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Boss Lady Chapter 25-26

Chapter 25

His eyes stared for a moment: “Little friend, I have something to do, so I may not be able to have dinner with you now, how about later in the evening?”

Hearing these words, Ying Ziyi remembered something.

Exactly seven days had pa*sed since she had first met them.

Something was going to happen to Nie Chao.

Obviously, he hadn’t taken her words seriously.

However, that was normal.

She remembered that just before she left, back in 1780, all the magical warlocks on the O Continent had been hunted down and killed as heretics.

So many more years had pa*sed that not many people really had the ability to tell fortunes, and the same was true of China.

No one would believe in such things.

“It won’t be long.” Fu Yunshen didn’t hear a reply and turned his head, his peach blossom eyes curving up, “How about I order a takeaway for you and Uncle and the others, and you get some sleep?”

The danger was not yet clear, he couldn’t take a little girl with him.

Ying Ziji also knew what he meant, he had no intention of letting her go along.

She wrinkled her brows slightly: “Be careful of the heights.”

At these words, Fu Yunshen’s lips curved even more, raising his hand to rub the girl’s head with a gentle smile, “Okay, listen to our little friend.”

He opened the car door and put her in front of the flat.

The car started up again and after it was far away, Fu Yunshen’s smile slowly narrowed.

As he steered the wheel, he pressed the lighted phone again.

The message was still flashing frantically on the screen, very short.


Except for the different numbers, it was the same as the naming on the first folder that day.

Fu Yunshen’s eyes narrowed for a moment.

He hadn’t expected that Nie Chao could also be targeted by people on the hunt list.

Fu Yunshen deleted the message and made a phone call, “Check out the recent movements of the Nie family.”


Huangpu Road, One Tavern.

It was the opening of the restaurant today, and a lot of people had gathered at noon.

Nie Chao took the best seat next to the bar and was ready to have a good drink.

It didn’t take long for the room to fill up and the stage to be set up.

Nie Chao was listening to the song with his headphones on when the music suddenly cut off just after listening to the intro.

“Huh? ” he wondered, “No way, it’s broken?”

He had only bought them not long ago.

However, before he could take it off to check, a voice of a man or woman came through the headphones.

“You’re at One Huangpu Road Tavern.”

Nie Chao jumped in shock: “How did you know?”

D*mn, who was this, not only could he hack into his phone, but he also knew his whereabouts, could it be that his family’s old man had sent someone to arrest him?

The other person didn’t answer, just said, “Someone is trying to kill you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Nie Chao was speechless, “Who dares to kill someone in China? Who the hell are you anyway?”

“In ten seconds.” Ying Ziji looked at a red dot flashing on the computer screen, her phoenix eyes narrowed, “You can try.”

Nie Chao was furious, and he didn’t want to care, he was about to just turn off his phone.

But at that moment, all the lights in the bar suddenly went out.

In the midst of the pitch blackness, someone let out a scream.

Nie Chao was also confused, and before he could react, two words came from his headphones.

“Lie down.”


Nie Chao flopped to the ground, he could feel hot air coming overhead and the bullet grazed the top of his head, just a little.


Someone was really trying to kill him!

The bar was instantly in chaos as screams erupted.

Nie Chao’s legs went a little weak, now convinced.

He gulped, “I, what should I do now?”

Ying Zidian didn’t use a voice changer, she changed into another voice by her vocal cords alone, she faded: “Turn right three steps.”

Nie Chao hurriedly did as he was told.


Just as he turned, there was another pop behind him, still so close.

Nie Chao was sweating coldly, cursing in his heart.

f*ck, what the f*ck is going on!

And the voice in the headset continued to give instructions, calmly, one might even say leisurely.

“Bend over.”


“Now run.”

Where else would Nie Chao doubt it, he spilled out and started running.

It wasn’t until he had been running frantically for thirty seconds that the last two words came to his ears.

“All right.”

Nie Chao fell to the ground with a thud, as if he had died all over again, panting heavily: “Holy sh*t ……”

Inside the flat, Ying Zidian leaned back in his chair and yawned.

It was a lot of exertion.

She had to have some chocolate mousse cake.


When Fu Yunshen arrived, the One Tavern was already surrounded.

Although there were no casualties, the facilities inside the bar were basically destroyed.

In particular, bullet holes were also found in the floor and walls, which had to be taken seriously.

When Fu Yunshen looked sideways, he saw Nie Chao crouching aggressively by the road like a two-headed man, with a bandage on his forehead.

The person was not a big deal.

His eyebrows loosened and he walked over: “Not getting up?”

Nie Chao wanted to cry: “Younger Seven, do you know that I almost lost my life.”

“I can see that.” Fu Yun Shen swept around and had a number in mind.

