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Boss Lady Chapter 27-28

Chapter 27

[Breaking news! Ying Luwei enters hospital late at night, suspected to be pregnant!

The hot spot was right below the hot search, which you could see as soon as you entered Weibo.

Soon, Ying Luwei’s fans came to hear about it.

[Wow, is Wei Bao already close to our brother-in-law!

[Ahhhhh, if Vibo is pregnant, we won’t be able to see the recital!

[I’m looking forward to it, Wei Bao is so good looking and so is her brother-in-law, how good will she look when she gives birth.

It was no secret that Ying Luwei and Jiang Moyuan were engaged to be married, and the dewdroppers affectionately called Jiang Moyuan their brother-in-law.

There was always something else in the swath of celebratory comments.

[Oh, Jiang Moyuan is blind, he actually wants to marry a big white lotus, what, and wants to produce a little white lotus? To open a pond and plant flowers?]

In one sentence, two people were scolded, so angry that those fans were about to break into a tirade.

But because of what happened that day, fearing that they would be hit in the face again, the big fans spoke up in time.

[Blackie is back, sisters, don’t give blackie eyes, the more you give him the more you jump, speed point to report.]

While reporting the black comment, the fans celebrated joyfully in the super talk.

But she didn’t know that at this time, Ying Lu Wei was going crazy, looking at herself in the mirror with a red rash, she couldn’t even cry.

“What’s wrong?” The manager was also shocked, “What did you touch?”

Ying Luwei’s voice was choked with emotion: “Nothing.”

She had only gone back to the old house.

“It’s strange, even the doctor didn’t find out the allergen and couldn’t prescribe the right medicine.” The agent frowned straight away, “I’ll call the third master and ask him to ……”

“No way!” Ying Luwei suddenly became excited, “I can’t let Mo Yuan see me like this.”

“Then you ……” the agent was headstrong, “Fine, fine, I’ll contact a doctor in the empire and prepare to go to the empire to take shelter as soon as possible.”

Ying Luwei put the mask back on and wanted to die.

The agent also advised, “Don’t move your face, don’t let it itch anymore, put the mask on for the last few days and don’t show your face.”


On the other side.

Inside the hot pot skewer shop, in a cubicle.

The spicy aroma was getting stronger and stronger, stimulating the taste buds.

Ying Ziji supported his chin and pointed to the picture of the spicy red soup: “I want this one.”

Fu Yunshen swept a glance, then ordered a mushroom soup pot: “Your body is not good, eat less spicy food.”


He leaned back in his chair and smiled, “Inviting brother to dinner, shouldn’t brother make the decision?”

Ying Ziji rubbed her head and reluctantly agreed, “Okay.”

Then she would come and eat by herself next time.

The food is chosen and served.

It didn’t take long for the heat to fill the air, giving a little warmth.

The girl was holding a gla*s of cold Coke, not knowing what she was thinking about, and her lowered eyelashes were tainted with droplets of water.

The haze was reminiscent of the fog floating on the distant mountains, threatening to dissipate at any moment.

It should be a beauty that does not exist on earth, but it suddenly falls, with a feeling as if it is unreal.

Fu Yunshen inclined his head: “Yao Yao.”

Ying Ziyi returned to her senses: “Hm?”

“I remember that in three days’ time, Qingzhi will start school.” The man looked diffident, “Do I need to send you there?”

Hearing this, Ying Ziji, who was pondering whether to raise flowers or pigs first, said, “……”

Her retirement life seemed to have been aborted before it started.

It’s not that she hasn’t been to school before, and she likes to learn new things.

When she was in O Continent, she had sparred with that madman at Norton University in alchemy.

The alchemy of o-continent was also the alchemy of the ancient medical community of China.

On the other hand, in order to facilitate her walk on Earth, within three hundred years, she studied mathematics, physics, biology, astronomy and so on here.

She also followed some of the seminars conducted by some of the top scholars of the time and learnt a lot from them.

But now she was allowed to go to school?

Ying worked out from her memory the subjects she had to study at Qingzhi High School and pondered.

It didn’t seem too difficult, except for the language composition, which she hadn’t touched.

Luckily, she could continue her old age and experience the school life of the 21st century in the process.

“It’s fine, I can just go there by myself.” Ying Ziji shook her head slightly, “It’s not far.”

Qingzhi High School was within the second ring road and had good transport links.

“Then if there’s anything I can help you with, feel free to say so.” Fu Yunshen nodded, “By the way, Yaoyao, that medicine of yours ……”

Before he could finish his words, there was another medicine bottle in front of him, white in colour.

“Upgraded version.” Ying Ziji yawned, “Not enough there is more.”

Fu Yunshen obviously didn’t expect this move from her, he paused and his lips curved slightly, “You’re so generous?”

Ying Ziyi was light: “It’s not like anyone is.”

