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Boss Lady Chapter 47-48

Chapter 47

The sound of sirens on the road was incessant, and Jiang Yan felt that everything had come to a standstill. The milk tea he was carrying fell to the ground with a “pop”.

The secretary, who was waiting across the road, was dumbfounded.

When had the third master of Shanghai Jiang ever been treated like this?

Jiang Moyuan was able to decide the life and death of a small family at the mere mention of a word.

Who would dare to mess with him?

Jiang Moyuan looked at the cola stains on his body and the bank card that had fallen to the ground, his face was terribly cold and sullen, his voice squeezed out from between his teeth: “Ying, D**key, D**key!”

Ying Ziyi finished replying to Fu Yunshen’s last message, put her phone back and stuck her hands in her pockets.

She looked indifferent, her eyebrows wrapped in coolness, not at all compelled by the low pressure on Jiang Moyuan’s body.

Jiang Yan’s eyes narrowed.

He had grown up in the imperial capital and only returned to Shanghai occasionally, so he had little interaction with his bloodline third uncle.

But he knew that because Jiang Moyuan had fought in the business world for many years, his aura was so overwhelming that even grown men, not to mention young girls, could not look at him.

But Jiang Yan clearly felt that the girl’s aura was as frightening as the still waters were deep.

Jiang Mo Yuan was completely incomparable.

“Four hundred thousand, to buy this gerruti suit on you, and to pay back with interest the bursary you have provided over the years.” Ying Ziyang faded, “Please don’t appear in front of me in the future.”

Jiang Moyuan was furious to hear this, “What did you say?”

It was as if he was the one pestering her.

“There was something I forgot to say to Uncle Jiang last time.” Ying Ziyi spoke again, “I wish you and your little aunt a hundred years of happiness and an early child.”

At this address, Jiang Mo Yuan’s back tensed abruptly.

“And I don’t know how I gave Uncle Jiang the wrong impression that you thought I had feelings for you.” Ying Ziyi nodded slightly, not losing his poise, “Make it clear now, so you don’t make a fool of yourself later.”

“I don’t like you, much less want to see you, and please tell your fiancée to leave me alone and leave me in peace.”

Whether it was before she woke up or during her slumber, Jiang Mo Yuan was nothing more than a stranger to her.

The scholarship may have started as a school project, but the purpose of bringing her to Shanghai was obvious.

To unite with the Ying family and provide a living blood bank for Ying Luwei.

Jiang Moyuan’s gaze changed. It was the first time he had seen such emotions in the girl’s eyes.

Cold and detached, cold and aloof, without any feelings of admiration.

Either way, it gave him a feeling of being out of control.

A little out of breath, a moment of wretchedness in his expression, and an inexplicable chill in his heart.

“If I see Uncle Jiang again-” Ying yawned, inclined his head and smiled, “I’ll see you once and beat you once.”

The secretary, who had come back to his senses, arrived just in time to hear the words.

He looked at the girl incredulously, unable to understand anymore.

Didn’t this second young miss of the Ying family always want to seduce the third master to get to the top?

The secretary looked at Jiang Moyuan’s expression and smiled politely, “I advise Miss Ying to think carefully about what she says, if you do this, there will really be no room for redemption in the future.”

Ying Ziyi didn’t bother to give them another look, she put the hood of her sweater over her head, “Let’s go.”

Jiang Yan was still watching the drama, and only two seconds later did he realise that the two words were addressed to him.

He didn’t immediately follow, but instead spoke out in mockery: “I also advise you to save your breath, she can’t even look at me, let alone an old man.”

Although he hadn’t admitted that this was their cla*s’ father, he couldn’t let someone else step on his head, could he?

Where would his school bully’s face be?

The secretary had never expected Jiang Yan to help Ying Moyuan’s face and was shocked: “Young master Jiang Yan, the third master is doing this for your own good.”

In terms of a*sets, Jiang Yan was naturally no match for Jiang Moyuan, who had worked hard for ten years.

But in terms of status, Jiang Moyuan was really not as good as Jiang Yan.

Who let Jiang Painting Ping marry high up in the imperial capital?

“F*ck, nuts, I just don’t get it.” Jiang Yan also moved in anger, “You all f*cking make yourselves feel good in the name of doing me good, who asked you to take charge? Do you deserve to be in charge of me?”

The old woman from the Ying family was also annoying.

Jiang Yan also ignored it and followed behind the girl.

Jiang Moyuan took a deep breath and used all his restraint to not go after her.

He suppressed the strange feeling inside him and spoke coldly, “Ying Zidian, don’t regret it.”

Ying Zidian stopped walking and suddenly turned back.

She had a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, and when they were slightly raised, they were brimming with light.

It was clearly a radiant colour, but because of her cold brow, it brought out an icy feeling.

“These three words, I’ll give them to you too.” She lowered her voice and laughed softly, laughing but cold, “Don’t regret it.”


Convenience store.

