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Boss Lady Chapter 45-46

Chapter 45

No one can understand why Master Fu is so fond of a fop.

The Fu family is the same generation as Fu Yunshen, which one is not the pride of the sky?

The first is that the grandson of the Fu family has already stepped into the imperial capital of the noble circle, even than Fu Yunshen five or six years younger than a few of the several in the stock market a play, are tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

The only one who is not in the market is Fu Yunshen.

Master Fu is really blind.

The second youngest Fu’s voice was not small, even if Fu Yunshen was some distance away, the person on the other end of the phone heard it.

“Why are you still involved with them? I’m not saying, just the Fu family, they have the nerve to talk about you?”

If Fu Yunshen hadn’t found him in time back then, would Master Fu still be able to last until now?

Fu Yunshen laughed lightly, “It’s not like I’m doing it for them.”

“The medicine has been sent to you, it will arrive in six hours, three months’ worth of medicine.”

“Why are you being generous this time?”

“I took up a reward mission to go to No Man’s Land, I’ve been away lately.”

“Okay.” Fu Yunshen didn’t ask any more questions, “Hang up.”

“You’re not in the right state lately.” The person on the other end hesitated, “Adjust properly, rely on hypnotherapy, it’s not a problem.”

Fu Yunshen didn’t say anything and looked out the window.

The lights in the operating room were still red, scarlet like a fire in the darkness.

It wasn’t until 1am that the lights turned green.

A few doctors wheeled Master Fu out of the operating room with his bed and transferred him to the icu.

All of Fu’s family gathered around, wanting to check on the situation.

But there were too many people, and in the end only Fu Mingcheng went in alone.

But in less than three minutes, he came out.

“Your grandfather is calling you.” Fu Mingcheng looked at his most untalented son and was quite annoyed, “Don’t stand there and look at the view.”

Fu Er Shao was incredulous, “Dad, it’s already this time and grandpa still thinks about him?”

On what grounds?

Everyone else changed their faces too.

They could only watch as Fu Yunshen went in.

In the ICU, Master Fu was still in good spirits. When he saw him coming, he beckoned from the bed, “Little Seven, come here.”

Fu Yunshen approached, bent down and tucked in the corner of his blanket: “What happened today?”

With the medicine, he shouldn’t have had an attack.

“It’s an old problem.” Master Fu didn’t think anything of it, “I’m used to it.”

“You don’t want to have this habit.” Fu Yunshen faintly raised his eyes, “I have a bad heart, I can’t stand to be scared.”

Master Fu pretended not to know: “A few days ago, old man Zhong called me.”

“You’re quite a failure at changing the subject.”


“You’re mad at me just after I woke up, aren’t you?” Master Fu’s eyes glared, “You know what old man Zhong said to me? ”


“He asked me if you were trying to abduct his granddaughter.”

Fu Yunshen was checking the hanging bottle and choked on a rare occasion, “What?”

“I think it’s okay.” Master Fu was smug, “Little Seven, listen to Grandpa, you’ll abduct his granddaughter and then P*ss him off so he never let me win at chess before. ”

“……” Fu Yunshen finally understood, he pressed his brow and smiled helplessly, “Grandpa, there’s no such thing, Yaoyao is still just a little girl.”

The fact that he has such a mind for a little girl, isn’t he a beast?

“Who told you to do it now? Won’t you wait for adulthood?” Elder Fu hated his iron, “Your grandfather and I already chased your grandmother when I was in high school, you brat, wasting a face for nothing.”

“If word gets out, people won’t believe you’re my grandson.”

Fu Yunshen lazily said, “My grandfather was really good, he tricked grandma with a face.”

Master Fu slapped him on the head: “Bullsh*t, your grandfather has real talent.”

Fu Yunshen only smiled, his eyes gentle.

“Alas, at this age, I have no more thoughts, I just want you to let me have a great-grandson in my lifetime.” The old man rambled on, “When you become a family, grandpa will be relieved ……”

He was afraid that one day when he was gone, he, the grandson, would go crazy.

So he could only take care of him more while he was still around.


The matter of Master Fu being in the hospital could not be concealed, and within a few days, all of Shanghai’s gentry circle knew about it.

The old man Zhong also made a special trip to the hospital, but when he returned he just shook his head and didn’t say much.

But everyone knew that Master Fu’s days were numbered.

Ying Ziji did some calculations and knew that the illness was really quite serious.

Because there were no suitable herbs, the medicines she had made were not effective enough.

They could strengthen the body of ordinary people, but the effect of treating chronic diseases was minimal.

Without herbs, there was nothing she could do.

She needed more money.

Ying Ziji lowered her eyes and tapped on the table, “What are the channels for earning money?”

“Hm?” Xiu Yu was playing a game, “Are you short of money, Ying Dad?”

“Quite a lot.”

“How much? I have some here.”

“No need.” Ying Zidian shook his head slightly, “I can earn it myself.”

“Okay, let me think about it. ……” Xiu Yu scratched his head, “How about you watch the live broadcast?”

