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Boss Lady Chapter 35-36

Chapter 35

Nie Chao was furious.

Bullying a little sister?

How much more shameful can you get?

Madam Ying was holding her nose, which hurt like hell.

When she saw that it was an unknown gentleman, she had the strength to say, “What’s it to you? Huh?”

Only then did Nie Chao remember that not many people in Shanghai knew him, and he moved the doorway out of the way, pulling out his voice: “Seventh young man, come quickly, come quickly.”

Then he turned his head and rea*sured the girl, “Big …… sister, don’t be afraid, Younger Seven is here.”

Ying Ziji was slightly stunned and raised her head.

Fu Yunshen entered a step behind.

He wore a white shirt this time, with the top two buttons loosened and his collarbone half exposed, tempting to the core.

He was so flirtatious and loose that he looked unorthodox.

Everyone in the office froze.

Mrs. Ying was even more shocked, her brain buzzing: “Seventh, seventh young master?”

Fu Yunshen’s face was one that no one who had seen it once could possibly forget.

Even if there were people in Shanghai who didn’t like the fact that he had achieved nothing, they still had to be respectful.

“Excuse me, Mr. Xu.” Fu Yunshen ignored him, he walked straight towards the girl, “I’m her parent, I’m late.”

Teacher Xu was confused.

Nie Chao gave a tsk, thinking to himself that Seventh Younger was really carrying shamelessness to the end, this was even claiming to be a parent.

“You go to cla*s first.” Fu Yunshen side-eyed, “There’s no need to waste time.”

Seven words that made He Xun’s expression change.

Ying Ziji was slightly silent for a moment, she slowly said, “Actually, I can …… do it myself.”

Not waiting for her to finish, Fu Yunshen fished out a piece of dark chocolate from his pocket, his peach blossom eyes hooked: “Yoyo?”

Ying Ziyi, who was blocked by snacks: “……”

Nie Chao: “????”

What the hell, he’s even feeding her at any time?

D*mn, this is raising his daughter-in-law as a daughter?

Teacher Deng pushed his eyes and also spoke out, “Mr. Fu is right, D**key, you go to cla*s first, don’t delay, there are adults here to solve the problem.”

Ying Zidian still took the chocolate.

She didn’t want to bother him.

She also knew that he was genuinely kind to her, even if the reason was still unknown to her.

“Go on.” Fu Yunshen leaned in slightly and patted her head, “With you here, brother is afraid of scaring you if you move later.”

Nie Chao was choked up.

He was talking nonsense with his eyes wide open!

Did he forget how the other big brother had beaten five punks with one hand?

Teacher Deng agreed: “You’re in shock, I’ll take you to the infirmary to have a look first.”

The door to the office opened and closed, and the atmosphere was condensed to the extreme.

Ying Fei Fei was holding onto Mrs. Ying’s clothes and shaking uncontrollably.

When Lu Fang said that Ying had befriended Fu Yunshen, she didn’t believe her, but now she had to believe her.

What kind of luck was this?

Fu Yunshen raised his eyes, “Teacher Xu, I need to know what happened.”

Mr. Xu was busy telling the whole story again, “Mr. Fu, we are discussing how to solve the problem.

The man’s peach blossom eyes, dense with laughter, chilled down inch by inch until they froze.

Mrs. Ying shivered, where was her previous condescension: “Young Master Seven, misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Your daughter can’t be bullied, but my little friend is okay?” Fu Yunshen’s voice was gentle and he was smiling, “On what grounds? Hmm?”

Mrs. Ying wanted to say, “Can an adopted daughter be compared to her daughter?”, but when the words came out, she didn’t dare to say them at all.

Fu Yunshen said indifferently, “Pick it up.”

Mrs. Ying was stunned, and, not caring about her manners, she hastily knelt down to pick up the money she had thrown on the ground.

Before she could get up, a pile of money was dropped on top of her head.

“It’s just being thrown into the trash, people are fine, what’s the point of counting?” Nie Chao dutifully scattered money, “Here’s 10,000, is that enough?”

Mrs. Ying was so humiliated that her face turned white.

Ying Fei Fei’s lips trembled, “You, you’re bullying people with your power ……”

“Hey, you guys don’t bite back.” Nie Chao coldly snorted, “I’m keeping track of how you oppressed our Seventh Younger Sister just now.”

Teacher Xu spoke tentatively, “Mr. Fu, you see this matter ……”

“What to do with it, what to do with it.” Fu Yunshen straightened up and smiled lightly, “I believe that Qingzhi has always been fair.”


In the end, Mrs. Ying took Ying Fei Fei and left in disgrace.

Although she wasn’t expelled, she was given a demerit, and Ying Fei Fei would never be able to go to Teito University again.

She would not be accepted by any of the 985 universities in China, not to mention Teito University, and her future was basically gone.

It was even worse than ruining her reputation.

“I said why are you rushing this way so early in the morning, so it’s to save the beauty from the hero.” Nie Chao muttered, “Seventh youngster, not that I’m saying, are you really looking at the big guy?”

