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Boss Lady Chapter 23-24

Chapter 23

On the blacked out screen, a line of oozing red letters emerged, and the computer made a ghostly sound.

[Little friend, what are you to him?

Ying Zidian’s expression did not fluctuate, and her eyebrows were slightly raised.

She might have really picked up someone’s troublemaking instincts.

She narrowed her eyes and raised her hand to tap the words into the dialogue box.

[What are you again?

Looking at the words, a man in a basement somewhere across the ocean glanced over his shoulder as he ate his noodles.

Was this little girl a fool?

How could she be told about such things?

[I’m a hacker.]

“Hacker?” Ying Zigui looked like she remembered something, “Then wait a little, one hour.”


There was a big question mark on the screen.

Ying Ziji fished out a book she had bought earlier from her school bag and just sat there reading it, not caring that the computer was still dark.

She was reading fast, a dozen pages a minute, as if she was just flipping through it casually.

[What are you reading?

There was no reply, and he was curious as hell.

After hacking into the computer, he naturally had control of the camera and all the other equipment.

So that side pulled the camera closer to take a look, and saw a copy of “Basic Computer for College Students”.


[You college students? You don’t think that after reading this book, you’ll be able to break my invasion, do you?]

What a joke, when he didn’t know what this book “Computer Basics for College Students” was about?

It’s just the basic operation of software like word and ppt, plus a detailed explanation of computer chips.

The girl was still quietly reading the book, ignoring it.

Her long, slightly drooping eyelashes, like the thin wings of a butterfly, fluttered gently in the camera.

Her skin is extremely white, delicate and soft, with a transparent texture.

Her long black hair was spread out and glowed brilliantly in the sunlight.

She was so beautiful that it was almost difficult to look away.

An unrealistic thought suddenly popped up over there…

Could it be that the master had taken a fancy to this little girl?

But as soon as the thought surfaced, it was dismissed.

How could it be.

Tsk, he would like to see what could happen in an hour.

The basement was piled high with boxes of noodles, and just as that side picked up the third bowl and started to eat it, Ying made a move.

She put down the book she was holding and looked up.

Long, slender fingers rested on the old-fashioned keyboard, tapping something quickly, and before the half-minute was up –

The basement across the ocean was suddenly plunged into darkness.

“Drip, drip, drip!”

A voice was rushing and frantically ringing.

“Holy f*ck!”

That side spat out its bubble noodles and stared dumbfounded and shocked at the dozen or so computers that were going out of control at the same time.

But he quickly reacted and quickly began a counterattack to get the computers back to normal.

But to hell with it, no matter what code he typed in, there was no response.

“That can’t be right ……”

Cold sweat was breaking out over there, and the bubble noodles didn’t smell good anymore.

He couldn’t force these computers to shut down, there were still several tasks in progress that couldn’t be interrupted, only –

[Big Brother, I’m wrong, please let go.]

[Sister, sister, I have to make a living.

I’m down, really down, you’re the hacker, I’m nothing in front of you.

Seeing this line, Ying Ziji yawned and replied.

[You are thinking too much, I am not a hacker.

She was not exposed to new technology like computers, but based on her ability of divine calculation, she was able to parse the internal structure of computers after learning about them from books, which was the reason why she learned things quickly always.

She attacked the root cause directly, it wasn’t something that could be solved by code, it was of a completely different nature to hacking.

At that moment, two more sentences appeared on the screen, with an accompanying face-text.

[Big Brother, please, I’m just a little curious about you, I really didn’t mean anything by it.]

[Sister, sister, look I’ll be cute for you, will you let me go?

Ying Zidian raised her eyebrows slightly.

She knew that the hacker who had invaded her computer was related to Fu Yunshen and had helped her.

But she was not happy to disturb her watching the drama, and she didn’t want to make him happy.

However, it was enough to play for such a while.

Ying Ziji’s eyes narrowed as she typed unhurriedly.

[Children are not for you to call.

[There will be no next time.]

After replying, she unlocked the control of the computer over there.

She leaned back in her chair again, sipping her milk tea while watching the drama, lazily and comfortably.

Unbeknownst to her, the other side was already blown up by her, her mind crumbling into a mudslide, so angry that she invaded another computer.

[What kind of pervert did you f*cking find?

[Toxic, right?

Do you know what she’s done?

When he received these three messages, Fu Yunshen was making tea.

The tea mist curled up, blurring the man’s deep eyebrows, as if large white clouds were roaming up, half covering the haze of the sky.

But it was hard to hide his handsome beauty, but more dignified.

Fu Yunshen glanced at the computer, and in just a second’s time, three more lines of text appeared.

[She finished reading “Computer Basics for College Students” in an hour and then invaded my computer backwards!

[F*ck, what kind of humiliation is this???]

[I’m the one who invaded Laurent Bank and Norton University!!!]

The three punctuation marks in a row showed how angry he was.

Fu Yun raised a deep eyebrow, quite surprised.

He wiped his hands clean before replying.

[My little friend is really good.

With one sentence, it made the other side explode even more.

[Get lost!!!]

