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Boss Lady Chapter 29-30

Chapter 29


With a single word, the cla*sroom was silenced again.

The students couldn’t help but glance at the corner again, and with this look, all the retorts were swallowed back into their stomachs.

The girl sat quietly, the sunlight tinting her eyebrows a pale gold.

There was no deliberate embellishment, yet she was stunningly beautiful without even thinking about it.

Is this kind of face really something that a human being can possess?

To say God’s Face was even demeaning.

Ying Fei Fei was furious: “Do you guys dare to say this to Xiao Xuan’s face?”

The students looked at each other and didn’t say anything more as they started their morning reading.

There was only a five-minute break between the morning reading and the first cla*s, and some of the students went to get water, while others went to the washroom.

Ying propped herself up on her elbows and looked at English elective eight with boredom, her thoughts drifting back to the time when she was in Y.

In those days, people still spoke Middle English and modern English was quite simplified, so it was quite quick to learn.

When the five minutes were up, the bell rang and the first cla*s was English.

The English teacher was a woman in her early forties, surnamed Deng.

She walked in on time with the bell ringing and a pile of papers in her hand: “You all know the results of the final exam, so I’m handing them out to you now.”

“The questions were hard this time, but everyone did pretty well on the test.”

The students all let out a sigh of relief.

“Zhong Zhiwei, 123 points, first in the cla*s.” Teacher Deng handed them out while reading the results, “…… Lu Fang, 94 points, Ying Fei Fei ……”

Until the last paper left in her hand, but she did not read the results.

Teacher Deng pushed his gla*ses and his voice was kind, “Ying Zidian, come and get your paper.”

Ying Zidian nodded and went forward.

Lu Fang was not happy: “Teacher Deng, we have all read our results, why not hers?”

He didn’t know that Ying Zidian’s English was a 30 out of 10.

Teacher Deng smiled good-naturedly, “If Ying agrees, you can read it too.”

Immediately Lu Fang looked at the girl, condescendingly, “Ying Zidian, do you mind letting everyone know your grade?”

Ying Zidian got the paper from Teacher Deng’s hand and walked on.

Ignoring Lu Fang completely and utterly, she didn’t even give him a look.

Lu Fang was so angry that he was going crazy.

Ying Fei Fei gloated, “Zhiyan, I saw it, she only got 25 marks, it’s so humiliating, no wonder she doesn’t want to be known.”

Zhong Zhiyan didn’t respond, pondering, not knowing what she was thinking.

“Okay, now on to the questions.” Teacher Deng picked up the chalk, “In a moment I will call on people to answer questions at any time, if you can’t answer ……”

At the bottom there was a wailing sound.

Even Zhong Zhiyan only got 123 marks, so it was obvious how sick the questions were.

Ying Ziyang scanned her own paper and thought about it.

Well, it seemed that before she woke up, she was really a dregs of learning.

Teacher Deng was not a fast lecturer and would take care of students who were weak in English, but she couldn’t tolerate anyone going off on a tangent in cla*s.

A chalk tip was thrown over, “Lu Fang, talk about the reading comprehension 64 questions.”

When Lu Fang looked at the question, he found that he had made a mistake.

And he couldn’t understand a single word of the question options, so he was a bit dumbfounded and anxiously sweating.

Seeing this, Ying Fei Fei said loudly, “Teacher Deng, Zhiyan didn’t even do this question, so it must be difficult, but I just saw that she wrote it correctly, so I should let her come up to speak.”

Zhong Zhiyan also raised her hand and smiled, “Teacher Deng, I also want to know how Ying did this question, can you ask her to tell us?”

As soon as Zhong Zhiyan spoke, many people in the cla*s echoed her words.

“Yes, Teacher Deng.”

“We’re all very curious about it.”

The question was so difficult that no one in the cla*s knew how to do it.

Teacher Deng frowned and was just about to say something when, in the corner, the girl slowly stood up.

She held the paper in one hand, swept a glance at it, and opened her mouth casually.

Lu Fang and Ying Fei Fei, who were about to taunt out, heard a string of pure and fluent British accents: “……”

Zhong Zhiwei snapped her head back.

Ying finished the question in thirty seconds, “To sum up, choose d for question 64.”

Teacher Deng was surprised: “Good answer, that’s it, please sit down.”

Ying sat down and turned his pen to play.

The signal of “a bunch of rubbish” emanated from her body.

The cla*s: “……”

Ying Fei Fei is incredulous: “Zhiyan, she really knows how to do it?”

Wasn’t that a trick?

The smile on Zhong Zhiyan’s lips faltered: “Who knows?”

At that moment, Teacher Deng asked again, “Zhong Zhiyan, did you understand?”

