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Boss Lady Chapter 43-44

Chapter 43

The head of internal medicine certainly knows about the Golden Needle Crossing point.

Golden Needle Acupuncture is not really Chinese medicine, it is ancient medicine.

It is an ancient medical practice in which the user incorporates internal energy into the golden needles to open up the acupuncture points of the patient.

However, only ancient martial artists have internal energy in their bodies, so those who know ancient medicine must know ancient martial arts.

But ordinary people simply do not know that the ancient medicine and ancient martial arts communities exist.

“Don’t think you can come out and show off just because you’ve read a few books.” The chief of internal medicine snorted, “Fine, even if there really is a golden needle to cross the acupuncture point, you would?”

Just as the words left his mouth, a golden light flashed before his eyes.

It was a long box full of gold needles of different sizes.

Ying Zidian pinched up the golden needles and began to sterilize them with alcohol.

“There are really gold needles?” The chief of internal medicine froze, then snorted, “Good, then you’ll treat it.”

The attending physician was stunned, “Chief, how can this be done?”

There was nothing they could do, what could a little girl do?

“Let her treat it.” The chief of internal medicine waved his hand in contempt, “If she can cure it, I’ll resign on the spot.”

This patient was dying anyway, and he was using it just so he could get rid of the titular specialist.

When she cured the patient, he would not be the one to be held accountable.

The other doctors couldn’t say anything, but stood by.

They just watched as the girl pinched up a three-inch long golden needle and stabbed it directly into the Shen Ting acupuncture point on the patient’s head, their hearts jumping a few notches.

Was this really not killing?

Without moving her eyebrows, Ying Zidian raised her hand calmly, this time directly stabbing three golden needles at the same time.

Her hand was so fast that outsiders could not see how she did it.

Only after nine needles had been inserted into the patient’s body did Ying Ziji take a step back and flick her finger on the most central needle.

The nine golden needles actually trembled slightly!

The doctor and the nurse could not help but widen their eyes.

The head of the internal medicine department still looked on with cold eyes.

Thirty seconds later, the golden needles stopped trembling.

Ying Ziji removed the golden needle, re-sterilised it and put it back into the long box, “It’s done.”

“This is called cured?” The head of the internal medicine department pointed at the patient on the bed, who was still breathing more out than in, and snorted coldly, “Open your eyes and talk nonsense! Did you call the family?”

The nurse stammered, “Yes, yes.”

“I’ll go to the dean’s office first.” The head of internal medicine glanced at his watch, “You are here–”

The words that followed were not yet finished.

“Drip, drip, drip!”

The ECG machine suddenly went off.

The nurse shouted in surprise, “Heartbeat, the patient has a heartbeat!”

The head of internal medicine’s steps lurched and jerked back.

It was unbelievable to see that the ECG, which was all but a straight line, had risen and fallen again.

Before he could get back to his senses, the sound of the patient’s painful cough came to his ears.


At once, several doctors looked at the girl differently.

At such a young age, her medical skills were so high?

The chief of internal medicine’s face turned red.

And it was really cured?

Then wouldn’t what he had just said be a slap in his own face?

As if she could see through his thoughts, Ying Ziji raised her eyelashes: “You don’t have to resign.”

The burning red on the chief of internal medicine’s face receded slightly and he scorned: “Joke, do you think I will really resign?”

He is the backbone of Shao Ren Hospital, what will happen to Shao Ren Hospital if he leaves?

Ying Ziji looked at him lightly, “You’re fired.”

“Fired me?” The head of internal medicine was amused, “You’re a titular specialist, it’s good that I don’t fire you, you think you’re the hospital ……”

Before he could finish his sentence, an urgent voice rang out.

“Miss Ying, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m a little late coming from home, please don’t mind.”

Looking at the person who trotted over, the chief of internal medicine’s throat clogged with surprise: “Dean?!”

The dean ignored him, wiped his sweat and bowed to the girl, “Miss Ying, it’s such a bother for you, you’ve just arrived and you have to clean up our mess.”

The head of the internal medicine department’s brain buzzed for a moment: “……”

“It’s alright.” Ying handed the phone to the dean, “The people on the list, deal with them all.”

The dean looked at the message on his phone and blushed, “Okay, you’ve worked hard, can you send me a copy of these?”

Ying nodded, took his phone back and walked out.

The head of internal medicine was still in shock, his ears buzzing.

“It’s none of your business, don’t fret.” The dean waved towards the doctor and nurse, “Check on the patient.”

The ward was busy again.

Only then did the head of internal medicine open his mouth, he laughed, “Dean, do you think it’s funny, she actually said she was going to fire me, she doesn’t know I ……”


A phone was thrown in his face.

The dean roared, “Look what you’ve done!”

The head of internal medicine scrambled to take it and instantly his eyes widened and his breath caught, “Dean, I’m not ……”

A string of bank flows on top of the screen, ranging from a small hundred thousand to a million.

