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Boss Lady Chapter 33-34

Chapter 33

Borrowing a computer?

Teacher Deng froze for a moment and didn’t ask why: “Okay, wait for me.”

She nodded towards Teacher Xu and then left the office.

Teacher Xu frowned, but he didn’t interrupt.

He had been leading the Talent cla*s for so long that he knew every student well.

Ying Zidian was not good at her studies, she was introverted and quiet, and often walked alone with her head down, cautiously, without being bullied, which was good.

But when he called Mrs Ying earlier, the Ying family looked on with a cold shoulder.

It was as if they were sure that it was Ying Zidian who had done this.

Mr Xu really couldn’t understand.

When Mrs. Ying saw that the girl was still acting like a breeze, without any shame or guilt, she exploded even more.

“What do you want with the computer? Huh? You’re still not apologising?” With that, she took out her phone, “Since you’re shameless, I’ll post what you’ve done on Weibo right now.”

The effect of public opinion is so great that it can ruin a person.

At the sound of her words, Ying Ziji turned her head and raised her eyes slightly.

The cold white skin was set against a pair of narrow phoenix eyes, which were cold and icy.

When she met this look, Ying Fei Fei suddenly remembered how she had been pushed into the rubbish bin earlier and how she had been forced to eat the rubbish one bite at a time, and her body shivered.

She reached out her hand tremblingly, “Mom, don’t …… yet.”

“Fifi don’t be afraid.” Mrs. Ying then soothed, hating, “Mom will help you get out of this bad breath.”

“Mrs. Ying.” Teacher Xu had to speak up, “Without personal permission, this is a violation of your right to reputation.”

Madam Ying’s hand froze, her face inexplicably agitated in full view of everyone.

At that moment, the sound of footsteps rang out, and it was Teacher Deng who had returned with her computer.

“Thank you, Teacher Deng.” Ying Ziji took the computer and just held it in his hands, “Please.”

“It’s no trouble.” Teacher Deng still couldn’t resist and asked curiously, “What are you doing here?”

“Nothing.” Ying turned on his computer, took out a USB stick from his pocket and gently said, “Just copied a few surveillance clips from the surveillance room, to share.”


These two words made Mr. Xu pay attention.

He looked serious: “What is going on?”

Ying Fei Fei’s eyes were wide and her palms were sweating.

She had come to school at quarter past six to teach Ying a lesson.

There was no one in the school at this hour, but the surveillance was always on, so if ……

No, of course not.

Even teachers are not allowed to enter the surveillance room, so how could Ying Zidian, a student, enter the surveillance room?

Ying Fei Fei calmed down and laughed coldly in her heart.

You really think you have proof?

“Watching the CCTV?” Mrs. Ying also laughed, scornfully, “Fine, let’s watch it and see how this student of yours is bullying our Fei Fei!”

Her voice was so sharp that Zhong Zhiyan, who was about to knock on the door to come in, also heard her, and her movements could not help but pause.

“Why don’t you go in?”

Behind her, a mellow male voice rang out.

“Nothing, Teacher He.” Zhong Zhiyan was slightly startled and smiled when she saw the person coming, “It’s just that there was a conflict in our cla*s and Teacher Xu is solving the problem, so let us study on our own first.”

He Xun frowned, “What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing really.” Zhong Zhiyan wanted to say something, and briefly spoke about what happened earlier, “I came over to see how it was going.”

After hearing this, He Xun’s expression coldened for a few moments, but his tone was still moderate: “You should go back first, I’ll go take a look, don’t delay your studies.”

Zhong Zhiyan nodded and didn’t refuse, “Then I’ll trouble Mr. He.”

As soon as He Xun pushed the door in, he saw the girl leaning against the desk with her legs bent, a notebook resting on her small arm.

Her head was slightly lowered and her other hand was tapping something on the keyboard at a rapid pace.

He Xun’s expression was instantly cold and more than a little disgusted.

The victim was right next to her, and she acted as if it was none of her business, without any sense of guilt.

He had never met such a student in his two years of teaching.

“Teacher Xu.” He Xun didn’t look at Ying Zidian again, “I’ll ask the children in the Talent cla*s if this matter has been resolved.”

“It will take a while.” Teacher Xu was a bit surprised by He Xun’s arrival, but didn’t say anything, “There’s Zhiyan watching the cla*s.”

He Xun faintly: “Teacher Xu, there is no need to waste time.”

If you have done something wrong, then you will be punished, what is the point of making the whole cla*s wait with you?

The time of more than forty people, can you afford to pay?

“Isn’t it?” Mrs. Ying was overbearing, “You want to watch the surveillance, is it not humiliating enough?”

Just as she finished her sentence, the projector in the office was suddenly turned on, and an image was projected onto the white curtain in front of her.

It was a surveillance video, the picture quality was not clear, but it was possible to identify who it was.

In the top right corner of the monitor was the time, accurate to every minute and second.

Seeing her figure appear on the monitor, Ying Fei Fei finally panicked a little and tried to tug at Madam Ying’s clothes.

But everyone in the office looked over, including He Xun.

The screen scrolled up and the surveillance showed –

At 6:15:27, Ying Fei Fei entered the school gate.

At 6:20:46, Ying Fei Fei came to the Talent cla*sroom, took out the books Ying had put in the drawer, tore them up and threw them in the bin, then went out.

At 6.35.14, Ying Fei Fei enters the cla*sroom again with a bag of soy milk and a bowl of rice noodles and empties them all into the rubbish bin.

At 6.40.34 seconds, Fei Fei Ying carried a bucket of rubbish and threw it at the back of the cla*sroom.

