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Boss Lady Chapter 39-40

Chapter 39


For the first time, Jiang Yan suspected that he had a hearing problem.

The younger brothers even let out a “crap”.

This girl actually wanted to fight with Brother Burn?

Didn’t they know that their brother Burn had won first place in the city’s taekwondo competition last year?

“No way, transfer student-” Jiang Yan licked his lips, “Are you serious?”

Ying yawned, “Well, I’m going to bed after the fight.”

The minions fell silent for the second time.

“This seems like a f*cking provocation to Brother Burn, right?”

“Be confident and go off as if.”

“Fine.” Jiang Yan laughed and threw his school uniform jacket to the little brother on the side, “I’ll fight you, don’t cry when the time comes.”

Three minutes later.

Jiang Yan was lying on the ground, staring at the ceiling expressionlessly, having suffered the first big blow in his smooth life.

To the side, Ying picked up his schoolbag from the floor, crossed over to him and walked inside.

No one dared to stop.

The minions just watched as the girl walked unhurriedly towards an empty seat, took a pillow out of her schoolbag, placed it on the table and fell asleep with a blanket draped over her.


Quite well equipped.

“Does this count as a failed attempt to drive someone away by Burn?”

“Did you see the way she just did that? I reckon she didn’t even move for real.”

“There’s one thing to say, it’s kind of cool.”

Who would have believed that Jiang Yan was beaten up by a girl if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes?

“It’s okay, Brother Burn.” The younger brothers relieved, “You can’t, there’s still Sister Yu, I’ll call Sister Yu and tell her to come back, we’ll definitely kick her out of us.”

“Don’t worry, what you can’t do, Sister Yu can do.”

Jiang Yan gritted his teeth, “Get lost!”

The little brothers rolled away nimbly.

One of them grabbed his mobile phone, winding up, “Sister Yu, come back quickly, something big is wrong ……”


Ying Ziji slept until noon.

The cla*sroom was empty, everyone had gone, and the headmaster had deliberately suspended a lesson for Cla*s 19 today, just in case even the teacher would suffer an undeserved disaster.

She rubbed her head and opened her phone, a message from five minutes ago lingering on the lock screen.

[Kids, come out for dinner, brother is waiting for you at the school gate].

She was silent for a second, grabbed her jacket and walked out.

People came and went in front of the school.

There were many small stalls around Qingzhi, and at this time of day, students were buying lunch.

Only the sons and daughters of the big and small gentry in Shanghai would have their meals delivered.

The man stands in front of the school monument, his body leaning against a tree.

His head is slightly bowed, looking at his mobile phone.

He is lazing around, but he attracts many people who pa*s by to stop.

A woman came up to him in style: “Hello.”

Fu Yunshen raised his eyes, and his pupils, which were originally lightly smiling, narrowed.

The woman pulled her hair behind her ear and said haughtily, “Can you give me a micro signal?”

“Well, I have a child to raise at home, if you don’t mind and want to be a stepmother -” Fu Yunshen was interested, “that’s fine too.”

The woman’s face turned blue and she immediately turned around and left, cursing “crazy”.

Fu Yunshen put away his phone and turned his head to see the girl buying a candy cane and eating it as she walked towards him.

She was so sweet and soft.

He suddenly smiled and raised his hand to beckon, “Yao Yao, here.”

Ying Ziyang already saw him, so she approached and handed over the other bunch of sugar gourds she was carrying.

Fu Yunshen paused, “You can eat it, brother doesn’t like sweet things.”

The hand was decisively withdrawn, like it was just that polite.

“……” Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows, “Eating so much, not afraid of gaining weight?”

“Oh.” Ying Ziji slowly bit into the hawthorn, “I run ten kilometres every day.”

Although she was going to retire, she couldn’t lag behind in terms of physical fitness.

Fu Yunshen looked up lazily, “How’s the new cla*s?”

“It’s fun.”

A bunch of silly kids have a lot of fun, and it’s easier than the Talent cla*s.

Neither of them are extravagant, so they ate near the school.

On the way back to school, while Ying was wondering how she could lie down and make money, a scattered voice fell overhead.

“Little friend, open your mouth.”

Ying Zidian looked up.

In front of her were the man’s long, porcelain white fingers and a candy.

“What should I say?”

Ying Ziji glanced at him, “I thought you didn’t want to hear anymore?”

“Hmm? I don’t want to hear you say thank you, but I’d like to hear us say -” his peach blossom eyes curled up, “Thank you, brother.”

“No more food then.”


“Okay.” Fu Yunshen ripped open the candy paper, “Brother is joking with you, specially reserved for you, eat it.”

The sugar entered the mouth, sweet and sour.