It was a record of bribery and embezzlement.

“How dare you embezzle the public’s money?” The dean sneered and interrupted him, “Five million, enough for you to eat a lawsuit, wait for the court’s summons!”

After saying that, he left the ward without looking back.

The head of the internal medicine department fell to the floor with a thud, his face pale and sweating coldly.

It was over, he was completely finished.


Qingzhi First Middle School.

Cla*s 19, Senior 2.

The third cla*s today was biology, but five minutes had pa*sed since the bell rang and the teacher hadn’t come yet.

Jiang Yan kicked the stool of his little brother beside him, his voice pressed with dryness, “Go and see what’s going on.”

The little brother answered and quickly went out.

Three minutes later, the little brother came back with an indignant expression.

“What?” Xiu Yu was fixing his eyebrows when he looked up at the sound, “Old demon woman Bai is hospitalised?”

“No.” Little Brother glanced at the girl next to Xiu Yu and stammered, “Old Demon Lady Bai she said, as long as Ying Dad is in our cla*s for one day, don’t try to get her to come back to cla*s.”


The whole cla*s was silent for a moment.

Ying Ziji raised his eyebrows, “Old Evil White?”

“It’s our biology teacher.” Xiu Yu tsked, “She often scolds people, that’s what we call her, but Ying Dad, how did you offend her?”

Ying Ziji flipped through his book, “Never heard of her.”

Xiu Yu rubbed his chin, “That’s strange, what is she doing against you?”

“I told her to get lost if she didn’t come to cla*s.” Jiang Yan sneered, “You really think anyone wants to listen to her cla*s?”


What the hell.

“But, but ……,” the little brother was in a difficult position, “Brother Yan, there are still students in our cla*s who listen well.”

Some of the students from poor families with average grades were stuffed into their cla*ses.

They couldn’t squander their futures like the children of rich families.

Jiang Yan gave a start and squeezed his mineral water bottle tightly.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Hearing this, several students in the front row waved their hands, all friendly, “We can ask the next cla*s to borrow notes.”

“How would that work?” Jiang Yan frowned as he kicked the table away and headed out with a cold face, “I’ll go find the headmaster.”

“No need to go.” Ying threw the finished can of coke into the bin and took out Biology elective three from the drawer, “It’s just biology, I’ll give it to you.”


Chapter 44


There was another silence in the cla*s.

Xiu Yu almost cut off his eyebrows, and then steadied himself, “Ying Dad, you’re not kidding, right?”

Isn’t their father, Ying, a proper academic scum?

Ying Zidian got up, his tone casual but serious: “No.”

“Your book is newer than mine.”

“I’ve just finished it.”

Xiu Yu: “……”

Not bad for you, Ying Dad.

Just as the cla*s was very confused, the girl carried her book and walked slowly up to the podium.

She rolled up her school uniform sleeve and reached for a piece of chalk.

“Let’s start with genetic engineering.” Ying turned around and drew a circle on the blackboard, “This is a circular dna, this dna has one to more cut points on it that can be broken with restriction nucleases.”

“Restriction enzymes are generally divided into three categories.” As she talks, she writes the key points in chalk, “The book only gives us two types, now to distinguish them ……”

As they listened, the students were shocked.

“Crap!” Little brother was already dumbfounded listening, “Brother Burn, Ying Dad, she really knows how to lecture.”

Moreover, he, a person who didn’t study, could understand even listening like this, god!

Jiang Yan’s eyebrows twitched and he sat back down. He still had that impatient look, but his eyes never left the blackboard.

“Genetic engineering is actually the creation of new types of organisms that we need, the insect-resistant cotton flower that you know is an application of genetic engineering, besides, there are these.”

Ying Ziyi turned sideways and drew with his hands.

Jiang Yan was unaware of it and was fascinated.

When he came back to his senses, his face darkened and he was so angry that his school uniform covered him and he slumped down on the table and shut himself up.

F*ck, what kind of pervert was this, a great fighter and a lecturer?

The cla*s was silent, only the sound of pens rubbing against their books.

A cla*s of forty-five minutes has never gone by so fast.

After the cla*s was over, the cla*s went crazy and all gathered around.

“Ying Dad, I’m convinced, from today onwards, you’re my dad.”

“Dad is dad, the lecture is much better than Old Evil White, who spent half of the cla*s cursing.”

“I beg that every biology cla*s will be taught by Ying Dad from now on. As long as he dares to teach, I will be in the top ten of the school in biology.”

“Come on, even Ying daddy can’t save your IQ, can you compete with those perverts in Talent cla*s? ”

“Well, there are still things you guys don’t understand -” Ying Zidian paused, remembered something and changed his mind, “work it out yourselves.”