[I’ve been screwed by you two perverts, what do you think perverts like you are doing out here to cause trouble for others?

[I’ve decided, I’m going to sell all your information to the people on the hunting and killing list, so they can get you killed.

Fu Yunshen hooked his lips and smiled, his expression lazy.

[Good boy, go ahead.]


Jiang’s Group.

27th floor, in the office.

Jiang Mo Yuan loosened his tie and sat down, his eyes were a greenish hue, he said tiredly, “Report on the recent events.”

“Yes, Third Master.” The secretary flipped open the folder, “The ‘Youth 101’ project that the Jiang family invested in has ended, it’s turned over dozens of times, it’s just that there’s quite a lot of cursing on the internet.”

Youth 101 was the first 100-person talent show in China, and several powerful families in the imperial capital involved in the entertainment industry had also invested in it, and there were movie stars and divas joining the show to help, it was very hot, and the Jiang family was considered to have benefited a little.

Jiang Moyuan gave a hint, obviously not interested.

The secretary understood and flipped open another document, “Master Fu’s health is even worse, everything is normal on the Zhong family’s side, and the Ying family and the Imperial Mu family have a connection ……”

Listening to the changes in the pattern of Shanghai City, Jiang Mo Yuan folded his hands, his expression bright and indistinct.

“Third master, there is one more thing.” The secretary hesitated for a moment, remembering that day’s microblog, “Second Miss Ying she ……”

Before the words could be finished, they were interrupted.

Jiang Mo Yuan raised his hand, very cold: “I don’t want to hear about her.”


Chapter 24

The secretary froze and understood.

This was to completely abandon this Ying family adopted daughter.

Jiang Mo Yuan closed his eyes, “If there’s nothing, go down.”

“Rest well, Third Master.” The secretary closed the door carefully.

After exiting, he shook his head.

He had followed the Third Master to inspect the Qing Shui County side before, when this Ying family’s adopted daughter was still very simple, now?

Surely she had been tempted by the lights and wine of the big city, restless and uncertain, wanting only to climb up the ladder.

Luckily, the third master saw the light.

The secretary thought about it, walked to the pantry, took out her mobile phone and made a call, “Miss Lu Wei ……”


After a few days of recuperation, Wen Fengmian’s body was much better.

However, because of the long-standing illness, it was not possible to recover overnight.

The initial batch of medicine had run out, so Ying Ziji went to order some fresh herbs.

Shanghai is not located in the mountains, so the herbs were imported from abroad.

As the herbs she needed were top quality, a few dozen pounds cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While waiting, Ying walked into a dessert shop next door and ordered a mango and glutinous rice dumpling.

She took out her newly bought phone and pressed it to light up, and on the screen were all sorts of apps, all of which she was going to play.

The great thing about new technology was that she wouldn’t be very bored.

Ying Ziji opened one of them and looked at herself with two rabbit ears on, pondering.

I heard it was called Selfie, and it seemed quite interesting.

She fiddled with it a bit, picked a filter and accessories, and pressed the shutter.


A crisp click made the person sitting at the opposite table look up.

It was a young girl with a sunhat and sungla*ses, concealed solidly.

She frowned, displeased, “Why are they all chasing me here? You tell her to delete the photos, I don’t want to be in the hot seat for black photos.”

The a*sistant understood and immediately walked forward, “Delete the photos you took, Sister Luo doesn’t like fans taking pictures of her, understand?”

“If you have to take pictures, we are allowed to sue.”

The voice wasn’t too loud, but it made the customers in the sweet shop hear it.

They all looked over and were curious.

“A star has entered here? Look, look, isn’t that the one, crap, what kind of godly face is that?!”

“You mean that young lady in the black shirt? Absolutely not, just that face, you won’t forget it even if you see it once, the entertainment industry doesn’t even have it.”

“Not this one, it’s that one over there, Luo Ziyue, have you heard of her? Tenth place in Youth 101, a talent show, quite hot.”

“I think I’ve heard of it, but I don’t remember much ……”

There was a lot of chatter around.

When the a*sistant saw that the girl didn’t mean to delete the photo, without saying a word, she went to grab the phone from her hand.

But not only did she fail to snatch it, her hand went straight into the mango sticky rice round.

Only then did Ying Ziji raise her eyes, indifferently: “You’ve soiled my dessert.”

“Who told you not to delete the photo?” The a*sistant also had a stomach full of anger, “You had to follow Sister Luo here, don’t you know how to show some respect?”

Hearing these words, the customers suddenly realized.

So good-looking, she’s actually a private student?

Ying Ziji closed the app, “Who?”


Sudden awkwardness.

The a*sistant froze in place.

Luo Ziyue, who hadn’t moved, stood up, she took off her sungla*ses, revealing a bright face and a very impatient look, “You don’t have to pretend you don’t know me, I’ve seen people like you a lot, yesterday I was chased by you guys and even lost one of my shoes, and today you still won’t let go?”

She hated private students, leaving her without even a bit of personal space.

The girl looked up, her pupils glowing like snow, bitterly cold into ice: “Just you?”

It was clearly just two words, but everyone in the room felt that there should be two more words after that.

–You are worthy?