“I’ll send you here.” Fu Yunshen stopped, “Go back.”

As he turned around, four words floated in his ears.

Fu Yunshen turned back, and the girl was left with a backward glance.

The girl’s back was all that was left of her. Half a minute later, he let out a low laugh, his eyebrows scattered.

A child whose mouth is not his heart.


At 3:30 pm, Cla*s 19 finally came back to life because Qingzhi’s big sister had finally returned.

Big Sister was dressed in black leather and had her helmet in her hand.

Flaming red lips and a mighty wind.

At first glance, she was a social sister.

“Sister Yu, that’s her.” The little brother pointed to a table, “Extra arrogant.”

The social sister looked over and her eyes lit up, “F*ck, so pretty?”

The corner of my little brother’s mouth twitched as he reminded, “Sister Yu.”

“Ahem ……,” Sister Society squared her shoulders and resumed her cool look, “Wait.”

Ying Ziji was resting her eyes when the table was suddenly kicked.

She opened her eyes, and her eyes looked away in confusion.

“I’m telling you, you’re not welcome in our Cla*s 19.” The social sister slapped the table again, “If you know what you’re doing, you’d better hurry up and leave, don’t blame me for being rude then.”

“That’s right, hurry up and go.” The few youngsters behind him were vicious, “Ever heard of our Sister Yu’s big name? Xiu Yu, you can’t afford to mess with her!”

Now you should be scared, right?

But the girl looked at her with her head held up, and after a few seconds, she spoke thoughtfully, “Your eye shadow is really good, can you teach me how to do it?”

Xiu Yu, who was about to continue her harsh words, said, “What?”

Ten minutes later, looking at Xiu Yu, who was already discussing make-up with Ying Zidian with great interest, the cla*s was in despair.

“This is not only a defeat for Brother Burn, but also for Sister Yu.”

“She’s toxic, isn’t she, she’s really eating Brother Burn and Sister Yu to death.”

“It can’t be helped, who made Sister Feather a face controller?”

Everyone had given up struggling and had to accept the truth.

But it turned out that …… seemed to be quite pleasant to accept?

“Since Brother Burn and Sister Yu have both lost to her, she’s the boss of our cla*s, what should we call her?”

“What could be a generation above Sister and Brother?”

“Of course it’s Dad, call Ying Dad.”

The crowd was all in agreement, and their eyebrows were raised.

“We can’t afford to lose face when Ying Dad comes to our cla*s, we’ll have a welcome party and we’ll broadcast it live on the forum!”

“Quickly, quickly, start a post first.”

The juniors quickly posted and it was instantly on the front page of the forum.

When Zhong Zhiyan saw the post, she wanted to smash her phone.

She had waited for a day, but she had actually waited for such a result.

She saw that cla*s 19 was all crazy, and Jiang Yan and Xiu Yu were not half as useful.

Zhong Zhiyan lowered her eyelashes and got up to go out to make the call.

“Aunt, although there are some things I don’t want to say, but this matter has a very bad impact.”

“Cousin she …… she beat up Jiang Yan.” Zhong Zhiyan paused, her words punctuated, “That Jiang Yan is …… going to be very troublesome.”


Chapter 40

Cla*s 19 is a cla*s that is recognized as a loser, not to mention the Talented and International cla*ses, and even the regular cla*ses look down on them.

Zhong Zhiyan knew that Xiu Yu was just a delinquent girl who hung out in nightclubs and racing circuits, but she knew clearly that Jiang Yan was not simple.

This is what she had heard from Master Zhong by chance –

Jiang Yan, was related to a big family in the imperial capital.

Even if it wasn’t at the Mu family’s level, it wasn’t something that the four big families in Shanghai could afford to offend.

And now that Ying Ziji had beaten up Jiang Yan, what would be the consequences, what else was there to think about?

Zhong Zhiwei wrapped her fingers around the earphone cord: “Auntie, at noon, I saw Jiang Yan leaving the school on his motorbike, don’t go back to ……”

“Auntie knows.” Zhong Manhua restrained her shocked anger, “It’s really troublesome for you, Evening.”

“I should, auntie.” Zhong Zhiyan said, “Grandpa asked me to look after my cousin more at school, I can’t let his old man off the hook.”

And again without thinking, “But aunt, I think it’s better not to let grandpa know about this, the family matters are already annoying enough for grandpa.”

Zhong Manhua also meant the same thing: “You still know what to do, Evening, study at ease, Auntie will take care of it.”

She hung up the phone, her chest rising and falling violently, furious.

It had only been a few days since the start of the school year, and Ying had already caused her a string of troubles.

Even if she had taken it upon herself to change cla*ses, now she was beating someone up?

Did she hit Jiang Yan?