Nie Chao was so angry that he slapped his thigh, “I wonder who has such a big grudge against me, actually trying to kill me.”

That bullet was really accurate too, if it wasn’t for that mysterious person who hacked into his phone to help him, he really would have died young.

If he was so capable, he could have killed his old man, but there was no point in killing him.

Fu Yunshen didn’t say anything and pulled him up: “Go to the hospital first.”

Nie Chao pretended to wipe his tears and sat on the pa*senger side.

Fu Yunshen started the car, carelessly: “How did you think of coming here?”

Nie Chao scratched his head: “Just on the way, I collected a flyer, it looked good, so I came here.”

Fu Yunshen gave a faint hint.

Surely it wasn’t a coincidence.

“Younger Seven, I’ll take a nap.” Nie Chao had come back from the dead and was still having palpitations, sleepiness came over him all of a sudden, “Call me when you arrive.”

Fu Yunshen glanced at him to make sure he was asleep before he picked up the phone that had been ringing several times.

“Yun Shen?”

The low, pleasant male voice was magnetic.

“Your brother has been offered a bounty, and the hunter who struck is the ninety-fourth on the Gun God list.” Fu Yun Shen laughed lightly, lazily, “But he had a pretty good life, he wasn’t hit, he just knocked his head while running.”

But all those on the Gun God list, even if they are only at the bottom of the list of 100, are still able to hit a hundred times against ordinary people.

It was strange today, he saw a total of five bullet holes and missed none of them.

It was an insult to the name of God of Guns.

Hearing this, the other side was silent for a moment, and his steady breathing sank a few points.

“I got it, I’ll be right back.”


After separating from her manager, Ying Luwei called the old residence first.

It was in the evening that she drove back.

“Miss Lu Wei.” The butler who had been waiting for a long time came forward, respectfully, “Madam is inside, you can just go in.”

Ying Luwei smiled and pushed the door open.

In the living room, Zhong Manhua was pruning the flowers in the vase, she looked up and smiled, “Lu Wei, what’s the hurry?”

“Yes, it’s a bit of business, I just came to ask sister-in-law, does Little D**key want to enter the entertainment industry?” Ying Luwei nodded, “She wants to enter the entertainment industry, I can help.”

She hesitated again, “But in that case, won’t she be able to go to the Qingzhi Talent Cla*s ……?”


Chapter 26

Zhong Manhua’s face sank almost instantly.

“She wants to enter the entertainment industry?”

Six words, squeezed out from between her teeth.

“Ah?” Ying Lu Wei froze for a moment, “Sister-in-law, didn’t Little D**key tell you about it?”

Zhong Manhua took a deep breath and spoke coldly, “She shouldn’t even think about it!”

Who would go to the entertainment industry if they were a famous girl from a wealthy family?

It’s just as well that she’s not good at studies, she can accept that she doesn’t know how to play the piano, but now she wants to act?

What the hell does she want to do all day?

“Then it’s possible that I’ve misunderstood.” Ying Lu Wei pursed her lips, “Sister-in-law, don’t be angry, I was just curious, in fact, with Little D**key’s qualifications, she will be very popular in the entertainment industry.”

Hearing this, Zhong Manhua became even more furious: “Lu Wei, not everyone can be like you, you have taught her for so long, but she still doesn’t even know the most basic ‘To Alice’!”

Ying Luwei is a famous pianist in China, can Ying Zidian compare?

Ying Luwei felt guilty: “I’m not very good at teaching, so I’ve held up D**key for nothing.”

“She’s the one who doesn’t learn properly!” Zhong Manhua was furious, “You should be able to teach a cat and a dog by hand!”

“Sister-in-law, you’re ……” Ying Luwei paused, helpless, “Is D**key here, I’ll give her something.”

Zhong Manhua was still angry, “She’s not here, you can just go up and put it in her room.”

Ying Luwei nodded, took a few steps and then stopped, “Sister-in-law, didn’t big brother say when he’d be back?”

“Your big brother and your nephew are still over in the empire.” Zhong Manhua said, “I heard that there is a big family over in o continent, to see if they can make a connection, and will be back in a few days.”

“Big brother is really something.” Ying Luwei smiled again, “It’s also because my sister-in-law has taught me well, Tianru has inherited her father’s mantle in business.”

The Ying family is a hundred year old family, but it was only in the hands of the old man that the family flourished, but unfortunately he pa*sed away a few years ago.

Otherwise, the Ying family might have been able to surpa*s the Fu family.

The mention of Ying Tianru brought a smile to Zhong Manhua’s face: “This boy has been smart since he was a child, so he saves my heart.”

Ying Luwei sighed, “If Little D**key hadn’t got lost, he would have been no worse than Tianru.”

