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Boss Lady Chapter 31-32

Chapter 31

The Mu family is one of several powerful families in the imperial capital, with a large number of family members in the main family and branch families combined.

Madam Mu had married into the Mu family for over twenty years and had actually never seen Mu Heqing a few times.

But she also knew that Mu Heqing’s special car was a black Maybach.

This Maybach was specially customized, the only one in the whole of China, but ……

Madam Mu frowned.

It wasn’t that she didn’t recognise the Ying family’s adopted daughter, that was why she hesitated.

With Mu Heqing’s status, even the other powerful people in the imperial capital were respectful, so how could he possibly know an adopted daughter who didn’t even have a name?

Mrs Mu was in a trance, looking down and pulling out her mobile phone from her bag, “Manhua, wait a moment, I’ll make a call.”

If it really was Mu Heqing’s car, she couldn’t just go up there, that would be disrespectful.

But it wasn’t, she was simply too lazy to go up.

Zhong Manhua forced a smile and just stood there dryly, her hands shaking slightly from the embarra*sment that kept welling up in her heart.

She struggled to restrain her anger and looked away, not even wanting to look at it again.


The Maybach.

Mu Cheng only glanced at his phone, not bothering with the caller: “Miss Ying, finally I found you.”

With the Mu family’s strength, it was easy to find out a person’s identity.

What’s more, Ying Zidian wasn’t deliberately hiding anything.

Ying Ziji bowed her head, “Well, what do you want from me?”

Mu Cheng glanced at Mu Heqing before saying, “Master will be leaving Shanghai tomorrow and wants to see you again before he leaves.”

After returning to his residence in Shanghai City that day, he had specifically contacted the Imperial Capital Dream Family.

Mu Cheng didn’t mention who the divine doctor was, but only asked vaguely, which made him realise how terrifying this Miss Ying’s medical skills really were.

Even the ones who are famous in the ancient medical world are afraid that they are out of reach.

Ying nodded, “Elder Mu can be quite healthy as long as he doesn’t smoke and drink.”

Mu Heqing coughed awkwardly and looked serious: “I will, old man.”

Mu Cheng’s foot faltered and he almost stepped on the accelerator to rush out.

For years, no one had been able to persuade Mu Heqing, but with one word from Miss Ying, it had worked.

This is too ……

“Miss Ying, there’s nothing I can send.” Mu Cheng secretly wiped a sweat and took out an exquisite box, “This is a little token of appreciation from the master, please be sure to accept it.”

This was the silver and gold needles that the Mu family had bought specifically from the ancient medical world, and the price had to be over ten million.

Ying Zigui’s eyes stared for a moment, and without refusing, he took it, “Thank you very much.”

The specially made silver and gold needles would increase the healing effect by dozens of times.

She needed them.

“And this.” Mu Cheng handed over another piece of paper, “This is one of Master’s properties in Shanghai City, the annual income from the flow of water is about fifty million, less is a little less.”

On the paper, there was the name of a hospital written on it.

Ying Ziji’s eyes twitched.

She hadn’t thought that this rather large Chinese hospital in Shanghai City would be an industry of the Mu family in the imperial capital.

“Don’t you refuse.” Mu Heqing coughed again, “You know how to heal, this couldn’t be better for you.”

After a pause, a little arrogantly, “Just take it, and I will definitely not touch cigarettes or alcohol.”

Mu Cheng: “????”

Wait, is this a threat?

“Thank you, Elder Mu, for your kindness, I won’t accept this.” Ying Ziji lowered her eyebrows and gave a light laugh, “I’m quite lazy, but I can help out at the hospital with difficult cases every now and then.”

She was quite in need of money, and she was playing her old job by the way.

“That’s fine.” Mu Heqing frowned, “It’s also because I’ve been ill-considered, this way, I’ll have Mu Cheng open a specialist consultation room specifically for you, so that not too many people will disturb you.”

“But the flowing income from this hospital will be transferred directly to your card.”

After saying that, fearing that the girl would refuse, Mu Heqing quickly let Mu Cheng drive away, that was fast.


Ying turned her head and put the box in her school bag, “We’re having Japanese food today.”

Fu Yunshen took her school bag straight away, moving lazily, “Brother will get it for you.”

The phone rang at this time, and an extra message came up on WeChat.

He was a good friend of his, and he was a good friend of his.

[Brat, you don’t even call out when you see me, you’ve grown in ability?

He hooked his lips and replied unhurriedly.

[This is not because I’m afraid that if I open my mouth, I’ll make your old man short-lived?


[Brat, you can stay away from other young girls, don’t harm them.]]

The girl’s face was so beautiful, she was so happy.

The actual fact is that there’s no internet, so I’m going down.

The first time I saw this message, I wanted to black out Fu Yunshen.