At 6:45:12, Fei-Fei Ying enters the cla*sroom for the fourth time and puts the two spiders in Ying’s drawer.


Chapter 34

The surveillance came to an abrupt end here, and the picture ended with Ying Fei Fei’s smug and open face.


There was silence in the office, all shocked.

Ying Fei Fei’s face was pale: “No, that’s not me, I didn’t do anything. ……”

Ying Ziyi actually did have surveillance?

How was this possible?

Madam Ying also froze, her face instantly flushed red.

The image on the curtain was like a slap thrown in her face.

In full view of everyone, Mrs Ying was so embarra*sed that she wanted to find a crack in the ground.

Ying put the computer away and gave it back to Teacher Deng with another thank you.

Naturally, she hadn’t copied the footage from the surveillance room, but had hacked into it and taken a few clips.

The new technology worked, and saved her hands.

The teacher naturally recognized what Ying Fei Fei had torn up, it was the exercise set she had specially prepared, and even though she was good-tempered, she was still angry.

He Xun was stunned, obviously not expecting the truth of the matter to be like this.

He pursed his lips slightly, glanced at the girl with a complicated expression, and did not say anything.

He was aware of the matter of Teacher Deng preparing the exercise set.

Only then did Teacher Xu come back from his shock, and his voice sank: ”Ying Fei Fei, look at what you’ve done. Why did you tear up Ying’s book?”

“I, I ……” Ying Fei Fei couldn’t argue any further, she cried out, “Who told her to hold our cla*s back all the time?”

She didn’t do it on purpose, it was Ying Ziji who owed her a lesson, could she be blamed?

“That’s not the reason for doing it either!” Teacher Xu was so angry that she had a headache, “How dare you say that Ying Zidian is bullying you? Aren’t you ashamed?”

He hadn’t realised that there were such students in the cla*s of excellence.

What quality?

Ying Fei Fei cried even more, she had never been spoken to so heavily by her cla*s teacher before.

“Teacher Xu, even if our Fei Fei did this, it’s not a reason for her to hit someone.” Mrs. Ying hastily held Fei Fei in her arms and sneered, “She has to apologise!”

She spoke in a strong tone, “In short, it’s your fault.”

Mrs Ying wasn’t afraid at all, because she remembered that Teacher Xu had said earlier that Ying’s parents weren’t available to come.

“You’re not going to take care of it?

The Ying family wouldn’t come forward at all, so what could they do if they had evidence? What could they do if they had evidence?

Ying Fei Fei also gradually regained her composure.


Zhong Zhiyan had already said that Zhong Manhua would not be able to take care of it.

How could an adopted daughter compare with a real young lady of a wealthy family?

Thinking of this, Ying Fei Fei finally breathed a sigh of relief, only secretly annoyed that she hadn’t done a cleaner job.

In her complacency, she raised her chin provocatively.

However, Ying Ziji didn’t even look at them.

She tilted her head, her voice light and unemotional, and even smiled slightly: “Teacher Xu, may I ask what the punishment is for deliberately murdering a fellow student?”

“Discipline? Or expulsion?”

Teacher Xu’s expression suddenly changed, “What’s this about?”

“Teacher Xu, you don’t know.” This time, it was Teacher Deng who spoke up, her voice cold, “This child, Ziji, is afraid of spiders, so bad that she will faint and suffocate.”

She had only discovered this by chance, and had specifically instructed her cla*smates about it.

Unexpectedly, she had been used by Ying Fei Fei in this way.

Ying Zigui paused, not expecting Teacher Deng to speak up for her.

Before she fully woke up, she had been bitten by a spider and almost lost her life, but fortunately Wen Hailan was there.

Although it was nothing serious in the end, she also suffered from arachnophobia, which is a mental illness.

After she woke up, she would naturally not have this disorder.

But Ying Fei Fei would not know the twists and turns.

Ying Fei Fei’s face, which had easily recovered its colour, turned white with a swish: “I… how do I know? It’s just a coincidence, I ……”

“Shut up!” Teacher Xu slapped the table and became even more furious, “Ying Fei Fei, if something happens to Ying today, you will be arrested, do you know that?”

Ying Fei Fei couldn’t even cry.

With so many eyes on her, Madam Ying was even more embarra*sed.

She hadn’t expected Ying Fei Fei to do this either, but what of it?

Wasn’t there nothing wrong with the person at all?

“Alright, let’s just forget about this matter, you are fine, what are you counting on?” Mrs. Ying pulled out ten notes from her purse, “It’s just a few books and exercise books, I’ll pay you a thousand, is that enough?”

She didn’t even have a backbone that could fight her, what else did she want?

Throwing down the money, Madam Ying directly pulled over Ying Fei Fei: “Fei Fei, let’s go.”

After saying that, she even looked back with a special toe, only to find that the girl only raised her head, and there was no fluctuation in her black and white pupils.

Yet it sent chills down one’s spine.

Madam Ying had even gone to the door, but Mo Ming did not dare to take another step forward.

Ying Zidian was holding the phone in one hand, and her fingers were casually scratching.

He Xun saw it from the side, it was the Weibo interface, and remembered what Madam Ying had said earlier.

This was to return the favour.

If this matter was exposed by the Weibo vloggers, Ying Fei Fei’s reputation would be ruined.

But in the end nothing did happen, it can’t ruin a minor.

He Xun frowned and wanted to go forward to stop the girl.

However, the door was kicked open at this time.

“Clang”, directly knocked Mrs. Ying away, just made the nose crooked.

Then a hangdog voice came in with a big grin.

“Aigoo, Younger Seven, look at this, a thousand dollars and you dare to be so cross, is there no one else in Shanghai City?”