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Boss Lady Chapter 49-50

Chapter 49

When this Weibo post came out, it directly shook all of Ying Luwei’s fans.

The photo was clear and not photoshopped.

The fans went crazy straight away.

[@YingClanv, in? Look at the people you adopted for charity, what kind of person is our brother-in-law that you dare to hook up with?

[@Ying’s Group v, don’t play dead, come out and give Lu Wei an explanation, so our real princess has to suffer this, right?

I can’t help it, I just want to know how much Lu Wei has suffered this year, I’ll be the first to cry!

Because of Ying Luwei’s outwardly quiet persona, she has developed a strong fighting force of fans.

In just ten minutes, the fans had made this Weibo post a top search.

When it was on the hot search list and the traffic was high, there were pa*sersby who were very confused and clicked in.

[This …… has one thing to say, in fact, nothing can be seen, are fans a little too excited?]

[And burst into tears, tear ducts so developed? The pianist who hasn’t even won an international award is crying, why don’t you see your parents crying when they are aggrieved? You’re a brain-dead child who doesn’t distinguish between close and distant relationships.

The fact that you are not a fan of the show is not a good thing.

I’m a little off the mark, but is this adopted daughter’s face real? It’s too much.

While Weibo was in an uproar, Ying Luwei was still recuperating in the imperial capital.

She casually looked at Weibo and finally felt a bit more comfortable in her heart.

She didn’t know why she had allergies all over her body, and it was surprising that she couldn’t be cured even when she came to the imperial capital.

So when she was unhappy, someone had to be unlucky.

“Don’t worry Miss Lu Wei, all the surveillance around the area has been erased and absolutely cannot be restored.” The man who spoke was a foreign man who was confident, “I’ll leave now that it’s done.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Allen.” Ying Luwei rose gracefully, “I’ll see you out.”

The foreign man quickly left.

The agent at the side frowned, “Lu Wei, there is actually no need to take such a risk, there will be plenty of time later to make that fake niece of yours completely untouchable.”

A borrowed picture, what if it’s broken down?

Ying Luwei was unimpressed, quite contemptuous: “She doesn’t have the ability, public opinion will play her to death.”

If Ying Fei Fei didn’t have an axe to grind with Ying Zidian, would her ploy have worked?

It’s not her fault that Ying Ziyi is getting into trouble every day.

The agent was uncomfortable: “What if another video comes out?”

“Not likely.” Ying Luwei smiled, “I think Fu Yunshen got it for her last time, and the place where the party was held did have surveillance, so I was careless.”

She ruffled her hair with a touch of style, “But this time is different, the surveillance of the four streets has been completely erased. He’s one of the chief hackers of the Anonymous hacker alliance.”

The Anonymous Hacker League, the world’s number one hacker group.

She had also asked someone and paid a lot of money.

The broker mused, “OK, I will help you, but if it flops, there will be a serious backlash.”

Although Ying Luwei was not a proper showbiz person, she quite enjoyed the following of her fans and had hundreds of marketing numbers under her.

With the agent’s push, these marketing numbers linked up in unison.

#HoHo’s shocking dogma, niece seduces aunt? #TheNiece

#Reverse the rebellion! The Ying family’s adopted daughter has dared to devour the master! #Ying Luwei

#Heart for Ying Luwei

Weibo was full of curses.

Not to mention Weibo, the campus forum of Qingzhi High School also exploded at once.

[D*mn, did you guys read the Weibo, it just shattered my view.

[She’s usually quite low-key at school, but she’s capable of such things.

I’m disgusted. She deserves to be kicked out of the cla*s.

It’s because our father doesn’t want to stay in the cla*s, understand? If anyone dares to say one more word, I’ll knock on your door tonight and blow your head off.


Wen Xiaolan has never been on the internet, so she didn’t know about this.

But the cla*s group was also talking about it, and they even brought in screenshots from Weibo.

He changed his expression and walked to the kitchen, “Sister, have you read Weibo, that thing ……”

Ying Ziyi was squeezing juice, her phoenix eyes narrowed at the words, “Well, good, don’t worry about it, and don’t let dad know.”

Wen heard Lan frown and was about to say something when he heard the girl ask him again.

“Have you finished the questions you were given?”

Wen Weilan was stunned: “Not yet.”

His sister had gotten him a pile of questions from somewhere, which were far more difficult than the Senior 3 Talent Cla*s, although they weren’t too difficult for him.

Ying Zidian finished wiping his hands and said unhurriedly, “Then hurry up and go back to do the questions, one wrong one, ten more.”


Like a rabbit with its ears drooping, the young man sullenly went back to his room.

Ying Zidian frowned slightly.

The shock from the outside world would have made Wen Huilan’s mood swings even more severe, aggravating his condition.