“Bully, you’re so bully.” Jiang Yan was convinced, “Aren’t you afraid of Jiang Moyuan’s revenge?”

Ying Ziji picked out a snack: “He can come if he wants.”

“It’s okay, I can help you even if he comes.” Jiang Yan, however, was actually quite upset, “But what are you calling him Uncle Jiang for?”

“Oh, to remind him whenever he’s old.”


Jiang Yan was suddenly in a better mood, “Come on, come on, I just helped you, you and I will fight.”

He had thought that Ying Ziyi still wouldn’t agree, but he didn’t expect her to nod.

“Then go now.” Jiang Yan was about to pull her, “We can still go back and eat fried chicken after the fight.”

But he couldn’t pull her, he was cut off midway.

There was a slightly muffled voice wrapped in laughter, low and seductive: “No, our kids can’t fight.”

“Who are you? You, mind ……” Jiang Yan looked up, his words blocked, his face darkened, “How is it you?”

Fu Yunshen took a bag of snacks for the girl high up and didn’t answer.

Ying didn’t expect him to come now either, “Didn’t you say, I’ll come over to you later?”

“It’s okay, brother has plenty of time anyway.” Fu Yunshen didn’t care, “You guys keep playing.”

He was originally near this city centre, and he had received news from Jiang Moyuan, so he came over in fear that something would happen to her.

I didn’t expect that the children were really ruthless.

Jiang Yan began to drive people away, “Then why don’t you leave? Don’t disturb young people’s lives.”

However, just as he finished speaking, he saw the girl give him the whole bag of snacks she had bought, then nodded: “I’ll go with you now.”

Fu Yunshen was stunned, his peach blossom eyes raised: “No, it’s still early.”

“It’s fine.” Ying Ziyi made light of the situation, “There are many of them.”

You’re only one person.

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes twitched and he suddenly smiled.

The kid didn’t hurt for nothing.

He was quite touched.

Jiang Yan, who watched the two men leave him behind to leave: “……”


He’s autistic.


Since the demerit, Ying Fei Fei was also forced to transfer to a regular cla*s.

But because the entire soph*more cla*s knew what she had done, it caused the entire new cla*s to reject her and emotionally break down.

Ying Fei Fei was resentful to the core, but she had no choice but to hold this anger in.

Things are not easy at home either, and Ying’s father is very unhappy with her.

Ying Fei Fei squeezes her fingers tightly and writes a review with a stiff upper lip.

But just then, an unfamiliar text message suddenly popped up on her phone.

There was no text, only a photo attached.

In the photo, Ying Ziyi and Jiang Mo Yuan were hugging, very intimate.


Chapter 48

Not only that, Jiang Moyuan’s suit jacket had dark water stains that looked like liquor on it.

His face was turned sideways, and he looked very uncomfortable.

The girl raised a hand to hug him, but was disgusted.

Ying Fei Fei’s blood boiled as she stared at the picture.

She was worried about how to teach Ying Ziji a lesson, and here was her chance.

As soon as this photo was exposed, not only would Ying Zidian’s reputation be ruined, he would also be kicked out of the Ying family.

Ying Fei Fei was so excited that she was about to send a WeChat to ask Zhong Zhiwei for Ying Luwei’s contact information, but in a flash she rejected the idea.

No, I can’t give it to Ying Luwei.

Ying Luwei is so nice to Ying Zidian, she might just pretend that nothing has happened.

After thinking about it, Ying Fei Fei decided to give the photo to Ying Luwei’s fan club.

Although the last Weibo storm was cleared up in the end, Ying Luwei’s fans were very unhappy with her because she had caused a wave of blackmail.

Naturally, this discontent was not brought out in the open, but secretly, they were not afraid to sneer at her.

If the fans found out that Ying Ziyi had seduced their brother-in-law-to-be, Jiang Moyuan, they would definitely explode.

Ying Fei Fei laughed coldly, opened her Weibo account and sent the picture directly to the hosts of Ying Lu Wei’s super talk.

She wanted to see how Ying Ziyi would turn over a new leaf this time.


Jiang Yan returned to the ktv box alone with a black face.

Xiu Yu kicked him: “Where did you put our father?”

Jiang Yan was very angry and grunted: “He ran away with the dog man.”

He had promised to fight with him, but he had stood him up.

The younger brothers were horrified to hear this, “Brother Burn, what’s the dog man like, we’re going to have a mother?”

“F*ck off!” Jiang Gas laughed, “One unhealthy thought.”

He was so angry that he took out his phone and sent out weibo.

[I’m telling you, Fu Yunshen is not a good guy, you better stay away from him, do you know he almost killed someone before?

No response.

Jiang Yan persisted and sent another one.

He lived in the imperial capital for ten years before returning to Shanghai at the age of fourteen, how old did you think he was when he hit someone? He was so violent at such a young age, what if he beats you up one day?

Still no response.

Jiang Yan had to send another emoji.

This time, there was a response.

[Your message has been sent, but the other party has rejected it.