He moved his fingers, but held back.

Not to be angry, he couldn’t be angry.

“Master, the one from Fifth Master’s house called just now, probably asking when you’re going back.” Mu Cheng spoke, “Should I return one?”

Mu Heqing closed his eyes, faint: “No need.”


The next day.

Ying Ziji arrived at school a little early, at seven o’clock.

But this time, the Talented Cla*s didn’t start the morning reading early as usual.

The students were all standing in front of the cla*sroom, pinching their noses with disgusted expressions.

The back of the cla*sroom was littered with rubbish and stank to high heaven.

“It’s so dirty, isn’t it, who did that?”

“Our cla*s hasn’t been this dirty since ……”

Zhong Zhiwei frowned as she watched, “What’s going on, didn’t the day student clean up yesterday? Who was on duty?”

The life committee member froze, “It was Ying Zidian, but ……”

But obviously when he left, the dustbin was empty.

“What but, she just wasn’t on duty.” Lu Fang laughed coldly, “And made the cla*s look like this, she’s simply trying to discredit our cla*s.”

The Yingcai cla*s naturally had to do their best in everything, and hygiene was no exception.

How could they win the red flag if they were like this?

Ying Fei Fei suddenly said loudly, “Here she comes.”

Immediately, the students made way.

Ying Ziji walked in, still plain and in her simple school uniform.

She swept a glance at the students standing around her and went straight to the rubbish bin, glancing at it lightly.

In the rubbish bin were her textbooks, tutorials, and the exercise books that Mr. Deng had given her yesterday.

All of them had been torn into large and small pieces, stained with oil, and had become completely unrecognisable.

The girl just looked at the floor quietly, with no expression on her face.

But inexplicably, the air pressure in the cla*sroom was getting lower and lower.

“Ying Zigui, weren’t you on duty yesterday?” Ying Fei Fei got the chance to mock, “You were on duty for loneliness?”

“Okay, stop it.” Zhong Zhiwei raised her hand, “Let’s all clean up together, while the student council is still here.”

“On what grounds?” Ying Fei Fei coldly, “She’s the one who messed up and left us in charge, so she should be left alone ……”

The latter words didn’t come out.

Ying Ziji moved.

She raised her eyes, stepped forward with little emotion, yanked Ying Fei Fei’s hair with one hand, and pressed Ying Fei Fei’s head directly into the bin in front of the whole cla*s.


Chapter 32

The movement was hard and fast, without a half-second cushion.


Ying Fei Fei only had time to scream as her entire head, along with half of her body, was shoved into the bin.

The bin was so big that it had no problem fitting a person in it.

Ying Ziyi lifted her leg and kicked it up again.

“With a thud, Ying Fei Fei was completely covered with rubbish.

Everyone was dumbfounded and didn’t react at all.

They watched dumbfounded as Ying Ziji pulled up her white school uniform sleeves, casually took two rubbish bags from the side and put them on her hands, lifting up Ying Fei Fei from the bin.

With her other free hand, she picked up an apple from the ground and was feeding it into Ying Fei Fei’s mouth.

It was very leisurely, like a famous nobleman feeding a dog in the medieval period of O-continent.

Ying Fei Fei had just caught her breath when her mouth was blocked by a rotten taste.

Her eyes widened violently and she struggled desperately, wanting to scream but unable to break free, and could only be forced to swallow the apple bit by bit.

Zhong Zhiyan finally came back to her senses and said angrily, “Ying Zidian, what are you doing? Why don’t you go up and pull her away?”

Zhong Zhiyan was the cla*s president and the goddess of Qingzhi, so no one in the cla*s would not listen to her.

Moreover, what Ying Zidian did was outrageous.

Even if she was not on duty, she was still hitting her cla*smates?

A few boys immediately went up to her, but the girl suddenly turned her head.

She still had her usual cold look in her eyes, like snow on a distant mountain.

But at this moment, a violent aura hung over her body and her sight was so compelling that even the 6’9″ sports commissioner could not help but step back.

No one dared to move for a while.

Ying Ziji withdrew her eyes and looked down at Ying Fei Fei, who was covered in rubbish: “Is it delicious?”

Ying Fei Fei could finally speak, and she cried, desperately, screaming hysterically, “Ying Zigui, you’re sick! You’re sick!!!”

Didn’t she just tear up this bumpkin’s book and throw it in the trash?

What is this?

How dare you do this to her?

“I am sick.” Ying Ziji bowed her head and laughed lightly, “Don’t mess with me.”

Ying Fei Fei was about to curse when the hand that was holding her let go and with a bang she rolled back into the dustbin.

Ying tore the two rubbish bags off her hands and took out the hand sanitizer from her school bag, carelessly, “It’s quite dirty.”