Heart disease was not something that could be solved by ancient medicine.

Perhaps she should really look for her old friend.

Ying Zidian also returned to the room.

She closed her eyes, and with her divine calculation power activated, she reviewed everything that had happened on that street, and worked out what had happened.

Ying Luwei had sent someone to follow Jiang Moyuan, took photos and sent them to Ying Fei Fei, erasing the surveillance records by the way.

Ying Ziyi leaned back in her chair.

Tsk, really annoying.

Every day someone comes to ruin her retirement. Can she still retire to grow flowers and raise pigs or not?

However, Ying Luwei did seem to be a bit hostile towards her, which was rather strange.

Ying Ziyi pondered.

Unfortunately, she had not yet recovered her powers and could not project too far back in time.

She tapped her fingers on the table, and after a few seconds, opened her computer.


Meanwhile, across the ocean.

O Continent, East.

A certain hacker looked at the suddenly blacked out computer screen in front of him and nearly choked to death on his bubble noodles.

There was only one person in the world who dared to mess with him like this, and the other day he had created a second one by hand.

He tapped his words bitterly.

[Sister, I’ve been very quiet lately, I swear I’m not doing anything.

I’m not talking about that, I’m looking for your help.

[Sister, you tell me.]

Help me restore the surveillance on Zhongshan Street, Jixiang Street, Xiaozhai Road and Textile Street in Shanghai.

Why don’t you do it yourself?

I’m lazy.


It’s much harder to hack into his computer than it is to recover a small surveillance camera, right?

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The screen was back to normal.

A hacker was left in tears and began to work on his code.

He thought he was the boss of the Anonymous hacker alliance, but he was being eaten to death by a little girl.

What a shame.


The commotion on Weibo was getting bigger and bigger, alerting many big v’s.

Fans are still grumpy and vocal.

[Why hasn’t Ying’s group come out yet? Are they playing dead to the end?

If the Ying Group doesn’t take care of this, I won’t buy any of your products from today onwards.

That’s it? You won’t kick your adopted daughter out of the Ying family? That’s not fair, is it?

[I didn’t say anything last time, but this time there are photos. How can you argue with the hard facts? Come out and explain!


Chapter 50

Tens of thousands of comments have already been cursed under the official Weibo number of Ying’s Group Enterprise.

As if that wasn’t enough, the fans had to go under Ying’s microblog and continue to curse, just like last time.

As a result, they couldn’t find it.

This was even worse.

[Sisters, she’s logged off her Weibo account, she must have known that the photos would come out one day, it’s so annoying!

[Actually, shouldn’t we calm down for a while, maybe there will be a reversal.

[Are you a fan upstairs? If you’re a fan, you have to protect Lu Wei, what does it look like to squirm? @YingLuWeiAnti-HackingStationV, hang up on her.]

[I guess Ying must have seen it, but just didn’t come out.

The fans are right, the internet is so big and the companies have staff dedicated to managing Weibo, so they can’t possibly not see it.

But the bad thing is that it’s already 9pm and Mrs Ying is resting, so it’s impossible for them to disturb her.

The head of the Ying family, Ying Zhending, is in the capital and is still busy with a big order, how can he be free?

As for Zhong Manhua, she went to O Chau on Friday and won’t be back until noon tomorrow, so she has no time to spare.

The staff didn’t take it to heart and quit Weibo.


Ten minutes later, Ying received the CCTV footage sent by a hacker.

Not only had it been restored, but the clarity had been adjusted to the highest level.

She watched it once and somewhat regretted that she had too much manners at that time and should have thrown the coke at Jiang Mo Yuan’s head.

[Sister, are you sending it now? Why don’t I send it for you?

Ying Ziyi gathered her eyes and knocked out two words.

[There’s no rush.

The other side didn’t understand.

[But I see those fans have started to flesh you out, what if they throw acid on you?

Ying Ziji looked at the comments on the internet, her expression unmoving, tapping her keyboard casually.

[The best moment has not yet arrived.

Ying Luwei wanted to mobilise public opinion and crush her, so she could use it.

It had just started and public opinion had not reached its peak.

Sending it out in advance wouldn’t have the effect she needed, and the benefits wouldn’t be maximised.

The person who erases the surveillance is indeed a bit technical, you can’t really do it if you find someone else.

Not bad for him.

He’s good.

A certain hacker continued to eat his noodles when his phone suddenly rang.

He glanced at it and picked it up.

The man’s voice was low, devoid of his usual smile and wrapped in coolness.

“Restore me the surveillance of the four streets in Shanghai, Zhongshan Street, Jixiang Street, Xiaozhai Road and Textile Street, and send it to the internet.”