Jiang Ren stared at the red exclamation mark for three seconds, so angry that he threw his phone away, picked up his beer and started pouring it, drinking seven or eight bottles in a minute.

The junior brothers were dumbfounded.

“This guy is really abnormal today, he’s probably sick again.” Xiu Yu sighed, “I’ll ask where Ying Dad is.”

The message was returned in seconds.

[Something’s up, we’ll get together some other time.

After replying to Xiu Yu’s message, Ying Ziji didn’t release Jiang Yan from the blacklist either, only to feel completely clear.

“Yao Yao.”

A voice called out to him from his right.

Ying Zidian looked up: “What?”

“Brother is quite happy that you have a new friend.” Fu Yunshen tilted his head, his voice gentle, “At your age, you should spend more time with people your own age.”

After the year of oppression that the Ying family had put on her, he was really afraid that something would happen to her heart and health.

It couldn’t be like him.

“There’s no hurry.” Ying Ziji brushed the ash off her sleeve, her voice light, “You’ve helped me, so naturally I have to help you too.”

She didn’t deliberately hide the fact that she knew the art of healing, even though it was likely to reveal her identity.

Even after so many years, there are still many people in the seven continents and four oceans who are looking for her.

Fu Yun Shen was silent for a rare second: “What kind of brother seeks his sister’s help, it’s not like it’s a big help, you’ve helped me more.”

“Oh, you said those medicines.” Ying Ziyi didn’t care much, “It’s not as good as sugar.”

Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows and a low laugh spilled out of his throat.

He had specifically asked someone to analyse the ingredients of the pills.

It wasn’t a rare herb, and its potency could only be described as ordinary in the ancient medicine world of China and the alchemy world of O-continent.

But it was because the pills his little friend had given him were made from ordinary herbs that proved the high level of her medical skills.

But it was indeed not enough.

Master Fu’s body did not only have a root of the disease, but also a toxin

He had searched for a long time but could not find the source of this toxin.

Just because he was skilled in medicine did not mean he could cure it.

He didn’t want to cause trouble for the children either.

The girl’s brow was filled with sleepiness as she wrapped her sweatshirt around her, “Come on, I have plenty of time anyway, let’s go see your grandfather.”


There was no one at the Fu family home today, only the old man and his caregivers were there.

It saved a lot of trouble.

On the one hand, Fu Yunshen didn’t want Ying Zidian to run into the Fu family, and on the other hand, it would be more convenient to visit the old man.

The Fu family is one of the four most powerful families and has many factions, no less chaotic than the big families in the imperial capital.

Even the old mansion can often be searched for listening devices and miniature cameras.

Fu Yunshen carelessly moved a few vases around before taking the girl upstairs.

Master Fu was sunbathing on the balcony, rocking his chair and humming a little tune.

Only after hearing footsteps did he get up, “Little Seven, here you are.”

Fu Yunshen spoke slowly and deliberately, “Well, no, to fulfil your wish, I brought the little girl back for you to see.”

Ying Ziji paused, “Grandpa Fu.”

“Ai!” Grandpa Fu smiled broadly and took out a thick red envelope, “Grandpa and your grandfather are old enemies, don’t be polite to grandpa.”

That day, after Old Master Zhong had seen him, he had made a cryptic remark and he realised that Miss Ying was the real adopted daughter.

As pathetic as his Little Seven.

Ying Ziji wouldn’t brush off the old man’s wishes, and when she took it, she tested Master Fu’s pulse and instantly clarified the hidden condition in his body.

The toxin had eaten away at Master Fu’s heart and veins, and he had been hanging on by a thread of medicine for the past three years.

The situation was even worse than she thought.

Moreover, this toxin ……

Ying Zigui raised her head, her eyes cool as water.

It reminded her of an old acquaintance, a very bad memory.

The more Elder Fu looked at the girl, the more satisfied he was, and side-stepped him: “D**key, what do you think of our family Yun Shen?”

Fu Yunshen raised his eyes and smiled, “Grandpa.”

Master Fu ignored this.

“Hmm?” Ying Zidian nodded, “It’s quite good.”

“Oh oh, that’s good.” Master Fu was overjoyed as he had an idea in his mind, “Let’s have dinner together tonight.”

He wanted this grandson-in-law for sure, and it would be best to P*ss off old man Zhong.


The maids prepared the dinner quickly for the three of us.

After she finished eating, she left at eight o’clock.

And it was also at this time that Ying Luwei’s super talker posted a Weibo post with a picture and circled the Ying Group’s official corporate Weibo number.

[@YingLuweiOfficialBackupGroupv: I don’t mean to take up public resources and I don’t want to cause trouble, but this is so bad that I had no choice but to send it out, so I’ll apologise to everyone here first.

I’d like to ask @Ying’s group, where is your conscience?

If I remember correctly, Lu Wei is already engaged to her brother-in-law, right? So what is she doing with this adopted daughter of the Ying family? [question][hehehe][smile]]