“She’s still a sister, you’re a bit too early for that, aren’t you?”

Fu Yunshen glanced at him, smirking.

Nie Chao immediately raised his hands in surrender: “Forget I said it!”

“No.” Fu Yunshen glanced sideways, looking down from the rooftop of the school building, faintly, “It’s probably because we share the same illness.”

Nie Chao froze.

After remembering that bit about the Fu family half-heartedly, he was unable to speak at once.

Nie Chao didn’t know how to comfort him and hesitantly spoke, “Brother, look on the bright side, it’s been so long ago.”

“Yes, it’s been so long.” Fu Yunshen let out a low laugh, “Twenty years.”

In front of his eyes, there was a bloodbath.

Screams and gunshots intertwined, pounding against the eardrums.

His eyelashes twitched and he smiled again, “Before, I kinda wanted someone to protect me, but there was none, so I wanted to protect her.”

Hearing these words, Nie Chao was so sad: “Seventh youngster ……”

The man leaned against the wall, his slender legs flexed as he looked to the sky and said softly, “I lived too much of a rocky life to settle down, but Yoyo, she must have the best.”

He smiled, the curve of his lips gentle.


In the evening, the Zhong family.

When Zhong Manhua arrived, Master Zhong was reading the newspaper at the dining table, and simply responded indifferently, “Here you are.”

Zhong Manhua paused in her steps, “Dad.”

“Where’s D**key?” Only then did Elder Zhong put down the newspaper, probe, and look towards the door, disappointed, “Why haven’t you come back yet?”

He couldn’t resist reprimanding, “You’re a mother, coming alone? What do you think you’re doing?”

Zhong Manhua was irritated to no end.

If Qingzhi hadn’t made her feel ashamed with that phone call this morning, why wouldn’t she have gone to school to pick up Ying Zigui?

The Zhong family was her mother’s family, and she had married into the Ying family.

But because of Ying Zidian, the Zhong family’s sisters-in-law had mocked her secretly.

“Evening, aren’t you in the same cla*s as D**key?” Master Zhong remembered something and turned around, “Haven’t you seen her?”

It was already seven o’clock, the second year of senior school had long since been released.

Zhong Zhiwei’s fingers tightened and she whispered, “Grandpa, I haven’t seen her, and cousin she might ……”

“Maybe what?” Elder Zhong tensed, “Something won’t happen, right?”

Zhong Zhiyan darted a quick glance at Zhong Manhua, “Cousin is going to be expelled from Qingzhi.”


Chapter 36


At these words, the entire living room was silent for a moment.

Mrs. Zhong, who was in the kitchen, peeked out and reprimanded Master Zhong before he could speak, “Evening, don’t talk nonsense.”

Then she said to Zhong Manhua, “Evening is just talking nonsense, what about dismissal or not, don’t bother with her.”

Zhong Manhua forced a smile, “Third sister-in-law is not saying anything, Evening is so well-behaved.”

But her heart was pounding.

At that time, because Mrs. Mu was there, she didn’t even ask her questions carefully, she only knew that Ying Zidian had hit someone.

She didn’t get another call afterwards, so she forgot about it.

If Ying Zidian was really expelled, how could she save her face?

He put on his old-fashioned gla*ses, picked up his mobile phone and said slowly, “I’ll call Qingzhi.”

“Dad, don’t worry about it.” Zhong Manhua didn’t want to lose face and suppressed his voice, “It’s better if I do it.”

“Don’t you think I know your strong nature?” Master Zhong waved his hand, “If you come, I’m afraid you’ll scold the child first.”

Zhong Manhua was ashamed and angry, “Dad, what are you talking about?”

Master Zhong ignored her and called the number of the cla*s teacher of the Talent cla*s from his address book.

The number was quickly answered.

“Hello, hello teacher, this is D**key’s grandfather, I want to ask D**key about her …… today.”

Listening to the conversation between Elder Zhong and Teacher Xu, Zhong Zhiyan squeezed her cup tightly.

Just what Ying Ziji did this morning, there was no one to take care of it, and being expelled was a sure thing.

Even if Elder Zhong went now, it would be too late.

She really couldn’t understand why her grandfather had to be so kind to an adopted daughter. The Zhong family’s illegitimate sons, even if they had achieved good results, hadn’t softened Master Zhong’s heart one bit.

How could an adopted daughter who couldn’t do anything be virtuous?

“What?!” Elder Zhong was saying when his face suddenly changed, “Fine, fine, I understand, thank you teacher.”

Zhong Manhua sat on the edge of her seat, agitated as hell.

It was hard to wait for Master Zhong to hang up the phone before she spoke, “Dad, I didn’t teach her properly, don’t worry, I’ll go back to ……”

Master Zhong interrupted her directly: “What did you do this morning?”

