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Boss Lady Chapter 21-22

Chapter 21

Outside the window, fireworks bloom and the light scatters, reflecting his picturesque brow.

The slightly curved peach blossom eyes seemed to be precipitated with the whole star river, deep and charming.

Ying Ziji looked at him for a while before she half-heartedly fished a tissue out of her pocket and handed it over: “…… Sorry.”

Fu Yunshen didn’t take it, but licked his lips.

“It’s okay.” He bent down and patted the girl’s head again like he did last time, moving gently, teasing the kitten, his lips hooked, “Brother doesn’t mind.”

The little friend was still very well behaved.

Ying Ziji was, however, lost in thought, puzzled.

Until a long, slender hand waved in front of her eyes, and then flexed its fingers and tapped her forehead.

Above her head, a soft laugh fell.

“What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing.” Ying Ziji returned to her senses, rolled up her sleeves, poured the flour into a bowl and added some water.

She just thought of what she should give Fu Yunshen.

A cat or a dog that would satisfy his hobby of petting his head.

Otherwise, she would probably go bald for real if she continued like this.

After that, the two of them didn’t chat anymore, one boiling water and the other chopping vegetables in harmony.

In the living room, Wen Fengmian was laughing and talking to Wen Huilan, and they were having a good time.

Ying Ziji’s eyes fixed.

She didn’t remember much from her childhood, but when she could remember, she was in the Wen family.

Wen Fengmian had to take care of the two children and was very busy.

The year Wen heard Lan was five years old, she was traumatised and added to the misery of the Wen family.

While she studied, she also went out to find some odd jobs, but the family could barely make ends meet at best.

It was no wonder that when the Ying family came to her, Wen Fengmian persuaded her to leave, as the Ying family could give her better resources.

But all along, Wen Fengmian had never thought of herself.

Ying Zidian’s eyes narrowed.

She would protect them.


Two days later.

The weather had warmed up, the sun was shining and the temperature had climbed to 20 degrees Celsius, as if the snow of the previous days was just an illusion.

The girl was casually lazy in a black hoodie, she had one hand in her pocket and a cone in the other.

The teenager following her was also carrying two cups of milk tea in his hand, obviously a bit bemused: “Sis, when did you get into sweets?”

Ying finished the cone in three or two sittings, “Life is too bitter, eat something sweet.”

The food in the twenty-first century is good, it’s always a bit of fun.

However, Wen heard Lan misunderstood the words, he was silent for a moment and asked in a low voice, “Sister, you’re not staying with us?”

“Not for now.” Ying Zidian gave a hint, “I still have some things to settle, so you guys can stay in peace.”

After dinner that day, she had spoken to Wen Fengmian about taking them to Shanghai, and at first he had not approved, fearing that it would cause her trouble, but only later had he agreed.

She used four million dollars to buy an eighty square metre flat in the Central and Western District, purchased some furniture and settled Wen Fengmian in.

When Wen Fengmian came to Shanghai, Wen heard Lan naturally decided to transfer to Qingzhi.

He had received an invitation from Qingzhi a long time ago, but never accepted it.

As for the Ying family ……

Ying Ziji narrowed her eyes.

She had not regained her ability to do divine calculations, but in the field of trigonometry, everything is about cause and effect.

She could not leave for the time being as her karma with the Ying family had not yet been completely severed.

Moreover, when she was looking into the future, she found something crucial.

It was related to the Ying family, but it was very vague.

In the Ying family, it would be better to trace it.

Wen heard Lan frowned: “But those people ……”

It was hard for him to imagine just how much aggravation his sister had suffered in the Ying family, and now she needed to eat sweets to relieve herself.

“Don’t worry.” Ying Zidian was careless, “It’s a small matter of a beating.”

She was always too lazy to use her mouth for things she could do, talking was much more tiring than fighting.

Wen Huilan: “……”

He originally did not believe it.

But just yesterday, he had watched his sister kick over a man who tried to molest her, or the kind that couldn’t get up.

The teenager’s eyes dropped and his fingers clenched.

He swore that the Ying family would get what was coming to them.

“Let’s go.” The girl nibbled on her milk tea through a straw, “Send you back.”


The Ying family.

The butler frowned as he watched a few servants carrying a few boxes in through the gate and asked, “What is this?”

One of the servants wiped a sweat, “It’s Second Miss’s express.”

“Second Miss’s courier?” The butler’s frown deepened, “What does she need to buy when Madam hasn’t prepared anything for her?”

All day long it only added to the mess.

“Just put it in the courtyard.” The butler directed, “Her Ladyship is having a meeting and must not be disturbed.”