Once again, a certain hacker who choked on his bubble noodles: “……”

Toxic, right, even the order of the streets can be said to be the same?

Perfect match.

Two perverts.

He put down the noodles with reluctance and was speechless: “Didn’t I tell you the other day that she’s better at computers than me and can solve it herself, so why do you need to come?”

Fu Yunshen fondled his teacup, faintly: “I can solve it, and she’s good at it herself, are two different things.”

“Huh? What’s the difference?”

“Even if she’s good, she’s still just a little kid.” Fu Yun Shen lowered his eyes and gave a low laugh, “How can I not protect her when she hasn’t grown up yet.”

“Oh – I see, it’s the same as how a daughter is still a child in her father’s eyes even if she’s big.”

Fu Yunshen glanced at the screen, “Don’t say nonsense if you don’t want to be hunted down.”

“OK, OK, OK, forget I said it, but don’t your own hacking skills ……” The other side suddenly shut up, “Sorry, I said the wrong thing. ”

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

“Brother, if it wasn’t for you back then ……”

“I said, it’s fine.” Fu Yunshen interrupted him and said patiently, “It’s all in the past.”

The other side was silent for a second and digressed, “Actually you’re a step late, I’ve been following your little friend, I sent her the surveillance just now, she said she wanted to pick a good time to send it herself.”

He could never admit it, he was embarra*sed again.

“Hmm?” Fu Yunshen was slightly surprised, “You can have this kind of emotional intelligence?”

“f*ck off!”

The phone was angrily hung up.

Fu Yunshen got up in silence and walked to the balcony.

The night was cool and the moonlight was like water.

The shadows of the trees fell to the ground, reflecting a cold and frosty sky.

After standing for ten minutes, Fu Yunshen took out another mobile phone.

It was ordinary and still had a keypad.

“Hello.” Fu Yunshen leaned against the half wall, flexing his long legs, resuming his lazy dude look, “Give you two days to bring the Jiang family’s stock down.”

The microphone responded with something unknown.

“Hmm? I’m not going back.” Fu Yunshen inclined his head and smiled lightly, “Just helping my little friend out.”


At ten o’clock at night, Jiang Moyuan had just finished his work.

He pressed his eyebrows, his face was a tiredness that could not be concealed.

“Third Master.” The secretary came in silently, bending down and whispering, “Miss Lu Wei is on Weibo’s hot search.”

Jiang Mo Yuan’s eyes were abruptly stern: “What’s going on?”

“It’s like this, I don’t know who took a picture of you and Miss Ying.” The secretary handed over her phone as she explained, “Miss Lu Wei’s fans think that Miss Ying is trying to climb on your bandwagon and have posted a Weibo rant against the Ying Group.”

“I guess it’s because she’s recuperating in the imperial capital, Miss Lu Wei hasn’t seen it yet.”

Otherwise, the phone call would have come long ago.

Jiang Mo Yuan looked at the photo and his face went cold: “Don’t know what’s good for you!”

The secretary was stunned, “Third Master thinks that the photo was taken by Miss Ying Er?”

Jiang Moyuan didn’t say anything, but that was clearly what he thought.

The air pressure around him was getting lower and lower.

The secretary thought about it and felt that it was also true.

He probably wanted to use this photo to blackmail Master San, but instead of blackmailing him, Miss Lu Wei’s fans found out about it, which led to today’s hot news.

The secretary respectfully said, “Third Master, do you want to come out to clarify?”

“No need.” Jiang Mo Yuan put the documents in order and was indifferent, “It has nothing to do with me.”

The secretary would understand.

The public opinion wouldn’t affect Jiang’s group, and it would also help Miss Lu Wei abuse the powder and fix the powder, so there was indeed no need to clarify.

If this second Miss Ying hadn’t been so impulsive during the day, perhaps the third master would have helped out.

The secretary looked at the public opinion on the internet and shook her head repeatedly.

It was a pity that she had brought it on herself and lost such a backer as the Third Master for nothing.

Jiang Mo Yuan ma*saged his temples and instructed, “Don’t disturb Lu Wei, let her rest, if you see it, tell her not to be anxious either, her heart can’t be soft.”

The secretary nodded and was about to turn off Weibo when he glanced at another hot search in the hot search bar.

He froze and was surprised, “Third master, why did the Zhong family make a statement?”

An adopted daughter, not really a daughter of the Ying family, the Ying family was indifferent, but a relative of the Zhong family was still in charge?

Jiang Mo Yuan frowned and took a look.

The official circle of the Zhong Group’s corporate marketing number and Ying Luwei’s official backing group’s microblog were the most retweeted.

[@ZhongGroupv: A group of rubbish rumour-mongers, get lost, wait for the lawyer’s letter!