Zhong Manhua was stunned, “Mrs. Mu and I were having morning tea at the old mansion, discussing things, Dad, you are asking this ……”

“You had time to drink tea and didn’t have time to go to school?” Master Zhong was instantly shocked, “Do you know how much aggravation Zidian has suffered at school? Do you think it’s her fault without asking what happened? You don’t want to go because you feel ashamed?”

“If it wasn’t for that Fu kid, D**key would really have been expelled, you’re a mother, are you? What?”

“I’m more useful than you, even if I’m a flower vase!”

Zhong Manhua was blindsided by the scolding, and her face was red and flushed.

Zhong Zhiyan was slightly shocked.

Ying Zidian hadn’t been expelled?

Or did Fu Yunshen help her?

Zhong Zhiyan pursed her lips, her mood a little worse.

“Your daughter, you don’t believe me, are there people like you who are mothers?” Master Zhong was furious, “When D**key comes later, apologise to her.”

Zhong Manhua jerked her head up, “Dad!”

Master Zhong didn’t look at her, turned his back and pressed another number.


When Ying received the call, she had just finished giving Wen Fengmian a new round of physical therapy.

She glanced at the caller’s notes and picked up, her tone easing, “Well, I’m fine for the night, okay, I’ll go back to see you later.”

“What’s wrong?” Wen Fengmian was worried, “Is it the Ying family?”

“No.” Ying Ziji pressed his shoulder, “I’ll come back tomorrow, Dad, remember to take your medicine regularly.”

“Yao Yao, you shouldn’t be too tired.” Wen Fengmian wanted to say something, “Dad is still young, take care of yourself, don’t buy any medicine either, eat something good for yourself.”

As a parent, you are always thinking of your child.

“You can rest a*sured of that.” Ying Zidian peeled open a piece of chocolate, “I won’t compromise on food.”

It was true that she was short of money.

She could earn money again if she lost it, but she couldn’t miss the food.

“Still, be careful.” Wen Fengmian sent her out, urging, “Protect yourself, don’t get into trouble with your cla*smates at school, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you need help with your studies.”

Ying Zigui hmmed, waved her hand lazily, put on her school bag and left.

Forty minutes later, she arrived at the Zhong family’s old mansion.

The sites of the old mansions of the four great families happened to occupy the four directions of Shanghai city, and it was quite far to string a door to door usually.

“The firm’s capital …… is in the middle of the city, so come here.” Master Zhong was very happy to see someone at last, and beckoned towards the girl, “Let grandpa take a look, have you lost weight recently.”

Ying Ziji paused in her steps before she walked over, “Grandpa.”

“A little thinner.” Master Zhong rubbed his chin, barely satisfied, “But you’ve become beautiful, very good, very good, Grandpa will buy you some clothes later, it’s not good to wear black all the time.”

Ying Ziji responded one by one.

“Sit sit sit.” Master Zhong patted the seat beside him, “I have stewed black chicken soup today, take a good tonic.”

With Master Zhong’s permission, the servants served the meal and everyone else took their seats.

Zhong Zhiyan was holding her chopsticks, but she had no appetite at all.

Master Zhong glanced at Zhong Manhua, not angry.

Zhong Manhua held back and had to make a stiff apology.

However, the girl didn’t even give her a look, as if she didn’t hear her, she was eating the golden sand corn, eating it quite seriously.

Zhong Manhua’s face turned blue.

In front of so many people, not even giving her a step down?

“Like to eat this?” Elder Zhong noticed, “Tell them to make another plate.”

Ying shook her head slightly, “No need, Grandpa, I can’t eat that much.”

Master Zhong was afraid she would be polite and said, “Just say what you like, the kitchen is waiting.”

Zhong Zhiyan couldn’t stand it anymore, she got up with a cold expression, “Grandpa, I’m full, I’ll go back to the house first.”

Master Zhong nodded and didn’t say anything.

Zhong Zhiyan held her breath and went upstairs.

How could Mrs. Zhong not understand her daughter, she smiled and said, “Old Master, recently the Talent Cla*s has been heavy with studies, this is the time for Evening to go back and study seriously, you don’t mind that she doesn’t talk to you much.”

This was a reminder to Master Zhong: “D**key, is there a lot of pressure on your studies, do you want to let Evening make it up to you?”

Mrs. Zhong also almost failed to maintain her smile.

Zhong Zhiyan was top of her grade, how could she have the free time to give tuition to an adopted daughter?

“Thank you for your kindness, Grandpa.” Ying Ziji leaned back in her chair, looking detached, “But I’m going to change my cla*s.”

“Change one?” Elder Zhong was stunned, “What?”

Ying Ziyi took a sip of soup, “I don’t want to stay, it’s quite annoying.”

Zhong Manhua had been holding back, but finally she couldn’t hold back any longer.

She slammed her chopsticks on the table with a snap, her anger rising, “Talent cla*s is the best cla*s in Qingzhi, do you know how much effort it took for you to get into the Ying family with that grade?”

“If you say you won’t stay, you won’t stay, do you think you represent yourself?”