Zhong Zhiyan’s face flushed hot as she lowered her head, “Yes.”

“Alas, you guys have really let me down.” Teacher Deng sighed, “You’ve been studying with me for so long, but you’re not as good as Ying Zidian, who came here halfway, so go back and study hard.”

The cla*s was silent, no one dared to say anything else.

The cla*s ended quickly, and after cla*s, Teacher Deng called Ying Zidian up.

“Did you practice speaking during the winter holidays?”

Ying Zidian raised her eyebrows, “Yes.”

“Good, it’s a good start, your base is a bit thin, you won’t be able to do too difficult questions.” Teacher Deng said, “I’ll give you some basic problem sets, are you free to pick them up in my office at lunchtime?”

Ying didn’t refuse the kind offer, even though she didn’t need it: “Yes.”

“Work hard.” Before leaving, Teacher Deng patted her on the shoulder, “Don’t take other people’s words to heart.”


At noon, everyone in the cla*sroom went out to eat.

Ying Ziji took a bite of tomato and looked down at her WeChat messages.

She had very few WeChat contacts, and the only ones who would send her messages were Fu Yunshen and Wen Huilan.

The former has recently raised her like a child, such as this one today.

The former has been treating her like a child lately, such as today’s message. [Did you have a good meal at lunch?

[No, I ate tomatoes.

She’s quite a picky eater.

Ten seconds later, Fu Yunshen sent a direct message.

The actual voice is always very nice, low and deep, like notes jumping on the tip of the heart.

The actual fact is that you’ve been separated for just how long, and you’re not listening again, the meal must be eaten properly.


I’ll see you tonight to see if we’ve lost weight.

Ying Ziji stared at the words, rubbed his head and put his phone back in his pocket.

After finishing the last bite of tomato, she got up and went to the English group office.

After knocking on the door, she walked in.

There was only one young man in the office apart from Mr Deng.

After the door was closed, Mr Deng turned to him and said, “Mr He, this child has given me a big surprise today, her speaking is really good.”

It wasn’t just any English accent, it was queen’senglish – pure royal English.

It was simply incredible.

He Xun sniffed and asked lightly in return, “What’s the point?”

He had helped Teacher Deng lead a few cla*ses for the Talented cla*s, so he naturally knew what kind of person Ying Ziji was.

She was not motivated and did not work hard.

This kind of student was the last thing he could see.


Chapter 30

After knowing that Ying Zidian got into the cla*s through the back door because of the Ying family’s connections, He Xun was even more disgusted.

He really didn’t have any good feelings towards her.

As for speaking English?

This is the most basic ability of Qingzhi students.

Teacher Deng was blocked by these four words, but she remembered something.

She had gone to O Chau for a week for an academic exchange, so she asked He Xun to cover her cla*ses.

When she came back, she heard from the students in the Talented and International cla*ses that even when He Xun asked the simplest questions in cla*s, Ying Zidian couldn’t answer them and couldn’t even understand them.

Sometimes, she even fell asleep in cla*s.

Naturally, He Xun didn’t say anything during cla*s, but everyone could see that he was angry.

Teacher Deng sighed and wanted to say something: “This child is actually quite difficult ……”

Teaching students, she generally treats the right symptoms.

And learning does also have to do with talent, not everyone is good at English maths.

To this, He Xun didn’t comment, still light: “But she takes up resources she shouldn’t.”

Without Ying Zidian, that place in the Talented cla*s would belong to the fiftieth age.

After all, the Talented cla*s is equipped with top teacher resources, even if it is a key cla*s, it cannot be compared.

He Xun didn’t say anything more, he was reading a document, which was dense with English.

But on closer inspection, the English was different from normal English.

This was Middle English, applied between 1150 and 1500.

The grammar of Middle English is more complex than that of modern English

It is also more difficult because of the incorporation of a number of French and Latin words.

The red letters on the document are the annotations made by He Xun, who has done a lot of research but has only translated one paragraph.

There were too few people who knew Middle English now, even for the native inhabitants of Y. No one used it anymore.

Trying to find someone who knew Middle English was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

He Xun rubbed his temples, put the literature in his hands aside, turned to take out the textbook for the international cla*s, and began to prepare for the lesson.


Perhaps because of the morning English lesson, Lu Fang and Ying Fei Fei were more honest and didn’t bother Ying Zigui anymore.

The first day of school was all about papers. Ying Zidian looked at her marks in the six subjects and didn’t feel much.

She knew why it was like that.

Although she hadn’t fully woken up before and her memory and abilities weren’t there, she still had a bit of intelligence, so she wouldn’t be so bad at exams.

