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Boss Lady Chapter 37-38

Chapter 37

How could you be so ignorant?

Zhong Manhua was so angry that her heart and lungs ached, her voice squeezed out between her teeth, “If you don’t want to go to school anymore, then drop out.

Ying Zidian didn’t even look at her, she didn’t even bother.

She peeled a shrimp slowly and carefully, and the words “None of your business” were clearly written between her lazy eyebrows.

Zhong Manhua was irritated and was about to lose his temper, when Master Zhong was once again furious: “Zhong Manhua, do you know how to speak properly? What have you done with your upbringing all these years? If you don’t know how to speak, get lost!”

If he was like this in front of him, what would it be in private?

Zhong Manhua was holding her breath, but she couldn’t say anything in front of Elder Zhong.

She simply did not eat either, coldly draped her shawl, picked up her coat and walked out without looking back.

“Look at her ……” Master Zhong was so angry that his blood pressure went up and he coughed again.

Ying raised her hand and patted his back, handing over the cup, “Grandpa, drink some water.”

“Ai.” Old Master Zhong immediately stopped being angry and took it with a smile.

After drinking it, Elder Zhong immediately felt his qi and blood relaxed and his spirits were all better.

He didn’t think about it too deeply, he just thought that his granddaughter was really nice.

“Old Master, calm down.” Mrs. Zhong was busy rounding up the situation, “Manhua has to manage the company and take care of the children, and you know her well.

Master Zhong didn’t appreciate it, “That also depends on the person, I can’t even say a word to D**key, but she’s just a barrage of words, I haven’t seen her talk so much about anything else.”


Mrs. Zhong finally understood how Zhong Manhua felt.

Master Zhong was being so nice to an adopted daughter, was this a way to let outsiders step over blood relations?

This meal had poured out of Mrs. Zhong’s appetite, and she hurriedly finished it, making an excuse to go upstairs.


After finishing the meal, Elder Zhong called Ying Zidian into his study.

“I’ve heard about what happened at school today. If you’re wronged in the future, call me directly, I’m retired, but I’m still old and strong.”

“I know, thank you, grandpa.” Ying gave him a squeeze on the shoulder, “But you’d better stop calling me that, just call me by my name.”

Elder Zhong froze.

Before he could ask, he heard the girl say indifferently, “Don’t really like names that others have used.”

When she was still alive, the Ying family had given her a maiden name, but now it had been replaced.

Master Zhong’s heart was suddenly filled with mixed feelings.

Only after a long time did he sigh, “It’s because Grandpa didn’t take care of you.”

If he had known that such a thing would happen, he should have brought the child to the Zhong family to look after him personally.

It was only a while ago that he returned to Shanghai and found out about his granddaughter’s disappearance.

When he thought of how much his granddaughter had suffered out there, it was hard for Old Master Zhong.

“Your mother, she’s just that way, so don’t pay any attention to her, let her be angry alone.” Master Zhong thought about it and took out a card from the drawer, “Grandpa doesn’t know what you young people like, and he’s afraid you won’t like it if you buy it, so take this card and watch what you buy.”

Ying had no intention of using it, but in order not to upset the old man, she took it: “Have you not been sleeping well lately?”

“That’s what happens when people get old.” Master Zhong pressed his temples and sighed, “One has to accept old age.”

Ying Zigui nodded and had a number in mind.

She had been idle lately and went back to refine a few more medicines.

But Master Zhong’s body was considered hardy among his peers, so if he took good care of it, he could easily live to a hundred.

“Staying child today, right? You haven’t been back for a long time either.” Elder Zhong coughed a few times and pretended not to care much, “I’ll have the driver take you to school tomorrow.”

Ying Ziji looked at Elder Zhong who was excitedly trying to rub his hands together, “……”

She was slightly helpless, “Okay.”

Even if Elder Zhong didn’t say anything, she would still stay.

“Fine, fine, tell Grandpa whatever you’re missing.” Elder Zhong nodded repeatedly, “I’ll take you to the Fu family later to thank that boy.”

Although, he didn’t like this kid much.

He was so foppy that he didn’t want to come to his family’s cabbage.

Master Zhong sent the girl out worriedly, and sat in the study for a while longer, slowly dialing a number: “Hey, Old Man Fu, what do you care what I’m calling you for at this late hour, I’m just giving you a heads up ……”


Before the day was out, word of what Ying Fei Fei had done spread throughout Senior Two, but most people had little interest in paying attention.

Because of Elder Zhong’s preference, Zhong Zhiwei didn’t sleep well all night, and was distracted during morning reading, his afterglow kept glancing at the empty seat in the corner.

A few students whispered.

“I heard that he went to the headmaster’s office as soon as he came in this morning, I don’t know why.”