There were only a few people who were really nice to her.

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes twitched and he smiled gently, “Thank you, Yoyo.”

He knew that these medicines were by no means simple.

At least in the ancient medical community of China, there are only a few people who can make them.

A single grain of it was priceless.

But she had given it without saying anything, or a bottle.

Fu Yunshen didn’t ask, nor did he bother to find out.

Everyone had their own secrets, and he was no exception.


Three days later.

Qingzhi High School.

Except for the senior three, who returned early on the sixth day of the school year, both senior one and two started school today.

Morning study starts at a quarter past seven, but by six forty, the Soph*more Excellence cla*s is already full.

As soon as the seniors graduate this year, they will be prospective seniors and cannot afford to slacken off in the slightest.

But there was one seat that was still empty.

It was in the most obscure corner of the cla*sroom, next to the rubbish bin, with dusty desks and chairs and a lot of messy footprints.

When the duty students were on duty, they also deliberately ignored it.

A few boys looked over and whispered.

“You don’t think she’s afraid to come, do you?”

“I think it’s possible, she came for nothing anyway, full marks of 750, she got 387, no brains.”

“Where the hell did she get that big face? If I were her, I’d be ashamed to stay in Yingcai cla*s any longer.”

What kind of students are most despised in the Talented cla*s?

The ones who give nothing and yet get what others can’t.

They take advantage of the best resources and don’t get ahead.

There were only fifty students in Yingcai’s cla*s, and the fact that Ying took up a place meant that the fiftieth oldest student couldn’t get in.

Ying Fei Fei sat right in front of these boys.

When she heard these words, she poked the table in front of her and lowered her voice: “Zhiyan, what do you think your aunt is thinking? Why did she choose to send an adopted daughter to the Talent cla*s?”

Zhong Zhiyan was reading a physics book and smiled lightly, “I don’t know what my aunt thinks, but she got into the cla*s thanks to Ms. Ying.”

Ying Luwei is a specially employed music teacher at Qingzhi High School and occasionally teaches her students.

“Teacher Win is too nice to her, isn’t she?” Ying Fei Fei said in disgust, “This way, even if she doesn’t do well in the exams, she won’t be expelled from the Talent Cla*s.”

No one wants Ying to leave, it’s just an eyesore.

Zhong Zhiwei closed her book and said indifferently, “Expelling her from Talented cla*s, isn’t that easy?”


Chapter 28


If it were easy, why would she have stayed in the cla*s for a whole term?

She should have been out of the cla*s as soon as the first monthly exam was held.

But since Zhong Zhiyan had said so, she must have a solution.

Ying Fei Fei’s eyes lit up, “Zhiyan, what do you think should be done to catch up?”

Grade fifty was her little sister, and she had wanted to kick Ying out for a long time.

“What kind of nature is she, you still don’t know?” Zhong Zhiyan said indifferently, “If she is bullied a few more times, she will break down first and she will still be able to stay in Talent Cla*s?”

“Bullying?” Ying Fei Fei froze and hesitated, “What if she complains?”

Even if she was just an adopted daughter, Ying Ziji was still a member of the Winning Family.

The four biggest families in Shanghai City were no ordinary family to compare with.

Zhong Zhiyan smiled, meaning to say, “Auntie will definitely not care, as for Teacher Ying ……”

She had heard during her winter break that Ying Ziji had seduced Jiang Moyuan, so how could she have the face to ask Ying Luwei for help?

Ying Fei Fei was then relieved and in an extremely good mood, “There are many people in the cla*s who want her to get lost, Zhiyan, in a moment I will find some cla*smates and plan a plan.”

Zhong Zhiwei didn’t say anything, she took out her English notes from her school bag and proceeded to study.

To the side, Lu Fang, who had been eavesdropping for a long time, finally couldn’t help himself and came over, “You guys want to kick that dirtbag out?”

“Isn’t that nonsense?” Ying Fei Fei glanced at him, “Don’t you think she’s in the way?”

Which of the Talented Cla*ses didn’t have an average score of over 698 in the entrance exam?

How many points did Ying Ziji drag their cla*s down by herself?

“How is it possible!” Lu Fang recalled the incident at the pharmacy that day and held his tongue, “She caused my sister to be locked up by my father.”

At these words, Zhong Zhiwei looked up, “Your sister?”

Lu Zhi was in her early twenties, and her medical skills were naturally not comparable to those of veteran herbalists who had been practicing for decades.

But after all, she had graduated from the Imperial University of Chinese Medicine and had a wide range of contacts.

It was said that Lu Zhi’s tutor had a slight connection with the Meng family in the imperial capital.

Ying Fei Fei was suspicious: “What does your sister’s confinement have to do with her?”

Zhong Zhiyan also listened with a sideways ear.

Lu Fang briefly recounted the story and sneered, “I don’t know what kind of luck that dirtbag had, but she was even taken in by Fu Yunshen.”