The housekeeper also heard it and was surprised: “Madam, is Jiang Yan an emperor ……”

“Not bad.” Zhong Manhua was annoyed to death, “The Imperial Capital side deliberately concealed his identity, even I only know that he took his mother’s surname.”

Jiang Yan’s mother, was from the Jiang family in Shanghai.

Doing the math, Jiang Yan still needed to call Jiang Mo Yuan an uncle.

The butler deliberated, “Madam, Second Miss beat up Young Master Jiang Yan, not to mention the imperial capital for now, the Jiang family’s side won’t even take it lying down.”

If it wasn’t handled properly, the Ying family’s shares would be in turmoil for a while, and the losses would be in the hundreds of millions.

“I knew it, I’m always the one cleaning up her mess.” Zhong Manhua sneered, “Go and write a cheque first, I’ll go to the school and take her to the Jiang family to apologise.”

The butler understood, “How much does Madam think is appropriate?”

“Five million, and bring the jade stone that Master bought at the auction the other day while you’re at it.”

The guilt that had risen so easily in Zhong Manhua’s heart was gone again at the thought of her having to spend so much material resources to apologise to the Jiang family on behalf of Ying Zigui.

The butler nodded and went down to prepare.


On the other side.

Xiu Yu was still cheerfully imparting make-up knowledge to Ying Ziji, sitting on the table with his legs crossed: “I’ll recommend some civilian cosmetics for you.”

Ying Zidian listened attentively and took a small notebook to take notes.

Halfway through, Xiu Yu suddenly stopped, “You haven’t never touched these before, have you?”

Ying Zidian gave a hint.

Xiu Yu, who had always lived a life of luxury, didn’t feel good in his heart, he just felt that sister Shen Yan was really miserable.

“It’s okay, I’ll cover you from now on.” She took the girl’s shoulders and was generous, “You can report my name Xiu Yu at school, no one will dare to bully you.”

Ying Ziji was stunned.

After a long time, she smiled lightly with her eyes averted, “Your words remind me of someone.”

Xiu Yu was curious: “Who is it?”

“My best friend.” Ying Zigui said lightly, “She said the same thing.”

“Oh.” Xiu Yu didn’t ask too much, “Have you been practising your skills?”

Ying Zidian bit into a bag of yoghurt: “Sort of.”

She had been in China for a while, when ancient martial arts had just emerged.

She seemed to remember that she had even taken on a few disciples.

Because their body functions had been developed to the limits of human beings, ancient martial artists lived longer than ordinary people.

“Great!” Xiu Yu was delighted, “Then let’s both spar some day.”

Ying Ziji paused for a moment.

She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to keep her strength in her hands and she would cripple someone.

“Father Ying!” At this moment, a little brother hurried in, “Father Ying, the moral education director wants you to go to the office.”

Ying Zidian finished his yoghurt and got up, “Thanks, I know.”

Little brother was flattered, he scratched his head and smiled heatedly, “Ying dad, don’t be polite, once you enter cla*s 19, you are your own family.”

“Moral education director?” Xiu Yu frowned, “Don’t you go, the headmaster of Cla*s 19 can’t control it anyway.”

“Go and see.” Ying Ziyi didn’t care, “Save the trouble from piling up more and more.”

“That’s right.” Xiu Yu also stood up, “I’ll go with you to have a look, but what the hell is Ying Dad?”

The last sentence was asked to the little brother.

“Sister Yu, you don’t understand this.” Little Brother said, “You and Brother Burn have already retired to the second generation, and Father Ying is the first generation, so naturally he is a father.”

Xiu Yu who didn’t find the words to retort: “……”

She kicked a foot up and scolded with a smile, “Hurry up and get lost, go see if your brother Burn is still up.”


Moral education office.

“Madam Ying, I’ve asked the students to call.” The director of moral education said, “They’ll be here in a moment, you can do that first and have a cup of tea.”

“No need.” Zhong Manhua wasn’t in the mood for such leisure, “Evening, has Jiang Yan not returned to school by now?”

“Auntie doesn’t need to worry so much.” Zhong Zhiyan smiled lightly, “Jiang Yan has never been very disciplined, and usually runs out quite often.”

Zhong Manhua pursed her lips, getting even more annoyed.

How could she not be worried.

What if the Jiang family didn’t accept the apology?

There was a full fifteen minutes of waiting before the door was pushed open.

The girl was dressed in a neat school uniform with a high ponytail.

Half a strand of black hair fell over her lips, making her long neck even whiter.

She was dressed like a good student, which pleased the moral director: “Ying Ziji, your parents are here and want to talk to you.”

Just as she finished speaking, she saw Zhong Manhua standing up with a cold face.

She raised her hand and raised a direct slap.