Zhong Manhua lost her smile for a moment.

Apart from her and Ying Zhenting, Ying Luwei was the only one in the Ying family who knew the truth.

They had all coincidentally kept the truth from Old Lady Ying and Ying Tianru, not to mention the other big gentry.

They had all been raised together, so it was fine to make mistakes.

But it turned out that it was better to raise her from childhood.

Zhong Manhua was so annoyed that she wondered whether Ying Ziji was her own son or not, how come she hadn’t inherited any of the advantages?

It was then that Ying Luwei went upstairs.

She went to Ying Zidian’s room, took out the key and opened the door.

The room was simply furnished with a bed, a wardrobe, a computer desk and a bookshelf, all in plain wood.

When she saw half a shelf of children’s books, she couldn’t help smiling, and her eyes became more contemptuous.

She had overthought it.

Ying Luwei pulled her hair behind her ears and pushed out the door without another glance.

After she left the room, she felt an itch on her skin and scratched it with her hand, but it stung a little.

She was so shocked that she covered her face.

Her other hand trembled as she took out her mobile phone, not having time to think about anything at all: “Hello? Quick, give me an appointment at the First Hospital ……”



The city was lit up, the people were like a sea of tides, and the sound of honking horns was incessant.

The car.

Fu Yunshen glanced at the seconds of the red light, tilted his head, and saw the girl who was originally squinting and sleeping straighten up.

“Having a nightmare?”

“No.” Ying Ziji propped herself up on her elbows, looking lazy, “I remembered a funny thing.”

That day, apart from purchasing the medicinal herbs for Wen Fengmian’s cure, she had also bought some other ones specifically.

When she returned, she also debugged some new medicines in pa*sing and placed them in her room.

Naturally, highly poisonous herbs could not be sold in the market.

So no matter how they were refined, the toxicity would not be too high.

At most, it would only cause a red rash all over the body for a month, and if one sought medical attention, it would be worse, rotting one’s face or something.

The poison she had prepared, no one had been able to cure it yet.

“Hmm?” The red light changed to green and Fu Yunshen started the car, “What’s the fun thing to do, to make brother happy too?”

The girl had just woken up, her phoenix eyes were filled with watery light, her voice was low and cold: “I taught a man a lesson, I’m in a better mood.”

The man’s slender fingers tapped on the steering wheel, his eyes deep.

He had checked the Ying family.

Even if the Ying family had the intention to hide what happened sixteen years ago, a careful investigation would still reveal the truth.

The four great families were so interested in profit that they were able to abandon even their own daughters at will.

It was exactly the same as before.

Fu Yunshen took out a piece of chocolate and handed it over.

Ying Zidian took it and split it in half.

Fu Yunshen lowered his eyes and smiled lightly.

The child is quite thoughtful.

He glanced at the girl thoughtfully, his lips curved and his voice rose: “Yao Yao?”

Ying Ziyi didn’t hear him and removed her headphones, “What?”

“Yao Yao.” Fu Yunshen recited it again, his peach blossom eyes were deeply lined, as if he was seducing people, “Your nickname, isn’t it this one?”

These two words were spoken by him, lovingly and lingeringly, like the whispers of a lover.

Ying Ziji was silent for a moment, and softly said, “Mm.”

Ying Ziyao was not given her nickname by her family, but by Wen Fengmian.

Wen Fengmian said that there were two meanings of夭夭.

One is “Shen Shen Yao Yao, the appearance of harmony and comfort”, he hopes that she will have a peaceful and comfortable life.

The other is “to die young”.

It was a custom in Qing Shui County to give her a b*tchy name so that she would be better fed.

“Well, that’s fine.” Fu Yunshen looked diffident, “I’ll call you Yao Yao, do you mind?”

Ying Ziji yawned, lazily, “I don’t mind.”

She had many names just from the years she had spent in O Chau.

To her, a name was just a code name.

Except for the ones with special meaning.

The two of them ended up at a hot pot skewer by the pedestrian street, which was crowded at night and required queuing.

Ying smelt the mellow, tantalising spicy aroma and was quite sorry she should have stayed in China longer before too, missing out on so much food.

“I’ll go and park.” Fu Yunshen raised his hand, wanting to touch her head, but finally let it go and said, “You go and draw a number first, don’t run around.”

This hot pot skewer was in an alleyway, a long way from the car park.

Ying nodded.

After taking the number, she leaned against the wall with one hand in her pocket.

With the other hand, she took out her phone and opened Weibo.

After Ying Luwei had circled her Weibo account that day, she had logged out and registered a new one.

Ying Ziyi scanned the hot list and found nothing interesting, so she was ready to quit and play games for a while.

But at that moment, a Weibo post popped up in the Hot Topics section, from a marketing number.