“I guess he’s still going to get out of the Talent Cla*s, our cla*s finally has one less a*shat dragging its feet.”

Zhong Zhiyan listened and finally felt a little better.

She put down her book and left the cla*sroom, ready to go to the Academic Affairs Building to take a look.

Zhong Zhiyan did not know that at this moment, in the headmaster’s office, besides the headmaster, there were several teachers.

“You all know about what happened yesterday.” The headmaster thought for a moment and spoke, “I’ve discussed with Ying’s parents and I’m going to change her cla*s.”

Teacher Xu was stunned, “Headmaster?”

The headmaster just muddled through, “The Talent cla*s isn’t very suitable.”

He had a toothache too.

Many people in Shanghai wanted to enter the cla*s, but they didn’t want to stay.

Teacher Xu understood: “It’s good to change the cla*s, so you can keep up with your studies and the pressure won’t be too great.”

“That’s what I mean.” The headmaster nodded, “That’s why I’m thinking of letting Ying go to the international cla*s.”

He really didn’t dare to put Master Zhong’s granddaughter in a regular cla*s, no one would be able to resist this old man’s madness.

Although the international cla*s is taught in English, the teaching is less difficult than in the Talented cla*s and is more practical.

The students in the international cla*s are also the magnificent children of Shanghai City, geniuses who will go abroad for further studies in the future.

He had heard Mr Deng say that the boy was very good at English, especially in speaking.

Hearing this, He Xun, who was on the side, finally knew why the headmaster had called him here.

He lifted his head with little expression, his eyes under his gold-rimmed gla*ses drenched in a cold, watery indifference: “She’s transferring here, fine, I’ll resign.”

The headmaster was taken aback: “Mr. He, you’re ……”

He Xun graduated from the world’s number one university, Norton University, this year is only twenty-five years old, he got the professor’s qualification.

He taught all the courses of the international cla*s in senior two.

It took a lot of effort for Qingzhi High School to hire He Xun to lead the international cla*s, so that Qingzhi could have students who could get into Norton University.

A professor who graduated from Norton University and a student who can’t do anything, how else can you choose?


Chapter 38

Ms. Deng frowned.

Even if there was prejudice, how could one say that to a child’s face?

Students are encouraged.

Teacher Deng shook her head as she lowered her voice and explained to the girl beside her, “Child, Teacher He, he’s a graduate of Norton University, he’s young, he speaks straight, don’t take it personally.”

Ying Ziji hadn’t listened or looked.

Rather, when she heard the words Norton University, she finally gave He Xun a look.

This had made the university the number one in the world, and as a result, it had become accessible to anyone?

What vision?

The more you live, the more you pa*s.

I’m afraid she has made herself stupid by refining gold.

She took out her phone and searched for Norton University and clicked on the official website in English.

The official website was very simple and no different from other universities.

It was just campus news, faculties and departments, admissions and employment, and so on, with some pictures.

Nothing had changed from before, even the century-old buildings from the medieval period had been preserved.

Ying Zidian was puzzled.

With that madman’s character, would he really turn Norton University into a normal school?

But no matter what, the words Norton University now represented a world first.

Over the years, only a few dozen people from China had managed to enter Norton University, and after graduation, they were all top figures in their fields.

He Xun did not want to, but there was nothing he could do.

His academic qualifications were too outstanding, and he had the qualifications to make Qingzhi back down.

If he really resigned, it would be Qingzhi’s loss.

The headmaster hesitated, “Ying, look at this ……”

“The headmaster doesn’t have to be difficult.” Ying Zigui got up, “I don’t want to go to the international cla*s.”

Hearing this, He Xun’s eyebrows furrowed and his heart suddenly stuttered.

There was an uncomfortable feeling.

It was rather like he had made a fool of himself.

The headmaster was relieved, “Good, Ying, then see which cla*s you want to go to?”

Ying Zidian yawned and said blandly, “I’m going to cla*s 19.”

“Cla*s 19?” The headmaster froze for a long time before remembering that there was such a cla*s in senior two.

But this Cla*s 19 was really ……

His teeth ached again.

He Xun’s expression regained its coldness.

If you choose to go to cla*s 19, then you are degrading yourself.

He didn’t even want to look at the girl again, and directly got up and left.

The headmaster had no choice but to agree, “Then go to Cla*s 19.”

He took out the school records he had prepared long ago and called the cla*s teacher of Cla*s 19 again to discuss the matter.

It wasn’t done in secret and it was about Cla*s 19, so soon, relevant posts appeared on Qingzhi’s campus forum.

[Title: Report – That adopted daughter of the Ying family is coming to Cla*s 19!

[Content: As the title says, the owner has just got the news that the adopted daughter who got into the Talent Cla*s because of her connections has been rejected by the Talent Cla*s and the International Cla*s, so she has to transfer to Cla*s 19.