Zhong Zhiyan frowned: “The Seventh Young Master has returned from O Chau?”

“I think he also went to O Chau for further studies for nothing.” Lu Fang snorted, “Still a useless fop, when Master Fu dies, he will also cry out.”

Zhong Zhiyan spoke coldly, “Lu Fang, such words, you dare to say?”

“Zhiyan, I’m just saying, just saying.” Lu Fang threw his hands up, “I didn’t mean it.”

The Yingcai cla*s also had the Fu family’s thousand-year-old grandson in it, so it was lucky that he hadn’t been overheard.

Otherwise, he would have been in big trouble.

Zhong Zhiyan was cold: “Cla*smate Lu Fang, we don’t know each other that well, please don’t call me that.”

Lu Fang was embarra*sed, but he was not angry.

Zhong Zhiyan was one of Qingzhi’s recognised goddesses, and he had liked her for a long time, but he had just never found the opportunity to get close.

Now it was here.

He must drive that bumpkin out of the Talent Cla*s.


When Ying arrived at school, it was ten past seven.

Although she had refused Fu Yunshen, he had called her up at half past six on time.

At the entrance of the school stood the student council’s duty officer and the moral education director, who was there to catch students who were not dressed properly and who were late.

It was a rule at Qingzhi that school students must not only wear the school uniform but also the school badge.

Ying Ziji looked at the blue and white school uniform she was wearing and thought it was ugly and personal.

With her hands in her pockets and her school bag slung over her right shoulder, she walked unhurriedly towards the inside of the campus.

Each grade had a separate building, and senior two happened to be in the very middle.

There were quite a few students on the road, all in a hurry.

At that moment, someone else came in at the entrance of the school.

It was a young man.

White shirt, blue bow tie, black suit trousers.

His face was of mixed race, with a pair of gold-rimmed gla*ses perched on the bridge of his high nose, and his asceticism was very strong.

The girl on duty hurriedly bowed her head and called out “Mr. He” in a low voice.

The young man heard him and nodded his head sideways in greeting, “Thank you for your hard work.”

The girl on duty blushed and stammered, “Thank you, thank you, Mr. He.”

The students in front looked back, and those behind them quickened their pace, whispering to each other.

“Teacher He is so handsome, I wonder if he has a girlfriend.”

“Don’t think about it, Mr. He is a doctor from China, he is very knowledgeable, we can only look up to him.”

“It’s a pity I’m not in the international cla*s, otherwise I could listen to Mr. He’s lectures. ……”

Ying was not interested in listening or watching, she had just reached the third floor when her steps paused and her phoenix eyes narrowed abruptly.

A moment later, her eyes narrowed and she continued on her way with little expression.

The door to the cla*sroom is half-hidden, with only a crack showing.

She lifted her foot and kicked the door open.

“The bang was violent and ruthless.


It was the sound of water pouring down.

“Holy sh*t!”

Lu Fang, who was hiding behind the door, couldn’t dodge and was directly drenched.

The basin containing the water fell down and hit him on the head, shaking his eyes for a while and causing him to fall to the ground, all dazed with pain.

The commotion instantly drew the attention of everyone in the cla*s, with gazes of surprise and mild disgust.

“Zhiyan, Lu Fang is too careless, isn’t he?” Ying Fei Fei snickered, “He still wants to chase you with that kind of intelligence, a toad eating swan meat.”

Zhong Zhiyan didn’t answer, but looked outside the door.

The girl walked in at the same time, her legs long and straight.

Even in her ordinary school uniform, it was hard to hide her stunning face.

She looked like a cherry blossom on a branch, or snow on a mountain top.

A cold and aggressive beauty, but with a strong sense of compulsion, easily capturing everyone’s attention.


Instantly, the entire cla*sroom fell silent.

They watched in awe as the girl walked to the most inconspicuous corner and calmly took out a tissue and slowly wiped it.

It wasn’t until after she sat down that one by one people withdrew their eyes in a trance-like manner.

In the cla*sroom, there were whispers and whispers.

“Crap, is this the dirtbag?”

“Fake, did she get a facelift over winter break?”

“Can plastic surgery fix her aura too? Honestly, her aura is no match for Goddess Zhong or Goddess Ying.”

Goddess Ying refers to the Miss Ying family.

Of the three goddesses in Qingzhi, two are in the Senior 2 Talent Cla*s.

“What are you talking about?” When she heard this, Ying Fei Fei laughed, “How can a foster daughter be compared to Zhiyan?”

Zhong Zhiyan is the rightful young lady of the Zhong family, the four most powerful families, what is Ying Zigui?

Can you compare these two?

Before Zhong Zhiyan could say anything, a voice came out.

“No way, no way, am I the only one who thinks that when you look at her today, she’s the one who should be the main attraction?”