“Pfft!” Xiu Yu choked with laughter, “Hear that, don’t disturb your father’s sleep.”

The students dispersed with glee.

Xiu Yu handed over the washed strawberries, “Tell the truth, what is it that you can’t do?”

Ying Ziji leaned back in his chair, not being modest at all: “Academics, basically.”

Xiu Yu pointed to Physics elective 3-1: “What about this?”

Ying Zidian looked sideways, glanced at some laws about electric fields, and was silent for a moment before nodding, “Want to hear it?”

“No, no, no, I don’t want to learn.” Xiu Yu waved his hand and wondered, “That’s not true, are you so good at everything, are those people in the Talent Cla*s blind?”

Ying Zidian didn’t answer this.

She pressed her temples and after a long time, she spat out two words, “It’s fine.”

The next cla*s was PE and Xiu Yu was changing his shoes, so he asked, “Fine with what?”

Ying shook her head and tore open a bag of crisps.

Luckily she hadn’t left her name behind when she was studying with those scholars in O Chau, otherwise it would have been silly to see herself in a textbook.


Bai Shaoshi had been sitting in her office, waiting for the students in cla*s 19 to invite her back.

Who else but her would be happy to bring biology to Cla*s 19?

But Bai Shaoshi sat and waited until cla*s was over, and finally couldn’t sit still.

However, before she could go to the teaching building, the door was pushed open.

Only then did Bai Shaoshi settle down and play with her nails carelessly: “What, have you made up your mind?”

She knew that they would give in.

The one who came was none other than the little brother who had run the errand earlier.

Instead of the pandering that Bai Shaoshi had expected, the little brother’s face was joyful: “Teacher Bai, Brother Burn told me to tell you that you don’t have to come here anymore.”

Bai Shaoshi’s smile froze: “What did you say?”

“You won’t even have to lead lessons for us in the future.” Little brother repeated again, “Brother Burn also told me to tell you that the cla*ses you teach are a sh*t.”

He also stopped looking at Bai Shaoshi and walked out while muttering, “The lecture is far worse than Ying Dad’s, still have the nerve to be cross here, I poo ……”

Bai Shaoshi was so angry that her body trembled and her eyebrows slanted.

She knew that He Xun hated Ying Zidian, that’s why she let out those words, but she didn’t expect that cla*s 19 would rather not have biology cla*s than kick Ying Zidian out.

It was really revolting, she must report it to the headmaster.

Bai Shaoshi took out her mobile phone and was about to dial the number, but the call had already come in first.

She picked it up: “Hello, Principal.”

The tone on the other end was slow: “Teacher Bai, the students from cla*s 19 came to me just now, saying that you don’t want to take their biology cla*s.”

Bai Shaoshi’s heart tightened and she was busy smiling, “Headmaster, it’s nothing, I’m just not feeling well.”

“I thought about it for a while, and then considering the students’ mood, I promised them you wouldn’t take Cla*s 19’s biology in the future… Teacher Bai, please go to the biology team leader to hand over your work.”

The phone hung up.

Bai Shaoshi stared blankly at the desktop, a bit overwhelmed by the reaction.

She would lose a lot of money by taking one less cla*s.

Qingzhi offered high salaries in order to keep good teachers.

Especially the teachers of cla*s 19, because cla*s 19 was very difficult to lead.

It was because of this that she volunteered to take cla*s 19.

This student, Ying Zidian, is not good at anything and only causes trouble.

If she doesn’t teach her a lesson, she will really turn the tables.

With a cold face, Bai Shaoshi dialed another number.


Eleven o’clock at night.

First Hospital, the lights were on.

In the ICU intensive care ward, several specialist doctors were scrambling.

The nurses were also running around, and even the director himself had come.

The atmosphere was extremely pensive.

No one had expected that Master Fu would suddenly fall ill this night and go into a coma.

He had fallen ill in his body some years ago, and his blood pressure and blood sugar problems had all emerged in his old age.

Three years ago, the doctor had already told the Fu family to prepare themselves psychologically, but the result was that Master Fu actually lasted so long.

It can be said that it is a miracle.

The Fu family were all sitting together, waiting anxiously

Fu Yunshen was the only one standing against the wall.

It was as if he didn’t fit in.

No one in the Fu family looked at him either.

Fu Yunshen looked indifferent, holding his mobile phone, a voice coming from the Bluetooth headset in his left ear.

“You found me three years ago when it was too late, this condition of your grandfather, the ancient medical community in China also has no way to save it.”

There was a pause: “Unless, you can find that One.”

Fu Yunshen naturally knew who that one was referring to.

His peach blossom eyes narrowed and he moved away from them.

“Look, what’s the use of him coming back? Grandpa is lying in there, dead or alive, and he’s still on the phone teasing women!” Seeing this, the second young master of the Fu family sneered, “Can’t it be that grandpa will wake up when he drinks a flower wine?”