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Boss Lady Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41

The slap carried the wind and was obviously used with great force.

The Director of Moral Education was completely unprepared and was startled: “Mrs. Ying, if you have something to say, don’t hit the child.”

Zhong Manhua was used to going it alone, so how could she listen.


The slap fell, and it hurt to hear it.

But the person who was hit was not Ying Zigui.

Zhong Manhua looked at Zhong Zhiyan, who had met her slap, and was baffled: “Evening?”

Ying Ziji released Zhong Zhiyan’s shoulder without any delay: “Sorry, my hand slipped.”

Zhong Manhua didn’t hold back with that slap, and Zhong Zhiyan was directly dazed.

Her eyes were in tears from the pain, and her ears were buzzing.

“Are you okay?” Xiu Yu was incredulous, “Is this really your mother?”

“No.” Ying Ziji lowered her voice in a laugh, quite indifferent, “Adopted.”

“Evening ……” Zhong Manhua panicked for a few moments, “Auntie didn’t mean it, auntie apologizes to you.”

“No, it’s okay.” Zhong Zhiyan had trouble speaking, and when she opened her mouth, more tears flowed.

She couldn’t hold back and ran away, covering her face.

“How dare you hide?” Zhong Manhua was instantly enraged, “Even if you’re hiding, how dare you pull her out of the way? Is this how I discipline you?”

“I say, Big Mother, you’re really funny.” Xiu Yu stepped forward and blocked in front of the girl, snickering, “You are not born and raised, where do you get the face to talk about discipline?”

“Dogs even know to go into the water to save puppies, you come up and hit people, really people are worse than dogs.”

“How come I didn’t ……” Zhong Manhua was just about to retort when her words stopped.

Not bad.

To outsiders, Ying Ziji was just an adopted daughter.

If her own daughter was so bad, she would only lose face if word got out.

“It’s only right for parents to beat their children.” Zhong Manhua laughed scornfully, “Who are you to meddle in the family affairs of the Ying family?”


As soon as the words left her mouth, a mineral water bottle flew directly past Zhong Manhua’s face, scaring her so much that she collapsed on the sofa with a weak leg.

Xiu Yu froze.

Was she being covered by her father?

Ying Ziyi looked up, with little expression: “Keep your mouth shut.”

Zhong Manhua couldn’t believe that Ying Ziji dared to do anything to her.

Anger, sadness and grievance all came to her in an instant, her eyes red: “Who am I doing this for? I did it for you, didn’t I? Do you know how much the Ying family has to pay because you beat someone up?”

Only then did Xiu Yu realise what Zhong Manhua was here for and laughed in exasperation.

“This way.” She handed the phone back to the moral education director, “Then let’s call Jiang Yan’s parents now and see if he really wants Ying’s father to apologise to him.”

The moral education director, who had come back to his senses, was busy taking it, and there was already a number dialed on it.

He looked shaken and didn’t have time to think about how Xiu Yu had the phone number of Jiang Yan’s parents, he was busy speaking, “Hello, how are you ……”


Jiang Yan returned to his single flat.

With a band-aid on his face and a stinky expression, he kicked open the door.

As a result, as soon as he entered, he was confronted with a miserable white face with two thieving, ghostly eyes.

Jiang Yan was almost scared to death, and when he looked clearly, he froze: “Mum?”

The apparition was the masked Ms. Jiang Jiang Painting, who at the moment gave him a sly look, “How many times have I said, I’m still young, call me sister.”

Jiang Yan: “…… Mom, can you stop being so scary?”

He had suffered serious injuries both physically and mentally today, and his mother had added insult to injury.

Ms. Jiang was high strung: “Oh, I can’t.”


Jiang Yan gave up, he was ready to bore himself to sleep and forget the shame of the day.

Before he could move, he heard Jiang Pao Ping speak, “Beaten up?”

Jiang Yan’s back instantly tensed: “Mom, how do you know?”

“The phone called me here.” Jiang Ping shook her phone, “Ugh, you really like to spoil your mother’s good times.”

After a pause, she pondered, “The phone said that the one who called you was still a girl?”

“…… Yes.” Jiang Yan didn’t even want to admit it, and in his heart he hated the person who had told his mother about it.

Jiang Ping applauded happily, “Well played.”

Jiang Yan: “????”

His own mother?

“I’ve long wanted someone who could take care of this brat of yours.” Jiang Ping took off her mask, “I’ve waited until now.”

“Mum!” Jiang Gas was mad, “Can you cut the crap?”

“Tsk, what else can I say, you’re such a rookie.” Jiang Painting Ping got up, “Let’s go.”