Ying Zidian raised his eyebrows, “Live streaming?”

“Just this.” Xiu Yu opened an app on his phone and showed it to her, “Nowadays, anchors are making quite a lot of money, there are make-up artists, game players, and big appetite eaters, you don’t even have to show your face, you can sing.”

Ying Ziji pondered, “I’ll take a look.”

Five minutes later, a freshly made account was on the Shark Live platform.

Xiu Yu was curious: “What did you choose? I can give you a hand if you choose make-up.”

“It’s not make-up.” Ying Ziji said, taking out a pile of white paper and a pen.

These two tools made Xiu Yu very confused.

Was it hard to draw?

Immediately afterwards, Xiu Yu saw the girl unhurriedly choose a study area, then hooked up her headphones and talked about physics.

Xiu Yu: “????”

No, who watches live streams and watches physics teaching now?

Isn’t this looking for abuse?

Ying Dad, don’t you smell good when you sell your face?

Xiu Yu couldn’t understand, so he had to go over and watch.

This time the teaching was different from the previous lecture on biology for the whole cla*s. Ying Ziji wrote more and only spoke a few words occasionally.

After only a few minutes, Xiu Yu realised that she couldn’t understand what she was reading and was so dizzy from listening that she didn’t notice that the girl had changed her voice to speak.

She steeled herself, “Ying Dad, wait, I’ll swipe a gift for you, it’ll draw popularity.”

The movement of the two didn’t disturb the others either.

It happened to be the soph*more study session now, and quite a few people in cla*s 19 had gone out to play football, so the cla*s was quite empty.

He Xun was in charge of today’s duty, and he came to Cla*s 19 only after checking the other cla*ses.

He hadn’t originally expected Cla*s 19 to study quietly, so he just stood at the back door and swept a glance.

The girl was sitting in the last row, holding her mobile phone, her posture casual and lazy.

A single back can easily capture people’s attention.

He Xun’s expression, however, was cold.

Last semester, when he was covering for Mr. Deng’s cla*s, he would still tell her to study hard, but now he didn’t even want to talk such nonsense.

Cla*s 19 is really a degenerate place.

He Xun was about to leave when he froze as his eyes skimmed over the draft paper on his desk.

He saw a familiar physics formula.


Chapter 46

b=2wbaud This is the formula for the maximum code element transmission rate for an ideal low communication channel.

A professional who cannot relate to physics, let alone understand this formula, cannot even read the Chinese terminology of this formula.

Definitely not a high school student will be able to access the formula.

He Xun froze for three seconds when he was so stunned.

Until the girl who was looking at her phone slowly raised her head.

Her pupils were bright and her eyebrows were faint.

The slanting sunlight added some coolness to the girl’s facial profile, as if the clouds were turning into snow, and the ice was so dazzling.

When He Xun met this sight, he was stunned again.

Ying Zidian handed the phone to Xiu Yu and got up: “Wait for me.”

Xiu Yu was recharging his phone, and looked up at the sound of her voice: “What?”

She looked over in confusion and saw He Xun standing at the back door.

When Xiu Yu was still wondering why He Xun was standing there, she saw that the girl had directly closed the back door and took out a piece of white paper and pasted it on the window of the back door.

She didn’t even let He Xun show her face.

Xiu Yu: “……”

Yes, in terms of arrogance she only served Ying Dad.

Even the senior students from Norton University don’t give a D*mn.

Ying Zidian sat down again and took her phone.

Since there was no one on the live stream yet, she was just writing.

Her handwriting is also very nice, with dragons flying and iron painting.

Xiu Yu returned to his senses, “I’ve given you a hundred rockets, it will trigger a screen meteor and users will be able to see it… Don’t be discouraged, Ying Dad, someone will definitely watch the physics live.”

“I’ll pay you back later.”

“What’s polite, I have so much money anyway, I can’t even spend it all.”

Ying Zidian, who was feeling particularly poor for the second time: “……”

She sighed, rubbed her head and returned her gaze to her phone.

Because Xiu Yu had splashed 100,000 RMB in his bravado, the popularity of the live stream room skyrocketed.

But the people who came in were confused.

They didn’t see a face or hear a voice, but a piece of paper covered with words.

[What is the anchor writing here, why can’t I read it.]

[You can’t even read this, it’s a physics formula derived by Nyquist.]

[Nai …… what?

I’ve never seen this formula work like this before.

The actual fact is that this is a great way to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

I don’t know what kind of academic god he is…] [No, you guys who just drifted over there, can you even understand it?

[I can’t understand it, but what does it have to do with me thinking the anchor has nice hands?

This pop-up just drifted past, and the person who sent it smashed a hundred rockets.

Xiu Yu: “????”

That’s all?

I don’t want to listen to physics, I want to listen to chemistry.

Ying Zigui changed his position, took another piece of paper and moved his mouth: “Yes.”

[When I saw the anchor write down Boltzmann’s formula, I finally understood that the anchor might be a science all-rounder.