It was such a short post, and within less than a minute, there were hundreds of replies.

[1st floor: What what what what?

The first thing you need to do is to get a new one. Going to cla*s 19? Should I say she has a big heart or a big guts?

The first thing you need to do is to get a new one.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a good deal on your own.


108th floor: Wow, cla*s 19 is too bad, right? Anyway, I don’t have a good feeling about this adopted daughter of the Ying family.

[109th Floor: Waiting for Brother Burn and Sister Yu to kick out this adopted daughter of the Ying family.


Floor 470: Thanks for the invitation, I’m in Yingcai cla*s, this dragger is finally out of the way.

The cla*s of Yingcai was like a holiday, they stopped studying during cla*s and started replying to posts.

Zhong Zhiwei put her phone out and started to memorise her book.

She waited for Ying Zigui to leave cla*s 19 in a huff.


Senior two, cla*s 19.

A few killjoys were gathered around the podium, browsing the forum on their computers, their faces growing darker the more they read.

“F*ck, what does the headmaster think? Is our cla*s 19 open to anyone who wants to get in?”

Cla*s 19, the second year of senior high school, had a nickname, “the unspeakable cla*s”.

This was because this cla*s was filled with all kinds of problem students that the teachers couldn’t control and the parents didn’t have time to control.

Not only that, but the big brother and big sister of Qingzhi are also here.

Who could afford to mess with this?

When students from other cla*ses see people from Cla*s 19, they all go around and don’t want to get into trouble.

How could someone come to Cla*s 19 on their own initiative?

A girl came up and kicked a few people, “Keep your voice down, don’t wake up Brother Burn.”

Several people hurriedly shut up and subconsciously looked to their left.

The sun was shining just right outside the window, but the man was sleeping on his desk.

His whole head was buried in his school uniform, so it was hard to see his face.

The short sleeves of the school uniform outlined the muscular lines that only teenagers have, smooth and perfect.

The noise in the cla*s ceased for a moment, but it was too late.

The man stirred, his head lifting from his desk, his forehead of shorn hair half covering his pretty brow.

He looked impatient.

The other students moved away in awe.

A little brother came forward with a bitter face: “Burn, Brother Burn, someone is going to transfer to our cla*s, it’s that ……”

Jiang Yan didn’t even finish listening, his voice was hoarse and grumpy: “Who cares who he is, tell him to go away from wherever he came from.”

When they got the right words, the youngsters cheered.

“Brother Burn is so dominant!”

“Brother Burn, give her a hard time later and make her cry!”

The boys scrambled to move the stools and pour water, waiting for Jiang Yan to sit down in front of the cla*sroom.

At that moment, footsteps sounded in the corridor.

Jiang Yan took a sip of water, squinted his eyes slightly and looked over after his cla*smates.

The girl was wearing a blue and white school uniform, with a school bag hanging over her right shoulder.

As if sensing something, she turned her head sideways and a pair of phoenix eyes swept over.

The sideways face turned into a frontal face, and the storm was still felt even from a distance.

Jiang Yan squeezed the mineral water bottle in his hand, and the knot in his throat rolled a little.

There was a moment of silence from the group of juniors around him, and a few seconds later –

“f*ck, what kind of face is this? A real one?”

“Shut your mouth, what’s wrong with a high face value? You can’t come even if you have a good face.”

“That’s right, it’s not like we’re face-readers, Brother Burn, but you …… you might as well go easy on it later.”

Jiang Yan sneered, “Roll.”

The little brothers shut up.

Oh, come to think of it.

Apart from Sister Yu, their brother Burn really hadn’t faked it with any member of the opposite sex, let alone shown mercy.

Jiang Yan got up and threw away the mineral water bottle in his hand before walking forward unhurriedly.

It was just at that moment that Ying Zidian also approached and stopped.

The young brothers were staring straight ahead, all wanting to see how this Ying’s adopted daughter would roll in a moment, when they heard this big brother of Qingzhi speak up.

“Want to get into Cla*s 19? Fine.” Jiang Yan stuck his hands in his trouser pockets and looked askance at the girl, “Beat me and I’ll let you in.”

“Or else, go back to your cla*s of excellence.”

The little brothers instantly revealed expressions of admiration.

No wonder he had been a single nobleman for so many years, no wonder he was able to get his hands on a girl with such a divine face.

I heard that this Ying family’s adopted daughter had always been timid and would definitely be scared away.

Who knows, when the girl heard this, she put her school bag down instead.

She was seen slowly and methodically pulling her sleeves up to the middle of her small arms and taking another step back, leaving enough open space.

The juniors were confused.

Jiang Yan slowly looked up.

Ying Zidian’s eyes were half narrowed and she said lazily, “Yes, you go first.”