Jiang Yan was stunned, “Where to?”

“School.” Ms Jiang elegantly lifted her bag, “I’m going to thank someone else’s little girl for helping me discipline my son.”


“Mrs. Ying, Ms. Jiang will be here soon.” The moral education director didn’t have a good feeling about Zhong Manhua at all, “You two sides of the matter talk it over.”

He really had never seen such a parent, although he was known as the exterminator for catching early love, but how could he ever hit on the hand?

“What’s there to talk about?” Zhong Manhua was furious with shame, she didn’t want to make a big deal out of it at all and was about to go and pull the girl’s hand, “Ying Zigui, come with me to the Jiang family to apologise.”

Xiu Yu instantly took out a small wolf tooth stick from behind his back, “What for?”

Zhong Manhua was stunned.

Moral Education Director: “???”

This could even be brought to school?

Did he have any regard for him?

Zhong Manhua was about to get angry when the housekeeper waiting outside the office suddenly pushed open the door, very eager: “Madam, Ms Jiang has arrived.”

“Ying Ziyi, you’ve done a good deed, and you have to make people come to ask for punishment in person, isn’t that embarra*sing enough!” Zhong Manhua’s face was sullen and angry enough, “Get up immediately and apologise to me!”

The door opened and the woman in the cheongsam walked in.

Zhong Manhua was busy getting up, ashamed, “Hello, it’s my fault for not disciplining the children, please ……”

Jiang Painting Ping walked straight past.

Zhong Manhua stiffened.

Jiang Painting Screen came to the girl and took her hand in hers: “Little Miss Ying Zigui, right? Thank you so much, please beat him up more in the future, so that he knows the dangers of the world.”


Chapter 42

Followed by Jiang Yan: “……”

F*ck, is he his own son or not?

It was only then that Jiang Zheping realised that the little girl looked simply stunning, and couldn’t help but pinch her white and pink face, “Hey, auntie was too excited, didn’t that scare you?”

Ying Ziji shook her head slightly and politely said hello.

Xiu Yu put away the simulated wolf tooth stick and was quite surprised, “Sister Painting Screen, why are you here in person?”

“Just happened to be back.” Jiang Painting Ping was overjoyed, “Little Yu is so good.”

Jiang Yan: “……”

Finally, he knew why his mother always told him to call her sister, so he was spoiled.

Jiang Yan’s expression became even stinkier, and his body exuded the aura of “I’m not happy”.

The Director of Moral Education looked bewildered.

Zhong Manhua, however, froze in place, her face flushed with shame and her lips trembled.

She only felt an unprecedented embarra*sment, as if her whole body’s blood was flowing backwards, and her back was on a thorn.

The Jiang family …… actually did not come to be accountable?

And to express gratitude?

Only then did Jiang Painting Screen turn her head, “Madam Ying, right, what do you want to talk to me about?”

Zhong Manhua naturally knew Jiang Painting Screen.

Jiang Painting Screen was of the same generation as her and was Jiang Moyuan’s second sister, but had left for the imperial capital when she was five years old.

After she married, she had even left all the famous dames in Shanghai behind.

Zhong Manhua had never been able to tolerate people falling on her face and hitting her in the face.

But this person was Jiang Ping, and she didn’t even have the qualifications to be angry.

“It’s not that much.” Zhong Manhua took a deep breath and forced a smile, “It’s just that I heard that the children got into a fight at school, so I’m sorry to make you come more than once.”

“Wow, Big Mother, your face is changing so quickly.” Xiu Yu was surprised, “Didn’t you just force Ying’s father to go to Jiang’s house to apologise and hit someone, but now it’s not a problem?”

Zhong Manhua’s face turned red, but her eyes were stern: “Why should children interfere when adults are talking?”

Jiang Ping stopped laughing and looked lighter: “Mrs. Ying, don’t you know that my son was beaten up because he stopped the little girl from entering the cla*s today?”

“This matter, it was my son’s fault in the first place, he was the one who initiated the fight, why do you want your daughter to apologise?”

The questioning was unrelenting.

Zhong Manhua’s expression stalled and her temper immediately weakened: “D**key, why didn’t you tell your mother earlier?”

Ying Zidian raised her eyes, her expression indifferent: “Nonsense.”

She thanked Jiang Ping and then pushed the door open and left.

“What Ying Dad means is that saying one more word to you is nonsense.” Xiu Yu snorted coldly, “Sister Painting Screen, we’re leaving.”

Jiang Painting Screen waved her hand with a smile and spoke again lightly, “Madam Ying, although it doesn’t hurt if it’s not your own child, you don’t have to treat it as an enemy, do you think?”