There was dead silence in the cla*sroom.

Zhong Zhiyan’s lips quivered as she struggled to calm her tone, “Help Fei Fei up.”

Several boys pulled Ying Fei Fei out and then all quickly backed away.

It was too smelly.

Ying Fei Fei’s school uniform and loincloth were all contaminated with rubbish, and even oil was dripping down from her hair.

It was unbearable.

In all her life, Ying Fei Fei had never suffered such an indignity.

“Ying Zigui, you’re finished, I’m telling you you’re finished!” She ran off crying, “I’m going to sue the teacher to get you out of Talent Cla*s!”

Zhong Zhiwei frowned and didn’t follow, “Everyone sweep the cla*sroom, we’ll have morning reading later.”

The students looked at each other for a while and obeyed the arrangement, but they all had the sense not to go looking for displeasure.

Zhong Zhiyan didn’t even want to care, and didn’t even look at Ying Zidian.

Before three minutes had elapsed, the cla*s teacher of the Talented Cla*s came in with a very cold face.

“Ying Zidian, come to the office.”


When Zhong Manhua received the call from Qingzhi, she was lying in the courtyard drinking her morning tea.

She had thought it was something to do with Ying Zidian’s grades, but to her surprise, the cla*s teacher told her on the phone that her daughter had beaten up a female student in her cla*s and forced her to eat rubbish.

Zhong Manhua couldn’t believe it. She was so shocked and angry that she got up so violently that she startled the ma*sage technician who was serving her at the side.

“Manhua?” Madam Mu heard the movement and opened her eyes, “What’s wrong?”

Zhong Manhua’s body stiffened, put her emotions away and took a deep breath, “Nothing, I fell asleep just now and had a nightmare.”

She couldn’t let Madam Mu know that she actually had a daughter who would bully others.

This was no longer a matter of losing face, this was character!

Thinking of this, Zhong Manhua made up her mind as she faintly said back, “I’m not available right now, you guys watch out.”

Only after she hung up the phone did she breathe a sigh of relief.

Luckily, she hadn’t changed her identity back to just an adopted daughter, otherwise she would really have been too humiliated.

Mrs. Mu didn’t ask either, her heart heavy with worry.

She had called Mu Cheng last night, but had not received a response until this morning.

Mu Cheng was Mu Heqing’s close friend, and outside, he represented Mu Heqing.

When the Mu family couldn’t see Mu Heqing, or if they had something to discuss, they always contacted Mu Cheng first.

This wouldn’t mean that …… their faction had fallen out of favour, would it?

But among the Mu family’s group of juniors, Shenzhou was considered the outstanding ones.

Mrs. Mu became even more worried, she thought back carefully on the black Maybach again, and finally thought that the person sitting inside was not Mu Heqing.

Come to think of it, not to mention an adopted daughter of the Ying family, even if it was a few people in power in the imperial capital, Mu Heqing would not have condescended to meet her personally.

Perhaps she was just busy and hadn’t seen her call.

Madam Mu closed her eyes again and went on to enjoy the ma*sage.


Twenty minutes later, in the office.

Ying Fei Fei had changed her clothes, but she still reeked of rot.

She stood sobbing and crying, her sobs getting louder and louder.

“Fei Fei doesn’t cry.” Mrs Ying, who had hurriedly arrived from the office, hugged her, heartbroken, “Don’t cry, don’t cry, mummy will do it for you.”

While soothing Ying Fei Fei, Mrs. Ying looked up with an ugly face, “Teacher Xu, Fei Fei has always been obedient and would never get into conflict with her cla*smates, this matter, you must give us an explanation.”

With that, his gaze swept coldly towards the girl standing against the door, disgusted.

“I really don’t know how a student like you can be found in an outstanding cla*s, you don’t learn everything, apologise!”

Mrs. Ying was so angry that she would have gone up and slapped her if she hadn’t been so proud of herself.

“Mrs. Ying, calm down first.” Teacher Xu had a headache, “This matter has not been decided yet, let’s ask first.”

“Ask what?” Mrs Ying exploded at once, “Our Fei Fei is in such a state, what else is there to ask?!”

Mrs Ying’s voice was so loud that even the teachers in the other offices were startled.

The English office was right next to it, and Teacher Deng came too.

Once there were more people in the office, Mrs. Ying’s strength was increased: “If the Talent Cla*s doesn’t expel her, I’ll go to Weibo to expose you!”

When these words came out, the teachers all changed their faces.

Teacher Xu was in a difficult position, “Alas, cla*smate Ying Ziji, you ……”

Bullying a cla*smate is punishable by disciplinary action.

In serious cases, you can be expelled.

Ying Zidian raised her eyes, she walked forward with one hand in her pocket and smiled lightly, “Teacher Deng, can I borrow a computer?”