The servants put the box down and the butler stepped forward, ready to dismantle it, when he inadvertently saw a flowery word printed on it –


in gold, very light.

The butler froze and moved closer to look more closely when a footstep stopped next to him.

A flash of cold fluttered through him, freezing him to the bone.

When he looked up, the man stiffened.

The girl just looked at him, her eyes bland.

“Second Miss ……,” the butler hurriedly stepped back, which dared to be disrespectful, “Your, your purchase has arrived.”

“Yes, sorry, without your permission ……”

Ying Zidian ignored it, she half squatted down, and didn’t take the scissors, she just unwrapped it by hand.

Fu Yunshen left the next day and before he left he said he had bought some books for her and they would be delivered to Ying’s house then.

It seemed that this was it.

Before she opened it, Ying Ziji was interested.

After opening it, she saw a box of children’s books: “……”

And as if she had calculated that she would receive the delivery at this point in time, WeChat “dinged”.

[Did you get it yet, kid?

Before she could reply, there was another message.

[This is a handpicked selection for you, from all countries, you can watch it for a long time.

Ying Ziji pressed her head.

Who wants to read children’s books?

She typed four words with no expression.

[I thank you.]

The reply was quick.

[No thanks, remember to treat your brother to more meals.

Ying Zidian didn’t want to reply, she wanted to slap the box of children’s books on him.

The servants stood waiting and looked contemptuous when they saw the contents of the box.

This adopted second young lady was really no match for Missy, and it showed in the books she read.

When she was in her first year of high school, Missy had already read the original English books, unlike Missy who was still reading fairy tales at such an age.

It’s true that they come from a small place and probably don’t know as many English words as they do.

Ying Ziji closed the box and accepted it anyway, as a bedtime reading that could barely calm her mind.

She didn’t ask for any help either, and carried the books herself, heading inside.

“Second young miss, you can’t go in now.” Seeing this, the housekeeper was busy speaking out to stop it, “Madam is ……”

Before the words could be finished, the door had already opened.

On the sofa in the living room, Zhong Manhua was smiling and saying something to her guest with a happy look.

The sound of the door opening interrupted what she was about to say next.

Zhong Manhua frowned, and after looking over, the smile on her face instantly disappeared, “Why are you back at this time?”


Chapter 22

Ever since the microblogging incident that day, Zhong Manhua’s heart had been weighed down with guilt.

It was wrong of her to conclude that Ying Ziji had seduced Jiang Moyuan without checking the facts.

But as an elder, she had no right to apologise to her junior.

So Zhong Manhua tried to make up for it in other ways, and she even decided to put off a company order to go shopping for new clothes with Ying Zidian.

But Ying Zidian had disappeared for four days without even saying hello, leaving her there alone.

What kind of a young lady would give her parents a hard time?

Zhong Manhua was sulking like hell.

The other noblewoman on the sofa also looked over, and after a light glance, withdrew her gaze, not the least bit interested.

Zhong Manhua naturally noticed it, her fingers clenched and she spoke coldly: “Go out and wait.”

“I’ve always had a doubt.” Ying Zigui nodded slightly, faintly, “Why you can be a mother.”


There was a moment of silence in the living room, and the noblewoman couldn’t help but give the girl an extra look.

That look was stunned for a moment because of the face.

But that was as far as it went, it was more of an examination.

Zhong Manhua did not expect to hear such a sentence, and her eyes turned red with anger: “Say that again?

The girl ignored her, and with a cold expression of “I’m already polite for not hitting you” on her brow, she carried her books upstairs.

“You ……” Zhong Manhua was stuck with a breath of air, unable to get up or down.

She covered her heart, her chest was uncomfortably tight.

Again, this, and in front of outsiders to fall in her face like this, really is specifically to grasp her to come.

She really couldn’t even manage it anymore!

She quickly regained her composure and smiled reluctantly, “I’ve made Madam Mu laugh.”

“Is this the one your Ying family adopted a year ago?” Madam Mu frowned, “Manhua, what were you thinking, specifically giving your own daughter a hard time?”

And, to adopt one that looked like it.

Although that face, a few famous ladies in the imperial capital couldn’t even compare.

But even if it was good, it was still a fake.

Zhong Manhua didn’t explain: “When one reaches middle age, one always thinks of doing some good deeds.”

At this moment, she was glad that no one knew that Ying Ziji was her own daughter.

“Good deeds also depend on the person, there are some people who don’t deserve your good deeds and relief.” Madam Mu blew on her tea, “Besides, you are too indulgent, how dare she speak to you like that?”

In a wealthy family, illegitimate children are already very unpopular, but at least they have blood ties, an adopted daughter?