[The anchor’s voice can’t be heard as male or female, but it’s quite nice.

It was only then that Xiu Yu remembered that the voice she had just heard was different from Ying’s usual speech, but she didn’t care.

She gave a thumbs up: “Ying Dad, you’re really something.”

If the talent cla*s knew about it, they would probably regret it.

Just think about it.


In the corridor.

Being shut out directly, He Xun didn’t even come back to his senses.

It was only after a few seconds that his face gradually turned cold.

Teacher Teng had also said that Ying Ziyi would have a bright future in the future, but he didn’t see it, instead he felt that it was already hopeless.

“Teacher He.”

A voice rang out behind him.

He Xun turned his head and his face eased up: “Student Zhong.”

He had always been lenient with students who were good at their studies.

“Teacher He, you look a bit pale.” Zhong Zhiyan looked at the cla*s number and hesitated, “Is it because of your cousin’s matter?”

He Xun frowned.

If Zhong Zhiyan hadn’t mentioned it, he had almost forgotten about the formula he had just seen.

Now that he thought about it, it was probably because Ying Ziji had casually copied one from the internet in order to hide the fact that he was playing with his phone.

He probably didn’t expect that he had copied a theorem that could only be accessed at university.

Drawing a tiger doesn’t make it a dog.

“Teacher He, you don’t mind.” Zhong Zhiyan smiled lightly, “My cousin is just like this, I guess she has also been oppressed for too long, her temper is a bit big lately, we are all more than tolerant.”

Hearing this, He Xun frowned deeper, coldly: “If you are a parasite, you must have the awareness of being a parasite.”

Zhong Zhiyan smiled again, didn’t say anything, acquiesced the same.


The next day was Saturday, and Cla*s 19 had booked a private room at the King’s Club to celebrate by singing and playing cards.

Ying found that there were no snacks that she wanted to eat and was going out to buy some.

Jiang Yan, who was on the side, saw it and pretended to cough inadvertently, “I’ll go with you.”

Just in time, he was looking for another fight with her, and this time he definitely wouldn’t let up.

He didn’t believe that he really couldn’t beat a girl anymore.

Ying Ziji glanced at him and didn’t say anything.

Xiu Yu looked at Jiang Yan, who had followed the girl out, and wondered, “Has this guy also succumbed to Ying Dad’s intimidation?”

The little brothers were also at a loss, so they had to stuff a microphone for Xiu Yu: “Sister Yu, sing.”

Naturally Jiang Yan wouldn’t give in, he just walked out and didn’t hold his breath for long before saying straight away, “Hey, transfer student, what have you trained? Muay Thai? Judo?”

Ying ignored him, looking at the list of snacks on his phone.

“Here’s the deal, you fight me again.” Jiang Yan tsked, “And then I’ll send you to a supermarket?”

Ying finally looked at him, “You’re so noisy.”

“…… Then tell me, how would you like to fight me?” For the first time, Jiang Yan lost his temper because he was so competitive, “As long as I can do it.”

Ying Ziyi was still looking at her phone seriously, replying to Fu Yunshen’s WeChat by the way.

Jiang Yan just looked at her.

The two of them were just facing each other.

Across the road, Jiang Moyuan, who had just come out of the hotel, saw the scene.

The secretary at the side was surprised: “Third master, isn’t that young master Jiang Yan? How come he’s with Second Miss Ying, and very ……”

The word intimate was not dared to be said, point blank.

Jiang Mo Yuan’s complexion changed, “Wait for me here.”

After saying that, he walked over with big steps.

Jiang Yan did not know that Jiang Moyuan was around here, he simply said, “This way, I’ll buy you ten cups of milk tea, is that okay?”

Without waiting for the girl’s answer, he turned and walked into a milk tea shop next to him, his pace wild and unrestrained.

On this side, just after Jiang Yan had left, Jiang Moyuan arrived on his heels.

His voice was still the same cold one, this time with a touch of disgust.

“Ying Zigui, what are you still making a scene for? Just because I don’t like you? Is that why you chose to contact Jiang Yan?”

Ying Zidian slowly lifted her head.

When she met the girl’s face, Jiang Moyuan was stunned for a moment, then his tone became even colder: “For the last time, the trick of trying to catch me is useless to me, stay away from Jiang Yan, he is not someone you can think of.”

“I’m not asking you to do these things because I’m funding your schooling, and you haven’t apologised to Lu Wei.”

Ying Ziyi still didn’t say anything, not even her eyes wavered for that.

This neglect made Jiang Moyuan a little uneasy, his heart inexplicably stuttering.

But he couldn’t speak again.

The girl looked at him for three seconds, then lifted her hand and poured the unfinished coke down on him.

The movement was slow, but cold and ruthless.

In just one second, a 300,000 dollar custom-made suit was ruined.

As soon as Jiang Yan came out, he saw this situation and was confused.

But that wasn’t all.

He saw their cla*s’s newest group favorite, Dad, take out a bank card from his pocket and flung it directly at Jiang Moyuan’s face.