Luo Ziyue sneered and was just about to speak when a female student next to her stepped forward.

“I was at the next table and saw it all, the young lady was taking a selfie, she wasn’t taking a picture of you at all.”

Another whispered and muttered, “People are so good looking, what’s the point of taking a picture of you if you don’t take a picture of yourself.”

If she had such a face, she would admire herself in the mirror everyday, what would she be chasing after stars for?

When the schoolgirl said this, several of her friends echoed her.

“Yeah, the young lady really didn’t film you, and she definitely doesn’t know you either.”

“To be honest, we didn’t even recognise you with your sungla*ses.”

Luo Ziyue’s face turned blue with embarra*sment.

Youth 101 was so hot, and someone actually didn’t recognise her?

“Make up for it.” Ying Ziyue looked down at her phone and didn’t give another glance.

The girl was lazy and her tone was scattered, but invisibly, it made people extremely stressed.

The a*sistant couldn’t stop blushing.

With people around her watching, it was impossible for Luo Ziyue to just shrug her face off, it would be an impact on her popularity.

She reluctantly pulled out three hundreds from her bag and slapped them directly on the table, three words squeezed out from between her teeth, “Is that enough?”

“The counter’s there.”


Luo Zi Yue was ashamed and angry, her face turned red, and she only had to personally go to the counter and order another one.

After what had happened, she was in no mood to stay any longer and left in a hurry with her a*sistant, quite a mess.

Ying Zidian turned the long spoon in her hand and prepared to take this one back to Wen Xiaolan.

As she was waiting for her meal, the female student from before cautiously came over, “Miss, are you a trainee of any company?”

“Hm?” Ying Zigui was quite patient with the young girl, “No.”

“Ah ……” the schoolgirl scratched her head, “If you enter the entertainment industry, I will be your fan!”

Ying yawned, “No, I won’t enter, and I won’t in the future.”

She was not interested in acting, and no one could stop her from getting old.

The schoolgirl didn’t lose heart and tried, “Then, Miss, can I take a photo with you? I will definitely not spread it indiscriminately and cause harm to your reputation.”

Ying Zigui raised her eyebrows: “It’s okay, I don’t mind.”

Well, learn a little selfie technique by the way.

The schoolgirl took out her phone and took the picture, then went back happily.

Then she sent out a Weibo post.

[@LoveEatingPeachRoundRoll: Coordinates Shanghai city, met a good a good sa*sy lady, “Youth 101” a certain backstage thought the lady was shooting her, who knows people do not know her at all, to prevent exposing the lady’s privacy, I mosaic it.

The female student is a fan circle blogger with 100,000 fans, and after an hour, there were several hundred retweets.

The first one is Luo Ziyue, who relied on her relationship with a young man from a wealthy family to get the last spot in the debut, and really thought she was so famous.

The first time I saw her, she thought she was being photographed, her face was so big.

I can’t see her face, but her body is too glamorous, will she enter the entertainment industry in the future?

The first time I saw her, she was using a vertu, a real luxury phone, more expensive than an iphone.

This Weibo post didn’t get too much heat, but the number of views broke 100,000.

Coincidentally, Ying Luwei’s agent saw this Weibo post.

He thought the figure looked familiar and pushed his phone to Ying Luwei: “Luwei, take a look, is this your fake niece?”

Ying Luwei was fixing her make-up, she casually glanced at it: “It’s her.”

“She’s not going to enter the entertainment industry, is she?” The agent looked serious, “If she’s going to enter, it’s better to sign to us, it’s better to control it that way.”

He had seen the adopted daughter of the Ying family, and her face was really not black.

I have to admit, if she hadn’t been anaemic for so long, she wouldn’t have been able to compete with Ying Luwei.

She should not be allowed to influence Ying Luwei.

Hearing these words, Ying Luwei’s hand gave a beat: “I’ll call and ask.”

However, the call didn’t go through.

Ying Luwei had never thought that she would be blackballed.

An inexplicable irritation surged in her heart, as if something was completely out of control.

The agent noticed her abnormality: “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Ying Luwei smiled, “I’m probably busy, I’ll go straight back to the old house later.”

The agent knew her situation and nodded, “Take care of yourself anyway, it’s good that you pulled the hot news in time that day.”

Ying Lu Wei didn’t say anything and pursed her lips.


Ying Ziji sent the herbs back to Wen Fengmian’s place when she received a call from Fu Yunshen.

She went downstairs and the car was already waiting there.

She had made an appointment with him, and she was treating him to dinner today.

After getting into the car and fastening her seatbelt, the man looked at her sideways, his eyebrows raised and his tail hooked: “What are you going to treat brother to?”

Ying Ziyi thought for a moment, “How about hot pot skewers? I haven’t eaten it yet.”

She had heard that junk food was delicious and she wanted to eat it so badly.

“Well, brother hasn’t eaten it either.” Fu Yunshen picked up his phone and started searching, “You’re not well, find one that’s hygienic and regular.”

Just after tapping on it, the phone vibrated and a new message appeared.

“Drip, drip, drip.”

Fu Yunshen looked down, his eyes changing slightly.