very good.” As his dignity as an elder had received a serious provocation, Ying Zhending smiled back in anger, “Then I want to see how you will live away from the Ying family!”

“Since you want to leave, leave the bank card given to you by the Ying family, and leave the clothes your mother bought for you too.”

Ying Ziyi finally looked at him, “You gave me the card?”

Zhong Manhua was even more embarra*sed and whispered, “Zhen, Zhen Ting, I forgot to buy the clothes, they were all left over from Xiao Xuan’s wear.”

As if he had been slapped in public, Ying Zhending’s face froze.

Zhong Manhua pursed her lips, and for the first time, she said nicely, “Ziggy, don’t be capricious, Mum has said that you won’t be treated badly in the Ying family.

“Back to Qing Shui County? It’s so poor and backward, and your foster father is so sick himself, how can he pay for your schooling? Listen to your father and go home.”

Once the cause and effect were broken, there was nothing left.

Ying pushed back his chair and headed out.

Zhong Manhua, anxious and angry, and feeling humiliated, got up to chase after her too.

“Let her go.” Ying Zhending stopped her, “It’s just a little temper tantrum, she’ll come back when she has no more financial resources.”

“Timothy, there is something I am you didn’t tell you.” Zhong Manhua’s voice was even lower, “D**key she …… has moved out for three months and I haven’t given her any money.”

Ying Zhenting frowned, “This kind of thing, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I ……”

“Alright, stop it.” Ying Zhending stood up, striding out and catching up with the girl.

But before he could say anything to detain.


The ear-piercing sound fell and a bright black Maybach stopped in front of the cafe.

The window by the pa*senger side was rolled down.

Mu Heqing beckoned, “Xiao Ying, get in.”

Ying Zidian paused, pulled open the back seat door and got in.

Mu Heqing’s smile faded and he turned his head: “Mu Cheng.”

Mu Cheng understood and opened the door to get out.

He was holding a cheque for thirty million dollars and handed it politely to Ying Zhending, with a sneer in his voice: “Please do what you say, Mr. Ying, and don’t come back for Miss Ying.”

“You don’t want it, we do.”

“Thirty million, buy out all the love between you and Miss Ying, don’t regret it.”

Mu Cheng finished throwing the cheque and went back to the driver’s seat.

The Maybach started up again, and Ying Zhending choked and coughed as he was sprayed with car exhaust.

“Zhen Ting!” Zhong Manhua followed and chased him out, “Where’s D**ky?”

Ying Zhending looked very pale, “He’s gone.”

Zhong Manhua saw the cheque for 30 million: “Ting, this is ……”

Ying Zhending tore up the cheque without even looking at it, and naturally he didn’t see the word “Mu” on it.

He was so angry inside that he couldn’t hold his breath.

His five million dollars seemed to be a joke in front of this cheque.

“Timothy, what should we do?” Zhong Manhua panicked, “D**key really left, I thought she was just playing around before, that’s why I didn’t tell you.

“No what to do.” The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem,” he said, “Her backdoor is Fu Yunshen, but what kind of person is Fu Yunshen? A dude, how long-lasting can he be?”

“Besides, Master Fu won’t live long. Once Master Fu falls, will there still be room for Fu Yunshen in the Fu family? She will come back sooner or later.”

Zhong Manhua swallowed back what she wanted to say.

She had only seen the rear of the black Maybach, but she did see the number plate.

It was from the Imperial City.

She had heard Madam Mu mention that only Mu Heqing would drive a black Maybach in the capital, and the first two digits of the license plate number were 00.

Could it be that ……

No sooner had this thought risen than Zhong Manhua dismissed it.

Even the people of the Mu family could not see Mu Heqing, could Ying Ziji?

Zhong Manhua shook his head.

It was too ridiculous.


On the Maybach.

“Little Ying, Yun Shen gave me the word that I’ve helped you move your account out of the Ying family.” Mu Heqing turned his head, rather unhappy, “Why didn’t you say something like that earlier?”

Ying Ziji propped his head up and raised his eyebrows at his words, “Elder Mu, understand that I have a bad memory.”

Mu Heqing looked unconvinced, “It’s okay for you to say I have a bad memory, but it doesn’t matter after all, little Ying, do you want to come with me to the imperial capital?”

“Oh, no.”


Mu Cheng secretly pinched his sweat.

He had lost count of the number of times their lord had been rejected, and it was the same person.

Who else in the entire empire dared?

“Alas, it’s still that old man I’m not charming enough.” Mu Heqing sighed, a little sad, “Forget it, I won’t force you, anyway, if you have the desire to come to the Imperial Capital in the future, you must remember to come to the Mu family to find me.”

“Will do.” Ying Ziji took out a pouch from his school uniform pocket and handed it to the front seat.

“What’s this?”

“It’s for heart protection.”

Mu Heqing carefully put the brocade bag into the top left pocket of his own blouse and patted it again, “Old man I feel fifty years younger, I can still go to war again.”

“You’d better forget that.” Ying Zigui yawned, mercilessly, “If you get another shot, you’ll lose your life even if you change your heart.”

Not only was Mu Heqing not angry, he was in a good mood, “Mu Cheng, do you hear me, Ying is concerned about me.”

Mu Cheng thought to himself, “Those junior members of the Mu family want to see you every day and send you tonic products, but they don’t feel anything?

Miss Ying dislikes you, and that’s all she can do.

“Xiao Ying, there’s still something to do in the imperial capital, I’ll leave on tonight’s flight.” Mu Heqing let the car stop at the entrance of the Wen family’s neighborhood, “If you have anything, just contact me directly.”

After a pause, he grunted, “I don’t want to see that brat at all, so don’t bring him with you when you come to the imperial capital.”

Ying Ziji got out of the car and nodded her thanks to him.

Only after the girl had left did Mu Cheng ask, “Master, what about the Ying family?”

Mu Heqing said indifferently, “Ying doesn’t want to care, because they are her parents anyway, but I can’t stand it, so you can see to it.”

Mu Cheng nodded: “Understood, Master.”


The following day.

Ying Zhending flew back to O Chau to continue his business, while Zhong Manhua went to the Zhong family.

Master Zhong did not treat her well, so she came when he was not at home.

“Sister-in-law.” Zhong Manhua called out to Madam Zhong, “Where is Shenzhou?”

The Mu family had sent their own young master over here, that was because they valued their Ying family.