Mrs. Mu shook her head and spoke again, “If you ask me, you can’t spoil a child that isn’t your own. If you spoil her, you’ll stir up a big mess for you one day, how will you end it?”

“Don’t worry about her.” Zhong Manhua smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ve already contacted the Zhong family, when Shenzhou comes, she will be able to live there, there won’t be any problems.”

The Zhong family was also one of the four powerful families in Shanghai City, the bottom line was naturally there.

“I am naturally at ease when you do your work.” Madam Mu really didn’t mention it again either, “Manhua, I actually didn’t plan to come in person this time, except that our family’s old man, for some reason, said he wanted to stay in Shanghai City for a few more days.”

“This is not the case, the whole family is in a hurry, so I am following to come and pick up the old man, and by the way, I also came to see you here.”

Zhong Manhua was surprised, “Old man Mu actually came to Shanghai City?”

The name Mu Heqing was not only known in the imperial capital of Shanghai, but also in the whole of China.

The Mu family was a family of generals, and when Mu Heqing was young, he had also been on a real battlefield.

Even after he had retired for decades, his prestige had not diminished.

“The old master has been used to fighting and killing all his life, and he can’t rest in his old age.” Madam Mu sighed, “This is not because I heard that a rare antique has appeared in Shanghai City and rushed here in a hurry.”

Zhong Manhua nodded, “No wonder, a while ago I also heard that Mu Lao made a trip to O Chau for a Yuan Qing Hua Ghost Valley.”

“No?” Mrs. Mu said, “It’s just that the old man has a bad heart, and he didn’t bring a doctor with him this time out, so it would be bad if he had an attack.”

“I understand, our old lady is also in poor health, so we have to be careful when we go out.”

“Yes, it’s fortunate that Master met a miracle doctor in Shanghai, otherwise he might really have been accounted for.”

Mrs Mu was thankful.

If Mu Heqing had gone, the Mu family would have lost too much.

Moreover, the heir of the Mu family had not yet been decided, and Mu Heqing was the one who was talking about the matter.

“Divine Doctor?” Zhong Manhua was stunned, “I wonder which one it is?”

Could it be that there was some new figure in Shanghai?

How come she had never heard of it?

“The old master didn’t say.” Mrs Mu sipped her tea, “But I guess we wouldn’t know him even if we did, we just heard Mu Cheng say that this miracle doctor’s medical skills are better than the youngest one in the Meng family ……”

She made a gesture and paused, “To be higher.”

Zhong Manhua was taken aback, “That godly?”

“Never seen it, no one knows for sure.” Madam Mu put down her tea cup and got up, “Manhua, I’ll leave now, call if there’s anything.”

Zhong Manhua also stood up and sent her out.

After Madam Mu left, the butler then came in from the courtyard, “Madam, I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop Second Miss.”

“It’s not your fault.” Zhong Manhua’s expression went cold again, “Don’t mind her from now on either, she can do what she likes, sooner or later she will regret it.”

“When she gets into trouble, the Ying family will still have to clean up her mess.”

If she wasn’t her own daughter, she wouldn’t have bothered to prepare the room.

After all this time of tempering, she hadn’t managed to become a famous woman.

The butler hesitated, not mentioning the word he had seen on the box earlier.

Perhaps he had misread it, or perhaps it was just a rename.

Come to think of it, the second young lady had only been in Shanghai for a year and had previously lived in Qing Shui County, a small place like this where it was impossible to be exposed to a higher level.

Zhong Manhua ma*saged her temples, calming her anger, then faintly instructed, “Send someone to inquire about the divine doctor that Madam Mu has spoken of, it would be best to invite him to look into the old lady’s old headache.”

After a pause, he added, “Money is not a problem, it must be respected.”

The butler understood and retreated.

* The

Third floor.

After arranging the box of children’s books on the bookshelf, Ying sat down in front of the computer.

She skillfully turned on the mainframe, leaned back in her chair, and began to watch the Netflix series she hadn’t finished watching that day.

This new kind of retirement life was just right for her.

There was no need to fight and kill, and not so much to bother her, and she had no intention of letting those people know she was back right now.

After all, she did have a lot of enemies too.

She had plenty of free time to study the new technology of the twenty-first century, and all this new stuff was quite interesting.

When one cup of milk tea was finished, Ying Ziji went to get another cup.


The computer suddenly made a sound, and the screen was fixed on the female lead in the drama kicking the male lead into the pond and then laughing furiously with her arms crossed.

Ying Zidian looked up at the blacked-out computer and his phoenix eyes narrowed slightly.