However, because of the pressure of the gentry circle while being called to give Ying Luwei blood transfusions from time to time, she was a puppet on a string and had no freedom at all.

She is unable to keep up physically, let alone study properly.

When she does badly in exams, Zhong Manhua gets even angrier, and in the long run, it becomes a vicious circle.

Ying Zigui looked pale and put the papers in her school bag.

No wonder her temper had become bad. It was because of the oppression she had suffered in the year she had come to the Ying family.

It was a good thing she didn’t have a perverted heart.

“Zhiyan, let’s go.” Before leaving the cla*sroom, Ying Fei Fei deliberately raised her voice, “Let’s go and see your grandfather.”

Zhong Zhiyan’s grandfather, also known as Zhong Manhua’s father.

Ying Ziji, an adopted daughter, was definitely not qualified to see him.

Zhong Zhiyan’s complexion however changed.

Ying Fei Fei didn’t know, she knew very well.

Although she hadn’t met her, Master Zhong was very kind to Ying Zidian, almost to the point of going beyond her.

Remembering again the words of the morning that no one took seriously, Zhong Zhiwei’s movements paused and she glanced at the girl lightly, “Let’s go.”

There was no evening study in Yingcai’s cla*s, and after school, the students went their own way.

Ying Ziji took a look at the time and was ready to go too.

Before she could go out, she was called by the life committee member.

“Ying Zidian, it’s your turn to be on duty today, there’s not much rubbish on the first day, just wipe the blackboard.” He hesitated and whispered, “In the morning, I saw Lu Fang put the basin full of water on the door, you …… you’d better be careful lately.”

Ying Zigui smiled and nodded slightly, “Thank you.”

“No, no thanks.” The life member was busy avoiding the girl’s eyes, a blush floating on her face as she picked up her school bag and quickly ran away.

After thinking about it, Ying Ziji decided to send a message back to Fu Yunshen first.

After sending the message, she rolled up her sleeves, took out a rag from under the lectern and went to the bathroom.

It was dark early in March, so after a few minutes of back and forth, it was already completely dark outside.

Looking down the corridor, a low-hanging canopy could be seen.

The buildings were hidden in the inky clouds that changed with the wind, the long street was full of cars and the crowds were like a sea tide that spread across the city.

Ying stood quietly for a while before returning to the cla*sroom.

Once inside, she stopped in her tracks.

The long man was leaning against the window, his light amber pupils reflecting a thousand lights, brighter than a river of stars.

Fu Yunshen heard the footsteps, he straightened up and turned back, his peach blossom eyes curved up: “Yao Yao.”

Ying Ziyang slightly wrinkled her eyebrows, “Didn’t you say that you didn’t have to wait for me?”

He always had a lot to do, there was no need to look after her all the time.

“It’s fine.” Fu Yunshen put one hand in his pocket and smiled, “Brother, I’ve been rather idle lately, so I’m doing duty with you.”

With that, he took the rag from her hand and wiped the blackboard very skillfully.

Ying Ziji was silent for a moment, she sighed, walked to the back, picked up a broom and started sweeping the floor.

Ten minutes later, the two of them finished cleaning up.

Fu Yunshen flicked the ash off his shirt and squinted his peach blossom eyes, “Well, it’s quite clean, let’s go.”

When they came out, it was already half past seven.

“Let’s have a meal.” Ying Ziji took out his phone and opened the app, “Then I’ll go home.”

Home, naturally, referred to Wen Fengmian’s place.

Fu Yunshen smiled lightly, “Listen to you.”

She was searching for a nearby restaurant when a surprise shout sounded in her ear, “Miss Ying!”

Ying Zidian turned around.


A black Maybach jerked to a halt in front of her, the window on the pa*senger side rolled down.


Meanwhile, across the road.

Zhong Manhua had just come out of the Century Centre shopping shop, she had just called her driver to pick her up, when she looked up, she saw the girl in the Qingzhi school uniform standing in front of a car, slightly bent over.

Next to her was Fu Yunshen, a well-known playboy in Shanghai.

Zhong Manhua frowned unhappily and was about to step forward to take Ying Zidian away.

“Manhua.” On the side, Madam Mu noticed, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Zhong Manhua immediately withdrew her eyes and just wanted to leave quickly.

She didn’t want Madam Mu to see this scene, and if word got out, it would be her daughter Zhong Manhua who didn’t know any better to seduce the young master of the Fu family.

However, Madam Mu had already looked over.

Zhong Manhua’s heart jumped and she went to pull her, “Madam Mu, let’s go first.”

Madam Mu, however, didn’t move, she looked at the black Maybach on and froze, a little taken back.

That seemed to be ……

Mu Heqing’s special car.