Zhong Manhua’s face hurt hotly: “Yes, yes ……”

Jiang Yan finally understood, he sneered, “Who needs to apologize? Mind your own business.”

He was a big man, it wasn’t like he couldn’t afford to lose.

Being so sarcastic by the junior, Zhong Manhua was even more shameless and hurriedly left with his bag.

Jiang Yan was irritated: “Mum, you haven’t said why you’ve come back.”

“The Dream Family has developed a new medicine over there, and Mum has brought you a copy.” Jiang Zheping patted his shoulder, “Imperial City is too chaotic now, you should stay in Shanghai.”

Jiang Yan responded absentmindedly, his mind racing with thoughts.

It seemed that this transfer student seemed to be having a pretty miserable time, tsk, so he’d treat her better in the future for the sake of her fluke beating him once.


Six o’clock, outside the school gate.

Nie Chao was drowsy in the back seat.

It wasn’t until the car door was opened that he woke up with a start to see the girl sitting in the pa*senger seat, “Here’s your sister.”

Ying Zidian turned around and raised his eyebrows, “Is your injury healed?”

“Big Brother, you’re so divine.” Speaking of this, Nie Chao got excited, “Do you really know how to tell fortunes, can you help me see when I’ll find true love?”

“Nie Chao.”

The man’s lazy voice came from the front, a point of warning in the scatteredness.

“Seventh young man, I’m just asking.” Nie Chao scratched his head, “It’s not that I’m curious.”

“Oh, no.” Ying Zidian leaned against the window and propped his head up, his eyebrows sparse, “I’m just talking to scare you.”

Nie Chao: “……”

That’s true, probably just a coincidence.

But how come his sister isn’t so soft on him?

Fu Yunshen gave Ying Zidian a bag of chocolate beans before starting the car.

Half an hour later, the car pulled up in front of Shao Ren Hospital.

“There’s no need to wait for me.” Ying Ziyi got out of the car and put on her school bag, “You go about your business, I’ll go back by myself.”

“Mm.” Fu Yunshen didn’t say much, he raised his hand and rubbed her head, “Be safe, call brother if you need anything.”

Ying Ziyi didn’t mind either, she straightened her hair and nodded before turning around and walking towards the hospital gate.

This Shao Ren hospital that Mu Heqing had given her was a purely Chinese medicine hospital with a history of twenty years, and its reputation was no less than that of the First Hospital.

However, because of the rise of Western medicine in recent years, fewer and fewer people came to see Chinese doctors.

Ying Ziyi scanned the major consultation rooms in the hospital and did a little calculation.

After she had a number in mind, she went straight to the chief of internal medicine’s office and raised her hand to knock on the door.

“Come in.”

The voice carried the majesty of someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

The door opened and the head of internal medicine looked up and frowned.

He had been informed that a parachuted specialist would be coming over at this time.

He had hated the act of going through the back door, but he hadn’t expected it to be just a little girl?

He guessed he couldn’t even tell the difference between the two herbs, Angelica and Dulcimer, and he had the nerve to put up the name of a specialist and collect idle money.

The chief of internal medicine snorted, not even bothering to put on a polite expression.

He took out a file bag and threw it on the table, “Yours, take it.”

Ying Ziji opened it and flipped through it casually, taking a quick glance at it, quickly finishing it and throwing it back.

He was about to say, “Go away if you have nothing to do,” when the closed door suddenly burst open.

A nurse ran in, panting, and said anxiously, “Chief, the patient in bed 17 is in deep shock!”

The chief of internal medicine’s face changed dramatically, “I’m on my way.”

He didn’t care about what Mu Cheng had explained and left the girl in a hurry.

Ying Ziji’s eyes moved slightly as she walked over without panic.

Inside the ward in front of them.

The patient’s acupuncture points were all filled with needles, but her breathing was still almost non-existent.

Several doctors were at their wits’ end: “What should we do, chief?”

“Notify the family first.” The chief of internal medicine gradually calmed down, “It’s a miracle that he’s survived this long, it’s only to be expected that he won’t be saved.”

However, as if to slap him in the face, three words rang out from the ward.

“It can be saved.”

The doctors turned around and all froze.

The head of internal medicine, already anxious, surged with anger at the sight of someone else coming to add to the mess: “Save? Fine, how do you want to save it?”

Ying Zidian just looked at it and faintly: “Golden needle to cross the acupuncture point.”

“Golden needle crossing **** The head of the department was furious, “What do you know about golden needle crossing?”

This is a needle technique recorded in an ancient book, more than two hundred years ago, it has become a legend, how can anyone know it?